Dental Implant System

The dental implant system of the present invention has a decreased surface contact angle and includes a biocompatible titanium implant which has been treated by the plasma cleaning and sterilization process of the present invention. An implant that has experienced plasma cleaning and sterilizing has improved retentive abilities over traditionally cleaned implants. The surface of the implant is now free of all organic debris, has increased wettability, contacts more bone-forming cells upon placement, and has stronger bonds between the metal surface and the bone-forming liquid cells. As a result, the implant becomes more intimately involved with the surrounding bone and tissue structure. The implant is comprised of an inert, biocompatible titanium material that is designed of such dimensions and angulations to maximize contact the bone cells and subsequently attach a well-suited mechanical prosthetic system to it.

Green Jr., Ralph E., Ronald H. Jones, Leland J. Peters, Peter J. Withol

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