Expanded Plasma Cleaner

PDC-001 (115V) | PDC-002 (230V)

Harrick PlasmaPlasma CleanersExpanded Plasma Cleaner

Our Expanded Plasma Cleaner is a larger benchtop plasma instrument and extensively used for nanoscale surface cleaning and surface activation.


Larger, benchtop unit
Adjustable RF power settings (Low, Medium, High)
Maximum RF power of 30W
Includes a 6″ diameter x 6.5″ length Pyrex chamber
Hinged door with viewing window
Active fan cooling
Integral switch for a vacuum pump
1/8″ NPT metering valve to qualitatively control gas flow and chamber pressure
1/8″ NPT 3-way valve to quickly switch from introducing gas, venting and isolating the chamber
Weight: 37 lbs
Size: 11″ H x 18″ W x 9″ D

Optional PlasmaFlo gas mixer allows quantitative control of up to
two (2) process gases and monitoring of vacuum pressure
Optional quartz chamber and sample tray
Compatible vacuum pump available


Our Plasma Cleaners require a vacuum pump with a minimum pump speed of 1.4 m3/hr (23 L/min) and ultimate total pressure of 200 mTorr (0.27 mbar) or less
For pumping nonreactive gases (air, N2, Ar), see our Standard Vacuum Pumps.
For pumping concentrated or pure oxygen gas, see our Oxygen Service Pumps.

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