Sample Trays & Chambers

Harrick PlasmaAccessoriesSample Trays and Chambers

Sample Trays

PDC-00T Quartz | PDC-00T-P Pyrex
5.5″ W x 6.5″ L for our Expanded Plasma Cleaners

PDC-32T Quartz | PDC-32T-P Pyrex
2.75″ W x 6.5″ L for our Basic Plasma Cleaner

  • Sample trays provide a horizontal surface for loading and unloading of small samples and for batch processing
  • Quartz is recommended as it is purely SiO2 and is a more stable material to use for plasma processing
  • Pyrex sample trays are a more affordable option and sufficient for most plasma cleaning applications

Quartz chambers

PDC-00Q for our Expanded Plasma Cleaners
PDC-32Q for our Basic Plasma Cleaner

  • Purchase of the plasma cleaner includes a Pyrex chamber
  • Pyrex is sufficient for most plasma cleaning applications of glass slides, silicon wafers, and polymers
  • An optional quartz chamber substitution is recommended for use with fluorinated gases (e.g. CF4) and for samples or applications that are very sensitive to the elements that make up the chemical composition of Pyrex (borosilicate glass)

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