Nanoscale Cleaning

Plasma surface treatment removes nanoscale organic contamination and alters surface chemistry without affecting the bulk material.

Alter Surface Chemistry

Tailoring surfaces with specific chemical functionalities is often vital for optimal material performance. Plasma can alter surfaces to be more hydrophilic or hydrophobic or to introduce specific chemical functionalities to the surface without affecting the bulk material.

Device Fabrication

Plasma enables the fabrication of devices through covalent bonding (microfludic devices) or by facilitating the adhesive potential of intermediate epoxys, glues or other adhesives.

Biology & Biomedical

Plasma treatment cleans and activates biomaterial surfaces, improving biocompatability. As a result, plasma is used extensively for cell seeding, protein adsorption, biomaterial coating, and implant surface activation.

Surface Patterning

Plasma can be employed in various ways to facilitate surface patterning, which is often a required processing step for the fabrication of multilayer devices, such as solar cells, sensors, and microfluidic chips.

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