Surface Patterning

Harrick PlasmaApplicationsSurface Patterning

Plasma can be employed in various ways to facilitate surface patterning, which is often a required processing step for the fabrication of multilayer devices, such as solar cells, sensors, and microfluidic chips. Plasma treatment can enhance surface wettability of substrates and templates to improve pattern transfer during contact printing and self-assembly. Plasma etching can selectively remove polymer thin films and 2D organic materials through a masking layer and can also be used to tune the feature size of polymer templates for fabricating patterned nanostructure arrays. This page provides brief summaries on the application of plasma treatment for surface patterning.

Plasma Lithography

Plasma Lithography

One common and easily employed method for surface micropatterning is plasma lithography, in which a deformable mask is placed in contact with a substrate surface before plasma treatment to create a chemical template for subsequent processing steps....

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