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Microfluidic Devices display immense potential as point of care (PoC) diagnostic instruments for the detection of infectious diseases and the screening of antimicrobial resistance. In particular, rapid detection is important in the context of single stranded RNA viruses with high mutation rates such as Influenza and Ebola. Currently, the process of analyzing bioassay products is slow due to the employment of expensive, immovable fluorescent equipment operated by trained personnel. In a recent article published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics, first author Ruben Soares describes a PDMS-based nucleic acid biosensor with significant advantages in cost, portability and ease-of-use. Fabricated using an Expanded Plasma Cleaner (Process Conditions: Oxygen plasma treatment, 60s, 850mTorr, 11W RF Power), this device illustrates the significant impact that microfluidic devices will have on medical practices.

Soares, R. R.; Neumann, F.; Caneira, C. R.; Madaboosi, N.; Ciftci, S.; HernándezNeuta, I.; Pinto, I. F.; Santos, D. R.; Chu, V.; Russom, A.; Conde, J. P. & Nilsson, M. “Silica bead-based microfluidic device with integrated photodiodes for the rapid capture and detection of rolling circle amplification products in the femtomolar range”, Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2019) 128: 68 – 75.

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