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The Harrick Plasma Technical Team is excited to announce the commencement of our News and Research Blog along with the arrival of our New Website. We take pride in working directly with our customers and delivering up-to-date protocols and application info to meet their research needs. As a result, we’ve garnered a wealth of information and experience that we would like to share with our users and prospective customers. The News and Research Blog and the new website layout will make our insights more accessible and will provide a conduit for our continuously growing pool of knowledge. Harrick Plasma is committed to our community of researchers and we invite you to ask questions, share your experience and reference our materials.

News & Research Blog

Cited in over 4000 technical articles, Harrick Plasma Cleaners are trusted globally in professional and academic research laboratories working in a broad range of scientific fields. Through the News and Research Blog, we will share our resources with the community. One of the comments we hear frequently is “I didn’t know Plasma Cleaning could be used for ____…” Many of our customers acquire our devices for one application and only learn later that plasma treatment can be used to improve other aspects of their research. By following the blog, you will keep up-to-date with the latest applications and learn about how other labs are using our equipment for more.

Harrick Plasma News and Research Blog will include:

  • Research Spotlight Articles
  • Featured User Profiles
  • Harrick Plasma Team News
  • Applications Added Announcements

New Website Content

Harrick plasma has dedicated itself to expanding the content made available to our users and prospective customers. In addition to our Plasma Page and Detailed Technical Notes found in the old website, the Technical Team has developed a new Applications section to rapidly distribute current research practices. We have split our applications into five broad topics, Nanoscale Cleaning, Alter Surface Chemistry, Device Fabrication, Biology & Biomedical and Surface Patterning, each of which will contain short application notes and relevant articles. Thank you for joining us and helping to create our user community. Contact us with any questions you might have about your application and how it can be improved with plasma cleaning. If you would like to become a featured user and expanded the visibility of your research program, please feel free to email or call via the links below.


The Harrick Plasma Technical Team

Harrick Plasma is a leading supplier of plasma equipment to the research community. We have been providing quality tabletop plasma devices specifically designed for laboratory and R&D use for over 30 years.