Harrick PlasmaVacuum PumpsOil Based Vacuum Pumps

Our Plasma Cleaners require a vacuum pump with a minimum pump speed of 1.4 m3/hr (23 L/min) and an ultimate total pressure of 200 mTorr (0.27 mbar) or less.

Rotary vane pumps with hydrocarbon pump oil are suitable for pumping nonreactive or inert gases (e.g. Air, N2 or Ar). These pumps are not intended for pumping oxygen; see our Oxygen Service Pumps. For corrosive or reactive gases, consult with us directly.

Basic Oil-based Vacuum PUMP

PDC-VPE (115V) | PDC-VPE-2 (230V)

Basic Model (lower cost)
Pumping Speed (50/60 Hz): 5.1 m3/hr
Ultimate Total Pressure (gas ballast closed): 7.5 mTorr
Ultimate Total Pressure (gas ballast open): 150 mTorr
Motor Power (50/60 Hz): 373 W
Weight: 27 lbs
Size: 9.75″ H x 14″ W x 5.5″ D
Pump inlet: includes check valve, hose, hose clamps, and hose adaptor to connect plasma cleaner to pump inlet
Pump outlet: includes oil mist filter to filter oil vapor from pump exhaust
(1 quart) Replacement pump oil

Harrick Plasma is a leading supplier of plasma equipment to the research community. We have been providing quality tabletop plasma devices specifically designed for laboratory and R&D use for over 30 years.