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Effective biological and biomedical research requires specific control of the cellular microenvironment and biomaterial characteristics. Plasma treatment cleans, sterilizes and activates the surfaces of biomaterials through the introduction of functional groups without affecting the bulk. Increased hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity of material surfaces increase the adhesion, coverage and proliferation of cells or induce the formation of spheroids respectively. In addition, plasma treatment has been shown to improve biocompatibility and antibiofouling characteristics for numerous applications. As a result plasma treatments is used extensively for cell seeding, protein adsorption, biomaterial coating and implant surface activation. This page contains brief application summaries and relevant articles concerning the use of plasma treatment in biological and biomedical research.

Cell Scaffolds

Cell Scaffolds play an integral role in cell studies and tissue engineering by providing structural support and chemical cues vital for cell viability, proliferation and differentiation. In the following post, you will find information regarding cell scaffold...

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DNA Combing

DNA Combing, a technique used in the analysis of single molecules of DNA, offers researchers an opportunity to better understand the dynamics of replication, transcription and individual molecule interactions. While advances in DNA sequencing technology have rapidly...

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