Harrick PlasmaNews & ResearchNewsFebruary 2019

In February 2019, we launched the new Applications Resource with five broad topics, Nanoscale CleaningAlter Surface Chemistry, Device FabricationBiology & Biomedical and Surface Patterning, that encompass the majority of plasma cleaning applications. Each page will contain application posts synthesized from articles found in our expansive Technical Library.

The following application posts were released this month:

Microfluidic Cell Culture (Biology & Biomedical, Device Fabrication): Highly specific microfluidic devices improve biomimicry for enhanced cell proliferation, function and differentiation.

Neuron Morphology & Function (Biology & Biomedical): Plasma Treatment enabled the development of the neuronal niche in vitro.

APTES (Biology & Biomedical, Device Fabrication, Alter Surface Chemistry): APTES surface functionalization is used for thermoplastic microfluidic device fabrication and the development of suitable microenvironments for cell studies.

Electrode Cleaning (Nanoscale Cleaning): Plasma treatment breaks down and removes organic contamination that interferes with electrode performance and is capable of removing residues untouched by liquid solvents or polishing.

Plasma Lithography (Surface Patterning): Plasma Treatment using a deformable mask (typically PDMS) to create a chemical template for subsequent processing. Plasma Lithography is used to investigate cell network interactions, self-assembly of quantum dots, fabrications of organic thin film transistors, and novel ways for fabricating patterned microfluidic devices.

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