"A Microfluidic Device with Groove Patterns for Studying Cellular Behavior".
"A Gradient-generating Microfluidic Device for Cell Biology".
"Microcontact Printing of Proteins for Cell Biology".
"Mechanical and chemical analysis of plasma and ultraviolet-ozone surface treatments for thermal bonding of polymeric microfluidic devices".
"Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition of silica onto titanium: Analysis of surface chemistry, morphology and hydroxylation".
"Rapid fabrication of microchannels using microscale plasma activated templating (mu PLAT) generated water molds".
"Shape-controlled Bi2S3 nanocrystals and their plasma polymerization into flexible film".
"Plasma modification of PDMS microfluidic devices for control of electroosmotic flow".
"Kinetics of ultraviolet and plasma surface modification of poly(dimethylsiloxane) probed by sum frequency vibrational spectroscopy".
"Self-Cleaning Features of Plasma-Treated Surfaces with Self-Assembled Monolayer Coating".
"Spectral fingerprinting of structural defects in plasma-treated carbon nanotubes".
"Effects of plasma treatment in enhancing the performance of woodfibre-polypropylene composites".
"The adhesion properties of a thermoplastic olefin elastomer grafted with maleic anhydride under nitrogen plasma".
"Application of the microbond technique. IV. Improved fiber-matrix adhesion by RF plasma treatment of organic fibers".
"The effect of humidity on the stability of an octadecyltriethoxysilane monolayer self-assembled on untreated and plasma-treated mica".
"Influence of acetylene plasma treatment on the torsional fatigue of carbon-fiber-reinforced composite strands".
"Patterned Polymer Multilayer Fabrication By Controlled Adhesion of Polyelectrolytes to Plasma-Modified Fluoropolymer Surfaces".
"Enhanced Adherence Of Human Adult Endothelial-Cells To Plasma Discharge Modified Polyethylene Terephthalate".
"Multitechnique surface spectroscopic studies of plasma-modified polymers I: H2O/Ar plasma-modified polymethylmethacrylates".
"Binding Of Pentachloroiridite To Plasma Polymerized Vinylpyridine Films And Electrocatalytic Oxidation Of Ascorbic-Acid".
"Surface Analysis and Adhesion of Polypropylene after low-pressure plasma treatment".
"Multitechnique Surface Spectroscopic Studies of Plasma Modified Polymers 3. H2O and O2/H2O Plasma Modified Poly(methyl Methacrylate)s".
"Scanning Electron-Microscopy Of The Surface-Morphology Of Graphitic Electrode Materials Chemically Modified By Radiofrequency Plasma And Electrochemical Treatments".
"Chemically Modified Electrodes. Radiofrequency Plasma Polymerization of Vinylferrocene On Glassy-carbon and Platinum-electrodes".
"Low temperature adhesion bonding for BioMEMS".
"Stable and efficient silver substrates for SERS spectroscopy".
"Mechanically robust microfluidics and bulk wave acoustics to sort microparticles".
"Experiments on the Biporous Micropillar Array for Enhanced Heat Transfer Performance".
"Design and fabrication of thin microvascularised polymer matrices inspired from secondary lamellae of fish gills".
"Evaluation of Hydrophilic Properties of Polydimethylsiloxane for Possible Microfluidic Sweat Sensor Applications".
"Three-dimensional particle focusing under viscoelastic flow based on dean-flow-coupled elasto-inertial effects".
"In-situ measurement of nanoparticle quantity in microchambers".
"Reconfigurable microfluidic dilution generation for quantitative assay".
"Microfluidic Fabrication of Microcapsules Encapsulating Mineral Oil and Evaluation of Self-Healing of Self-Cleaning Performance".
"Monitoring through Tissue the De-gelation of Alginate Gels by Different De-gelling Agents".
"Capturing CD4 cells using a functionalized circular microfluidic device and glutaraldehyde as biolinker for tuberculosis detection and diagnosis".
"Experimental Investigation of Geometrical Parameters for Gas-Liquid Droplet Generation in Flow-Focusing Configurations".
"Argon Plasma simulations for students at Fontys University".
"Novel Bio-inspired Zwitterion Dopamine Molecule for Anti-biofouling and Photocleavable Properties".
"Characteristic parameter estimation for single-particle based on dielectrophoretic and hydrodynamic effects".
"Continuous Separation of Cancer Cells From Blood in a Microfluidic Channel Using Dielectrophoresis".
"A real time immunoassay in alumina membranes".
"Manipulating Cell Shape by Placing Cells into Micro-fabricated Chambers".
"Surface acoustic wave action on microfluidic channels and microparticles".
"Nano-engineered alumina surfaces for prevention of bacteria adhesions".
"A QCM-D Study of Reduced Antibody Fragments Immobilized on Planar Gold and Gold Nanoparticle Modified Sensor Surfaces".
"Fabrication and release of SU-8 structures on soft substrate".
"A micropatterned microfluidic device for engineering soluble and tethered environmental cues in cell culture".
"Microfluidic Platform for Adherent Single Cell High-Throughput Screening".
"Development and calibration of a microfluidic biofilm growth cell with flow-templating and multi-modal characterization".
"Efficient small-molecule photovoltaic cells using nanostructured template".
"Micropatterned polyacrylamide gel for investigating the effect of compliant, fiber-like topology on cell behaviors".
"Inkjet printed silver patterning on PDMS to fabricate microelectrodes for microfluidic sensing".
"Development of a low cost Hemin based dissolved oxygen sensor with anti-biofouling coating for water monitoring".
"Microfluidic synthesis of fluorescent magnetonanoparticles and characterization".
"Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Biosensors: Coupling of Sensing Layers and Measurement".
"A compact disk (CD) microfluidic platform for rapid separation and mixing of blood plasma".
"Fabrication of arc-shaped 3D electrodes for biomedical devices".
"Experiment and modeling of microstructured capillary wicks for thermal management of electronics".
"Microparticle transport and concentration with surface acoustic waves".
"Optimization of physical parameters of ‘injected’ metal electrodes for capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection on poly(dimethylsiloxane) microchips".
"Lateral ink mobility and fringe field effects across the porous matrix of an electrophoretic display".
"Optical microscopy and spectroscopy of analyte-sensitive functionalized gold nanoparticles in microfluidic systems".
"Single-Cell Nanosurgery".
"New practice-oriented approach for teaching organic and printed electronics in the electronics/optoelectronics university education".
"On-chip cell separation and manipulation using traveling wave dielectrophoretic force controlled by four-phase signal generator".
"Ultrasonic electrostatic actuators on a flexible substrate".
"Nanoporous Gold: A Biomaterial for Microfabricated Drug-Delivery Platforms".
"Dimensions and capillary effects of microfluidic channel for blood plasma separation".
"In Situ Observation Of Antibiotic Susceptibility Of Biofilms Using Microfluidic Device".
"A dielectrophoretic preconcentrator with circular microelectrodes for biological cells in stepping electric fields".
"A microfluidic chip with single-particle-based arrays using electroosmotic flow".
"Particle focusing in a contactless dielectrophoretic microfluidic chip with insulating structures".
"Plasma lithography for probing collective cell behaviors".
"Frictional drag reduction in microchannel using slip on convex air bubbles naturally formed in a specifed a cavity".
"Microfluidic System for Multichannel Optical Measurement of Shear-induced Platelet Thrombosis in Unfractionated Blood".
"Gradient Hydrogels for High Throughput Drug Screening".
"A passive biomimic PDMS valve applied in thermopneumatic micropump for biomicrofluidics".
"PDMS waveguide integrated microfluidic chip for the detection of fluorophore tagged polypeptides".
"Feasibility study on Lab-on-a-chip fabrication in Kasetsart University, Chalermphrakiat Sakon Nakhon Province Campus".
"Multi-layer graphene grid and nanowire fabrication and printing".
"A low cost solution for the fabrication of dielectrophoretic microfluidic devices and embedded electrodes".
"Quantification of Inertial Droplet Collision Mixing Rates in Confined Microchannel Flows Using Differential Fluorescence Measurements".
"Thyroglobulin detection using competitive protein adsorption".
"Fabrication of newly Structured Colloidal Photonic Crystals".
"Polymer-graphite Nanocomposites Via Batch And Continuous Solid-state Pulverization Methods".
"PDMS bonding to organically-modified solid surface using photocatalyst for fabricating low-cost plastic microchip".
"Stability Analysis of Cassie-Baxter State under Pressure Driven Flow".
"A long-term, stable hydrophilic poly (dimethylsiloxane) coating for capillary-based pumping".
"Single-cell-based measurement of supraphysiological thermal injury in carcinoma cells on a microchip".
"Microchannel-based size detector for airborne particles".
"Electronic tongue based on modified carbon nanotube electrochemical sensor array".
"A Novel Cytometric Tool For Studying Kinetics Of Nanoparticle Uptake Into Cells".
"Selective electro-less plating of SU-8 microstructures fabricated using two-photon polymerization".
"Continuous separation of non-magnetic particles through negative magnetophoresis inside ferrofluids".
"Smart Surfaces for the Control of Bacterial Attachment and Biofilm Accumulation".
"Adjustable nanomanufacturing using template-guided self-assembly".
"Inorganic-Organic Barrier Coatings for Flexible OLED Applications".
"Combining Microfluidics and Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy to Examine Pancreatic Islet Molecular Physiology".
"Nano Fabrication of Conducting Polymers for NO Gas by Dip Pen Nanolithography".
"Fabrication and characterization of trapezoidal electrode array for dielectrophoretic separation".
"An all-glass microfluidic cell for the ABEL trap: fabrication and modeling".
"Heart on a Chip — Extracellular Multielectrode Recordings from Cardiac Myocytes in Vitro".
"Molecular Interactions Between Model Cellulose Surfaces and Ink-Influence of Surface Energy and Surface Structure on Adhesion".
"Automated lifetime analysis of a single yeast cell".
"Manipulation of whole blood using traveling wave dielectrophoresis".
"Control of concentration and volume gradients in microfluidic droplet arrays for protein crystallization screening".
"Micropatterning of functional lipid domains for toxin detection".
"Electroosmotic flow in a grooved micro-channel configuration: A comparative study of Micro-PIV measurements and numerical simulations".
"Microfluidic production of size-tunable hexadecane-in-water emulsions: Effect of droplet size on destabilization of two-dimensional emulsions due to partial coalescence".
"Assessing reusability of microfluidic devices: Urinary protein uptake by PDMS-based channels after long-term cyclic use".
"Microtubule dynamics regulation reconstituted in budding yeast lysates".
"Surface-immobilized plant-derived osteopontin as an effective platform to promote osteoblast adhesion and differentiation".
"Lipid-dependence of target membrane stability during influenza viral fusion".
"Fabrication of centimeter-scale and geometrically arbitrary vascular networks using in vitro self-assembly".
"Modification of aluminum surfaces with superhydrophobic nanotextures for enhanced food safety and hygiene".
"Ultrafiltration membranes modified by PSS deposition and plasma treatment for Cr(VI) removal".
"Adsorption of bulk nanobubbles on the chemically surface-modified muscovite minerals".
"Microparticle Inertial Focusing in an Asymmetric Curved Microchannel".
"Inertial focusing of microparticles in curvilinear microchannels with different curvature angles".
"Evaluation of silicon membranes for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)".
"Microfluidic Generation of Particle-Stabilized Water-in-Water Emulsions".
"High-Throughput Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells Using Cascaded Inertial Focusing Microfluidic Channel".
"Local Chemical Stimulation of Neurons with the Fluidic Force Microscope (FluidFM)".
"Multi-sample deformability cytometry of cancer cells".
"Microfluidic Coculture Device for Monitoring of Inflammation-Induced Myocardial Injury Dynamics".
"The Prismatic Topography of Pinctada maxima Shell Retains Stem Cell Multipotency and Plasticity In Vitro".
"Inkjet printed polyethylene glycol as a fugitive ink for the fabrication of flexible microfluidic systems".
"Osteoblast response to disordered nanotopography".
"pH Modulated Self Assembly of Colloidal Nanoparticles in a Dual-Droplet Inkjet Printing Process".
"Interfacial Self-Assembly of Colloidal Nanoparticles in Dual-Droplet Inkjet Printing".
"Functionalisation of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)- Microfluidic Devices coated with Rock Minerals".
"Erythrocyte fouling on micro-engineered membranes".
"A method of manufacturing microfluidic contact lenses by using irreversible bonding and thermoforming".
"Micromachining of Polyurethane Membranes for Tissue Engineering Applications".
"Four-Point Probe Electrical Measurements on Templated Gold Nanowires Formed on Single DNA Origami Tiles".
"Microfluidic flow confinement to avoid chemotaxis-based upstream growth in a biofilm flow cell reactor".
"Nanostructures to Engineer 3D Neural-Interfaces: Directing Axonal Navigation toward Successful Bridging of Spinal Segments".
"A highly efficient and antifouling microfluidic platform for portable hemodialysis devices".
"A novel organoclay reinforced UHMWPE nanocomposite coating for tribological applications".
"Tribological Evaluation of a UHMWPE Hybrid Nanocomposite Coating Reinforced With Nanoclay and Carbon Nanotubes Under Dry Conditions".
"Engineering of three-dimensional pre-vascular networks within fibrin hydrogel constructs by microfluidic control over reciprocal cell signaling".
"Shear-deformed fabric sensor made of P(VDF-TrFE) for damage detection of draped composite structures: A feasibility study".
"Paper-Based 3D Scaffold for Multiplexed Single Cell Secretomic Analysis".
"FRET-enhanced photostability allows improved single-molecule tracking of proteins and protein complexes in live mammalian cells".
"Microfluidic curved-channel centrifuge for solution exchange of target microparticles and their simultaneous separation from bacteria".
"Oxygen plasmas: a sharp chisel and handy trowel for nanofabrication".
"Enhanced ion transport using geometrically structured charge selective interfaces".
"An Electrokinetic Separation Route to Source Dialysate from Excess Fluid in Blood".
"Core-shell magnetoelectric nanorobot – A remotely controlled probe for targeted cell manipulation".
"Chemotactic behavior of spermatozoa captured using a microfluidic chip".
"Plasma-Assisted Large-Scale Nanoassembly of Metal–Insulator Bioplasmonic Mushrooms".
"Correlative atomic force microscopy quantitative imaging-laser scanning confocal microscopy quantifies the impact of stressors on live cells in real-time".
"Demonstration of complete bacterial-killing in water at a very high flow-rate: use of a surface-enhanced copper nanoparticle with activated carbon as a hybrid".
"Interactions of bioactive molecules with thin dendritic glycopolymer layers".
"Early cell response of osteogenic cells on differently modified implant surfaces: Sequences of cell proliferation, adherence and differentiation".
"Evaluation of parameters affecting adhesive strength of high build epoxy coatings on textured and plasma treated metallic substrates".
"Biophysical subsets of embryonic stem cells display distinct phenotypic and morphological signatures".
"Molecular reorganization in bulk bottlebrush polymers: direct observation via nanoscale imaging".
"Nucleo-cytoplasmic trafficking regulates nuclear surface area during nuclear organogenesis".
"Pulsed photoinitiated fabrication of inkjet printed titanium dioxide/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite thin films".
"Diffusion and wetting behaviors of Ag nanoparticle and Ag nanowire pastes for laser brazing of Inconel 718".
"ERASE: a novel surface reconditioning strategy for single-molecule experiments".
"Complementary, High-throughput Methods for Creating Multi-dimensional, PEG-based Biomaterials".
"Size and Substitution Effect on Antimicrobial Activity of Polythiophene Polyelectrolyte Derivatives Under Photolysis and Dark Conditions".
"Characterization and in ovo vascularisation of a 3D-printed hydroxyapatite scaffold with different extracellular matrix coatings under perfusion culture".
"The effect of electrospun polycaprolactone scaffold morphology on human kidney epithelial cells".
"Experimental and numerical investigation on particle–particle interaction of multi-particle separation in an alternating and repetitive microchannel".
"3D self-organized microvascular model of the human blood-brain barrier with endothelial cells, pericytes and astrocytes".
"Small-Molecule Patterning via Prefunctionalized Alkanethiols".
"An ultra-low frictional interface combining FDTS SAMs with molybdenum disulfide".
"The Margination of Particles in Areas of Constricted Blood Flow".
"Crumpling and Unfolding of Montmorillonite Hybrid Nanocoatings as Stretchable Flame-Retardant Skin".
"Surface Topography Hinders Bacterial Surface Motility".
"Amphiphilic Polysaccharides Acting both as Stabilizers and Surface Modifiers during Emulsification in Microfluidic Flow-Focusing Junction".
"Characterization of fracture energy and toughness of air plasma PDMS–PDMS bonding by T-peel testing".
"Self-standing aptamers by an artificial defect-rich matrix".
"Topography-induced symmetry transition of droplets on quasi-periodically patterned surfaces".
"A hand-held, power-free microfluidic device for monodisperse droplet generation".
"Microfabrication of Nonplanar Polymeric Microfluidics".
"Combining Whispering-Gallery Mode Optical Biosensors with Microfluidics for Real-Time Detection of Protein Secretion from Living Cells in Complex Media".
"Detection of exosomes by ZnO nanowires coated three-dimensional scaffold chip device".
"Dynamic Flow Characteristics and Design Principles of Laminar Flow Microbial Fuel Cells".
"Reversible Chemo-Topographic Control of Adhesion in Polydopamine Nanomembranes".
"Aligned Droplet Patterns by Dewetting of Polymer Bilayers".
"Thermally Enhanced n-Type Thermoelectric Behavior in Completely Organic Graphene Oxide-Based Thin Films".
"Modification of thread-based microfluidic device with polysiloxanes for the development of a sensitive and selective immunoassay".
"Fire protection behavior of layer-by-layer assembled starch–clay multilayers on cotton fabric".
"Electron beam induced strong organic/inorganic grafting for thermally stable lithium-ion battery separators".
"Controlled evaporative self-assembly of polymer nanoribbons using oscillating capillary bridges".
"Mimicking an Atomically Thin textquotedblleftVacuum Spacer” to Measure the Hamaker Constant between Graphene Oxide and Silica".
"Fast and controlled fabrication of porous graphene oxide: application of AFM tapping for mechano-chemistry".
"Direct Covalent Chemical Functionalization of Unmodified Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide".
"Layer-by-layer assembled graphene multilayers on multidimensional surfaces for highly durable, scalable, and wearable triboelectric nanogenerators".
"Engineered Airway Models to Study Liquid Plug Splitting at Bifurcations: Effects of Orientation and Airway Size".
"A RAB35-p85/PI3K axis controls oscillatory apical protrusions required for efficient chemotactic migration".
"A fluorescent microbead-based microfluidic immunoassay chip for immune cell cytokine secretion quantification".
"Characterisation of particle-surface interactions via anharmonic acoustic transduction".
"Microengineered Bioartificial Liver Chip for Drug Toxicity Screening".
"Dynamic wetting of imidazolium-based ionic liquids on gold and glass".
"On the measurement of relaxation times of acoustic vibrations in metal nanowires".
"Tunable Collagen Microfluidic Platform to Study Nanoparticle Transport in the Tumor Microenvironment".
"Colloids versus solution state adsorption of proteins: Interaction of Myoglobin with supported lipid bilayers".
"Adhesion of emulsified oil droplets to hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces – effect of surfactant charge, surfactant concentration and ionic strength".
"Characterization of Tensioned PDMS Membranes for Imaging Cytometry on Microraft Arrays".
"Controlled Drug Delivery from 3D Printed Two-Photon Polymerized Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Dimethacrylate Devices".
"Hydrogen-Bond Networks near Supported Lipid Bilayers from Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Experiments and Atomistic Simulations".
"Optically induced motion of liquid crystalline droplets".
"Non-canonical Ret signaling augments p75-mediated cell death in developing sympathetic neurons".
"Physical confinement alters cytoskeletal contributions towards human mesenchymal stem cell migration".
"Structure of the adenosine-bound human adenosine A1 receptor-Gi complex".
"Reconfigurable paramagnetic microswimmers: Brownian motion affects non-reciprocal actuation".
"Synthesis of functional catechols as monomers of mussel-inspired biomimetic polymers".
"Investigation of the influence of oxygen plasma on supported silver nanoparticles".
"Pausing controls branching between productive and non-productive pathways during initial transcription in bacteria".
"Influence of fast advective flows on pattern formation of Dictyostelium discoideum".
"Influence of Low Pressure Plasma Treatment on the Durability of Thermoplastic Composites LDPE-flax/coconut under Thermal and Humidity Conditions".
"Capillary-driven microfluidic device with integrated nanoporous microbeads for ultrarapid biosensing assays".
"Drainage from a Fluid-Handling Component Because of Inclination".
"Development of Antimicrobial and Antifouling Universal Coating via Rapid Deposition of Polydopamine and Zwitterionization".
"Droplet impinging behavior on surfaces with wettability contrasts".
"Fabricating Optical-quality Glass Surfaces to Study Macrophage Fusion".
"Nanoplasmonic Sensing Architectures for Decoding Membrane Curvature-Dependent Biomacromolecular Interactions".
"Modular microstructure design to build neuronal networks of defined functional connectivity".
"Cooperative silanetriolate-carboxylate sensitiser anchoring for outstanding stability and improved performance of dye-sensitised photoelectrodes".
"Spatial self-organization resolves conflicts between individuality and collective migration".
"Ecosystem Fabrication (EcoFAB) Protocols for The Construction of Laboratory Ecosystems Designed to Study Plant-microbe Interactions".
"Simple and inexpensive micromachined aluminum microfluidic devices for acoustic focusing of particles and cells".
"Lab-on-a-chip platforms for quantification of multicellular interactions in bone remodeling".
"Perfusion flow phantoms with randomly oriented microchannels".
"Microscale insights into gas recovery from bright and dull bands in coal".
"Observation of Dynamic Surfactant Adsorption Facilitated by Divalent Cation Bridging".
"Estuary-on-a-chip: unexpected results for the fate and transport of nanoparticles".
"Development of a microfluidic platform for high-throughput screening of non-viral gene delivery vectors".
"Commentary on: Plasma Activation of a Breast Implant Shell in Conjunction With Antibacterial Irrigants Enhances Antibacterial Activity".
"Fabrication of Microfluidic Chip for Investigation of Wound Healing Processes".
"Large-scale patterning of single cells and cell clusters in hydrogels".
"Structural basis for the recognition of Sonic Hedgehog by human Patched1".
"Enucleated cells reveal differential roles of the nucleus in cell migration, polarity, and mechanotransduction".
"Single-shot super-resolution total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy".
"A stretchable conductive Polypyrrole Polydimethylsiloxane device fabricated by simple soft lithography and oxygen plasma treatment".
"pH-Dependence in facet-selective photo-deposition of metals and metal oxides on semiconductor particles".
"Atomic Force Microscopy Force Mapping Analysis of an Adsorbed Surfactant above and below the Critical Micelle Concentration".
"Hydrophobic Patterning-Based 3D Microfluidic Cell Culture Assay".
"Glucose Transport Activity Measured in Giant Vesicles".
"Sensitization with Stannous Acetate in Dimethyl Sulfoxide for Silver Electroless Deposition".
"Migration of blood cells and phospholipid vesicles induced by concentration gradients in microcavities".
"Electrostatic immobilization of antimicrobial peptides on polyethylenimine and their antibacterial effect against Staphylococcus epidermidis".
"Interfacial boundary conditions and residual trapping: A pore-scale investigation of the effects of wetting phase flow rate and viscosity using micro-particle image velocimetry".
"Microfluidic Devices for Studying the Effect of Netrin-1 on Neutrophil and Breast Cancer Cell Migration".
"Microfluidic affinity separation chip for selective capture and release of label-free ovarian cancer exosomes".
"Solution-processable dithieno[3,2-b:2′,3′-d]thiophene derivatives for organic thin-film transistors and complementary-like inverters".
"Phase Separation of FUS Is Suppressed by Its Nuclear Import Receptor and Arginine Methylation".
"Solution Coating of Pharmaceutical Nanothin Films and Multilayer Nanocomposites with Controlled Morphology and Polymorphism".
"Enhancement in volatile organic compound sensitivity of aged Ag nanoparticle aggregates by plasma exposure".
"Protein–Substrate Adhesion in Microcontact Printing Regulates Cell Behavior".
"Synergetic improvements of sensitivity and specificity of nanowire field effect transistor gene chip by designing neutralized DNA as probe".
"Diurnal changes of glycogen molecular structure in healthy and diabetic mice".
"Controlled molecular self-assembly of complex three-dimensional structures in soft materials".
"Controlled Silanization Using Functional Silatrane for Thin and Homogeneous Antifouling Coatings".
"Improving axial resolution for holographic tracking of colloids and bacteria over a wide depth of field by optimizing different factors".
"A microfluidic microwell device for immunomagnetic single-cell trapping".
"Tunable Multiplanar Nanowrinkled Surface Platform".
"Direct cell-cell communication with three-dimensional cell morphology on wrinkled microposts".
"Effects of two droplet-based dissolving microneedle manufacturing methods on the activity of encapsulated epidermal growth factor and ascorbic acid".
"Cadherin- and Rigidity-Dependent Growth of Lung Cancer Cells in a Partially Confined Microenvironment".
"Self-aligned capillarity-assisted printing of top-gate thin-film transistors on plastic".
"Hydrophobic Attraction Measured between Asymmetric Hydrophobic Surfaces".
"Cost-effective plasmonic device for label-free streptavidin detection".
"Multi-frequency dielectrophoretic characterization of single cells".
"Spatial confinement downsizes the inflammatory response of macrophages".
"Curvature-dependent effects of nanotopography on classical immune complement activation".
"Interfacial Compression-Dependent Merging of Two Miscible Microdroplets in an Asymmetric Cross-Junction for In Situ Microgel Formation".
"MASP-1 of the complement system enhances clot formation in a microvascular whole blood flow model".
"Purification and characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana oligosaccharyltransferase complexes from the native host: a protein super-expression system for structural studies".
"Hollow Micropillar Array Method for High-Capacity Drug Screening on Filter-Grown Epithelial Cells".
"Solution processed NiOx hole-transporting material for all-inorganic planar heterojunction Sb2S3 solar cells".
"Fabric-infused array of reduced graphene oxide sensors for mapping of skin temperatures".
"Electrospun fiber surface nanotopography influences astrocyte-mediated neurite outgrowth".
"A Microfluidic Device for Massively Parallel, Whole-lifespan Imaging of Single Fission Yeast Cells".
"Monitoring single-cell gene regulation under dynamically controllable conditions with integrated microfluidics and software".
"Pneumatically actuated cell-stretching array platform for engineering cell patterns in vitro".
"Simultaneous Multiparameter Cellular Energy Metabolism Profiling of Small Populations of Cells".
"Assembly and Use of a Microfluidic Device to Study Cell Migration in Confined Environments".
"A Scalable Route to Nanoporous Large-Area Atomically Thin Graphene Membranes by Roll-to-Roll Chemical Vapor Deposition and Polymer Support Casting".
"Facile Fabrication of Large-Area Atomically Thin Membranes by Direct Synthesis of Graphene with Nanoscale Porosity".
"Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of semiconductor quantum dots and their bioconjugates: materials characterization and physical insights from spectrofluorimetric detection".
"T cell microvilli constitute immunological synaptosomes that carry messages to antigen-presenting cells".
"Size-Dependent Inertial Focusing Position Shift and Particle Separations in Triangular Microchannels".
"Long-term stable hydrophilic surface modification of poly(ether ether ketone) via the multilayered chemical grafting method".
"Continuous and High-Throughput Electromechanical Lysis of Bacterial Pathogens Using Ion Concentration Polarization".
"Physicochemical study of ascorbic acid 2-glucoside loaded hyaluronic acid dissolving microneedles irradiated by electron beam and gamma ray".
"Soft, Skin-Interfaced Microfluidic Systems with Wireless, Battery-Free Electronics for Digital, Real-Time Tracking of Sweat Loss and Electrolyte Composition".
"Single-Cell RT-PCR in Microfluidic Droplets with Integrated Chemical Lysis".
"Stand-alone external power-free microfluidic fuel cell system harnessing osmotic pump for long-term operation".
"Scattering Properties of Individual Hedgehog Particles".
"Oligomer diversity during the aggregation of the repeat-region of tau".
"Bioengineering functional smooth muscle with spontaneous rhythmic contraction in vitro".
"Defect enhances photocatalytic activity of ultrathin TiO2 (B) nanosheets for hydrogen production by plasma engraving method".
"Fabrication and in vitro performance of a dual responsive lactate and glucose biosensor".
"Simple donor-acceptor molecule with long exciton diffusion length for organic photovoltaics".
"A Microfluidic Device for Simultaneous Extraction of Plasma, Red Blood Cells, and On-Chip White Blood Cell Trapping".
"Geometrically Mediated Topographic Steering of Neurite Behaviors and Network Formation".
"A microfluidic device for the delivery of enzymes into cells by liposome fusion".
"Measurement of Tau Filament Fragmentation Provides Insights into Prion-like Spreading".
"Capillary Coatings: Flow and Drying Dynamics in Open Microchannels".
"Functional cargo delivery into mouse and human fibroblasts using a versatile microfluidic device".
"Biophysical analysis of fluid shear stress induced cellular deformation in a microfluidic device".
"Effect of relative humidity on the frictional properties of graphene at atomic-scale steps".
"Imaging Intermediate Filaments and Microtubules with 2-dimensional Direct Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy".
"Directed Self-Assembly of Asymmetric Block Copolymers in Thin Films Driven by Uniaxially Aligned Topographic Patterns".
"Fabrication of hollow nanoporous gold nanoshells with high structural tunability based on the plasma etching of polymer colloid templates".
"Effect of an oxygen-generating scaffold on the viability and insulin secretion function of porcine neonatal pancreatic cell clusters".
"Multicompartment Photonic Microcylinders toward Structural Color Inks".
"Large-area Scanning Probe Nanolithography Facilitated by Automated Alignment and Its Application to Substrate Fabrication for Cell Culture Studies".
"Nano-Protrusive Gold Nanoparticle-Hybridized Polymer Thin Film as a Sensitive, Multipatternable, and Antifouling Biosensor Platform".
"Label-free mesenchymal stem cell enrichment from bone marrow samples by inertial microfluidics".
"High-throughput imaging flow cytometry by optofluidic time-stretch microscopy".
"Microfluidic Assisted Nanoprecipitation of PLGA Nanoparticles for Curcumin Delivery to Leukemia Jurkat Cells".
"Controlled defects to link wetting properties to surface heterogeneity".
"Breakdown in the directional transport of droplets on the peristome of pitcher plants".
"Anchoring Mn3O4 Nanoparticles on Oxygen Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes as Bifunctional Catalyst for Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery".
"Microvalve using electrokinetic motion of electrically induced Janus droplet".
"Self-propulsion of aluminum particle-coated Janus droplet in alkaline solution".
"Janus Droplets and Droplets with Multiple Heterogeneous Surface Strips Generated with Nanoparticles under Applied Electric Field".
"Interstitial flow promotes macrophage polarization toward an M2 phenotype".
"The application of CorrSight™ in correlative light and electron microscopy of vitrified biological specimens".
"Label-Free Optofluidic Nanobiosensor Enables Real-Time Analysis of Single-Cell Cytokine Secretion".
"Integrated antibacterial and antifouling surfaces via cross-linking chitosan-g-eugenol/zwitterionic copolymer on electrospun membranes".
"Carbon Nanotube Strain Sensor Based Hemoretractometer for Blood Coagulation Testing".
"Real-time detection and monitoring of the drug resistance of single myeloid leukemia cells by diffused total internal reflection".
"Cryo-EM structure of the active, Gs-protein complexed, human CGRP receptor".
"Phase-plate cryo-EM structure of a biased agonist-bound human GLP-1 receptor-Gs complex".
"Capture of colloidal particles by a moving microfluidic bubble".
"Carbon nanotube band electrodes for electrochemical sensors".
"Enhancement of mass transfer coefficient towards carbon nanotube nanoelectrode array".
"Impact of viscous droplets on different wettable surfaces: Impact phenomena, the maximum spreading factor, spreading time and post-impact oscillation".
"Magnetically Induced Low Adhesive Direction of Nano/Micropillar Arrays for Microdroplet Transport".
"High-throughput controllable generation of droplet arrays with low consumption".
"Lateral Size Scaling Effect during Discontinuous Dewetting".
"Detection of anti-p53 autoantibodies in saliva using microfluidic chips for the rapid screening of oral cancer".
"Electroviscous Dissipation in Aqueous Electrolyte Films with Overlapping Electric Double Layers".
"Synthetic Nanofiber-Reinforced Amniotic Membrane via Interfacial Bonding".
"Biologically Complex Planar Cell Plasma Membranes Supported on Polyelectrolyte Cushions Enhance Transmembrane Protein Mobility and Retain Native Orientation".
"Integrating Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence and Surface Acoustic Waves for Sensitive and Rapid Quantification of Cancer Biomarkers from Real Matrices".
"In Situ TEM and AFM Investigation of Morphological Controls during the Growth of Single Crystal BaWO4".
"Simultaneous detection of multiple HPV DNA via bottom-well microfluidic chip within an infra-red PCR platform".
"Electrochemical sensor integrated microfluidic device for sensitive and simultaneous quantification of dopamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine".
"Hydrophilic porous polyimide/β-cyclodextrin composite membranes with enhanced gas separation performance and low dielectric constant".
"Benzothienobenzothiophene/polyimide blend-based organic phototransistors with double-layer gate dielectric".
"upalpha-synuclein oligomers interact with ATP synthase and open the permeability transition pore in Parkinson’s disease".
"Microfluidic platform for probing cancer cells migration property under periodic mechanical confinement".
"Watching Three-Dimensional Movements of Single Membrane Proteins in Lipid Bilayers".
"Cell-type-specific brain methylomes profiled via ultralow-input microfluidics".
"Multiplexed capillary microfluidic immunoassay with smartphone data acquisition for parallel mycotoxin detection".
"Novel Microfluidic Analytical Sensing Platform for the Simultaneous Detection of Three Algal Toxins in Water".
"3D in vitro microvascular model-based lymphoma model".
"Fabrication and thermoresistive behavior characterization of three-dimensional silver-polydimethylsiloxane (Ag-PDMS) microbridges in a mini-channel".
"Fabricating Reactive Surfaces with Brush-like and Crosslinked Films of Azlactone-Functionalized Block Co-Polymers".
"High-Throughput Aqueous Two-Phase System Droplet Generation by Oil-Free Passive Microfluidics".
"A Changeable Lab-on-a-Chip Detector for Marine Nonindigenous Microorganisms in Shiptextquoterights Ballast Water".
"Direct Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Monolayer MoS2 on TiO2 Nanorods and Evidence for Doping-Induced Strong Photoluminescence Enhancement".
"Optimization of binding B-lymphocytes in a microfluidic channel: surface modification, stasis time and shear response".
"Interfacial electrostatics of poly(vinylamine hydrochloride), poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride), poly-l-lysine, and poly-l-arginine interacting with lipid bilayers".
"Enhancing Electrochemical Performance of Graphene Fiber-Based Supercapacitors by Plasma Treatment".
"Microimpedance tomography system to monitor cell activity and membrane movements in a breathing lung-on-chip".
"Reconstitution of the equilibrium state of dynamic actin networks".
"Inertial particle focusing dynamics in a trapezoidal straight microchannel: application to particle filtration".
"Fabrication of New Liquid Crystal Device Using Layer-by-Layer Thin Film Process".
"Photoacoustic microscopy imaging for microneedle drug delivery".
"Microfluidic Low-Input Fluidized-Bed Enabled ChIP-seq Device for Automated and Parallel Analysis of Histone Modifications".
"Nature and Extent of Solution Aggregation Determines the Performance of P(NDI2OD-T2) Thin-Film Transistors".
"Rapid and Repeatable Self-Healing Superoleophobic Porous Aluminum Surface Using Infiltrated Liquid Healing Agent".
"Removing Water from Diesel Fuel: Understanding the Impact of Droplet Size on Dynamic Interfacial Tension of Water-in-Fuel Emulsions".
"Influence of pH and ionic strength on the antibacterial effect of hyaluronic acid/chitosan films assembled layer-by-layer".
"Golgi stabilization, not its front-rear bias, is associated with EMT-enhanced fibrillar migration".
"Bifunctional fluorescent probes for detection of amyloid aggregates and reactive oxygen species".
"Effects of Ionic Strength in the Medium on Sample Preconcentration Utilizing Nano-interstices between Self-Assembled Monolayers of Gold Nanoparticles".
"An Aptamer-Based Capacitive Sensing Platform for Specific Detection of Lung Carcinoma Cells in the Microfluidic Chip".
"Influence of O 2 plasma treatment on NiO x layer in perovskite solar cells".
"Microencapsulation by pectin for multi-components carriers bearing both hydrophobic and hydrophilic active agents".
"Benign preparation of aqueous core poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) microcapsules".
"Direct measurements of colloidal behavior of polystyrene nanoparticles into budding yeast cells using atomic force microscopy and confocal microscopy".
"Adhesion control of fungal spores on solid surfaces using hydrophilic nanoparticles".
"Microfluidic Encapsulation of Demembranated Sperm Nuclei in Xenopus Egg Extracts".
"Separation-Based Sensors Using Microchip Electrophoresis with Microdialysis for Monitoring Glutamate and Other Bioactive Amines".
"Ultrafast zero-bias photocurrent and terahertz emission in hybrid perovskites".
"A rapid and meshless analytical model of acoustofluidic pressure fields for waveguide design".
"Shuttle Suppression by Polymer-Sealed Graphene-Coated Polypropylene Separator".
"Influence of long-range forces and capillarity on the function of underwater superoleophobic wrinkled surfaces".
"Triisopropylsilylethynyl-substituted indenofluorenes: carbonyl versus dicyanovinylene functionalization in one-dimensional molecular crystals and solution-processed n-channel OFETs".
"Spray deposition of AgBiS2 and Cu3BiS3 thin films for photovoltaic applications".
"Direct characterization of cytoskeletal reorganization during blood platelet spreading".
"Temperature-Induced Denaturation of BSA Protein Molecules for Improved Surface Passivation Coatings".
"Viscoelastic properties of a 3D-Printable high-dielectric paste with surface-modified BaTiO3".
"Retrograde Degenerative Signaling Mediated by the p75 Neurotrophin Receptor Requires p150Glued Deacetylation by Axonal HDAC1".
"A Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-Dependent Sprouting Angiogenesis Assay Based on an In Vitro Human Blood Vessel Model for the Study of Anti-Angiogenic Drugs".
"A microfluidic device to study electrotaxis and dopaminergic system of zebrafish larvae".
"Highly sensitive and selective determination of Hg(II) based on microfluidic chip with on-line fluorescent derivatization".
"Particle detection on microfluidic chips by differential resistive pulse sensing (RPS) method".
"Detection of Individual Molecules and Ions by Carbon Nanotube-Based Differential Resistive Pulse Sensor".
"Immobilized Seed-Mediated Growth of Two-Dimensional Array of Metallic Nanocrystals with Asymmetric Shapes".
"Poly(amino acid)-based nanogel by horseradish peroxidase catalyzed crosslinking in an inverse miniemulsion".
"Constructing Synthetic Ecosystems with Biopolymer Fluitrodes".
"Cell Sequence and Mitosis Affect Fibroblast Directional Decision-Making During Chemotaxis in Microfluidic Mazes".
"Combination of silicon microstructures and porous cellulose nanofiber structures to improve liquid-infused-type self-cleaning function".
"Method for High Speed Stretch Injury of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Neurons in a 96-well Format".
"Correlating Charge Transport with Structure in Deconstructed Diketopyrrolopyrrole Oligomers: A Case Study of a Monomer in Field-Effect Transistors".
"Optical biosensing in microfluidics using nanoporous microbeads and amorphous silicon thin-film photodiodes: quantitative analysis of molecular recognition and signal transduction".
"Quantitative analysis of optical transduction in microfluidic biosensing platforms: Nanoporous microbeads coupled with thin-film photodiodes".
"Lipid bilayers cushioned with polyelectrolyte-based films on doped silicon surfaces".
"Altered biofilm formation at plasma bonded surfaces in microchannels studied by attenuated total reflection infrared spectroscopy".
"Solid polymeric electrolyte based dye-sensitized solar cell with improved stability".
"A Novel Microfluidic Platform for Biomechano-Stimulations on a Chip".
"Activation of Piezo1 but Not NaV1.2 Channels by Ultrasound at 43.167emMHz".
"A Colloidal Nanopatterning and Downscaling of a Highly Periodic Au Nanoporous EGFET Biosensor".
"FUS Phase Separation Is Modulated by a Molecular Chaperone and Methylation of Arginine Cation-φ Interactions".
"Oral mucosa-on-a-chip to assess layer-specific responses to bacteria and dental materials".
"NemaFlex: a microfluidics-based technology for standardized measurement of muscular strength of C. elegans".
"Entry and passage behavior of biological cells in a constricted compliant microchannel".
"Development of microfluidic platforms for the synthesis of metal complexes and evaluation of their DNA affinity using online FRET melting assays".
"2-Thiopene[1]benzothieno[3,2-b]benzothiophene derivatives as solution-processable organic semiconductors for organic thin-film transistors".
"Clavanin A-bioconjugated Fe3O4/Silane core-shell nanoparticles for thermal ablation of bacterial biofilms".
"Magnetotaxis Enables Magnetotactic Bacteria to Navigate in Flow".
"Label-free analysis of physiological hyaluronan size distribution with a solid-state nanopore sensor".
"Biofilm formation on agricultural waste pretreated with cold low-pressure nitrogen plasma and corona plasma discharges".
"Self-Assembly of Cellulose Nanocrystals into Semi-Spherical Photonic Cholesteric Films".
"Engineered microfluidic bioreactor for examining the three-dimensional breast tumor microenvironment".
"Using Microfluidics Single Filament Assay to Study Formin Control of Actin Assembly".
"Biofunctionalization of Titanium Substrates Using Nanoscale Polymer Brushes with Cell Adhesion Peptides".
"Enzyme immobilization on protein-resistant PNIPAAm brushes: impact of biotin linker length on enzyme amount and catalytic activity".
"Fluorescence Exclusion: A Simple Method to Assess Projected Surface, Volume and Morphology of Red Blood Cells Stored in Blood Bank".
"A microengineered vascularized bleeding model that integrates the principal components of hemostasis".
"Assessment of Migration of Human MSCs through Fibrin Hydrogels as a Tool for Formulation Optimisation".
"Investigation of drug release modulation from poly(2-oxazoline) micelles through ultrasound".
"Microfluidic Biosensor Based on Microwave Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Cavity Resonator".
"Platinum nanoparticles: a non-toxic, effective and thermally stable alternative plasmonic material for cancer therapy and bioengineering".
"Multi-terminal memtransistors from polycrystalline monolayer molybdenum disulfide".
"Stem cell derived phenotypic human neuromuscular junction model for dose response evaluation of therapeutics".
"Vitamin D3 decreases glycolysis and invasiveness, and increases cellular stiffness in breast cancer cells".
"Boric Acid as an Efficient Agent for the Control of Polydopamine Self-Assembly and Surface Properties".
"Kinetic analysis of single molecule FRET transitions without trajectories".
"Limulus amoebocyte lysate test via an open-microcavity optical biosensor".
"Effect of low-pressure cold plasma (LPCP) on the wettability and the inactivation of escherichia coli and listeria innocua on fresh-cut apple (granny smith) skin".
"Detecting the functional complexities between high-density lipoprotein mimetics".
"Pulse Plating of Copper onto Gas Diffusion Layers for the Electroreduction of Carbon Dioxide".
"A Y-Shaped Three-Arm Structure for Probing Bivalent Interactions between Protein Receptor–Ligand Using AFM and SPR".
"Performance evaluation of environmentally benign nonionic biosurfactant for enhanced oil recovery".
"Catalytic activity of nickel nanoparticles stabilized by adsorbing polymers for enhanced carbon sequestration".
"3D artificial round section micro-vessels to investigate endothelial cells under physiological flow conditions".
"Oscillating dispersed-phase co-flow microfluidic droplet generation: Multi-droplet size effect".
"Development of molecular imprinted sol-gel based LSPR sensor for detection of volatile cis-jasmone in plant".
"Generation of Linear and Parabolic Concentration Gradients by Using a Christmas Tree-Shaped Microfluidic Network".
"Annealing temperature effects on photoelectrochemical performance of bismuth vanadate thin film photoelectrodes".
"Optofluidic differential colorimetry for rapid nitrite determination".
"Nanoscale fiber-optic force sensors for mechanical probing at the molecular and cellular level".
"Active Transport of Membrane Components by Self-Organization of the Min Proteins".
"Culturing functional pancreatic islets on α5-laminins and curative transplantation to diabetic mice".
"A Standard and Reliable Method to Fabricate Two-Dimensional Nanoelectronics".
"Hygroscopic compounds in spider aggregate glue remove interfacial water to maintain adhesion in humid conditions".
"Transparent Polyelectrolyte Complex Thin Films with Ultralow Oxygen Transmission Rate".
"Multiplexed microfluidic fluorescence immunoassay with photodiode array signal acquisition for sub-minute and point-of-need detection of mycotoxins".
"Automatic detecting and counting magnetic beads-labeled target cells from a suspension in a microfluidic chip".
"Single-cell transcriptomics reveals distinct inflammation-induced microglia signatures".
"The influence of surfactant head group on miscibility in mixed hydrocarbon-perfluorocarbon monolayers".
"Controlling Fibrin Network Morphology, Polymerization, and Degradation Dynamics in Fibrin Gels for Promoting Tissue Repair".
"Medium throughput breathing human primary cell alveolus-on-chip model".
"Structure of the human PKD1-PKD2 complex".
"PDMS-Based Microfluidic Device for Infrared-Transmission Spectro-Electrochemistry".
"A Graphene-Based Microfluidic Platform for Electrocrystallization and In Situ X-ray Diffraction".
"A Static Microfluidic Device for Investigating the Chemotaxis Response to Stable, Non-linear Gradients".
"Replication of biocompatible, nanotopographic surfaces".
"Facile synthesis and surface modification of bioinspired nanoparticles from quercetin for drug delivery".
"Microfluidic Tumor–Vascular Model to Study Breast Cancer Cell Invasion and Intravasation".
"Anharmonic acoustic effects during DNA hybridization on an electrochemical quartz crystal resonator".
"Selective separation of microalgae cells using inertial microfluidics".
"Investigation of the Internal Chemical Composition of Chitosan-Based LbL Films by Depth-Profiling X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Analysis".
"Sequential Application of Discrete Topographical Patterns Enhances Derivation of Functional Mesencephalic Dopaminergic Neurons from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells".
"High-throughput microfluidic sorting of live magnetotactic bacteria".
"Magnetic Microfluidic Separation for Estimating the Magnetic Contents of Magnetotactic Bacteria".
"Facile Assembly of a Large-Area BNNSs Film for Oxidation/Corrosion-Resistant Coatings".
"A self-sufficient pressure pump using latex balloons for microfluidic applications".
"Bioprinted gelatin hydrogel platform promotes smooth muscle cell contractile phenotype maintenance".
"An integrated gas-liquid droplet microfluidic platform for digital sampling and detection of airborne targets".
"Microfluidic Cell Microarray Platform for High Throughput Analysis of Particle–Cell Interactions".
"Exploring the Efficacy of Platinum and Palladium Nanostructures for Organic Molecule Detection via Raman Spectroscopy".
"Robotic automation of droplet microfluidics".
"Linear dichroism of visible-region chromophores using M13 bacteriophage as an alignment scaffold".
"A three-dimensional (3D) organotypic microfluidic model for glioma stem cells — Vascular interactions".
"A piezo-ring-on-chip microfluidic device for simple and low-cost mass spectrometry interfacing".
"Fabrication of soft, stimulus-responsive structures with sub-micron resolution via two-photon polymerization of poly(ionic liquid)s".
"Collection of amino acids and DNA from fingerprints using hydrogels".
"Highly multiplexed single-cell quantitative PCR".
"Single-Molecule Imaging of Escherichia coli Transmembrane Proteins".
"Microfluidic Devices for Characterizing Pore-scale Event Processes in Porous Media for Oil Recovery Applications".
"A tunable microfluidic 3D stenosis model to study leukocyte-endothelial interactions in atherosclerosis".
"Optical guiding-based cell focusing for Raman flow cell cytometer".
"Variation in traction forces during cell cycle progression".
"Fabricating smooth PDMS microfluidic channels from low-resolution 3D printed molds using an omniphobic lubricant-infused coating".
"A microscale biomimetic platform for generation and electro-mechanical stimulation of 3D cardiac microtissues".
"A Simple Vacuum-Based Microfluidic Technique to Establish High-Throughput Organs-On-Chip and 3D Cell Cultures at the Microscale".
"A comparative analysis of single cell and droplet-based FACS for improving production phenotypes: Riboflavin overproduction in Yarrowia lipolytica".
"Colloidal lithography-based fabrication of highly-ordered nanofluidic channels with an ultra-high surface-to-volume ratio".
"Plasma-assisted alignment in the fabrication of microchannel-array-based in-tube solid-phase microextraction microchips packed with TiO2 nanoparticles for phosphopeptide analysis".
"Super-temporal resolved microscopy reveals multistep desorption kinetics of α-lactalbumin from nylon".
"Dielectrophoresis-based multi-step nanowire assembly on a flexible superstrate".
"Photothermoelectric Detection of Gold Oxide Nonthermal Decomposition".
"Synthesis of Substrate-Bound Au Nanowires Via an Active Surface Growth Mechanism".
"Uncured PDMS Inhibits Myosin In Vitro Motility in a Microfluidic Flow Cell".
"Detection of Non-small cell Lung Cancer Cells Based on Microfluidic Polarization Microscopic Image Analysis".
"Transformable masks for colloidal nanosynthesis".
"A microfluidic platform to study the effects of GDNF on neuronal axon entrapment".
"Modeling of fouling in cross-flow microfiltration of suspensions".
"Combining Microfluidics and Microrheology to Determine Rheological Properties of Soft Matter during Repeated Phase Transitions".
"Immunosensor Based on Antibody-Functionalized MoS for Rapid Detection of Avian Coronavirus on Cotton Thread".
"Geometrical and Structural Dynamics of Imatinib within Biorelevant Colloids".
"Single-lipid tracking on nanoscale membrane buds: The effects of curvature on lipid diffusion and sorting".
"High-Throughput Generation of Durable Droplet Arrays for Single-Cell Encapsulation, Culture, and Monitoring".
"Surface-tension-confined assembly of a metal-organic framework in femtoliter droplet arrays".
"Gold-coated polydimethylsiloxane microwells for high-throughput electrochemiluminescence analysis of intracellular glucose at single cells".
"Moving contact-line mobility measured".
"Layer-by-layer assembled polymer/MOF membrane for H2/CO2 separation".
"Concentration-controlled particle focusing in spiral elasto-inertial microfluidic devices".
"The Role of Nanobubbles in the Precipitation and Recovery of Organic-Phosphine-Containing Beneficiation Wastewater".
"Adsorption Mechanism of Pb2+ Activator for the Flotation of Rutile".
"Nanotopography-responsive myotube alignment and orientation as a sensitive phenotypic biomarker for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy".
"Fabrication of polymer microlens array with controllable focal length by modifying surface wettability".
"Controllable manipulation of bubbles in water by using underwater superaerophobic graphene-oxide/gold-nanoparticle composite surfaces".
"Enhanced particle self-ordering in a double-layer channel".
"A rapid, maskless 3D prototyping for fabrication of capillary circuits: Toward urinary protein detection".
"Strategies to hydrophilize silicones via spontaneous adsorption of poly(vinyl alcohol) from aqueous solution".
"Pseudomonas aeruginosa infected nematode-on-a-chip model array for antibacterials screening".
"Mkit: A cell migration assay based on microfluidic device and smartphone".
"A plug-in electrophoresis microchip with PCB electrodes for contactless conductivity detection".
"Single-cell membrane drug delivery using porous pen nanodeposition".
"Single-Cell, Time-Lapse Reactive Oxygen Species Detection in E. coli".
"A microfluidic impedance biosensor based on immunomagnetic separation and urease catalysis for continuous-flow detection of E. coli O157:H7".
"Microvesicles from malaria-infected red blood cells activate natural killer cells via MDA5 pathway".
"Waterflooding of Surfactant and Polymer Solutions in a Porous Media Micromodel".
"Measuring Dynamic Shear Force and Vibration With a Bioinspired Tactile Sensor Skin".
"Thermal nanoimprint lithography for drift correction in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy".
"Quantifying Photothermal Heating at Plasmonic Nanoparticles by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy".
"Control of colloidal behavior of polystyrene latex nanoparticles and their cytotoxicity toward yeast cells using water-soluble polymers".
"Effect of mechanical and electrical stimuli in conductive atomic force microscopy with noble metal-coated tips".
"Flow-Based Deacidification of Geobacter sulfurreducens Biofilms Depends on Nutrient Conditions: a Microfluidic Bioelectrochemical Study".
"A Simple Aspect Ratio Dependent Method of Patterning Microwells for Selective Cell Attachment".
"Dynamic Sliding Enhancement on the Friction and Adhesion of Graphene, Graphene Oxide, and Fluorinated Graphene".
"A robust, portable and backflow-free micromixing device based on both capillary- and vacuum-driven flows".
"Enhanced Capillary-Fed Boiling in Copper Inverse Opals via Template Sintering".
"Femtosecond Laser Microfabricated Optofluidic Mach-Zehnder Interferometer for Refractive Index Sensing".
"Femtosecond Laser Microfabricated Optofluidic Grating Refractometer".
"Critical Role of Surface Energy in Guiding Crystallization of Solution-Coated Conjugated Polymer Thin Films".
"Ultrafast selective transport of alkali metal ions in metal organic frameworks with subnanometer pores".
"Enhanced chemiluminescence by Au-Ag core-shell nanoparticles: A general and practical biosensing platform for tumor marker detection".
"A simple microfluidic platform for rapid and efficient production of the radiotracer [18F]fallypride".
"Continuous-flow trapping and localized enrichment of micro- and nano-particles using induced-charge electrokinetics".
"Manipulation and separation of oil droplets by using asymmetric nano-orifice induced DC dielectrophoretic method".
"Chapter Seven – Determining the RAD51-DNA Nucleoprotein Filament Structure and Function by Cryo-Electron Microscopy".
"Highly Multiplexed Single-Cell Protein Profiling with Large-Scale Convertible DNA-Antibody Barcoded Arrays".
"Dielectrophoresis-Based Protein Enrichment for a Highly Sensitive Immunoassay Using Ag/SiO2 Nanorod Arrays".
"Isolation of cells from whole blood using shear-induced diffusion".
"Enhanced ion transport in densified CNT arrays".
"Three-layer-stacked pressure sensor with a liquid metal-embedded elastomer".
"Microparticle Manipulation by Standing Surface Acoustic Waves with Dual-frequency Excitations".
"Sheathless inertial cell focusing and sorting with serial reverse wavy channel structures".
"Layer-by-layer assembly of MXene and carbon nanotubes on electrospun polymer films for flexible energy storage".
"Using microfluidic impedance cytometry to measure C. elegans worms and identify their developmental stages".
"Every Breath You Take: Non-invasive Real-Time Oxygen Biosensing in Two- and Three-Dimensional Microfluidic Cell Models".
"Experimental investigations on biopolymer in enhancing the liquid flow in microchannel".
"Binder-Free N- and O-Rich Carbon Nanofiber Anodes for Long Cycle Life K-Ion Batteries".
"Nanoporous and wrinkled electrodes enhance the sensitivity of glucose biosensors".
"Hotspot Thermal Management via Thin-Film Evaporation–Part I: Experimental Characterization".
"Highly Anisotropic Suspended Planar-Array Chips with Multidimensional Sub-Micrometric Biomolecular Patterns".
"High-Performance and Self-Powered Deep UV Photodetectors Based on High Quality 2D Boron Nitride Nanosheets".
"Heterogeneous Freezing of Carbon Nanotubes: A Model System for Pore Condensation and Freezing in the Atmosphere".
"Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Flooding: What Happens at the Pore Scale?".
"Size Control and Fluorescence Labeling of Polydopamine Melanin-Mimetic Nanoparticles for Intracellular Imaging".
"Graphene Nanobubbles Produced by Water Splitting".
"Novel microfluidic device for the continuous separation of cancer cells using dielectrophoresis".
"Surface texture change on-demand and microfluidic devices based on thickness mode actuation of dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs)".
"Coating polypropylene surfaces with protease weakens the adhesion and increases the dispersion of Candida albicans cells".
"Exposure to Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase toxin affects integrin-mediated adhesion and mechanics in alveolar epithelial cells".
"On the influence of the photo-oxidation of P3HT on the conductivity of photoactive film of P3HT:PCBM bulk heterojunctions".
"Insight into diacetylene photopolymerization in Langmuir-Blodgett films using simultaneous AFM and fluorescence microscopy imaging".
"Characterisation of anticancer peptides at the single-cell level".
"Carbon Nanotubes as Fluorescent Labels for Surface Plasmon Resonance-Assisted Fluoroimmunoassay".
"Detection of norovirus virus-like particles using a surface plasmon resonance-assisted fluoroimmunosensor optimized for quantum dot fluorescent labels".
"Carbon Nanotube-Quantum Dot Nanohybrids: Coupling with Single-Particle Control in Aqueous Solution".
"Investigation of Drug Cocktail Effects on Cancer Cell-Spheroids Using a Microfluidic Drug-Screening Assay".
"Imaging the Root Hair Morphology of Arabidopsis Seedlings in a Two-layer Microfluidic Platform".
"Tracking the tumor invasion front using long-term fluidic tumoroid culture".
"Efficient benzodithiophene and thienopyrroledione containing random polymers as components for organic solar cells".
"Nano-structural comparison of 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine- and ethylene glycol-based surface modification for preventing protein and cell adhesion".
"Relationship between Youngtextquoterights Modulus and Film Architecture in Cellulose Nanofibril-Based Multilayered Thin Films".
"Microfluidic iterative mechanical characteristics (iMECH) analyzer for single-cell metastatic identification".
"An omniphobic lubricant-infused coating produced by chemical vapor deposition of hydrophobic organosilanes attenuates clotting on catheter surfaces".
"Systematic characterization of maturation time of fluorescent proteins in living cells".
"Manipulation of magnetocapillary flow of ferrofluid in a microchannel".
"Toughness of a brittle epoxy resin reinforced with micro cork particles: Effect of size, amount and surface treatment".
"Analysis of the effect of size, amount and surface treatment on the tensile strain of a brittle adhesive reinforced with micro cork particles".
"Engineering plant membranes using droplet interface bilayers".
"Semi-Empirical Estimation of Dean Flow Velocity in Curved Microchannels".
"Precision control of nanoparticle monolayer assembly: Optimizing rate and crystal quality".
"Dual-mode refractive index and charge sensing to investigate complex surface chemistry on nanostructures".
"αV-class integrins exert dual roles on α5β1 integrins to strengthen adhesion to fibronectin".
"Impact of surface roughness on Dielectrophoretically assisted concentration of microorganisms over PCB based platforms".
"A microfluidic platform for modeling metastatic cancer cell matrix invasion".
"Influence of natural organic matter (NOM) coatings on nanoparticle adsorption onto supported lipid bilayers".
"Network heterogeneity regulates steering in actin-based motility".
"Molecular Sieving Across Centimeter-Scale Single-Layer Nanoporous Graphene Membranes".
"A multiplexed microfluidic toolbox for the rapid optimization of affinity-driven partition in aqueous two phase systems".
"Laser brazing of Inconel® 718 using Ag and Cu-Ag nanopastes as brazing materials".
"Squaraine-Based Polymers: Toward Optimized Structures for Optoelectronic Devices".
"Electrical and optical properties of a gradient microplasma for microfluidic chips".
"Tuning the Pore Size of Nanoporous Membranes Using Layer-by-Layer Cross-Linking Polymerization".
"Effects of biomolecules on the electrokinetics of colloidal nanoparticles in liquid suspension".
"Advancing Biocapture Substrates via Chemical Lift-Off Lithography".
"Three-Dimensional Super-Resolution in Eukaryotic Cells Using the Double-Helix Point Spread Function".
"Observing Single RNA Polymerase Molecules Down to Base-Pair Resolution".
"Automated Blood Sample Preparation Unit (ABSPU) for Portable Microfluidic Flow Cytometry".
"Studies of single neuron cell growth on nanoporous surface and under transcranial magnetic stimulation".
"Versatile Methodology for Glycosurfaces: Direct Ligation of Nonderivatized Reducing Saccharides to Poly(pentafluorophenyl acrylate) Grafted Surfaces via Hydrazide Conjugation".
"On-chip human microvasculature assay for visualization and quantification of tumor cell extravasation dynamics".
"Addition of structural features and two-step adhesive bond method to improve bonding quality of thermoplastic microfiltration chip".
"Microfabricated microfluidic platforms for creating microlens array".
"Self-assembled coronene nanofiber arrays: toward integrated organic bioelectronics for efficient isolation, detection, and recovery of cancer cells".
"Probiotic E. coli Nissle 1917 biofilms on silicone substrates for bacterial interference against pathogen colonization".
"Characterization of Nanopipet-Supported ITIES Tips for Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy of Single Solid-State Nanopores".
"Reduced Lateral Confinement and Its Effect on Stability in Patterned Strong Polyelectrolyte Brushes".
"A microfluidic circulatory system integrated with capillary-assisted pressure sensors".
"NiO-induced synthesis of PdNi bimetallic hollow nanocrystals with enhanced electrocatalytic activities toward ethanol and formic acid oxidation".
"Three-Dimensional Scaffold Chip with Thermosensitive Coating for Capture and Reversible Release of Individual and Cluster of Circulating Tumor Cells".
"Novel electrospun gas diffusion layers for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: Part I. Fabrication, morphological characterization, and in situ performance".
"Design of a sedimentation hole in a microfluidic channel to remove blood cells from diluted whole blood".
"Novel highly dispersible, thermally stable core/shell proppants for geothermal applications".
"Investigation of osteogenic activity of primary rabbit periosteal cells stimulated by multi-axial tensile strain".
"A disposable microfluidic device with a reusable magnetophoretic functional substrate for isolation of circulating tumor cells".
"Thin, Soft, Skin-Mounted Microfluidic Networks with Capillary Bursting Valves for Chrono-Sampling of Sweat".
"Formation of MoO3 and WO3 nanoscrolls from MoS2 and WS2 with atmospheric air plasma".
"Effective non-denaturing purification method for improving the solubility of recombinant actin-binding proteins produced by bacterial expression".
"A liver microphysiological system of tumor cell dormancy and inflammatory responsiveness is affected by scaffold properties".
"Microsphere based continuous-flow immunoassay in a microfluidic device for determination of clinically relevant insulin levels".
"Functional analysis of human intrafusal fiber innervation by human γ-motoneurons".
"Continuous micro-vortex-based nanoparticle manipulation via focused surface acoustic waves".
"Importance of interlayer H bonding structure to the stability of layered minerals".
"Mimicking arterial thrombosis in a 3D-printed microfluidic in vitro vascular model based on computed tomography angiography data".
"Refinement of insulator-based dielectrophoresis".
"Pore-scale water dynamics during drying and the impacts of structure and surface wettability".
"A microfluidic device for isolation and characterization of transendothelial migrating cancer cells".
"Subterahertz sensor in microfluidic devices for on-line determination and control of ethanol concentration".
"Control of actin polymerization via the coincidence of phosphoinositides and high membrane curvature".
"Continuous Redirection and Separation of Microbeads by Faradaic Ion Concentration Polarization".
"Evidence that the Human Innate Immune Peptide LL-37 may be a Binding Partner of Amyloid-β and Inhibitor of Fibril Assembly".
"Wetting Regimes for Residual-Layer-Free Transfer Molding at Micro- and Nanoscales".
"Application of high-energy chemistry methods to the modification of the structure and properties of polylactide (a review)".
"Inertial Microfluidic Cell Stretcher (iMCS): Fully Automated, High-Throughput, and Near Real-Time Cell Mechanotyping".
"Paper-based patterned 3D neural cultures as a tool to study network activity on multielectrode arrays".
"Initiating fibro-proliferation through interfacial interactions of myoglobin colloids with collagen in solution".
"A silicon carbide array for electrocorticography and peripheral nerve recording".
"Biofluid pretreatment using gradient insulator-based dielectrophoresis: separating cells from biomarkers".
"Formation of Photo-Responsive Liquid Crystalline Emulsion by Using Microfluidics Device".
"Intermittent Ca+ signals mediated by Orai1 regulate basal T cell motility".
"Discriminating Residue Substitutions in a Single Protein Molecule Using a Sub-nanopore".
"Bone and cartilage differentiation of a single stem cell population driven by material interface".
"K-Channel: A Multifunctional Architecture for Dynamically Reconfigurable Sample Processing in Droplet Microfluidics".
"Inhibiting the Ca2+ Influx Induced by Human CSF".
"Chapter Eleven – Preparation of DNA Substrates and Functionalized Glass Surfaces for Correlative Nanomanipulation and Colocalization (NanoCOSM) of Single Molecules".
"Factors Released from Endothelial Cells Exposed to Flow Impact Adhesion, Proliferation, and Fate Choice in the Adult Neural Stem Cell Lineage".
"One-Step Fabrication of pH-Responsive Membranes and Microcapsules through Interfacial H-Bond Polymer Complexation".
"Highly active nanostructured water oxidation catalyst electrodeposited from Co(cyclam) complex".
"Polysaccharide coating on environmental collectors affects the affinity and deposition of nanoparticles".
"Neuroadhesive L1 coating attenuates acute microglial attachment to neural electrodes as revealed by live two-photon microscopy".
"The effect of plasma treatment and bioglass paste on enamel white spot lesions".
"Influence of plasma treatment on the adhesion between a polymeric matrix and natural fibres".
"In-situ measurement of magnetic nanoparticle quantity in a microfluidic device".
"Profiling the transcriptome with RNA SPOTs".
"Spontaneous Draining of Liquids from Vertically Oriented Tubes".
"Decoupled Hierarchical Structures for Suppression of Leidenfrost Phenomenon".
"Development of fusogenic glass surfaces that impart spatiotemporal control over macrophage fusion: Direct visualization of multinucleated giant cell formation".
"Lipid Bilayers Are Long-Lived on Solvent Cleaned Plasma-Oxidized poly(dimethyl)siloxane (ox-PDMS)".
"UV and NIR-Responsive Layer-by-Layer Films Containing 6-Bromo-7-hydroxycoumarin Photolabile Groups".
"Development of a lab-on-chip electrochemical immunosensor for detection of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in environmental water".
"Electrolyte effect in induced charge electroosmosis".
"Constraining CD45 exclusion at close-contacts provides a mechanism for discriminatory T-cell receptor signalling".
"Chapter 24 – Xenopus extract approaches to studying microtubule organization and signaling in cytokinesis".
"Elastin-PLGA hybrid electrospun nanofiber scaffolds for salivary epithelial cell self-organization and polarization".
"Redesigning the QA binding site of Photosystem II allows reduction of exogenous quinones".
"Three-dimensional nanofiber scaffolds with arrayed holes for engineering skin tissue constructs".
"Ultra-Antireflective Electrodeposited Plasmonic and PEDOT Nanocone Array Surfaces".
"Rapid prototyping of all-solution-processed multi-lengthscale electrodes using polymer-induced thin film wrinkling".
"Receding Contact Line Motion on Nanopatterned and Micropatterned Polymer Surfaces".
"Layer-by-layer assembly of readily detachable chitosan and poly(acrylic acid) polyelectrolyte multilayer films".
"Focal molography is a new method for the in situ analysis of molecular interactions in biological samples".
"Mechanical Stimulation of Piezo1 Receptors Depends on Extracellular Matrix Proteins and Directionality of Force".
"Coal-on-a-Chip: Visualizing Flow in Coal Fractures".
"Precipitant-Free Crystallization of Protein Molecules Induced by Incision on Substrate".
"Mapping Infrared Enhancement around Gold Nanoparticles Using Polyelectrolytes".
"Seq-Well: portable, low-cost RNA sequencing of single cells at high throughput".
"Beyond buckling: humidity-independent measurement of the mechanical properties of green nanobiocomposite films".
"Cell division orientation is coupled to cell-cell adhesion by the E-cadherin/LGN complex".
"Honey, I shrunk the bubbles: microfluidic vacuum shrinkage of lipid-stabilized microbubbles".
"Stable microfluidic flow focusing using hydrostatics".
"Designing Self-Healing Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Exceptional Mechanical Durability".
"Inducing β Phase Crystallinity in Block Copolymers of Vinylidene Fluoride with Methyl Methacrylate or Styrene".
"Three-dimensional single cell patterning for mid- to high-throughput studies of tumor cell and extracellular matrix heterogeneity".
"Chitosan-Recombinamer Layer-by-Layer Coatings for Multifunctional Implants".
"A Drug-Induced Hybrid Electrospun Poly-Capro-Lactone: Cell-Derived Extracellular Matrix Scaffold for Liver Tissue Engineering".
"Development of reactor configurations for an electrofuels platform utilizing genetically modified iron oxidizing bacteria for the reduction of CO2 to biochemicals".
"Single-Cell Mass Spectrometry of Metabolites Extracted from Live Cells by Fluidic Force Microscopy".
"Compartmentalized 3D Tissue Culture Arrays under Controlled Microfluidic Delivery".
"Deformability based Cell Sorting using Microfluidic Ratchets Enabling Phenotypic Separation of Leukocytes Directly from Whole Blood".
"Device architecture for efficient, low-hysteresis flexible perovskite solar cells: Replacing TiO2 with C60 assisted by polyethylenimine ethoxylated interfacial layers".
"Reconstructing Multiwell Potentials with Steep Gradients Using Stochastically Excited Spring Probes".
"Independent impedimetric analysis of two cell populations co-cultured on opposite sides of a porous support".
"Efficient extraction of oil from droplet microfluidic emulsions".
"Contact angle goniometry on single micron-scale fibers for composites".
"Piezoelectric Cantilever Biosensors for Label-free, Real-time Detection of DNA and RNA".
"E-cadherin and LGN align epithelial cell divisions with tissue tension independently of cell shape".
"Solvent Toolkit for Electrochemical Characterization of Hybrid Perovskite Films".
"Anti-protein and anti-bacterial behavior of amphiphilic silicones".
"Spirals and helices by asymmetric active surface growth".
"Dynamics of phosphoinositide conversion in clathrin-mediated endocytic traffic".
"Antibacterial and non-cytotoxic ultra-thin polyethylenimine film".
"A hybrid resistive pulse-optical detection platform for microfluidic experiments".
"Nanoengineered Superhydrophobic Surfaces of Aluminum with Extremely Low Bacterial Adhesivity".
"Rapid and high throughput fabrication of high temperature stable structures through PDMS transfer printing".
"Site-specific mutagenesis of yeast 2-Cys peroxiredoxin improves heat or oxidative stress tolerance by enhancing its chaperone or peroxidase function".
"Cell-free extract based optimization of biomolecular circuits with droplet microfluidics".
"A Silicon-Based Porous Thin Membrane as a Cancer Cell Transmigration Assay".
"Gradient Strain Chip for Stimulating Cellular Behaviors in Cell-laden Hydrogel".
"Implications for biological function of lobe dependence of the molecular structure of liver glycogen".
"Printable and Flexible Phototransistors Based on Blend of Organic Semiconductor and Biopolymer".
"Structural Supercapacitors with Enhanced Performance Using Carbon Nanotubes and Polyaniline".
"zWEDGI: Wounding and Entrapment Device for Imaging Live Zebrafish Larvae".
"Long-term Live Imaging Device for Improved Experimental Manipulation of Zebrafish Larvae".
"Synergistic oxidation of CVD graphene on Cu by oxygen plasma etching".
"Scalable, Self-Aligned Printing of Flexible Graphene Micro-Supercapacitors".
"3D modeling and characterization of a calorimetric flow rate sensor for sweat rate sensing applications".
"Influence of Irradiation Time on Structural, Morphological Properties of ZnO-NRs Films Deposited by MW-CBD and Their Photodiode Applications".
"Microfluidic multiplexing of solid-state nanopores".
"PEGylated liposomes associate with Wnt3A protein and expand putative stem cells in human bone marrow populations".
"Controlling the Resting Membrane Potential of Cells with Conducting Polymer Microwires".
"Nanoparticle-induced oxidation of corona proteins initiates an oxidative stress response in cells".
"Graphene-based Oxygen Reduction Electrodes for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells".
"Highly Sensitive Glucose Sensor Based on Organic Electrochemical Transistor with Modified Gate Electrode".
"Label-free detection of aggregated platelets in blood by machine-learning-aided optofluidic time-stretch microscopy".
"Probing Synaptic Biomechanics Using Micropillar Arrays".
"3D-printable, highly conductive hybrid composites employing chemically-reinforced, complex dimensional fillers and thermoplastic triblock copolymers".
"Biomimetic pH/redox dual stimuli-responsive zwitterionic polymer block poly(L-histidine) micelles for intracellular delivery of doxorubicin into tumor cells".
"Optical constants of SiO2 from 196 to 1688.167emnm (0.735–6.33.167emeV) from 20, 40, and 60.167emnm films of reactively sputtered SiO2 on Eagle XG® glass by spectroscopic ellipsometry".
"Continuous Separation of DNA Molecules by Size Using Insulator-Based Dielectrophoresis".
"The Detection of Nanoscale Membrane Bending with Polarized Localization Microscopy".
"A 3D-printed microbial cell culture platform with in situ PEGDA hydrogel barriers for differential substrate delivery".
"High-efficiency single cell encapsulation and size selective capture of cells in picoliter droplets based on hydrodynamic micro-vortices".
"Ultrathin Double-Shell Capsules for High Performance Photon Upconversion".
"Enhancing the power conversion efficiency of polymer solar cells via selection of quinoxaline substituents".
"Lubrication Mechanism of SU-8/Talc/PFPE Composite".
"Multi-channel wireless quartz crystal microbalance biosensor fabricated with poly(dimethylsiloxane)".
"Understanding How Sterols Regulate Membrane Remodeling in Supported Lipid Bilayers".
"A platform for high-throughput bioenergy production phenotype characterization in single cells".
"Passage times and friction due to flow of confined cancer cells, drops, and deformable particles in a microfluidic channel".
"Size-tunable microvortex capture of rare cells".
"Metalloporphyrin-modified semiconductors for solar fuel production".
"Nanoporous Atomically Thin Graphene Membranes for Desalting and Dialysis Applications".
"Fabrication of poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) microcontainers using solvent evaporation with polydimethylsiloxane stencil".
"Soft lithography fabrication of index-matched microfluidic devices for reducing artifacts in fluorescence and quantitative phase imaging".
"Benzothiadiazole-Based Small-Molecule Semiconductors for Organic Thin-Film Transistors and Complementary-like Inverters".
"In situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles on the surface of PDMS with high antibacterial activity and biosafety toward an implantable medical device".
"Tailored Metal Oxide Thin Film on Polyethylene Separators for Sodium-Ion Batteries".
"Measurement of copy number variation in single cancer cells using rapid-emulsification digital droplet MDA".
"Responses of human adipose-derived stem cells to interstitial level of extremely low shear flows regarding differentiation, morphology, and proliferation".
"Re-usable PDMS stamps for non-destructive fluorescence evaluation and imaging of thin film photonic structures".
"Probing Cell Adhesion Profiles with a Microscale Adhesive Choice Assay".
"Impact of surface defects on the surface charge of gibbsite nanoparticles".
"Single Nucleobase Identification Using Biophysical Signatures from Nanoelectronic Quantum Tunneling".
"Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Expansion on Three-Dimensional (3D) Printed Poly-Styrene (PS) Scaffolds in a Perfusion Bioreactor".
"Probing the Surface Charge on the Basal Planes of Kaolinite Particles with High-Resolution Atomic Force Microscopy".
"A scalable, lithography-less fabrication process for generating a bio-inspired, multi-scale channel network in polymers".
"Role of JNK pathway in varicella-zoster virus lytic infection and reactivation".
"Dynamics of high viscosity contrast confluent microfluidic flows".
"Multifunctional Organic-Semiconductor Interfacial Layers for Solution-Processed Oxide-Semiconductor Thin-Film Transistor".
"Microfluidic Cell Retention Device for Perfusion of Mammalian Suspension Culture".
"Low-cost feedback-controlled syringe pressure pumps for microfluidics applications".
"Single-cell genome sequencing at ultra-high-throughput with microfluidic droplet barcoding".
"Multiplicity of shape selection in functionally graded liquid crystalline polymers".
"Oil-Impregnated Nanoporous Oxide Layer for Corrosion Protection with Self-Healing".
"Characterisation of conformational and functional features of alkyl hydroperoxide reductase E-like protein".
"Tuning Surface and Topographical Features to Investigate Competitive Guidance of Spiral Ganglion Neurons".
"Anti-bacterial properties of collagen-coated glass and polydimethylsiloxane substrates".
"A Novel Ultrafine Needle (UN) for Innocuous and Efficient Subcutaneous Insulin Delivery".
"Separation of polystyrene nanoparticles in polydimethylsiloxane microfluidic devices with a combined titania and sodium dodecyl sulfate inner coating".
"A flexible plasma-treated silver-nanowire electrode for organic light-emitting devices".
"Birefringence of flow-assembled chitosan membranes in microfluidics".
"Separation of Janus droplets and oil droplets in microchannels by wall-induced dielectrophoresis".
"Novel fluorinated hyperbranched polyimides with excellent thermal stability, UV-shielding property, organosolubility, and low dielectric constants".
"Combined effects of multi-scale topographical cues on stable cell sheet formation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells".
"Modeling Ovarian Cancer Multicellular Spheroid Behavior in a Dynamic 3D Peritoneal Microdevice".
"Substantially enhanced durability of polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxane-polyimide nanocomposites against atomic oxygen erosion".
"Probing of peripheral blood mononuclear cells anchoring on TNF-alpha challenged-vascular endothelia in an in vitro model of the retinal microvascular".
"Carboxymethylated Dextran-Modified N-Heterocyclic Carbene Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold for Use in Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensing".
"1 part per trillion level detection of disinfection byproducts in drinking water using miniaturized sensor".
"Highly Sensitive, Flexible MEMS Based Pressure Sensor with Photoresist Insulation Layer".
"A switchable 3D liquid-liquid biconvex lens with enhanced resolution using Dean flow".
"Dipole-field-assisted charge extraction in metal-perovskite-metal back-contact solar cells".
"Bottom-up assembly of silicon nanowire conductometric sensors for the detection of apolipoprotein A1, a biomarker for bladder cancer".
"Toughening of fibrous scaffolds by mobile mineral deposits".
"Study of antioxidant effects on malignant glioma cells by constructing a tumor-microvascular structure on microchip".
"Modulated enhancement in ion transport through carbon nanotubes by lipid decoration".
"Covalent Grafting of Antifouling Phosphorylcholine-Based Copolymers with Antimicrobial Nitric Oxide Releasing Polymers to Enhance Infection-Resistant Properties of Medical Device Coatings".
"Molecular Patterning and Directed Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles on GaAs".
"Cell adhesion pattern created by OSTE polymers".
"Two-phase displacements in microchannels of triangular cross-section".
"Effects of gate dielectric surface modification on phototransistors with polymer-blended benzothieno[2,3-b]benzothiophene semiconductor thin films".
"Binary Blends of Polyimide and Benzothienobenzothiophene for High-Performance Solution-Processed Organic Phototransistors".
"Porous Organic Field-Effect Transistors for Enhanced Chemical Sensing Performances".
"Instantaneous photoinitiated synthesis and rapid pulsed photothermal treatment of three-dimensional nanostructured TiO2 thin films through pulsed light irradiation".
"High-resolution patterning of organohalide lead perovskite pixels for photodetectors using orthogonal photolithography".
"Mitochondrial function in engineered cardiac tissues is regulated by extracellular matrix elasticity and tissue alignment".
"Fluorescence activated cell sorting via a focused traveling surface acoustic beam".
"A centrifugal microfluidic-based approach for multi-toxin detection for real-time marine water-quality monitoring".
"Capillary flow-driven microfluidic device with wettability gradient and sedimentation effects for blood plasma separation".
"Chemical copatterning strategies using azlactone-based block copolymers".
"Antiscaling Magnetic Slippery Surfaces".
"Flow regime mapping of aqueous two-phase system droplets in flow-focusing geometries".
"Understanding Fundamental Physics of Aqueous Droplet Generation Mechanisms in the Aqueous Environment".
"Single-Molecule Peptide–Lipid Affinity Assay Reveals Interplay between Solution Structure and Partitioning".
"A Radial Pillar Device (RAPID) for continuous and high-throughput separation of multi-sized particles".
"Clogging-free continuous operation with whole blood in a radial pillar device (RAPID)".
"Relative Humidity Dependent Resistance Switching of Bi2S3 Nanowires".
"Integrin-mediated traction force enhances paxillin molecular associations and adhesion dynamics that increase the invasiveness of tumor cells into a three-dimensional extracellular matrix".
"Chapter 2 – Insights into tau function and dysfunction through single-molecule fluorescence".
"Review of Batteryless Wireless Sensors Using Additively Manufactured Microwave Resonators".
"In vitro analysis of biopolymer coating with glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane on hernia meshes".
"Kinetics of deposition and stability of pyrocatechol –FeIII coordinated films".
"Nanomechanics of multidomain neuronal cell adhesion protein contactin revealed by single molecule AFM and SMD".
"Approach to Fabricating a Compact Gold Nanoparticle Film with the Assistance of a Surfactant".
"Polymeric mechanical amplifiers of immune cytokine-mediated apoptosis".
"Thermo-responsive diblock and triblock cationic copolymers at the silica/aqueous interface: A QCM-D and AFM study".
"Surface Modification of Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) with a Thin Coating of UHMWPE for Better Tribological Properties".
"Tunable electron affinity with electronic band alignment of solution processed dielectric".
"Interfacial chemical bonding-mediated ionic resistive switching".
"Plasmonic Chromatic Electrode with Low Resistivity".
"Near Patient Thrombin Generation in Patients Undergoing Elective Cardiac Surgery".
"In vivo studies of transdermal nanoparticle delivery with microneedles using photoacoustic microscopy".
"Microchannels for the Study of T Cell Immunological Synapses and Kinapses".
"Variable Lysozyme Transport Dynamics on Oxidatively Functionalized Polystyrene Films".
"Surface modification of poly(ε-caprolactone) by oxygen plasma for antibacterial applications. Biocompatibility and monitoring of live cells".
"Sharp acceleration of a macroscopic contact line induced by a particle".
"Electroosmosis of Viscoelastic Fluids: Role of Wall Depletion Layer".
"Polycaprolactone-polymethyl methacrylate electrospun blends for biomedical applications".
"In Vitro Polymerization of F-actin on Early Endosomes".
"A microfluidic device for partial immobilization, chemical exposure and behavioural screening of zebrafish larvae".
"Unconventional Molecular Weight Dependence of Charge Transport in the High Mobility n-type Semiconducting Polymer P(NDI2OD-T2)".
"Aging, mortality, and the fast growth trade-off of Schizosaccharomyces pombe".
"Facile preparation of self-healing superhydrophobic CeO2 surface by electrochemical processes".
"Sub-100 nm wrinkling of polydimethylsiloxane by double frontal oxidation".
"Electrically conductive hydrogel-based micro-topographies for the development of organized cardiac tissues".
"Continuous Preparation of Hollow Polymeric Nanocapsules Using Self-Assembly and a Photo-Crosslinking Process of an Amphiphilic Block Copolymer".
"Characterisation of cellular adhesion reinforcement by multiple bond force spectroscopy in alveolar epithelial cells".
"c-di-GMP-linked phenotypes are modulated by the interaction between a diguanylate cyclase and a polar hub protein".
"Self-Assembly of Recombinant Silk as a Strategy for Chemical-Free Formation of Bioactive Coatings: A Real-Time Study".
"High-Throughput Microfluidic Platform for 3D Cultures of Mesenchymal Stem Cells".
"Contractile Force Readout of hESC-Cardiomyocytes".
"Optical μ-Printing of Cellular-Scale Microscaffold Arrays for 3D Cell Culture".
"A new rod-shaped BODIPY-acetylene molecule for solution-processed semiconducting microribbons in n-channel organic field-effect transistors".
"Semiconducting Copolymers Based on meso-Substituted BODIPY for Inverted Organic Solar Cells and Field-Effect Transistors".
"A Solution-Processable Liquid-Crystalline Semiconductor for Low-Temperature-Annealed Air-Stable N-Channel Field-Effect Transistors".
"Ultralow bandgap molecular semiconductors for ambient-stable and solution-processable ambipolar organic field-effect transistors and inverters".
"Surface-Triggered Tandem Coupling Reactions of Cyclic Azasilanes".
"Kinetics of Photoinduced Wettability Switching on Nanoporous Titania Surfaces under Oil".
"Optimized acoustic biochip integrated with microfluidics for biomarkers detection in molecular diagnostics".
"Impermeable Robust Hydrogels via Hybrid Lamination".
"Microfluidic Separation of Circulating Tumor Cells Based on Size and Deformability".
"Controlling adsorption and passivation properties of bovine serum albumin on silica surfaces by ionic strength modulation and cross-linking".
"Simultaneous impedance spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy for the real-time monitoring of the response of cells to drugs".
"Real-Time Bioimpedance Sensing of Antifibrotic Drug Action in Primary Human Cells".
"Effect of suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid (SAHA) on breast cancer cells within a tumor-stroma microfluidic model".
"Detection and sizing of nanoparticles and DNA on PDMS nanofluidic chips based on differential resistive pulse sensing".
"Rapid detection of Hendra virus antibodies: an integrated device with nanoparticle assay and chaotic micromixing".
"Steering air bubbles with an add-on vacuum layer for biopolymer membrane biofabrication in PDMS microfluidics".
"Biofilm Formation by Clostridium ljungdahlii Is Induced by Sodium Chloride Stress: Experimental Evaluation and Transcriptome Analysis".
"Hybrid ZnO-organic semiconductor interfaces in photodetectors: A comparison of two near-infrared donor-acceptor copolymers".
"Variation in the density, optical polarizabilities, and crystallinity of TiO2 thin films deposited via atomic layer deposition from 38 to 150.167em^circC using the titanium tetrachloride-water reaction".
"The application of microbeads to microfluidic systems for enhanced detection and purification of biomolecules".
"Biomimetic Dissolution: A Tool to Predict Amorphous Solid Dispersion Performance".
"Plasma modification of microporous polymer membranes for application in biomimetic dissolution studies".
"On-chip integrated multiple microelectromechanical resonators to enable the local heating, mixing and viscosity sensing for chemical reactions in a droplet".
"Patterning of spontaneous rolling thin polymer films for versatile microcapillaries".
"Gastric mucus and mucuslike hydrogels: Thin film lubricating properties at soft interfaces".
"A combined experimental and theoretical approach towards mechanophenotyping of biological cells using a constricted microchannel".
"Hydrodynamics in deformable microchannels".
"An Evaporative Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition Coater for Nanoglue Bonding".
"Engineered ridge and micropillar array detectors to quantify the directional migration of fibroblasts".
"Anisotropic forces from spatially constrained focal adhesions mediate contact guidance directed cell migration".
"Nanopore extended field-effect transistor for selective single-molecule biosensing".
"Single-Cell Mechanical Characteristics Analyzed by Multiconstriction Microfluidic Channels".
"Thermo-responsive cell culture carrier: Effects on macrophage functionality and detachment efficiency".
"Two-Phase Contiguous Supported Lipid Bilayer Model for Membrane Rafts via Polymer Blotting and Stenciling".
"Dispersion of oil into water using lecithin-Tween 80 blends: The role of spontaneous emulsification".
"Activation of the mechanosensitive ion channel MscL by mechanical stimulation of supported Droplet-Hydrogel bilayers".
"Using injection molding and reversible bonding for easy fabrication of magnetic cell trapping and sorting devices".
"Biomimetic collagen/phospholipid coatings improve formation of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles on titanium".
"Effects of dry oxidation treatments on monolayer graphene".
"Patient-Derived Airway Secretion Dissociation Technique To Isolate and Concentrate Immune Cells Using Closed-Loop Inertial Microfluidics".
"Cellular cholesterol regulates monocyte deformation".
"Fabrication and characterization of microfabricated on-chip microelectrochemical cell for biosensing applications".
"DNA Cross-Bridging Shapes a Single Nucleus from a Set of Mitotic Chromosomes".
"Electrocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrate Ions to Urea by a Titania–Nafion Composite Electrode".
"Bend, stretch, and touch: Locating a finger on an actively deformed transparent sensor array".
"Correlation and Comparison of Cortical and Hippocampal Neural Progenitor Morphology and Differentiation through the Use of Micro- and Nano-Topographies".
"Microcontact printing with aminosilanes: creating biomolecule micro- and nanoarrays for multiplexed microfluidic bioassays".
"PDMS/glass hybrid device with a reusable carbon electrode for on-line monitoring of catecholamines using microdialysis sampling coupled to microchip electrophoresis with electrochemical detection".
"A biomaterial screening approach reveals microenvironmental mechanisms of drug resistance".
"Dendritic Cells Interpret Haptotactic Chemokine Gradients in a Manner Governed by Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Dependent on GRK6".
"Self-assembled mesoscopic surface domains of fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon diblocks can form at zero surface pressure: tilting of solid-like hydrocarbon moieties compensates for cross-section mismatch with fluorocarbon moieties".
"The Landau-Squire plume".
"Surface acoustic wave enabled pipette on a chip".
"Capillary driven flow in wettability altered microchannel".
"Abseq: Ultrahigh-throughput single cell protein profiling with droplet microfluidic barcoding".
"LSPR sensor array based on molecularly imprinted sol-gels for pattern recognition of volatile organic acids".
"A pluripotent stem cell-based model for post-implantation human amniotic sac development".
"Transport of a partially wetted particle at the liquid/vapor interface under the influence of an externally imposed surfactant generated Marangoni stress".
"Photolithography-Based Substrate Microfabrication for Patterning Semaphorin 3A to Study Neuronal Development".
"Automatic and Selective Single Cell Manipulation in a Pressure-Driven Microfluidic Lab-On-Chip Device".
"Promotion of Water Channels for Enhanced Ion Transport in 14 nm Diameter Carbon Nanotubes".
"Separation of extracellular nanovesicles and apoptotic bodies from cancer cell culture broth using tunable microfluidic systems".
"A simple fabricated thickness-based stiffness gradient for cell studies".
"Astrocytes from the brain microenvironment alter migration and morphology of metastatic breast cancer cells".
"Insight on Structure of Water and Ice Next to Graphene Using Surface-Sensitive Spectroscopy".
"Multi-tissue interactions in an integrated three-tissue organ-on-a-chip platform".
"Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Nanocoating Dramatically Reduces Bacterial Adhesion to Polyester Fabric".
"A point-of-use microfluidic device with integrated photodetector array for immunoassay multiplexing: Detection of a panel of mycotoxins in multiple samples".
"A simple method for point-of-need extraction, concentration and rapid multi-mycotoxin immunodetection in feeds using aqueous two-phase systems".
"Super-enhanced particle focusing in a novel microchannel geometry using inertial microfluidics".
"Roughness dynamic in surface growth: Layer-by-layer thin films of carboxymethyl cellulose/chitosan for biomedical applications".
"Particle manipulation using standing acoustic waves in the microchannel at dual-frequency excitation: Effect of power ratio".
"Particle Accumulation in a Microchannel and Its Reduction by a Standing Surface Acoustic Wave (SSAW)".
"Hierarchical Fullerene Assembly: Seeded Coprecipitation and Electric Field Directed Assembly".
"Chapter 7 – Single-molecule imaging of Tau dynamics on the microtubule surface".
"Phosphoregulation of Tau modulates inhibition of kinesin-1 motility".
"Light-induced quantitative microprinting of biomolecules".
"Ratiometric glucose sensing based on fluorescent oxygen films and glucose oxidase".
"Study of Frequency Response of Quartz Crystal Microbalance to Different Wetting States of Micropillar Surfaces".
"Preferred cell alignment along concave microgrooves".
"Immunomagnetic separation of tumor initiating cells by screening two surface markers".
"Interactions of mussel-inspired polymeric nanoparticles with gastric mucin: Implications for gastro-retentive drug delivery".
"Direct Growth of Graphene on Silicon by Metal-Free Chemical Vapor Deposition".
"Visualizing dynamics of angiogenic sprouting from a three-dimensional microvasculature model using stage-top optical coherence tomography".
"Resolving the Pinning Force of Nanobubbles with Optical Microscopy".
"A portable single-cell analysis system integrating hydrodynamic trapping with broadband impedance spectroscopy".
"Microfluidic Impedance Cytometer with Inertial Focusing and Liquid Electrodes for High-Throughput Cell Counting and Discrimination".
"Chapter 4 – Quantitative approaches for the study of microtubule aster motion in large eggs".
"Enhancing size based size separation through vertical focus microfluidics using secondary flow in a ridged microchannel".
"Continuous Sorting of Cells Based on Differential P Selectin Glycoprotein Ligand Expression Using Molecular Adhesion".
"Rapid purification of sub-micrometer particles for enhanced drug release and microvesicles isolation".
"Block copolymer templated synthesis of PtIr bimetallic nanocatalysts for the formic acid oxidation reaction".
"Microtopographical cues promote peripheral nerve regeneration via transient mTORC2 activation".
"Study of the union method of microelectrode array and AFM for the recording of electromechanical activities in living cardiomyocytes".
"Defined Engineered Human Myocardium With Advanced Maturation for Applications in Heart Failure Modeling and RepairClinical Perspective".
"Enhanced Second-Harmonic Generation from Sequential Capillarity-Assisted Particle Assembly of Hybrid Nanodimers".
"Liquid-in-gas droplet microfluidics; experimental characterization of droplet morphology, generation frequency, and monodispersity in a flow-focusing microfluidic device".
"Removal of antibiotics (sulfamethazine, tetracycline and chloramphenicol) from aqueous solution by raw and nitrogen plasma modified steel shavings".
"A flexible cell concentrator using inertial focusing".
"Interfacial Mechanical Properties of Graphene on Self-Assembled Monolayers: Experiments and Simulations".
"Photopolymerized micropatterns with high feature frequencies overcome chemorepulsive borders to direct neurite growth".
"Directional Growth of DNA-Functionalized Nanorods to Enable Continuous, Site-Specific Metallization of DNA Origami Templates".
"Environmentally Friendly Plasma-Treated PEDOT:PSS as Electrodes for ITO-Free Perovskite Solar Cells".
"Functionalized Vesicles by Microfluidic Device".
"Effect of xyloglucan molar mass on its assembly onto the cellulose surface and its enzymatic susceptibility".
"Thermoplastic microfluidic devices for targeted chemical and biological applications".
"The FcεRI signaling cascade and integrin trafficking converge at patterned ligand surfaces".
"Easy-disassembly bonding of PDMS used for leak-tight encapsulation of microfluidic devices".
"Formation of surface nanobubbles on nanostructured substrates".
"A microfluidic chip with double-sided herringbone microstructures for enhanced capture of rare tumor cells".
"Detection of Liquid Penetration of a Micropillar Surface Using the Quartz Crystal Microbalance".
"Interaction of primary human trabecular meshwork cells with metal alloy candidates for microinvasive glaucoma surgery".
"Interfacial gas nanobubbles or oil nanodroplets?".
"Solution Growth of Ultralong Gold Nanohelices".
"Fabrication of Solid-State Multilayer Glass Capacitors".
"Drug screening of cancer cell lines and human primary tumors using droplet microfluidics".
"Predictive Design, Etch-Free Fabrication of Through-Hole Membrane with Ordered Pores and Hierarchical Layer Structure".
"Two-photon polymerization for production of human iPSC-derived retinal cell grafts".
"Nano-structure ZnO/Cu2O photoelectrochemical and self-powered biosensor for esophageal cancer cell detection".
"Efficient and Anisotropic Fog Harvesting on a Hybrid and Directional Surface".
"Ultrafast laser-scanning time-stretch imaging at visible wavelengths".
"Effect of particle size distribution on stress development and microstructure of particulate coatings".
"Heavy metal ion removal by thiol functionalized aluminum oxide hydroxide nanowhiskers".
"A Simple, Robust, and High Throughput Single Molecule Flow Stretching Assay Implementation for Studying Transport of Molecules Along DNA".
"Multiple-Patterning Nanosphere Lithography for Fabricating Periodic Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Nanostructures".
"Effect of layer thickness on the electrical parameters and conduction mechanisms of conjugated polymer-based heterojunction diode".
"An asymmetric attraction model for the diversity and robustness of cell arrangement in nematodes".
"A portable, hand-powered microfluidic device for sorting of biological particles".
"The Continuous Concentration of Particles and Cancer Cell Line Using Cell Margination in a Groove-Based Channel".
"A dual-docking microfluidic cell migration assay (D2-Chip) for testing neutrophil chemotaxis and the memory effect".
"An All-on-chip Method for Rapid Neutrophil Chemotaxis Analysis Directly from a Drop of Blood".
"Ultra-antireflective synthetic brochosomes".
"Roles of fluid shear stress and retinoic acid in the differentiation of primary cultured human podocytes".
"Continuous production of polymer nanoparticles using a membrane-based flow cell".
"Nitrogen doping for facile and effective modification of graphene surfaces".
"Bifunctional plasmonic-magnetic particles for an enhanced microfluidic SERS immunoassay".
"Photocatalytic TiO2 coating of plastic cutting board to prevent microbial cross-contamination".
"Bioinspired flexible microfluidic shear force sensor skin".
"Catalytic Au Wool-Ball-Shaped Nanostructures".
"Correlating Membrane Morphological Responses with Micellar Aggregation Behavior of Capric Acid and Monocaprin".
"Microfluidic capacitive sensors with ionic liquid electrodes and CNT/PDMS nanocomposites for simultaneous sensing of pressure and temperature".
"Highly sensitive microfluidic strain sensors with low hysteresis using a binary mixture of ionic liquid and ethylene glycol".
"Highly Sensitive Piezocapacitive Sensor for Detecting Static and Dynamic Pressure Using Ion-Gel Thin Films and Conductive Elastomeric Composites".
"Study on the Optimum Cutting Parameters of an Aluminum Mold for Effective Bonding Strength of a PDMS Microfluidic Device".
"Phase-Separation-Induced Formation of Janus Droplets Based on Aqueous Two-Phase Systems".
"Surface characteristics influencing bacterial adhesion to polymeric substrates".
"Hofmeister Effect on PNIPAM in Bulk and at an Interface: Surface Partitioning of Weakly Hydrated Anions".
"A novel approach to decrease friction of graphene".
"Tissue Engineering Platforms to Replicate the Tumor Microenvironment of Multiple Myeloma".
"Investigation of Triphenylamine (TPA)-Based Metal Complexes and Their Application in Perovskite Solar Cells".
"Spherical micelle formation by mixed quaternary ammonium surfactants with long, and short, tails in ethanol/water solvent and micellar freezing upon solubilising styrene polymerisation".
"High-throughput sheathless and three-dimensional microparticle focusing using a microchannel with arc-shaped groove arrays".
"Oblique Colloidal Lithography for the Fabrication of Nonconcentric Features".
"Microfluidic separation of particles from whole blood using shear induced diffusion".
"Interfacial nanobubbles produced by long-time preserved cold water".
"A rapid approach to prepare poly(2-methyl-2-oxazoline)-based antifouling coating by UV irradiation".
"A microfluidic 16$6-cell-trap array for comparative cell culturing".
"Coating of silicone with mannoside-PAMAM dendrimers to enhance formation of non-pathogenic Escherichia coli biofilms against colonization of uropathogens".
"Clickable Polymeric Coating for Glycan Microarrays".
"Enhanced contactless dielectrophoresis enrichment and isolation platform via cell-scale microstructures".
"Design of micropillar wicks for thin-film evaporation".
"Promotion of cells to close gaps and encourage cell coverage, by radio frequency glow discharge treatment".
"Stability of nanobubbles formed at the interface of cold water and hot highly oriented pyrolytic graphite".
"Rapid detection of hemagglutination using restrictive microfluidic channels equipped with waveguide-mode sensors".
"Microfluidic chips for forward blood typing performed with a multichannel waveguide-mode sensor".
"Sensor chip design for increasing surface-plasmon-assisted fluorescence enhancement of the V-trench biosensor".
"The impact of sphingosine kinase inhibitor-loaded nanoparticles on bioelectrical and biomechanical properties of cancer cells".
"Tuning the electrode work function via a vapor-phase deposited ultrathin polymer film".
"Surface micropatterning with zirconia and calcium phosphate ceramics by micromoulding in capillaries".
"Water disinfection using silver nanoparticle impregnated activated carbon: Escherichia coli cell-killing in batch and continuous packed column operation over a long duration".
"Electroporation of Brain Endothelial Cells on Chip toward Permeabilizing the Blood-Brain Barrier".
"Doped hole transport layers processed from solution: Planarization and bridging the voids in noncontinuous silver nanowire electrodes".
"A microfluidic platform for physical entrapment of yeast cells with continuous production of invertase".
"Multifunctional surface manipulation using orthogonal click chemistry".
"The effect of contact line pinning favors the mass production of monodisperse microbubbles".
"Study of the geometry in a 3D flow-focusing device".
"Synchronizing atomic force microscopy force mode and fluorescence microscopy in real time for immune cell stimulation and activation studies".
"Axial orientation control of zebrafish larvae using artificial cilia".
"Microfluidic chip for rapid mixing and uniform distribution of multiple reagents using commercial pipettes".
"Rapid determination of sulfonamide residues in pork by surface-modified hydrophilic electrospun nanofibrous membrane solid-phase extraction combined with ultra-performance liquid chromatography".
"Anode engineering of highly efficient polymer solar cells using treated ITO".
"A simple electrokinetic protein preconcentrator utilizing nano-interstices".
"Investigation of the hydrodynamic response of cells in drop on demand piezoelectric inkjet nozzles".
"Portable, one-step, and rapid GMR biosensor platform with smartphone interface".
"Single Cell Transfection through Precise Microinjection with Quantitatively Controlled Injection Volumes".
"Lipid-mediated protein functionalization of electrospun polycaprolactone fibers.".
"Highly Localized Acoustic Streaming and Size-Selective Submicrometer Particle Concentration Using High Frequency Microscale Focused Acoustic Fields".
"Highly focused high-frequency travelling surface acoustic waves (SAW) for rapid single-particle sorting".
"Oxidative Stress Promotes Peroxiredoxin Hyperoxidation and Attenuates Pro-survival Signaling in Aging Chondrocytes".
"Ultrasensitive Strain Sensor Produced by Direct Patterning of Liquid Crystals of Graphene Oxide on a Flexible Substrate".
"Influence of Divalent Cations on Deformation and Rupture of Adsorbed Lipid Vesicles".
"Influence of Corona Structure on Binding of an Ionic Surfactant in Oppositely Charged Amphiphilic Polyelectrolyte Micelles".
"Investigation of the antimicrobial activity of soy peptides by developing a high throughput drug screening assay".
"Concentration of Sindbis virus with optimized gradient insulator-based dielectrophoresis".
"Layer-by-layer deposition of nitrilotris (methylene) triphosphonic acid and Zr (IV): an XPS, ToF-SIMS, ellipsometry, and AFM study".
"Tunable Oxygen Functional Groups as Electrocatalysts on Graphite Felt Surfaces for All-Vanadium Flow Batteries".
"Automated sample preparation in a microfluidic culture device for cellular metabolomics.".
"Adaptive coatings based on polyaniline for direct 2D observation of diffusion processes in microfluidic systems".
"Advanced fibroblast proliferation inhibition for biocompatible coating by electrostatic layer-by-layer assemblies of heparin and chitosan derivatives".
"Controlling cell growth with tailorable 2D nanoholes arrays".
"Analysis of Replicating Yeast Chromosomes by DNA Combing".
"A microfluidic platform with pH imaging for chemical and hydrodynamic stimulation of intact oral biofilms".
"A microfluidic framework for studying relative permeability in coal".
"Epidermal growth factor promotes a mesenchymal over an amoeboid motility of MDA-MB-231 cells embedded within a 3D collagen matrix".
"Self-assembled Ultrathin Gold Nanowires as Highly Transparent, Conductive and Stretchable Supercapacitor".
"Fabrication of Highly Transparent and Flexible NanoMesh Electrode via Self-assembly of Ultrathin Gold Nanowires".
"Investigation of Diffusion Characteristics through Microfluidic Channels for Passive Drug Delivery Applications".
"Ultrastrong, chemically resistant reduced graphene oxide-based multilayer thin films with damage detection capability".
"The Functional Activity of the Human Serotonin 5-HT 1A Receptor Is Controlled by Lipid Bilayer Composition".
"Charactering Scattering Property of Micrometer-long Gold Nanowires with Single Particle Spectroscopy".
"Hyaluronan/chitosan nanofilms assembled layer-by-layer and their antibacterial effect: A study using Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa".
"Intrinsically Stretchable Biphasic (Solid-Liquid) Thin Metal Films".
"Is the boundary layer of an ionic liquid equally lubricating at higher temperature?".
"Stretchable Silver Nanowire Microelectrodes for Combined Mechanical and Electrical Stimulation of Cells".
"Titanium surface characteristics, including topography and wettability, alter macrophage activation".
"Broad spectrum immunomodulation using biomimetic blood cell margination for sepsis therapy".
"Surface modification with zwitterionic cysteine betaine for nanoshell-assisted near-infrared plasmonic hyperthermia".
"Nanostructures of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane created on flat substrate by combining colloid lithography and vapor deposition".
"High-throughput miniaturized microfluidic microscopy with radially parallelized channel geometry".
"Analysis of the biocompatibility of perfluoropolyether dimethacrylate network using an organotypic method".
"Microintumescent mechanism of flame-retardant water-based chitosan-ammonium polyphosphate multilayer nanocoating on cotton fabric".
"Microfluidic magnetic self-assembly at liquid-liquid interfaces".
"Sensitive Electrochemical Penicillin Sensor Based on Screen-printed Carbon Electrode Modified with Dendrimer-encapsulated Pt Nanoparticles".
"A Sensitive and Disposable Graphene Oxide Electrochemical Immunosensor for Label-free Detection of Human Immunoglobulin G".
"Electrochemical imaging for microfluidics: a full-system approach".
"Molecular combing of single DNA molecules on the 10 megabase scale".
"Fully solution-processed transparent electrodes based on silver nanowire composites for perovskite solar cells".
"Supported lipid bilayer repair mediated by AH peptide".
"Correlating single-molecule and ensemble-average measurements of peptide adsorption onto different inorganic materials".
"Homoleptic Tris-Cyclometalated Iridium Complexes with Substituted o-Carboranes: Green Phosphorescent Emitters for Highly Efficient Solution-Processed Organic Light-Emitting Diodes".
"pH-dependence of single-protein adsorption and diffusion at a liquid chromatographic interface".
"Molecular insights into toluene sensing in the TodS/TodT signal transduction system".
"Long-term ex vivo maintenance of testis tissues producing fertile sperm in a microfluidic device".
"Characterization of the surface charge distribution on kaolinite particles using high resolution atomic force microscopy".
"A biomimetic synthetic feeder layer supports the proliferation and self-renewal of mouse embryonic stem cells".
"Ultrafast Microfluidic Cellular Imaging by Optical Time-Stretch".
"N-terminal Specific Conjugation of Extracellular Matrix Proteins to 2-Pyridinecarboxaldehyde Functionalized Polyacrylamide Hydrogels".
"Placenta-on-a-chip: a novel platform to study the biology of the human placenta".
"Contribution of actin filaments and microtubules to cell elongation and alignment depends on the grating depth of microgratings".
"Growth Mechanism of Strain-Dependent Morphological Change in PEDOT: PSS Films".
"Quantitative Study of Cell Invasion Process under Extracellular Stimulation of Cytokine in a Microfluidic Device".
"Use of ultra-high molecular weight polycaprolactone scaffolds for ACL reconstruction".
"Fabrication and electrokinetic motion of electrically anisotropic Janus droplets in microchannels".
"Rapid preparation of highly reliable PDMS double emulsion microfluidic devices".
"A microchip electrophoresis-mass spectrometric platform with double cell lysis nano-electrodes for automated single cell analysis".
"A microfluidic chip of multiple-channel array with various oxygen tensions for drug screening".
"Self-healing superhydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride/Fe3O4@ polypyrrole fiber with core-sheath structures for superior microwave absorption".
"A Miniaturized Hemoretractometer for Blood Clot Retraction Testing".
"Label-free analysis of GPCR-stimulation: The critical impact of cell adhesion".
"Multiplexed immunosensing and kinetics monitoring in nanofluidic devices with highly enhanced target capture efficiency".
"Study on hierarchical structured PDMS for surface super-hydrophobicity using imprinting with ultrafast laser structured models".
"Graphene oxide/poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene): polystyrenesulfonate layers on silver nanowire working electrodes enhance the power conversion efficiencies of dye-sensitized solar cells in a low temperature process".
"Direct 3D-printing of cell-laden constructs in microfluidic architectures".
"The ARTμS: a novel microfluidic CD4+ T-cell enumeration system for monitoring antiretroviral therapy in HIV patients".
"Nanowire Magnetoscope Reveals a Cellular Torque with Left-Right Bias".
"Cross-linked block copolymer templated assembly of nanoparticle arrays with high density and position selectivity".
"Improving particle detection sensitivity of a microfluidic resistive pulse sensor by a novel electrokinetic flow focusing method".
"Long-range electrothermal fluid motion in microfluidic systems".
"Base Metal-Pt Alloys: A General Route to High Selectivity and Stability in the Production of Biofuels from HMF".
"Deterministic Absolute Negative Mobility for Micro-and Sub-micrometer Particles Induced in a Microfluidic Device".
"RNA extraction from a mycobacterium under ultrahigh electric field intensity in a microfluidic device".
"Rapid mask prototyping for microfluidics".
"Experimental and numerical studies on standing surface acoustic wave microfluidics".
"Beating heart on a chip: a novel microfluidic platform to generate functional 3D cardiac microtissues".
"SU-8 Hollow Cantilevers for AFM Cell Adhesion Studies".
"Controlled single-cell deposition and patterning by highly flexible hollow cantilevers".
"Dielectrophoretic behavior of PEGylated RNase A inside a microchannel with diamond-shaped insulating posts".
"Superhydrophobic and self-cleaning surfaces prepared from a commercial silane using a single-step drop-coating method".
"Crystallization of Lysozyme on Metal Surfaces Using a Monomode Microwave System".
"Forces and physical properties of Langmuir monolayers of TiO2 particles at air/water interfaces after collisions by a particle in the water".
"Effect of air plasma treatment on mechanical properties of bioactive composites for medical application: Composite preparation and characterization".
"Acoustic pulsation of a microbubble confined between elastic walls".
"Regulators of Metastasis Modulate the Migratory Response to Cell Contact under Spatial Confinement".
"Multi-analyte biosensor interface for real-time monitoring of 3D microtissue spheroids in hanging-drop networks".
"Mesoporous Carbon Nanocapsules Based Coatings with Multifunctionalities".
"Water-in-water droplets by passive microfluidic flow focusing".
"Shrinking, Growing, and Bursting: Microfluidic Equilibrium Control of Water-in-Water Droplets".
"Increasing the strength and bioactivity of collagen scaffolds using customizable arrays of 3D-printed polymer fibers".
"Single-platelet nanomechanics measured by high-throughput cytometry".
"Giant Host Red Blood Cell Membrane Mimicking Polymersomes Bind Parasite Proteins and Malaria Parasites".
"Microfluidic-Based Live-Cell Analysis of NK Cell Migration In Vitro".
"Hierarchical comb brush architectures via sequential light-mediated controlled radical polymerizations".
"Layer-by-Layer assembled growth factor reservoirs for steering the response of 3T3-cells".
"SNARE-mediated Fusion of Single Proteoliposomes with Tethered Supported Bilayers in a Microfluidic Flow Cell Monitored by Polarized TIRF Microscopy".
"Stoichiometric control of live cell mixing to enable fluidically-encoded co-culture models in perfused microbioreactor arrays".
"Design of a microfluidic strategy for trapping and screening single cells".
"A thin permeable-membrane device for single-molecule manipulation".
"Continuous Flow Deformability-Based Separation of Circulating Tumor Cells Using Microfluidic Ratchets".
"Elution dynamics of M13 bacteriophage bound to streptavidin immobilized in a microfluidic channel".
"Peptide-decorated chitosan derivatives enhance fibroblast adhesion and proliferation in wound healing".
"Bismuth Coated Screen-printed Electrode Platform for Greener Anodic Stripping Voltammetric Determination of Cadmium and Lead".
"Interplay of the physical microenvironment, contact guidance, and intracellular signaling in cell decision making".
"A Vascular Permeability Assay Using an In Vitro Human Microvessel Model Mimicking the Inflammatory Condition".
"Electroosmotic flow in single PDMS nanochannels".
"The leukocyte-stiffening property of plasma in early acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) revealed by a microfluidic single-cell study: the role of cytokines and protection with antibodies".
"Using microfluidics to control soft adhesion".
"Bonding of SU-8 films onto KMPR structures for microfluidic, air-suspended photonic and optofluidic applications".
"Axon Guidance Studies Using a Microfluidics-Based Chemotropic Gradient Generator".
"Spin-coated Au-nanohole arrays engineered by nanosphere lithography for a Staphylococcus aureus 16S rRNA electrochemical sensor".
"Inkjet Printing of a Highly Loaded Palladium Ink for Integrated, Low-Cost pH Sensors".
"Multiplexing slanted spiral microchannels for ultra-fast blood plasma separation".
"Effect of Aluminum Substrate Surface Modification on Wettability and Freezing Delay of Water Droplet at Subzero Temperatures".
"Facile and High-Throughput Synthesis of Functional Microparticles with Quick Response Codes".
"Morphology and composition of structured, phase-separated behenic acid-perfluorotetradecanoic acid monolayer films.".
"Biomimetic Cardiac Tissue Model Enables the Adaption of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Cardiomyocytes to Physiological Hemodynamic Loads".
"The Deformation of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Microfluidic Channels Filled with Embedded Circular Obstacles under Certain Circumstances".
"Turbulent drag reduction over air-and liquid-impregnated surfaces".
"Lubricous Hydrogel Surface Coatings on Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)".
"Investigation of the Thin Film Crystallization of a DNA-Copolymer hybrid composed of Chitosan".
"Solvent-dependent on/off valving using selectively permeable barriers in paper microfluidics".
"Effect of time and deposition method on quality of phosphonic acid modifier self-assembled monolayers on indium zinc oxide".
"A comprehensive study on the self-lubrication mechanisms of SU-8 composites".
"Controllable growth of few-layer spiral WS2".
"Investigation of PDMS based bi-layer elasticity via interpretation of apparent Young’s modulus".
"Synthetic Capillaries to Control Microscopic Blood Flow".
"Surface and Near Surface Area Density of States for Magnetron-Sputtered ZnO and Al-ZnO: A MIES, UPS, and VBXPS Study Investigating Ultrahigh Vacuum Sputter Cleaning and UV Oxygen Plasma".
"Chapter Twenty-Four – Quantitative Analysis of Dendritic Cell Haptotaxis".
"What is really driving cell-surface interactions? Layer-by-layer assembled films may help to answer questions concerning cell attachment and response to biomaterials".
"Self-organized amniogenesis by human pluripotent stem cells in a biomimetic implantation-like niche".
"Sharp blue emission of ZnO crystals by supercritical CO processing".
"Optics-free lithography on colloidal nanocrystal assemblies".
"Building Materials from Colloidal Nanocrystal Arrays: Preventing Crack Formation during Ligand Removal by Controlling Structure and Solvation".
"Atomic structure and surface defects at mineral-water interfaces probed by in situ atomic force microscopy".
"Focusing particles by induced charge electrokinetic flow in a microchannel".
"Comparative cell adhesion properties of cysteine extended peptide architectures".
"Optimization of micropillar sequences for fluid flow sculpting".
"An immobilization multienzyme microfluidic chip for acetylcholinesterase inhibition assay by fluorescence method".
"Effect of chain length on the wetting properties of alkyltrichlorosilane coated cellulose-based paper".
"Variable surface transport modalities on functionalized nylon films revealed with single molecule spectroscopy".
"Microfluidic Buffer Exchange for Interference-free Micro/Nanoparticle Cell Engineering".
"Toward Microfluidic Reactors for Cell-Free Protein Synthesis at the Point-of-Care".
"Microfabricated biosensor for the simultaneous amperometric and luminescence detection and monitoring of Ochratoxin A".
"Nanoscale silicon surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry: Environment stability and activation by simple vacuum oven desiccation".
"Graphene oxide-assisted liquid phase exfoliation of graphite into graphene for highly conductive film and electromechanical sensors".
"On-chip assessment of human primary cardiac fibroblasts proliferative responses to uniaxial cyclic mechanical strain".
"Membrane Transport Processes Analyzed by a Highly Parallel Nanopore Chip System at Single Protein Resolution".
"Simultaneous or Sequential Orthogonal Gradient Formation in a 3D Cell Culture Microfluidic Platform".
"PDMS microwells for multi-parametric monitoring of single mitochondria on a large scale: a study of their individual membrane potential and endogenous NADH".
"Enhancing the activation of silicon carbide tracer particles for PEPT applications using gas-phase deposition of alumina at room temperature and atmospheric pressure".
"Enhancement of Mechanical and Tribological Properties of SU-8 Polymer using Graphene Filler".
"Collagen-collagen interactions mediated by plant-derived proanthocyanidins: a spectroscopic and atomic force microscopy study".
"Acrylic acid plasma polymerized poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) membranes for methanol/MTBE separation by pervaporation".
"Isolated primary blast inhibits long-term potentiation in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures".
"Transparent, stretchable, and conductive SWNT films using supramolecular functionalization and layer-by-layer self-assembly".
"A versatile lab-on-a-chip tool for modeling biological barriers".
"Collagen and heparan sulfate coatings differentially alter cell proliferation and attachment in vitro and in vivo".
"A new hand-held microfluidic cytometer for evaluating irradiation damage by analysis of the damaged cells distribution".
"Ion effects in the adsorption of carboxylate on oxide surfaces, studied with quartz crystal microbalance".
"Flexible supercapacitors based on polyaniline nanowires-infilled 10 nm-diameter carbon nanotube porous membrane by in-situ electrochemical polymerization".
"Cell Cycle Synchronization Using a Microfluidic Synchronizer for Fission Yeast Cells".
"Highly selective electrodeposition of sub-10 nm crystalline noble metallic nanorods inside vertically aligned multiwall carbon nanotubes".
"Exploiting Rayleigh Instability in Creating Parallel Au Nanowires with Exotic Arrangements".
"High Sensitivity, Wearable, Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors Based on Irregular Microhump Structures and Its Applications in Body Motion Sensing".
"Creating Sub-50 Nm Nanofluidic Junctions in PDMS Microfluidic Chip via Self-Assembly Process of Colloidal Particles".
"Controlling fungal biofilms with functional drug delivery denture biomaterials".
"Single cell chemotactic responses of Helicobacter pylori to urea in a microfluidic chip".
"Cysteine-Mediated Redox Regulation of Cell Signaling in Chondrocytes Stimulated With Fibronectin Fragments".
"Peroxynitrous-acid-induced chemiluminescence detection of nitrite based on Microfluidic chip".
"Chemically modified graphene films for high-performance optical NO2 sensors".
"Development and Characterization of In Vitro Microvessel Network and Quantitative Measurements of Endothelial [Ca2+]i and Nitric Oxide Production".
"Cancer cell aggregate hypoxia visualized in vitro via biocompatible fiber sensors".
"Development of a novel magnetophoresis-assisted hydrophoresis microdevice for rapid particle ordering".
"Continuous-flow C. elegans fluorescence expression analysis with real-time image processing through microfluidics".
"Towards Analysis of Proteins in Single Cells: A Quantitative Approach employing iTRAQ labels with MALDI Mass Spectrometry Realized with a Microfluidic Platform".
"Fabrication and characterisation of highly stretchable elastomeric strain sensors for prosthetic hand applications".
"μ – ‘Diving suit’ for liquid-phase high-Q resonant detection".
"Recycled PET Nanofibers for Water Filtration Applications".
"A microfluidic Transwell to study chemotaxis".
"Ultraviolet-assisted microfluidic generation of ferroelectric composite particles".
"An improved cryo-FIB method for fabrication of frozen hydrated lamella".
"A silk-fibroin-based transparent triboelectric generator suitable for autonomous sensor network".
"Effect of Surface Energy on Freezing Temperature of Water".
"The role of bifurcation angles on collective smooth muscle cell biomechanics and the implication in atherosclerosis development".
"In situ measurement of contact angles and surface tensions of interfacial nanobubbles in ethanol aqueous solutions".
"Plasma treatment of paper for protein immobilization on paper-based chemiluminescence immunodevice".
"Unclonable Plasmonic Security Labels Achieved by Shadow-Mask-Lithography-Assisted Self-Assembly".
"Coating morphology and surface composition of acrylic terpolymers with pendant catechol, OEG and perfluoroalkyl groups in varying ratio and the effect on protein adsorption".
"Research on a novel chitosan microsphere/scaffold system by double crosslinkers".
"An additional cysteine in a typical 2-Cys peroxiredoxin of Pseudomonas promotes functional switching between peroxidase and molecular chaperone".
"Array-Based Platform To Select, Release, and Capture Epstein-Barr Virus-Infected Cells Based on Intercellular Adhesion".
"In Situ Assembly of Antifouling/Bacterial Silver Nanoparticle-Hydrogel Composites with Controlled Particle Release and Matrix Softening".
"Interaction of electrically evoked activity with intrinsic dynamics of cultured cortical networks with and without functional fast GABAergic synaptic transmission".
"Reversible Transition between Superoleophobic and Superoleophilic States on Titania Coated Substrates by UV Irradiation".
"A sacrificial process for fabrication of biodegradable polymer membranes with submicron thickness".
"Primary human lung pericytes support and stabilize in vitro perfusable microvessels".
"Determination of N-linked Glycosylation in Viral Glycoproteins by Negative Ion Mass Spectrometry and Ion Mobility".
"Interpreting atomic force microscopy nanoindentation of hierarchical biological materials using multi-regime analysis".
"NAIL: Nucleic Acid detection using Isotachophoresis and Loop-mediated isothermal amplification".
"Scalable microfluidics for single-cell RNA printing and sequencing".
"Spatiotemporal Stability of Neonatal Rat Cardiomyocyte Monolayers Spontaneous Activity Is Dependent on the Culture Substrate".
"The Fabrication of Microfluidic Platforms with Pneumatically/Hydraulically Controlled PDMS Valves and Their Use in Neurobiological Research".
"A microfluidic device for epigenomic profiling using 100 cells".
"Stochastic Particle Barcoding for Single-Cell Tracking and Multiparametric Analysis".
"Glass is a Viable Substrate for Precision Force Microscopy of Membrane Proteins".
"Myosin II activity softens cells in suspension".
"Dynamics of sessile drops. Part 2. Experiment".
"Direct Evidence of a Chemical Conversion Mechanism of Atomic-Layer-Deposited TiO2 Anodes During Lithiation Using LiPF6 Salt".
"Engineering Cell-Compatible Paper Chips for Cell Culturing, Drug Screening, and Mass Spectrometric Sensing".
"Microfluidic platform for human placenta-derived multipotent stem cells culture and applied for enhanced neuronal differentiation".
"Influence of pH and Surface Chemistry on Poly (l-lysine) Adsorption onto Solid Supports Investigated by Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring".
"A microengineered pathophysiological model of early-stage breast cancer".
"Roughness analysis of single nanoparticles applied to atomic force microscopy images of hydrated casein micelles".
"The effects of poly (dimethylsiloxane) surface silanization on the mesenchymal stem cell fate".
"Differential responses of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes to anisotropic strain depends on disease status".
"Towards highly efficient and highly transparent OLEDs: advanced considerations for emission zone coupled with capping layer design".
"Comparative study of antibody immobilization mediated by lipid and polymer fibers".
"Dynamic Diglyme-Mediated Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoclusters".
"Variations in pH sensitivity, acid stability, and fusogenicity of three influenza virus H3 subtypes".
"Multicomponent Nanomaterials with Complex Networked Architectures from Orthogonal Degradation and Binary Metal Backfilling in ABC Triblock Terpolymers".
"Bimodal or Trimodal? The Influence of Starting pH on Site Identity and Distribution at the Low Salt Aqueous/Silica Interface".
"Synergistic effects of soil microstructure and bacterial EPS on drying rate in emulated soil micromodels".
"Clogging of a single pore by colloidal particles".
"Superhydrophobic/hydrophobic nanofibrous network with tunable cell adhesion: Fabrication, characterization and cellular activities".
"Adhesive Micropatterns to Study Intermediate Filament Function in Nuclear Positioning".
"Deletion of the Tail Domain of the Kinesin-5 Cin8 affects its directionality".
"Silafluorene-based polymers for electrochromic and polymer solar cell applications".
"A simple low-cost method to enhance luminescence and fluorescence signals in PDMS-based microfluidic devices".
"Reconfigurable microfluidic dilution for high-throughput quantitative assays".
"Prevention of surface-induced thrombogenesis on poly(vinyl chloride)".
"Peptide-functionalized zirconia and new zirconia/titanium biocermets for dental applications".
"Changes in Neurofilament and Microtubule Distribution following Focal Axon Compression".
"Validation of Spectra and Phase in Sub-1 cm-1 Resolution Sum-Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy through Internal Heterodyne Phase-Resolved Measurement".
"Rapid prototyping of microfluidic devices with integrated wrinkled gold micro-/nano textured electrodes for electrochemical analysis".
"Enhanced Transport of Materials into Enamel Nanopores via Electrokinetic Flow".
"Polarizability of Six-Helix Bundle and Triangle DNA Origami and Their Escape Characteristics from a Dielectrophoretic Trap".
"Reconstitution of a Transmembrane Protein, the Voltage-gated Ion Channel, KvAP, into Giant Unilamellar Vesicles for Microscopy and Patch Clamp Studies".
"A microfluidic device for generation of chemical gradients".
"3D printing for cyclonic spray chambers in ICP spectrometry".
"Elastomeric electronic skin for prosthetic tactile sensation".
"Tomography of a Cryo-immobilized Yeast Cell Using Ptychographic Coherent X-Ray Diffractive Imaging".
"Continuous transfer of liquid metal droplets across a fluid-fluid interface within an integrated microfluidic chip".
"Evaluation of a Microbial Sensor as a Tool for Antimicrobial Activity Test of Cosmetic Preservatives".
"Magnetic alignment of microelements containing cultured neuronal networks for high-throughput screening".
"Patterning gold nanoparticles in liquid environment with high ionic strength for local fabrication of up to 100 μm long metallic interconnections".
"On-the-Spot Immobilization of Quantum Dots, Graphene Oxide, and Proteins via Hydrophobins".
"Designing a Microfluidic Device with Integrated Ratiometric Oxygen Sensors for the Long-Term Control and Monitoring of Chronic and Cyclic Hypoxia".
"A nanoliter microfluidic serial dilution bioreactor".
"Graded porous inorganic materials derived from self-assembled block copolymer templates".
"Exceptional Flame Resistance and Gas Barrier with Thick Multilayer Nanobrick Wall Thin Films".
"Custom AFM for X-ray beamlines: in situ biological investigations under physiological conditions".
"Pharmacokinetics of long-acting tenofovir alafenamide (GS-7340) subdermal implant for HIV prophylaxis".
"Reusable acoustic tweezers for disposable devices".
"A three-dimensional electrode for highly efficient electrocoalescence-based droplet merging".
"Surface modification of SU-8 for enhanced cell attachment and proliferation within microfluidic chips".
"A multiscale approach to study dead end microfiltration of mono and bidispersed particle suspensions".
"Coupling of local visualization and numerical approach for particle microfiltration optimization".
"Substrate-bound growth of Au-Pd diblock nanowire and hybrid nanorod-plate".
"Marangoni spreading due to a localized alcohol supply on a thin water film".
"A novel method for transferring graphene onto PDMS".
"Timescales and frequencies of reversible and irreversible adhesion events of single bacterial cells".
"Crystallization Optimization of Pharmaceutical Solid Forms with X-ray Compatible Microfluidic Platforms".
"Endothelial cell sensing, restructuring, and invasion in collagen hydrogel structures".
"Direct detection and drug-resistance profiling of bacteremias using inertial microfluidics".
"Integrated 3D conducting polymer-based bioelectronics for capture and release of circulating tumor cells".
"Bio-inspired multifunctional catecholic assembly for photo-programmable biointerface".
"Towards microfluidic-based depletion of stiff and fragile human red cells that accumulate during blood storage".
"Interstitial flows promote amoeboid over mesenchymal motility of breast cancer cells revealed by a three dimensional microfluidic model".
"Functional Evaluation of Biological Neurotoxins in Networked Cultures of Stem Cell-derived Central Nervous System Neurons".
"Experimental and numerical studies of a microfluidic device with compliant chambers for flow stabilization".
"Sample preconcentration utilizing nanofractures generated by junction gap breakdown assisted by self-assembled monolayer of gold nanoparticles".
"N-trimethylchitosan/Alginate Layer-by-Layer Self Assembly Coatings Act as Fungal Repellents” to Prevent Biofilm Formation on Healthcare Materials”".
"Efficient All-Printable Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Based on a Low-Resistivity Carbon Composite Counter Electrode and Highly Doped Hole Transport Material".
"Micro-elastometry on whole blood clots using actuated surface-attached posts (ASAPs)".
"Microbial cell lysis and nucleic acid extraction via nanofluidic channel".
"An in situ AFM Study of the evolution of surface roughness for zinc electrodeposition within an imidazolium based ionic liquid electrolyte".
"Accurate Fluorescence Quantum Yield Determination by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy".
"Air microjet system for non-contact force application and the actuation of micro-structures".
"Colored polydimethylsiloxane micropillar arrays for high throughput measurements of forces applied by genetic model organisms".
"Pilot Application of Magnetic Nanoparticle-Based Biosensor for Necrotizing Enterocolitis".
"A Facile Route to Efficient, Low-Cost Flexible Organic Light-Emitting Diodes: Utilizing the High Refractive Index and Built-In Scattering Properties of Industrial-Grade PEN Substrates".
"A high-throughput microfluidic single-cell screening platform capable of selective cell extraction".
"The Effects of Electron Beam Exposure Time on Transmission Electron Microscopy Imaging of Negatively Stained Biological Samples".
"Miniaturized Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test by Combining Concentration Gradient Generation and Rapid Cell Culturing".
"Thermal Characterization of Microheated Microchannels With Spatially Resolved Two-Color Fluorescence Thermometry".
"Fabrication of biomimetic bundled gel fibres using dynamic microfluidic gelation of phase-separated polymer solutions".
"Synthesis of poly(3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrene sulfonate)-capped silver nanoparticles and their application to blue polymer light-emitting diodes".
"Characterization of porous materials by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging".
"Partitioning of coomassie brilliant blue into DMAEMA containing poly (HEMA)-based hydrogels".
"Stable and Simple Immobilization of Proteinase K Inside Glass Tubes and Microfluidic Channels".
"Tribology of Epoxy Composites (Graphene and Graphite) Coatings on Steel in Dry and Lubricated Conditions".
"Tunable Ultrathin Membranes with Nonvolatile Pore Shape Memory".
"Tuning hole charge collection efficiency in polymer photovoltaics by optimizing the work function of indium tin oxide electrodes with solution-processed LiF nanoparticles".
"Floating Droplet Array: An Ultrahigh-Throughput Device for Droplet Trapping, Real-time Analysis and Recovery".
"Sag in drying coatings: Prediction and real time measurement with particle tracking".
"Effect of Temperature on Morphology and Electrochemical Capacitive Properties of Electrospun Carbon Nanofibers and Nickel Hydroxide Composites".
"Plasma oxidation of electrospun carbon nanofibers as supercapacitor electrodes".
"Shape-tunable wax microparticle synthesis via microfluidics and droplet impact".
"Deformable L-shaped microwell array for trapping pairs of heterogeneous cells".
"Niche mimicking for selection and enrichment of liver cancer stem cells by hyaluronic acid-based multilayer films".
"Biomimetic niche for neural stem cell differentiation using poly-L-lysine/hyaluronic acid multilayer films".
"Polymer/small-molecule parallel tandem organic solar cells based on MoOx-Ag-MoOx intermediate electrodes".
"Droplet-based microfluidics at the femtolitre scale".
"Confining Liquids on Silicon Surfaces to Lubricate MEMS".
"In vitro and in vivo evaluation of heparin mediated growth factor release from tissue-engineered constructs for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction".
"Evaluation of polycaprolactone scaffold with basic fibroblast growth factor and fibroblasts in an athymic rat model for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction".
"Athymic Rat Model for Evaluation of Engineered Anterior Cruciate Ligament Grafts".
"Microneedle-mediated delivery of copper peptide through skin".
"Microfabricated microporous membranes reduce the host immune response and prolong the functional lifetime of a closed-loop insulin delivery implant in a type 1 diabetic rat model".
"Microarchitecture for a Three-Dimensional Wrinkled Surface Platform".
"Porous deproteinized bovine bone scaffold with three-dimensional localized drug delivery system using chitosan microspheres".
"Standing surface acoustic wave (SSAW)-based cell washing".
"Stretchable hydrogel electronics and devices".
"Semiconductor sensor embedded microfluidic chip for protein biomarker detection using a bead-based immunoassay combined with deoxyribonucleic acid strand labeling".
"In vivo evaluation of adipose-derived stromal cells delivered with a nanofiber scaffold for tendon-to-bone repair".
"Synthesis of Ag-Ni core-shell nanowires and their application in an isotropic transparent conductive films".
"Encapsulation of Au Nanoparticles by Poly (4-Vinylpyridine)-Block-Polystyrene-Block-Poly (4-Vinylpyridine) for Controlled Chain Assembly".
"Amplitude modulation atomic force microscopy, is acoustic driving in liquid quantitatively reliable?".
"Microfluidics-based single-step preparation of injection-ready polymeric nanosystems for medical imaging and drug delivery".
"Space constraints govern fate of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in vitro".
"Introduction of thiol moieties, including their thiol-ene reactions and air oxidation, onto polyelectrolyte multilayer substrates".
"The use of covalently immobilized stem cell factor to selectively affect hematopoietic stem cell activity within a gelatin hydrogel".
"A strategy for analyzing bond strength and interaction kinetics between Pleckstrin homology domains and PI (4, 5) P2 phospholipids using force distance spectroscopy and surface plasmon resonance".
"Development of a microfluidic device for cell concentration and blood cell-plasma separation".
"GDNF preconditioning can overcome Schwann cell phenotypic memory".
"Enhancing the speed of morpholino-DNA biosensor by electrokinetic concentration of DNA in a microfluidic chip".
"Surface modification of polyelectrolyte multilayers by high radio frequency air plasma treatment".
"Integrated optical biosensor for rapid detection of bacteria".
"Metal-Assisted and Microwave-Accelerated Evaporative Crystallization: Proof-of-Principle Application to Proteins".
"Novel Electrokinetic Microfluidic Detector for Evaluating Effectiveness of Microalgae Disinfection in Ship Ballast Water".
"Development of a wireless swallowable capsule with potentiostatic electrochemical sensor for gastrointestinal track investigation".
"Solid Particles Adsorbed on Capillary-Bridge-Shaped Fluid Polystyrene Surfaces".
"Open-top selective plane illumination microscope for conventionally mounted specimens".
"Ionic electroactive polymer actuators as active microfluidic mixers".
"Microfluidic-assisted cyclic mechanical stimulation affects cellular membrane integrity in a human muscular dystrophy in vitro model".
"Protein adsorption steers blood contact activation on engineered cobalt chromium alloy oxide layers".
"Effect of oxide layer modification of CoCr stent alloys on blood activation and endothelial behavior".
"In Situ Observation of Meniscus Shape Deformation with Colloidal Stripe Pattern Formation in Convective Self-Assembly".
"Ibuprofen loaded PLA nanofibrous scaffolds increase proliferation of human skin cells in vitro and promote healing of full thickness incision wounds in vivo".
"Microfluidic generation of aqueous two-phase system (ATPS) droplets by controlled pulsating inlet pressures".
"Overexpression of Arabidopsis NADPH-dependent thioredoxin reductase C (AtNTRC) confers freezing and cold shock tolerance to plants".
"Selective Patterning of Gold Surfaces by Core/Shell, Semisoft Hybrid Nanoparticles".
"Analyzing bacterial movements on surfaces".
"Multiplexed fluidic plunger mechanism for the measurement of red blood cell deformability".
"Fabrication of conductive polymer nanofibers through SWNT supramolecular functionalization and aqueous solution processing".
"Insulator-based dielectrophoresis with β-galactosidase in nanostructured devices".
"Three dimensional passivated-electrode insulator-based dielectrophoresis".
"Frontal vitrification of PDMS using air plasma and consequences for surface wrinkling".
"Substrate stiffness regulates primary hepatocyte functions".
"Online SERS detection and characterization of eight biologically-active peptides separated by capillary zone electrophoresis".
"Photopatterning of hydrogel scaffolds coupled to filter materials using stereolithography for perfused 3D culture of hepatocytes".
"Hydrogel-driven paper-based microfluidics".
"Sealable Femtoliter Chamber Arrays for Cell-free Biology".
"A Reliable Reversible Bonding Method for Perfused Microfluidic Devices".
"High-throughput microfluidic platform for 3D cultures of mesenchymal stem cells, towards engineering developmental processes".
"High-throughput microfluidic platform for adherent single cells non-viral gene delivery".
"Contribution of Temperature to Deformation of Adsorbed Vesicles Studied by Nanoplasmonic Biosensing".
"Technique for the characterization of phospholipid microbubbles coatings by transmission electron microscopy".
"Plasma-induced brightening and coarsening of tarnished Ag nanoparticles".
"Development of a High-Throughput Functional Screen Using Nanowell-Assisted Cell Patterning".
"Influence of CAD/CAM zirconia for implant-abutment manufacturing on gingival fibroblasts and oral keratinocytes".
"Colloidal drop deposition on porous substrates: competition among particle motion, evaporation, and infiltration".
"Bacteria murmur: Application of an acoustic biosensor for plant pathogen detection".
"Lateral capillary interactions between colloids beneath an oil-water interface that are driven by out-of-plane electrostatic double-layer interactions".
"Optofluidic fabrication for 3D-shaped particles".
"Effects of tailored surface chemistry on desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry: a surface-analytical study by XPS and AFM".
"Fluorescence Analysis of Single Mitochondria with Nanofluidic Channels".
"Quantifying morphological heterogeneity: a study of more than 1 000 000 individual stored red blood cells".
"Soft Nanocomposites–From Interface Control to Interphase Formation".
"A frame-supported ultrathin electrospun polymer membrane for transplantation of retinal pigment epithelial cells".
"Bacterial adhesion force quantification by fluidic force microscopy".
"Stress development in hard particle coatings in the absence of lateral drying".
"Hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces fabricated by plasma polymerization of perfluorohexane, perfluoro (2-methylpent-2-ene), and perfluoro (4-methylpent-2-ene)".
"Simple and low cost integration of highly conductive three-dimensional electrodes in microfluidic devices".
"Size and deformability based separation of circulating tumor cells from castrate resistant prostate cancer patients using resettable cell traps".
"Cost-effective flow injection amperometric system with metal nanoparticle loaded carbon nanotube modified screen printed carbon electrode for sensitive determination of hydrogen peroxide".
"Selective Biochemical Manipulation of Twin Neuronal Networks on Microelectrode Arrays".
"Combining microfluidics, optogenetics and calcium imaging to study neuronal communication in vitro".
"AFM force spectroscopy reveals how subtle structural differences affect the interaction strength between Candida albicans and DC-SIGN".
"Controlling Cell Geometry Affects the Spatial Distribution of Load Across Vinculin".
"Colloidal metasurfaces displaying near-ideal and tunable light absorbance in the infrared".
"Enhancing the protein resistance of silicone via surface-restructuring PEO-silane amphiphiles with variable PEO length".
"Towards personalized medicine: chemosensitivity assays of patient lung cancer cell spheroids in a perfused microfluidic platform".
"Thermal, optical, and electrical characterization of thin film coated RTV 655 bilayer system".
"Synthesis and structure formation in dilute aqueous solution of a chitosan-DNA hybrid".
"Structure and regulation of the movement of human myosin VIIA".
"Highly-sensitive label-free electrochemical carcinoembryonic antigen immunosensor based on a novel au nanoparticles-graphene-chitosan nanocomposite cryogel electrode".
"Lineage correlations of single cell division time as a probe of cell-cycle dynamics".
"Microfluidic cell-phoresis enabling high-throughput analysis of red blood cell deformability and biophysical screening of antimalarial drugs".
"Development of polyelectrolyte multilayer membranes to reduce the COD level of electrocoagulation treated high-strength wastewater".
"Design of ultrathin nanostructured polyelectrolyte-based membranes with high perchlorate rejection and high permeability".
"Microfluidics and numerical simulation as methods for standardization of zebrafish sperm cell activation".
"3D PDMS Transparent Micromodels Simulating a Food Matrix: Micromodel Fabrication Protocol and Preliminary Drying Experiments.".
"Microfluidic plug steering using surface acoustic waves".
"Microfluidic Two-Dimensional Separation of Proteins Combining Temperature Gradient Focusing and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis".
"Biocompatible, biodegradable and porous liquid crystal elastomer scaffolds for spatial cell cultures".
"Synchronized Heterogeneous Indentation Behavior of Viscoelastic Materials Upon Macroscopic Compression via a Distributed-Deflection Sensor".
"Parallel RNA extraction using magnetic beads and a droplet array".
"A droplet-to-digital (D2D) microfluidic device for single cell assays".
"Quantitative assessments of glycolysis from single cells".
"Morphological Dynamics of Mitochondria in Bovine Aortic Endothelial Cell under Cyclic Stretch".
"On Surface Order and Disorder of α-Pinene-Derived Secondary Organic Material".
"Sustained release of a purified tannin component of Terminalia chebula from a titanium implant surface prevents biofilm formation by Staphylococcus aureus".
"Effect of surface hydrophobicity on short-range hydrophobic attraction between silanated silica surfaces".
"Tuning capillary surface properties by charged polymeric coatings".
"Size-based cell sorting with a resistive pulse sensor and an electromagnetic pump in a microfluidic chip".
"High-throughput and sensitive particle counting by a novel microfluidic differential resistive pulse sensor with multidetecting channels and a common reference channel".
"Early Passage Dependence of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Mechanics Influences Cellular Invasion and Migration".
"Multiprotein Printing by Light-Induced Molecular Adsorption".
"A lung-on-a-chip array with an integrated bio-inspired respiration mechanism".
"A microfluidic bubble trap and oscillator".
"Electrochemical droplet-based microfluidics using chip-based carbon paste electrodes for high-throughput analysis in pharmaceutical applications".
"Microfluidic contactless conductivity cytometer for electrical cell sensing and counting".
"Cleaning nanoelectrodes with air plasma".
"Single-Molecule Studies of Acidity Distributions in Mesoporous Aluminosilicate Thin Films".
"Alternating and merged droplets in a double T-junction microchannel".
"Biomembrane Fabrication by the Solvent-assisted Lipid Bilayer (SALB) Method".
"Toward a new generation of electrically controllable hygromorphic soft actuators".
"Electromagnetic stirring in a microbioreactor with non-conventional chamber morphology and implementation of multiplexed mixing".
"Enhanced differentiation of neural progenitor cells into neurons of the mesencephalic dopaminergic subtype on topographical patterns".
"Synthesis and characterization of highly transparent and hydrophobic fluorinated polyimides derived from perfluorodecylthio substituted diamine monomers".
"Formation of lipid bilayer membrane in a poly (dimethylsiloxane) microchip integrated with a stacked polycarbonate membrane support and an on-site nanoinjector".
"Characterization of extended channel bioreactors for continuous-flow protein production".
"Fluid Flow Shear Stress Stimulation on a Multiplex Microfluidic Device for Rat Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Differentiation Enhancement".
"Customizable 3D printed ‘plug and play’ millifluidic devices for programmable fluidics".
"Agarose Microchambers for Long-term Calcium Imaging of Caenorhabditis elegans".
"Fabrication and characterization of a test platform integrating nanoporous structures with biochemical functionality".
"Polythiophene-based conjugated polyelectrolyte: Optical properties and association behavior in solution".
"Optical Microwell Arrays for Large-Scale Studies of Single Mitochondria Metabolic Responses".
"Rapid densification of sol-gel derived yttria-stabilized zirconia thin films".
"Does L to D-amino acid substitution trigger helix → sheet conformations in collagen like peptides adsorbed to surfaces?".
"Kinetic aspects of the adsorption of xyloglucan onto cellulose nanocrystals".
"Effect of mechanical, barrier and adhesion properties on oxygen plasma surface modified PP".
"White/blue-emitting, water-dispersible CdSe quantum dots prepared by counter ion-induced polymer collapse".
"Detection of size spectrum of microalgae cells in an integrated underwater microfluidic device".
"Detection of ion adsorption at solid-liquid interfaces using internal reflection ellipsometry".
"Iron nanoparticles decoration onto three-dimensional graphene for rapid and efficient degradation of azo dye".
"Interfacial Nanobubbles on Atomically Flat Substrates with Different Hydrophobicities".
"Investigation into the hypoxia-dependent cytotoxicity of anticancer drugs under oxygen gradient in a microfluidic device".
"Facile functionalization and assembly of live cells with microcontact-printed polymeric biomaterials".
"Membrane-less microfiltration using inertial microfluidics".
"A glucose sensor via stable immobilization of the GOx enzyme on an organic transistor using a polymer brush".
"Surface protein gradients generated in sealed microchannels using spatially varying helium microplasma".
"Micropatterned surfaces for atmospheric water condensation via controlled radical polymerization and thin film dewetting".
"Rapid Software-Based Design and Optical Transient Liquid Molding of Microparticles".
"Preconcentration-enhanced immunosensing for whole human cancer cell lysate based on a nanofluidic preconcentrator".
"High-throughput protease activity cytometry reveals dose-dependent heterogeneity in PMA-mediated ADAM17 activation".
"Fabrication and Evaluation of Multilayer Nanofiber-Hydrogel Meshes with a Controlled Release Property".
"Silica-gold bilayer-based transfer of focused ion beam-fabricated nanostructures".
"Analysis of CCR7 mediated T cell transfectant migration using a microfluidic gradient generator".
"Electrophoretic mobility of oil droplets in electrolyte and surfactant solutions".
"Fast Spray Deposition of Super Gas Barrier Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Thin Films".
"Structural tailoring of hydrogen-bonded poly (acrylic acid)/poly (ethylene oxide) multilayer thin films for reduced gas permeability".
"High-throughput blood cell focusing and plasma isolation using spiral inertial microfluidic devices".
"Bio-Inspired Structural Colors Produced via Self-Assembly of Synthetic Melanin Nanoparticles".
"Engineered Microdevices to Study and Manipulate Neural Stem Cell Chemotaxis".
"Mesoporous-silica nanofluidic channels for quick enrichment/extraction of trace pesticide molecules".
"An integrated dielectrophoresis-active hydrophoretic microchip for continuous particle filtration and separation".
"A ready-to-use, versatile, multiplex-able three-dimensional scaffold-based immunoassay chip for high throughput hepatotoxicity evaluation".
"Size and medium conductivity dependence on dielectrophoretic behaviors of gas core poly-l-lysine shell nanoparticles".
"High-throughput microfluidic device for rare cell isolation".
"Surface modification on polydimethylsiloxane-based microchannels with fragmented poly (L-lactic acid) nanosheets".
"Europium-engineered iron oxide nanocubes with high T1 and T2 contrast abilities for MRI in living subjects".
"Understanding the phase emergence of mesoporous silica".
"Interference-free Micro/nanoparticle Cell Engineering by Use of High-Throughput Microfluidic Separation".
"Architecture and migration of an epithelium on a cylindrical wire".
"Self-extinguishing lithium ion batteries based on internally embedded fire-extinguishing microcapsules with temperature-responsiveness".
"A flexible high-sensitivity piezoresistive sensor comprising a Au nanoribbon-coated polymer sponge".
"Single-Step Assembly of Large-Area, Transparent Conductive Patterns Induced Through Edge Adsorption of Template-Confined Au-Thiocyanate".
"Spectrum of membrane morphological responses to antibacterial fatty acids and related surfactants".
"Effect of nitric oxide on conformational changes of ovalbumin accompanying self-assembly into non-disease-associated fibrils".
"Osteoclastogenesis/osteoblastogenesis using human bone marrow-derived cocultures on nanotopographical polymer surfaces".
"Dean-flow-coupled elasto-inertial three-dimensional particle focusing under viscoelastic flow in a straight channel with asymmetrical expansion-contraction cavity arrays".
"Interferometric detection of single gold nanoparticles calibrated against TEM size distributions".
"Highly sensitive microfluidic flow sensor based on aligned piezoelectric poly (vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) nanofibers".
"Stiffness and evolution of interfacial micropancakes revealed by AFM quantitative nanomechanical imaging".
"Self-assembly of some long-tail surfactants driven by water addition in ethanol".
"Label-Free and Continuous-Flow Ferrohydrodynamic Separation of HeLa Cells and Blood Cells in Biocompatible Ferrofluids".
"3D patterned substrates for bioartificial blood vessels-The effect of hydrogels on aligned cells on a biomaterial surface".
"Calcium phosphate coated keratin-PCL scaffolds for potential bone tissue regeneration".
"Reversible gating of smart plasmonic molecular traps using thermoresponsive polymers for single-molecule detection".
"Design and fabrication of magnetically functionalized flexible micropillar arrays for rapid and controllable microfluidic mixing".
"The contractile ring coordinates curvature-dependent septum assembly during fission yeast cytokinesis".
"Thermal Behavior of Long-Chain Alcohols on Sapphire Substrate".
"Surfaces presenting α-phenyl mannoside derivatives enable formation of stable, high coverage, non-pathogenic Escherichia coli biofilms against pathogen colonization".
"New ‘clickable’ polymeric coating for glycan microarrays".
"Low temperature dye-sensitized solar cells based on conformal thin zinc oxide overlayer on mesoporous insulating template by atomic layer deposition".
"Effect of surface treatments on natural cork: surface energy, adhesion, and acoustic insulation".
"Biodegradable lysine-derived polyurethane scaffolds promote healing in a porcine full-thickness excisional wound model".
"Lab-on-a-Chip for studying growing pollen tubes".
"In Situ Generation of Tunable Porosity Gradients in Hydrogel-Based Scaffolds for Microfluidic Cell Culture".
"Real time optical immunosensing with flow-through porous alumina membranes".
"Phosphine-stabilised Au9 clusters interacting with titania and silica surfaces: The first evidence for the density of states signature of the support-immobilised cluster".
"Performance enhancement of single-walled nanotube-microwave exfoliated graphene oxide composite electrodes using a stacked electrode configuration".
"Direct effect of partially photooxidized poly(3-hexylthiophene) on the device characteristics of a bulk heterojunction solar cell".
"Polarized fluorescence microscopy analysis of patterned, polymerized perfluorotetradecanoic acid-pentacosadiynoic acid thin films".
"Controlled splitting and focusing of a stream of nanoparticles in a converging-diverging microchannel".
"Comparative structure of vertebrate sperm chromatin".
"The influence of concentration on specific ion effects at the silica/water interface".
"Micropatterned biofilm formations by laminar flow-templating".
"Capillary levelling of a cylindrical hole in a viscous film".
"Liquid-Phase Capillary Etching of Poly(Dimethylsiloxane) Microchannels With Tetra-n-Butylammonium Fluoride".
"Stability of colloidal silver nanoparticles trapped in lipid bilayer: effect of lecithin concentration and applied temperature".
"Low-cost experimentation for the study of droplet microfluidics".
"Characteristics of saliva films adsorbed onto different dental materials studied by QCM-D".
"Clog-free cell filtration using resettable cell traps".
"Study of the separation of yeast by microsieves: In situ 3D characterization of the cake using confocal laser scanning microscopy".
"in situ 3D characterization of bidisperse cakes using confocal laser scanning microscopy".
"Enhanced Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide with Platinized Microelectrode Arrays for Analyses of Mitochondria Activities".
"Electrical conductivity of insulating polymer nanoscale layers: environmental effects".
"Microfluidic passive samplers for in situ collection of live aquatic protists".
"A microfluidic cell co-culture platform with a liquid fluorocarbon separator".
"Precise pooling and dispensing of microfluidic droplets towards micro-to macro-world interfacing".
"Three-Dimensional Microfluidic Collagen Hydrogels for Investigating Flow-Mediated Tumor-Endothelial Signaling and Vascular Organization".
"Combinatorial screening of mesenchymal stem cell adhesion and differentiation using polymer pen lithography".
"Direct Imaging of Phase Objects Enables Conventional Deconvolution in Bright Field Light Microscopy".
"Induced hydraulic pumping via integrated submicrometer cylindrical glass capillaries".
"Fast DNA Sieving through Submicrometer Cylindrical Glass Capillary Matrix".
"Gel-Free Electrophoresis of DNA and Proteins on Chips Featuring a 70 nm Capillary-Well Motif".
"Time limitations and geometrical parameters in the design of microfluidic comparators".
"Oscillations in light-triggered logic microfluidic circuit".
"Osteogenic lineage restriction by osteoprogenitors cultured on nanometric grooved surfaces: the role of focal adhesion maturation".
"Microfluidics-Assisted Fabrication of Gelatin-Silica Core-Shell Microgels for Injectable Tissue Constructs".
"The Role of Insulating Oxides in Blocking the Charge Carrier Recombination in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells".
"Micro-composite substrates for the study of cell-matrix mechanical interactions".
"Isolating and concentrating rare cancerous cells in large sample volumes of blood by using dielectrophoresis and stepping electric fields".
"Optically transparent hydrogen evolution catalysts made from networks of copper-platinum core-shell nanowires".
"Quantification of rare cancer cells in patients with gastrointestinal cancer by nanostructured substrate".
"Quantitative evaluation of the depletion efficiency of nanofractures generated by nanoparticle-assisted junction gap breakdown for protein concentration".
"High Capacitance, Photo-Patternable Ion Gel Gate Insulators Compatible with Vapor Deposition of Metal Gate Electrodes".
"Fabrication of detachable hydrogel microplates for separably patterned cell culture".
"Effect of a Non-Newtonian Load on Signature S2 for Quartz Crystal Microbalance Measurements".
"Acid-catalyzed kinetics of indium tin oxide etching".
"High-Performance of PEDOT/PSS Free Organic Solar Cells on an Air-Plasma-Treated ITO Substrate".
"Quality Dependence of Vapor Phase-Polymerized Poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Nanofilm on Substrate Pre-Treatment Methods".
"Combined single cell AFM manipulation and TIRFM for probing the molecular stability of multilayer fibrinogen matrices".
"High Performance Organic Nonvolatile Flash Memory Transistors with High-Resolution Reduced Graphene Oxide Patterns as a Floating Gate".
"Scratch resistance and durability enhancement of bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaics using ultra-thin alumina layers".
"Particle separation using virtual deterministic lateral displacement (vDLD)".
"The particle valve: On-demand particle trapping, filtering, and release from a microfabricated polydimethylsiloxane membrane using surface acoustic waves".
"Visualizing oil displacement with foam in a microfluidic device with permeability contrast".
"Characterization of a new fluorescence-enhancing substrate for microarrays with femtomolar sensitivity".
"Microfluidic long-term differential oxygenation for bacterial growth characteristics analyses".
"Towards an in vitro model mimicking the foreign body response: tailoring the surface properties of biomaterials to modulate extracellular matrix".
"An integrated microfluidic chip system for single-cell secretion profiling of rare circulating tumor cells".
"Polydimethyl siloxane wet etching for three dimensional fabrication of microneedle array and high-aspect-ratio micropillars".
"Development of a Novel 3D Culture System for Screening Features of a Complex Implantable Device for CNS Repair".
"Importance of phospholipid bilayer integrity in the analysis of protein-lipid interactions".
"Isolated primary blast alters neuronal function with minimal cell death in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures".
"A comparative study of different microchips for capillary electrophoresis with electrochemical detection".
"A liposomal fluorescence assay to study permeation kinetics of drug-like weak bases across the lipid bilayer".
"Effect of permodified β-cyclodextrin on the photophysical properties of poly[2,7-(9,9-dioctylfluorene)- alt -(5,5′-bithiophene)] main chain polyrotaxanes".
"Prevention of Thrombogenesis from Whole Human Blood on Plastic Polymer by Ultrathin Monoethylene Glycol Silane Adlayer".
"The potential of microfluidic lung epithelial wounding: towards in vivo-like alveolar microinjuries".
"In vitro and in situ visualization of cytoskeletal deformation under load: traumatic axonal injury".
"Microfluidic positioning of pollen grains in lab-on-a-chip for single cell analysis".
"An IR modulator based on the self-assembly of gold nanoparticles on germanium".
"Controlled incremental filtration: a simplified approach to design and fabrication of high-throughput microfluidic devices for selective enrichment of particles".
"Direct Measurement of Acceptor Group Localization on Donor-Acceptor Polymers Using Resonant Auger Spectroscopy".
"Biofilm prevention on cochlear implants".
"A wearable and highly sensitive pressure sensor with ultrathin gold nanowires".
"Fabrication of a 3-dimensional nanostructured binary colloidal crystal within a confined channel".
"Fabrication of homogenous three dimensionally ordered conducting polymer-polystyrene opal structures in microfluidic channels".
"Toward complete miniaturisation of flow injection analysis systems: microfluidic enhancement of chemiluminescent detection".
"Inhibiting the shuttle effect in lithium-sulfur batteries using a layer-by-layer assembled ion-permselective separator".
"Thick Growing Multilayer Nanobrick Wall Thin Films: Super Gas Barrier with Very Few Layers".
"Maintaining hand and improving fire resistance of cotton fabric through ultrasonication rinsing of multilayer nanocoating".
"Wavelength-Selective Disruption and Triggered Release with Photolabile Polyelectrolyte Multilayers".
"Self-termination in the gas-phase layer-by-layer growth of an aza silane and water on planar silicon and nylon substrates".
"Characterization of Self-Assembled Monolayer on Anodized Aluminum by XPS, AFM and Low-Voltage SEM".
"Low Temperature Irreversible Poly (DiMethyl) Siloxane Packaging of Silanized SU8 Microchannels: Characterization and Lab-on-Chip Application".
"Fabrication of Biological Microfluidics Using a Digital Microfabrication System".
"The stability of normal vs. inverted organic solar cells under highly damp conditions: Comparison with the same interfacial layers".
"An on-chip RT-PCR microfluidic device, that integrates mRNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, and gene amplification".
"Controlling self-assembled structure of Au nanoparticles by convective self-assembly with liquid-level manipulation".
"Shear forces enhance Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoite motility on vascular endothelium".
"eIF4B, eIF4G and RNA regulate eIF4A activity in translation initiation by modulating the eIF4A conformational cycle".
"In situ 3D characterization of monodispersed spherical particle deposition on microsieve using confocal laser scanning microscopy".
"The multivariate detection limit for Mycoplasma pneumoniae as determined by nanorod array-surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and comparison with limit of detection by qPCR".
"Rational Assembly of Optoplasmonic Hetero-nanoparticle Arrays with Tunable Photonic-Plasmonic Resonances".
"Development of a Low-Cost Hemin-Based Dissolved Oxygen Sensor With Anti-Biofouling Coating for Water Monitoring".
"Natural zwitterionic organosulfurs as surface ligands for antifouling and responsive properties".
"Tunable T1 and T2 contrast abilities of manganese-engineered iron oxide nanoparticles through size control".
"A contact-imaging based microfluidic cytometer with machine-learning for single-frame super-resolution processing".
"Heparin-dependent regulation of fibronectin matrix conformation".
"Practical thermodynamic quantities for aqueous vanadium-and iron-based flow batteries".
"Effect of post-annealing on the plasma etching of graphene-coated-copper".
"Cell migration in confined environments".
"High resolution fabrication of nanostructures using controlled proximity nanostencil lithography".
"Generation of plasmonic Au nanostructures in the visible wavelength using two-dimensional parallel dip-pen nanolithography".
"Protein preconcentration using nanofractures generated by nanoparticle-assisted electric breakdown at junction gaps".
"Dramatic Shape Modulation of Surfactant/Diacetylene Microstructures at the Air-Water Interface".
"Spontaneous Assembly of Extremely Long, Horizontally-Aligned, Conductive Gold Micro-Wires in a Langmuir Monolayer Template".
"Mussel-inspired protein-mediated surface functionalization of electrospun nanofibers for pH-responsive drug delivery".
"Surface Wettability of Oxygen Plasma Treated Porous Silicon".
"Microfluidics platform for measurement of volume changes in immobilized intestinal enteroids".
"An applied light-beam induced current study of dye-sensitised solar cells: Photocurrent uniformity mapping and true photoactive area evaluation".
"The Fabrication of Patterned Gold Nanoparticle Arrays via Selective Ion Irradiation and Plasma Treatment".
"Synthesis, Characterization, and Directional Binding of Anisotropic Biohybrid Microparticles for Multiplexed Biosensing".
"Cell-induced flow-focusing instability in gelatin methacrylate microdroplet generation".
"Selective deposition of chemically-bonded gold electrodes onto PDMS microchannel side walls".
"Facile preparation of catalytically active, microstructured gold patterns on quartz and silicon substrates".
"Silane surface modification for improved bioadhesion of esophageal stents".
"Enhanced thermal transport at covalently functionalized carbon nanotube array interfaces".
"Phosphorescent transparent organic light-emitting diodes with enhanced outcoupling efficiency: Reduction of surface plasmon losses".
"High-density organic photovoltaic modules: Mask-free fabrication using nozzle jet printing and oblique deposition".
"A microfluidic photobioreactor array demonstrating high-throughput screening for microalgal oil production".
"Intrastromal Delivery of Bevacizumab Using Microneedles to Treat Corneal Neovascularization Intrastromal Delivery of Bevacizumab".
"High ionic strength narrows the population of sites participating in protein ion-exchange adsorption: A single-molecule study".
"Meniscus-dragging deposition of single-walled carbon nanotubes for highly uniform, large-area, transparent conductors".
"Neurite outgrowth on electrospun PLLA fibers is enhanced by exogenous electrical stimulation".
"Characterization of a Wireless Potentiostat for Integration With a Novel Implantable Biotransducer".
"Biofabrication using pyrrole electropolymerization for the immobilization of glucose oxidase and lactate oxidase on implanted microfabricated biotransducers".
"Energetics and efficiency analysis of a cobaloxime-modified semiconductor under simulated air mass 1.5 illumination".
"Molecular release from patterned nanoporous gold thin films".
"Experimental study on the reduction of skin frictional drag in pipe flow by using convex air bubbles".
"Improving electrokinetic microdevice stability by controlling electrolysis bubbles".
"Nanofluidic transport governed by the liquid/vapour interface".
"Crafting threads of diblock copolymer micelles via flow-enabled self-assembly".
"Transforming one-dimensional nanowalls to long-range ordered two-dimensional nanowaves: exploiting buckling instability and nanofibers effect in holographic lithography".
"Microfluidic Thrombosis under Multiple Shear Rates and Antiplatelet Therapy Doses".
"Standing Surface Acoustic Wave Based Cell Coculture".
"Generation of BiFeO3-Fe3O4 Janus particles based on droplet microfluidic method".
"Continuous-flow microfluidic blood cell sorting for unprocessed whole blood using surface-micromachined microfiltration membranes".
"Material versatility using replica molding for large-scale fabrication of high aspect-ratio, high density arrays of nano-pillars".
"Ketone Binding at Amino and Ureido Monolayer/Solvent Interfaces Studied by Nonlinear Optical Techniques".
"A novel method to encapsulate a Au nanorods array in 15 nm radius multiwalled carbon nanotubes".
"Parallel microfluidic synthesis of size-tunable polymeric nanoparticles using 3D flow focusing towards in vivo study".
"Hydrogen-sensing response of grass-like carbon nanotube/nickel nanostructure by microwave treatment".
"Bubble-driven mixer integrated with a microfluidic bead-based ELISA for rapid bladder cancer biomarker detection".
"Transparent conductive silver nanowire electrodes with high resistance to oxidation and thermal shock".
"Ex situ synthesis of high-refractive-index polyimide hybrid films containing TiO2 chelated by 4-aminobenzoic acid".
"Bridging the Gap in the Micellar Transformation from Cylinders to Vesicles".
"Bioinspired polyethylene terephthalate nanocone arrays with underwater superoleophobicity and anti-bioadhesion properties".
"Well-ordered mesoporous polymers and carbons based on imide-incorporated soft materials".
"Cell reorientation under cyclic stretching".
"Silica Nanowire Arrays for Diffraction-Based Bioaffinity Sensing".
"Focusing of mammalian cells under an ultrahigh pH gradient created by unidirectional electropulsation in a confined microchamber".
"Evolution of Oxygen Deficiency Center on Fused Silica Surface Irradiated by Ultraviolet Laser and Posttreatment".
"Insulator-based dielectrophoresis of mitochondria".
"Plasma treatment of PDMS for applications of in vitro motility assays".
"Electroporation-based delivery of cell-penetrating peptide conjugates of peptide nucleic acids for antisense inhibition of intracellular bacteria".
"Robust, microfabricated culture devices with improved control over the soluble microenvironment for the culture of embryonic stem cells".
"Antibody fragment immobilization on planar gold and gold nanoparticle modified quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation sensor surfaces for immunosensor applications".
"Detection of Kaposi’s sarcoma associated herpesvirus nucleic acids using a smartphone accessory".
"A microfluidic device to study the digestion of trapped lipid droplets".
"Tri-layered elastomeric scaffolds for engineering heart valve leaflets".
"Study of the post separation pH adjustment by a microchip for the analysis of aminoglycoside antibiotics".
"Reducing wrinkles and cracks of metal films on PDMS substrate by hexane extraction and oxygen plasma etching".
"A microfluidic co-culture system to monitor tumor-stromal interactions on a chip".
"Crystal Engineering of L-Alanine with L-Leucine Additive using Metal-Assisted and Microwave-Accelerated Evaporative Crystallization".
"Microfluidic Devices for Imaging Trafficking Events In Vivo Using Genetic Model Organisms".
"Microfluidic conformal coating of non-spherical magnetic particles".
"Detecting low concentration bacterial cells in complex media using a microchip-based flow cytometer".
"Cytoskeletal transition in patterned cells correlates with interfacial energy model".
"Geometry-driven polarity in motile amoeboid cells".
"Effect of leaving group on the structures of alkylsilane SAMs".
"In vitro uniaxial stretch model for evaluating the effect of strain along axon on damage to neurons".
"Temporal and Spatial Temperature Measurement in Insulator-Based Dielectrophoretic Devices".
"Fabrication of superoleophobic hierarchical surfaces for low-surface-tension liquids".
"Probing mechanoregulation of neuronal differentiation by plasma lithography patterned elastomeric substrates".
"Direct, Concurrent Measurements of the Forces and Currents Affecting DNA in a Nanopore with Comparable Topography".
"Preferential, enhanced breast cancer cell migration on biomimetic electrospun nanofiber ‘cell highways’".
"Characterization of the enhanced peroxidatic activity of amyloid β peptide-hemin complexes towards neurotransmitters".
"Detecting de-gelation through tissue using magnetically modulated optical nanoprobes (MagMOONs)".
"Simple and improved approaches to long-lasting, hydrophilic silicones derived from commercially available precursors".
"Synthesis fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles in a microchannel using the La Mer process and the characterization of their properties".
"Sorafenib resistance and JNK signaling in carcinoma during extracellular matrix stiffening".
"An automated integrated platform for rapid and sensitive multiplexed protein profiling using human saliva samples".
"Excitable signal transduction induces both spontaneous and directional cell asymmetries in the phosphatidylinositol lipid signaling system for eukaryotic chemotaxis".
"Condensation and freezing of droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces".
"Surface characteristics and electrical properties of PMMA chips for incubation-type planar-patch-clamp biosensors".
"Ink-on-Probe Hydrodynamics in Atomic Force Microscope Deposition of Liquid Inks".
"Picoinjection of Microfluidic Drops Without Metal Electrodes".
"Profiling human antibody responses by integrated single-cell analysis".
"Influence of CAD/CAM all-ceramic materials on cell viability, migration ability and adenylate kinase release of human gingival fibroblasts and oral keratinocytes".
"Investigation of static and dynamic wetting transitions of UV responsive tunable wetting surfaces".
"Screening for mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes by measuring the acoustic ratio with QCM".
"Pairwise interactions of colloids in two-dimensional geometric confinement".
"Plasma-Etching of the Organic Layer in Nacre".
"Microscale bioadhesive hydrogel arrays for cell engineering applications".
"Inorganic nanoparticle thin film that suppresses flammability of polyurethane with only a single electrostatically-assembled bilayer".
"Correlative fluorescence and electron microscopy of quantum dot labeled proteins on whole cells in liquid".
"Multiplexing of miniaturized planar antibody arrays for serum protein profiling – a biomarker discovery in SLE nephritis".
"Functionalization of gold surfaces with copoly(DMA-NAS-MAPS) by dip coating: Surface characterization and hybridization tests".
"Surface treatment of polymer microfibrillar structures for improved surface wettability and adhesion".
"Reduced-gravity Environment Hardware Demonstrations of a Prototype Miniaturized Flow Cytometer and Companion Microfluidic Mixing Technology".
"Osteogenic Evaluation of Collagen Membrane Containing Drug-Loaded Polymeric Microparticles in a Rat Calvarial Defect Model".
"Selective isolation of bacterial cells within a microfluidic device using magnetic probe-based cell fishing".
"Poly (ethylene oxide) brushes prepared by the grafting to” method as a platform for the assessment of cell receptor-ligand binding”".
"Mixed-Metal, Structural, and Substitution Effects of Polyoxometalates on Electrochemical Behavior in a Redox Flow Battery".
"Stress development and film formation in multiphase composite latexes".
"Can a novel silver nano coating reduce infections and maintain cell viability in vitro?".
"Antimicrobial biocompatible bioscaffolds for orthopaedic implants".
"Characterisation of an adhesive-free packaging system for polymeric microfluidic biochemical devices and reactors".
"An original architectured NiTi silicone rubber structure for biomedical applications".
"Mechanical characterization and comparison of different NiTi/silicone rubber interfaces".
"Differential interaction kinetics of a bipolar structure-specific endonuclease with DNA flaps revealed by single-molecule imaging".
"Analysis of DNA binding and nucleotide flipping kinetics using two-color two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy".
"Observing Single Enzyme Molecules Interconvert between Activity States upon Heating".
"Influence of temperature on the frictional properties of water-lubricated surfaces".
"Lubrication of soft and hard interfaces with thermo-responsive F127 hydrogel".
"Power Factor Enhancement in Solution-Processed Organic n-Type Thermoelectrics Through Molecular Design".
"Lewis basicity, adhesion thermodynamic work and coordinating ability on aminated silicon surfaces".
"Bioactivity and Biocompatibility of a Novel Wollastonite Glass-Ceramic Biomaterial".
"Bacteria Inside Semiconductors as Potential Sensor Elements: Biochip Progress".
"Hydrodynamic resistance and mobility of deformable objects in microfluidic channels".
"Multi-pore carbon phase plate for phase-contrast transmission electron microscopy".
"Precipitates of Al (III), Sc (III), and La (III) at the Muscovite-Water Interface".
"Microfluidic on-demand droplet merging using surface acoustic waves".
"Intensity-modulated scanning Kelvin probe microscopy for probing recombination in organic photovoltaics".
"Global architecture of the F-actin cytoskeleton regulates cell shape-dependent endothelial mechanotransduction".
"Bacterial chemotaxis on SlipChip".
"Random lasing action in a polydimethylsiloxane wrinkle induced disordered structure".
"Troika of single particle tracking programing: SNR enhancement, particle identification, and mapping".
"Toward an endothelial-cell covered mechanical valve; surface re-engineering and bioreactor testing of mechanical heart valves".
"The equivalent width as a figure of merit for XPS narrow scans".
"Direct observation of ionic structure at solid-liquid interfaces: a deep look into the Stern Layer".
"Highly Efficient Light-Emitting Diode of Graphene Quantum Dots Fabricated from Graphite Intercalation Compounds".
"Capacitive detection of living microalgae in a microfluidic chip".
"The Origin of the Snap-In” in the Force Curve between AFM Probe and the Water/Gas Interface of Nanobubbles”".
"The relationship between red blood cell deformability metrics and perfusion of an artificial microvascular network".
"Cross-linking of protein scaffolds for therapeutic applications: PCL nanofibers delivering riboflavin for protein cross-linking".
"Solution-processed copper–nickel nanowire anodes for organic solar cells".
"Micropillar sequence designs for fundamental inertial flow transformations".
"A novel three-dimensional microfluidic platform for on chip multicellular tumor spheroid formation and culture".
"Paper-based electroanalytical devices for in situ determination of salicylic acid in living tomato leaves".
"Formation of cholesterol-rich supported membranes using solvent-assisted lipid self-assembly".
"Continuous-flow cytomorphological staining and analysis".
"Perfusion enhanced polydimethylsiloxane based scaffold cell culturing system for multi-well drug screening platform".
"Solid-Phase Supports for the in situ Assembly of Quantum Dot-FRET Hybridization Assays in Channel Microfluidics".
"Green aqueous surface modification of polypropylene for novel polymer nanocomposites".
"Bio-inspired green surface functionalization of PMMA for multifunctional capacitors".
"Competitive surfactant adsorption of AOT and TWEEN 20 on gold measured using a quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation".
"A surface plasmon resonance study of the intermolecular interaction between Escherichia coli topoisomerase I and pBAD/Thio supercoiled plasmid DNA".
"Transparent, conductive polystyrene in three dimensional configurations".
"Simplified prototyping of perfusable polystyrene microfluidics".
"Cooperative roles of biological flow and surface topography in guiding sperm migration revealed by a microfluidic model".
"Site-specific metallization of multiple metals on a single DNA Origami template".
"Optical microwell array for large scale studies of single mitochondria metabolic responses".
"Study of Cell Migration in Microfabricated Channels".
"A facile method for the density determination of ceramic thin films using X-ray reflectivity".
"Nanorough silica coatings by chemical vapor deposition".
"Impact of ionic strength on chitin nanocrystal-xyloglucan multilayer film growth".
"Chitin Nanocrystal-Xyloglucan Multilayer Thin Films".
"Nonplanar conductive surfaces via Bottom-Up” nanostructured gold coating”".
"Preparation of Segmented Microtubules to Study Motions Driven by the Disassembling Microtubule Ends".
"Environmental stability of solution processed Al-doped ZnO naoparticulate thin films using surface modification technique".
"Highly transparent and conductive Al-doped ZnO nanoparticulate thin films using direct write processing".
"The effect of scaffold macroporosity on angiogenesis and cell survival in tissue-engineered smooth muscle".
"Development and automation of microelectromechanical systems-based biochip platform for protein assay".
"Microfluidic geometric metering-based multi-reagent mixture generator for robust live cell screening array".
"Spectroscopic ellipsometric modeling of a Bi -Te -Se write layer of an optical data storage device as guided by atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction".
"Probing the association of triblock copolymers with supported lipid membranes using microcantilevers".
"Quantitative evaluation of radiation dose by γ-H2AX on a microfluidic chip in a miniature fluorescence cytometer".
"Nanotopology potentiates growth hormone signalling and osteogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells".
"Fluorescence Imaging with One-nanometer Accuracy (FIONA)".
"Slanted spiral microfluidics for the ultra-fast, label-free isolation of circulating tumor cells".
"Antifogging and icing-delay properties of composite micro-and nanostructured surfaces".
"Application of a three-dimensional (3D) particle tracking method to microfluidic particle focusing".
"Morphological changes of gold nanoparticles due to adsorption onto silicon substrate and oxygen plasma treatment".
"A microfabricated, optically accessible device to study the effects of mechanical cues on collagen fiber organization".
"Single cell swimming dynamics of Listeria monocytogenes using a nanoporous microfluidic platform".
"Lithography-Free Microfabrication of Electrode Arrays with 2 μm Electrode Gaps Using Topographic Templates".
"Statistical single-cell analysis of cell cycle-dependent quantum dot cytotoxicity and cellular uptake using a microfluidic system".
"Microfluidic-based metal enhanced fluorescence for capillary electrophoresis by Ag nanorod arrays".
"In situ electropolymerization of polyaniline/cobalt sulfide decorated carbon nanotube composite catalyst toward triiodide reduction in dye-sensitized solar cells".
"Transparent, biocompatible nanostructured surfaces for cancer cell capture and culture".
"Microstructure of sheared monosized colloidal suspensions resulting from hydrodynamic and electrostatic interactions".
"Micro/nano-mechanical structure fabricated by transfer printing".
"Isolating plasma from blood using a dielectrophoresis-active hydrophoretic device".
"Making a hydrophoretic focuser tunable using a diaphragm".
"A continuous-flow C. elegans sorting system with integrated optical fiber detection and laminar flow switching".
"From multi-ring to spider web and radial spoke: competition between the receding contact line and particle deposition in a drying colloidal drop".
"A convenient, optimized pipeline for isolation, fluorescence microscopy and molecular analysis of live single cells".
"The Role of Cuprous Oxide Seeds in the One-Pot and Seeded Syntheses of Copper Nanowires".
"Observation of the rose petal effect over single-and dual-scale roughness surfaces".
"Cell adhesion geometry regulates non-random DNA segregation and asymmetric cell fates in mouse skeletal muscle stem cells".
"Leakage current by Frenkel-Poole emission on benzotriazole and benzothiadiazole based organic devices".
"Efficient non-doped phosphorescent orange, blue and white organic light-emitting devices".
"Local Liquid Phase Deposition of Silicon Dioxide on Hexagonally Close-Packed Silica Beads".
"Interactions between colloidal particles in the presence of an ultrahighly charged amphiphilic polyelectrolyte".
"Improved Langmuir-Blodgett Titanate Films via in Situ Exfoliation Study and Optimization of Deposition Parameters".
"Determination of glucose flux in live myoblasts by microfluidic nanosensing and mathematical modeling".
"Rupture of Zwitterionic Lipid Vesicles by an Amphipathic, α Helical Peptide: Indirect Effects of Sensor Surface and Implications for Experimental Analysis".
"Microfluidic platform integrated with worm-counting setup for assessing manganese toxicity".
"Label-free detection of cardiac troponin I with a photonic crystal biosensor".
"Control of gold nanoparticles based on circular DNA strand displacement".
"Determining adhesion of nonuniform arrays of fibrils".
"Structural design of microfluidic channels for blood plasma separation".
"Localized surface plasmon resonance enhanced blue light-emission of polyfluorene copolymer".
"Barcoded Microchips for Biomolecular Assays".
"Geometric asymmetry driven Janus micromotors".
"Elastic magnetic membrane for improved mixing in microwells".
"CO2 plasticization and physical aging of perfluorocyclobutyl polymer selective layers".
"Perfluorocyclobutyl polymer thin-film composite membranes for CO2 separations".
"Molecular structure of poly (methyl methacrylate) surface I: Combination of interface-sensitive infrared-visible sum frequency generation, molecular dynamics simulations, and ab initio calculations".
"Combining positive and negative magnetophoreses to separate particles of different magnetic properties".
"Universal hydrophilic coating of thermoplastic polymers currently used in microfluidics".
"Enhanced GLT-1 mediated glutamate uptake and migration of primary astrocytes directed by fibronectin-coated electrospun poly-l-lactic acid fibers".
"A modular approach to create a neurovascular unit-on-a-chip".
"Solution-processable exfoliated zeolite nanosheets purified by density gradient centrifugation".
"An optimal substrate design for SERS: dual-scale diamond-shaped gold nano-structures fabricated via interference lithography".
"Grid-pattern formation of extracellular matrix on silicon by low-temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma jets for neural network biochip fabrication".
"Hydrogel-coated microfluidic channels for cardiomyocyte culture".
"The effect of perfluorotetradecanoic acid on the structure of photopolymerized 10,12-pentacosadiynoic acid films at the air-water interface".
"Halide-Induced Cooperative Acid-Base Behavior at a Negatively Charged Interface".
"Relaxation and intermediate asymptotics of a rectangular trench in a viscous film".
"Fabrication of conducting polyaniline microspheres using droplet microfluidics".
"Influence of adsorbed gas at liquid/solid interfaces on heterogeneous cavitation".
"Oxygen Plasma Treatment of Platinized Ultramicroelectrodes Increases Sensitivity for Hydrogen Peroxide Detection on Mitochondria".
"Tuning the Mechanical Properties of Nanoporous Hydrogel Particles via Polymer Cross-Linking".
"Mechanics of pH-Responsive Hydrogel Capsules".
"Microfluidic Platform for Enzyme-Linked and Magnetic Particle-Based Immunoassay".
"Evaluation of early stage human bone marrow stromal proliferation, cell migration and osteogenic differentiation on μ-MIM structured stainless steel surfaces".
"Simple replica micromolding of biocompatible styrenic elastomers".
"Phosphorous-filled nanobrick wall multilayer thin film eliminates polyurethane melt dripping and reduces heat release associated with fire".
"Self-Sorting of Deformable Particles in an Asynchronous Logic Microfluidic Circuit".
"Microfluidic Purification and Concentration of Malignant Pleural Effusions for Improved Molecular and Cytomorphological Diagnostics".
"Terpene Detection Based on Localized Surface Plasma Resonance of Thiolate-Modified Au Nanoparticles".
"Rapid prototyping of microfluidic modules with a water-developable dry-film photoresist bondable to PDMS".
"Wetting dynamics of multiscaled structures".
"Surface biofunctionalization by covalent co-immobilization of oligopeptides".
"Measurement of ice thickness on vitreous ice embedded cryo-EM grids: investigation of optimizing condition for visualizing macromolecules".
"Blur-Free Outcoupling Enhancement in Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diodes: A Nanostructure Extracting Surface Plasmon Modes".
"Surface acoustic waves for on-demand production of picoliter droplets and particle encapsulation".
"The differential regulation of osteoblast and osteoclast activity by surface topography of hydroxyapatite coatings".
"Mechanically Tunable, Self-Adjuvanting Nanoengineered Polypeptide Particles".
"Accelerated myotube formation using bioprinting technology for biosensor applications".
"Microfabrication of Nanoporous Gold Patterns for Cell-material Interaction Studies".
"A single-molecule stretching method for lateral and normal AFM lever calibration".
"Dynamic Dosing Assay Relating Real-Time Respiration Responses of Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms to Changing Microchemical Conditions".
"Plasmonic Color Filter and its Fabrication for Large-Area Applications".
"Generating an in situ tunable interaction potential for probing 2-D colloidal phase behavior".
"A high volume and low damage route to hydroxyl functionalization of carbon nanotubes using hard X-ray lithography".
"Label-free Isolation and Enrichment of Cells Through Contactless Dielectrophoresis".
"Understanding the role of viscous solvent confinement in the tribological behavior of polymer brushes: a bioinspired approach".
"A Microfluidic Chip for the Versatile Chemical Analysis of Single Cells".
"Dynamic pH mapping in microfluidic devices by integrating adaptive coatings based on polyaniline with colorimetric imaging techniques".
"Microbioreactor Array Screening of Wnt Modulators and Microenvironmental Factors in Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Progenitor Cells".
"Probing concentration-dependent behavior of DNA-binding proteins on a single-molecule level illustrated by Rad51".
"Microbe observation and cultivation array (MOCA) for cultivating and analyzing environmental microbiota".
"Sensitive detection of protein and miRNA cancer biomarkers using silicon-based photonic crystals and a resonance coupling laser scanning platform".
"Orientation of Phenylphosphonic Acid Self-Assembled Monolayers on a Transparent Conductive Oxide: A Combined NEXAFS, PM-IRRAS, and DFT Study".
"Measurement of microchannel fluidic resistance with a standard voltage meter".
"Conductive oxygen barrier films using supramolecular assembly of graphene embedded polyelectrolyte multilayers".
"FluidFM as a lithography tool in liquid: spatially controlled deposition of fluorescent nanoparticles".
"Biosensor for Detection of Antibiotic Resistant Staphylococcus Bacteria".
"Large-scale arrays of nanomechanical sensors for biomolecular fingerprinting".
"Cathodic multilayer transparent electrodes for ITO-free inverted organic solar cells".
"Passive contact guidance of fibroblast cells using consecutive trapezoidal micropatterns".
"Passive droplet sorting using viscoelastic flow focusing".
"Optimizing the organic solar cell efficiency: Role of the active layer thickness".
"Fabrication of porous Ag hollow sphere arrays based on coated template-plasma bombardment".
"Forest of gold nanowires: A new type of nanocrystal growth".
"On-chip electrochemical microsystems for measurements of copper and conductivity in artificial seawater".
"The effects of MoO3 treatment on inverted PBDTTT-C: PC71 BM solar cells".
"Bio-inspired stable antimicrobial peptide coatings for dental applications".
"Characterization of a hybrid dielectrophoresis and immunocapture microfluidic system for cancer cell capture".
"Microcontact printing of Alzheimer’s β-amyloid monomers and fibrils".
"Concentrating materials covered by molecular imprinted nanofiltration layer with reconfigurability prepared by a surface sol-gel process for gas-selective detection".
"Microfluidics platform for single-shot dose-response analysis of chloride channel-modulating compounds".
"Hydrodynamic separation of proteins in supported lipid bilayers confined by gold barriers".
"Dual Stimuli-Responsive Poly(N -isopropylacrylamide)- b -poly( L-histidine) Chimeric Materials for the Controlled Delivery of Doxorubicin into Liver Carcinoma".
"Macroporosity enhances vascularization of electrospun scaffolds".
"Deformation properties between fluid and periodic circular obstacles in polydimethylsiloxane microchannels: Experimental and numerical investigations under various conditions".
"Electrochemical reduction of graphene oxide films in aqueous and organic solutions".
"Large Deborah number flows around confined microfluidic cylinders".
"Probing the mechanical properties of brain cancer cells using a microfluidic cell squeezer device".
"Direct fabrication of copper patterns by reactive inkjet printing".
"Surface Energy Engineered, High-Resolution Micropatterning of Solution-Processed Reduced Graphene Oxide Thin Films".
"Design and implementation of electrostatic micro-actuators in ultrasonic frequency on a flexible substrate, PEN (polyethylene naphthalate)".
"Multifunctional porous silicon nanopillar arrays: antireflection, superhydrophobicity, photoluminescence, and surface-enhanced Raman scattering".
"Submicron Scale-Structured Hydrophilic Titanium Surfaces Promote Early Osteogenic Gene Response for Cell Adhesion and Cell Differentiation".
"Strong and tough mineralized PLGA nanofibers for tendon-to-bone scaffolds".
"Photonic crystal biosensor based on optical surface waves".
"The effect of the physicochemical properties of bioactive electroconductive hydrogels on the growth and proliferation of attachment dependent cells".
"Power conversion efficiency enhancement of organic solar cells by addition of gold nanostars, nanorods, and nanospheres".
"Photofunctional Construct That Interfaces Molecular Cobalt-Based Catalysts for H2 Production to a Visible-Light-Absorbing Semiconductor".
"Tuning Drug Release Profile from Nanoporous Gold Thin Films".
"Role of interfacial interactions in ordering of two-dimensional colloidal self-assemblies on polyelectrolyte multilayer surfaces".
"Microfluidic analysis of cellular deformability of normal and oxidatively damaged red blood cells".
"Controlled release of metronidazole from composite poly-ε-caprolactone/alginate (PCL/alginate) rings for dental implants".
"Chiroptical Activity in Silver Cholate Nanostructures Induced by the Formation of Nanoparticle Assemblies".
"Simple and Sensitive Electrochemical DNA Detection of Primer Generation-Rolling Circle Amplification".
"Vertically Aligned ZnO Nanorods Grown by Low-Temperature Solution Processing".
"Nanosized Films Based on Multicharged Small Molecules and Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolytes Obtained by Simultaneous Spray Coating of Interacting Species".
"Protein adsorption and cell adhesion controlled by the surface chemistry of binary perfluoroalkyl/oligo (ethylene glycol) self-assembled monolayers".
"Procedure for the Development of Multi-depth Circular Cross-sectional Endothelialized Microchannels-on-a-chip".
"Selective stamp bonding of PDMS microfluidic devices to polymer substrates for biological applications".
"A microchip electrophoresis-mass spectrometric platform for fast separation and identification of enantiomers employing the partial filling technique".
"Fast quantification of amino acids by microchip electrophoresis-mass spectrometry".
"Evaluation of a microchip electrophoresis-mass spectrometry platform deploying a pressure-driven make-up flow".
"Quantitative High-throughput Single-cell Cytotoxicity Assay For T Cells".
"Small-Molecule Arrays for Sorting G-Protein-Coupled Receptors".
"Highly selective biomechanical separation of cancer cells from leukocytes using microfluidic ratchets and hydrodynamic concentrator".
"Continuous labeling of circulating tumor cells with microbeads using a vortex micromixer for highly selective isolation".
"Temperature effect on hydrogen response for cracked carbon nanotube/nickel (CNT/Ni) composite film with horizontally aligned carbon nanotubes".
"Electrochemical reduction of graphene oxide in electrically conducting poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) composite films".
"Ultrathin W18O49 Nanowire Assemblies for Electrochromic Devices".
"Preparation and characterization of high-refractive-index polymer/inorganic hybrid films containing TiO2 nanoparticles prepared by 4-aminobenzoic acid".
"Atomic force microscopy of confined liquids using the thermal bending fluctuations of the cantilever".
"Dose-dependent enhancement of bone marrow stromal cells adhesion, spreading and osteogenic differentiation on atmospheric plasma-treated poly(L-lactic acid) nanofibers".
"Development of a single-cell array for large-scale DNA fluorescence in situ hybridization".
"Large-Area 2D Gold Nanorod Arrays Assembled on Block Copolymer Templates".
"Efficient encapsulation of conducting polyaniline chains inside carbon nanotubes: a new strategy to prepare endohedral CNT materials".
"Microfluidic chemostat for measuring single cell dynamics in bacteria".
"Microfluidic electro-sonoporation: a multi-modal cell poration methodology through simultaneous application of electric field and ultrasonic wave".
"Fabricating Surfaces with Distinct Geometries and Different Combinations of Cell Adhesion Proteins".
"Nano-PtPd cubes on graphene exhibit enhanced activity and durability in methanol electrooxidation after CO stripping-cleaning".
"Improved uniformity in high-performance organic photovoltaics enabled by (3-aminopropyl) triethoxysilane cathode functionalization".
"Vitamin B 12 loaded polycaprolactone nanofibers: A novel transdermal route for the water soluble energy supplement delivery".
"Capillary leveling of stepped films with inhomogeneous molecular mobility".
"Effect of oxygen plasma on the surface states of ZnO films used to produce thin-film transistors on soft plastic sheets".
"Patterned Transparent Conductive Au Films through Direct Reduction of Gold Thiocyanate".
"The Governing Role of Surface Hydration in Ion Specific Adsorption to Silica: An AFM-Based Account of the Hofmeister Universality and Its Reversal".
"Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Investigations of Photoswitching in Azobenzene-Functionalized Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au".
"Friction and wear durability studies on the 3D negative fingerprint and honeycomb textured SU-8 surfaces".
"Weak Adsorption-Induced Surface Stress for Streptavidin Binding to Biotin Tethered to Silicon Microcantilever Arrays".
"Force Interactions of Nonagglomerating Polylactide Particles Obtained through Covalent Surface Grafting with Hydrophilic Polymers".
"A microfluidic chip integrating DNA extraction and real-time PCR for the detection of bacteria in saliva".
"Genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms by melting curve analysis using thin film semi-transparent heaters integrated in a lab-on-foil system".
"Rapid Characterization of Magnetic Moment of Cells for Magnetic Separation".
"Bubble gate for in-plane flow control".
"A two-electrode system-based electrochemiluminescence detection for microfluidic capillary electrophoresis and its application in pharmaceutical analysis".
"A beveled working electrode coupled to a sandglass shape detection cell: A strategy to improve the sensitivity of electrochemiluminescence detection in microchip electrophoresis".
"A Microfluidic Bioreactor with in Situ SERS Imaging for the Study of Controlled Flow Patterns of Biofilm Precursor Materials".
"Microchemostat array with small-volume fraction replenishment for steady-state microbial culture".
"Paper-Based Electrodes for Nanoparticles Detection".
"A polyoxometalate flow battery".
"Probing cell traction forces in confined microenvironments".
"Contact Line Motion on Nanorough Surfaces: A Thermally Activated Process".
"Mimicking white matter tract topography using core–shell electrospun nanofibers to examine migration of malignant brain tumors".
"Development of a Multiplexed Microfluidic Platform for the Automated Cultivation of Embryonic Stem Cells".
"Numerical and experimental investigation on flow and mixing in batch-mode centrifugal microfluidics".
"Evaluation of Plasma Damage to Low-k Dielectric Trench Structures by Multiple Internal Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy".
"Kinetics of Interfacial Electron Transfer at Single-Layer Graphene Electrodes in Aqueous and Nonaqueous Solutions".
"Synthesis of bioactive and machinable miserite glass-ceramics for dental implant applications".
"Integration of gold nanoparticles in PDMS microfluidics for lab-on-a-chip plasmonic biosensing of growth hormones".
"Scaling advantages and constraints in miniaturized capture assays for single cell protein analysis".
"Anomalous conformational transitions in cytochrome C adsorbing to Langmuir-Blodgett films".
"Simultaneous electrokinetic flow and dielectrophoretic trapping using perpendicular static and dynamic electric fields".
"Wear durability study on self-lubricating SU-8 composites with perfluoropolyther, multiply-alkylated cyclopentane and base oil as the fillers".
"An in-situ heating effect study on tribological behavior of SU-8+PFPE composite".
"Scalable synthesis of a biocompatible, transparent and superparamagnetic photoresist for microdevice fabrication".
"Flow-focusing regimes for accelerated production of monodisperse drug-loadable microbubbles toward clinical-scale applications".
"Attachment of alginate microcapsules onto plasma-treated PDMS sheet for retrieval after transplantation".
"Kelvin Probe Force Microscopic Imaging of the Energy Barrier and Energetically Favorable Offset of Interfaces in Double-Junction Organic Solar Cells".
"A microfluidic device designed to induce media flow throughout pancreatic islets while limiting shear-induced damage".
"Encapsulation of CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals within mesoporous silica spheres".
"Crystallization of Micrometer-Sized Particles with Molecular Contours".
"Structural changes and imaging signatures of acoustically sensitive microcapsules under ultrasound".
"Plasma treated activated carbon impregnated with silver nanoparticles for improved antibacterial effect in water disinfection".
"Wedged AFM-cantilevers for parallel plate cell mechanics".
"Isolation of Optically Targeted Single Bacteria by Application of Fluidic Force Microscopy to Aerobic Anoxygenic Phototrophs from the Phyllosphere".
"Charge generation and energy transfer in hybrid polymer/infrared quantum dot solar cells".
"Performance enhancement in inverted polymer photovoltaics with solution-processed MoOX and air-plasma treatment for anode modification".
"Microfluidic-based patterning of embryonic stem cells for in vitro development studies".
"Thin film free-standing PEDOT:PSS/SU8 bilayer microactuators".
"Spray coated high-conductivity PEDOT:PSS transparent electrodes for stretchable and mechanically-robust organic solar cells".
"High-reproducibility, flexible conductive patterns fabricated with silver nanowire by drop or fit-to-flow method".
"A Chimeric Kinesin-1 Head/Kinesin-5 Tail Motor Switches between Diffusive and Processive Motility".
"On-chip capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection using ‘injected’ metal electrodes".
"A fluorescent colorimetric pH sensor and the influences of matrices on sensing performances".
"Functional single-cell analysis of T-cell activation by supported lipid bilayer-tethered ligands on arrays of nanowells".
"A PEG-DA microfluidic device for chemotaxis studies".
"Low Pressure Radio-Frequency Oxygen Plasma Induced Oxidation of Titanium-Surface Characteristics and Biological Effects".
"A simple approach for surface hardening of polystyrene".
"Photopolymerized microfeatures for directed spiral ganglion neurite and Schwann cell growth".
"A contact line pinning based microfluidic platform for modelling physiological flows".
"Plasma treatment for improving cell biocompatibility of a biodegradable polymer scaffold for vascular graft applications".
"Ni(ii)-modified solid substrates as a platform to adsorb His-tag proteins".
"Driving forces for the adsorption of a His-tag Chagas antigen. A rational approach to design bio-functional surfaces".
"Transparent, conductive, and SERS-active Au nanofiber films assembled on an amphiphilic peptide template".
"Carbon/Ternary Alloy/Carbon Optical Stack on Mylar as an Optical Data Storage Medium to Potentially Replace Magnetic Tape".
"A Label-Free Microfluidic Biosensor for Activity Detection of Single Microalgae Cells Based on Chlorophyll Fluorescence".
"Seamless integration of CMOS and microfluidics using flip chip bonding".
"Genomic analysis of the role of transcription factor C/EBPδ in the regulation of cell behaviour on nanometric grooves".
"A simple and versatile microfluidic cell density gradient generator for quantum dot cytotoxicity assay".
"Interdigitated 3-D Silicon Ring Microelectrodes for DEP-Based Particle Manipulation".
"Probing the Cytoadherence of Malaria Infected Red Blood Cells under Flow".
"An integrated microfluidic platform for evaluating in vivo antimicrobial activity of natural compounds using a whole-animal infection model".
"Asymmetric liquid wetting and spreading on surfaces with slanted micro-pillar arrays".
"Thermoelectric power factor optimization in PEDOT:PSS tellurium nanowire hybrid composites".
"Actively transparent display with enhanced legibility based on an organic light-emitting diode and a cholesteric liquid crystal blind panel".
"Molecular Assembly of Thyroglobulin Induced by In Vitro Nitric Oxide Treatments: Implication Its Role in Thyroid Cells".
"Microfluidic radiolabeling of biomolecules with PET radiometals".
"Effects of plasma treatment on evolution of surface step-terrace structure of critically cleaned c-plane sapphire substrates: An AFM study".
"Layer-by-layer assembled highly adhesive microgel films".
"A dual sensor for real-time monitoring of glucose and oxygen".
"Fabrication of organic electrochemical transistor arrays for biosensing".
"Mechanical mapping of nanobubbles by PeakForce atomic force microscopy".
"Lubrication Properties of Phospholipid Liposome Coated Silk Microspheres".
"Photoinduced Charge Separation of Self-Organized Semiconducting Superstructures Composed of a Functional Polymer-TiO2 Hybrid".
"Light-induced charge separation in a donor-chromophore-acceptor nanocomposite poly[TPA-Ru(tpy)2]@ZnO".
"Effects of operating conditions on internal resistances in enzyme fuel cells studied via electrochemical impedance spectroscopy".
"Assessing a Spectroelectrochemical Sensor’s Performance for Detecting [Ru(bpy)3]2+ in Natural and Treated Water".
"A microfluidic platform for the investigation of elongation growth in pollen tubes".
"Electrochemical immunosensor modified with self-assembled monolayer of 11-mercaptoundecanoic acid on gold electrodes for detection of benzo[a]pyrene in water".
"Influence of topography and hydrophilicity on initial oral biofilm formation on microstructured titanium surfaces in vitro".
"Solution-Processed LiF for Work Function Tuning in Electrode Bilayers".
"Specific Cation Effects on the Bimodal Acid-Base Behavior of the Silica/Water Interface".
"Online Coupling of Digital Microfluidic Devices with Mass Spectrometry Detection Using an Eductor with Electrospray Ionization".
"Sensitive DNA hybridization detection based on the deposition of gold nanoparticle on lyophobic surface".
"Influence of the Size and Amount of Cork Particles on the Impact Toughness of a Structural Adhesive".
"Protein and Nanoparticle Adsorption on Orthogonal, Charge-Density-Versus-Net-Charge Surface-Chemical Gradients".
"Matrix-assisted polymer pen lithography induced Staudinger Ligation".
"Initiation of atomic layer deposition of metal oxides on polymer substrates by water plasma pretreatment".
"Counting touching cell nuclei using fast ellipse detection to assess in vitro cell characteristics: a feasibility study".
"Artificial microvascular network: a new tool for measuring rheologic properties of stored red blood cells".
"Polysaccharide Films Built by Simultaneous or Alternate Spray: A Rapid Way to Engineer Biomaterial Surfaces".
"Plasma Treatment of Polystyrene Thin Films Affects More Than the Surface".
"Thin film formation at the air-water interface and on solid substrates of soluble axial substituted cis-bis-decanoate tin phthalocyanine".
"Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay-Based Method to Quantify the Association of Small Molecules with Aggregated Amyloid Peptides".
"Controlling the properties of silver nanoparticles deposited on surfaces using supercritical carbon dioxide for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy".
"Multifaceted prismatic silver nanoparticles: synthesis by chloride-directed selective growth from thiolate-protected clusters and SERS properties".
"Engineering of In Vitro 3D Capillary Beds by Self-Directed Angiogenic Sprouting".
"A highly reliable integrated PDMS interconnector with a long cast flange for microfluidic systems".
"Photolithographic surface micromachining of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)".
"Improved light extraction efficiency in organic light emitting diodes with a perforated WO3 hole injection layer fabricated by use of colloidal lithography".
"Stability of influenza vaccine coated onto microneedles".
"Biocompatible, smooth, plasma-treated nickel-titanium surface-an adequate platform for cell growth".
"Facile Electroless Deposition of Zinc Oxide Ultrathin Film for Zinc Acetate Solution-processed Transistors".
"Assessing the Location of Surface Plasmons Over Nanotriangle and Nanohole Arrays of Different Size and Periodicity".
"Self-Regulated, Droplet-Based Sample Chopper for Microfluidic Absorbance Detection".
"Continuous digital light processing (cDLP): highly accurate additive manufacturing of tissue engineered bone scaffolds".
"Biofunctionalization and self-interaction chromatography in PDMS microchannels".
"Synthesis and conformational characterization of functional di-block copolymer brushes for microarray technology".
"Fibronectin Binding to the Treponema pallidum Adhesin Protein Fragment rTp0483 on Functionalized Self-Assembled Monolayers".
"Wet-surface–enhanced ellipsometric contrast microscopy identifies slime as a major adhesion factor during bacterial surface motility".
"Thermodynamic and structural characterization of a mixed perfluorocarbon-phospholipid ternary monolayer surfactant system".
"Condensation on Superhydrophobic Surfaces: The Role of Local Energy Barriers and Structure Length Scale".
"A microchamber array for single cell isolation and analysis of intracellular biomolecules".
"Stretchable Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Using an Elastomeric Emissive Material".
"Spontaneous oscillations of capillary blood flow in artificial microvascular networks".
"Expression of axonal protein degradation machinery in sympathetic neurons is regulated by nerve growth factor".
"Mussel-inspired silver-releasing antibacterial hydrogels".
"beta-Casein-phospholipid monolayers as model systems to understand lipid-protein interactions in the milk fat globule membrane".
"Facile route to achieve silver@polyaniline nanofibers".
"Development of an ultra-low volume flow cell for surface plasmon resonance detection in a miniaturized capillary electrophoresis systemGaspar:E-33-2012".
"Nanoscale Patterning of Organosilane Molecular Thin Films from the Gas Phase and Its Applications: Fabrication of Multifunctional Surfaces and Large Area Molecular Templates for Site-Selective Material Deposition".
"Large Area Resist-Free Soft Lithographic Patterning of Graphene".
"PEDOT–CNT composite microelectrodes for recording and electrostimulation applications: fabrication, morphology, and electrical properties".
"Multiple electrosprays generated from a single polycarbonate microstructured fibre".
"Droplet formation in microfluidic T-junction generators operating in the transitional regime. I. Experimental observations".
"Surface tension-controlled three-dimensional water molds: theory and applications".
"Vapor Phase Growth of Bismuth Telluride Nanoplatelets on Flexible Polyimide Films".
"Microfluidic Micropipette Aspiration for Measuring the Deformability of Single Cells".
"Microfluidic biomechanical assay for red blood cells parasitized by Plasmodium falciparum".
"Enhanced Electrochemiluminescence Employed for the Selective Detection of Methyl Parathion Based on a Zirconia Nanoparticle Film Modified Electrode".
"Soluble polynorbornenes with pendant carbazole derivatives as host materials for highly efficient blue phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes".
"Correlative VIS-fluorescence and soft X-ray cryo-microscopy/tomography of adherent cells".
"Monitoring induced gene expression of single cells in a multilayer microchip".
"Fabrication of Microfluidic Devices Containing Patterned Microwell Arrays".
"A printed superoxide dismutase coated electrode for the study of macrophage oxidative burst".
"Detection of Target ssDNA Using a Microfabricated Hall Magnetometer with Correlated Optical Readout".
"Importance of Length and Sequence Order on Magnesium Binding to Surface-Bound Oligonucleotides Studied by Second Harmonic Generation and Atomic Force Microscopy".
"Albumin-coated monodisperse magnetic poly(glycidyl methacrylate) microspheres with immobilized antibodies: Application to the capture of epithelial cancer cells".
"A microfluidics approach towards high-throughput pathogen removal from blood using margination".
"Probing the Adhesion of Hepatocellular Carcinoma HepG2 and SK-Hep-1 Cells".
"Long-term stability of a horizontally-aligned carbon nanotube field emission cathode coated with a metallic glass thin film".
"An integrated microfluidic platform for in situ cellular cytokine secretion immunophenotyping".
"Fabrication of Micro Pneumatic Valves with Double-layer Elastic Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Membranes in Rigid Poly(methyl Methacrylate) Microfluidic Chips".
"Quantifying Interactions between DNA Oligomers and Graphite Surface Using Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy".
"Assays to measure nuclear mechanics in interphase cells".
"Use of Human Perivascular Stem Cells for Bone Regeneration".
"Single-Cell Electric Lysis on an Electroosmotic-Driven Microfluidic Chip with Arrays of Microwells".
"A microfabricated module for isolating cervical carcinoma cells from peripheral blood utilizing dielectrophoresis in stepping electric fields".
"Single-Step Direct Fabrication of Pillar-on-Pore Hybrid Nanostructures in Anodizing Aluminum for Superior Superhydrophobic Efficiency".
"Interaction of Peptidomimetics with Bilayer Membranes: Biophysical Characterization and Cellular Uptake".
"Size-Tunable Fabrication of Au Nanodot Arrays via Electrodeposition-Assisted Capillary Force Lithography".
"A new microfluidics system with a hand-operated, on-chip actuator for immunosensor applications".
"Optimization of design and characterization of a novel micro-pumping system with peristaltic motion".
"Benzotriazole and benzothiadiazole containing conjugated copolymers for organic solar cell applications".
"Oxygenation by a superhydrophobic slip G/L contactor".
"Single-Molecule Tracking of Fibrinogen Dynamics on Nanostructured Poly(ethylene) Films".
"Solution processable benzotriazole and fluorene containing copolymers for photovoltaic applications".
"Patterning luminescent nanocrystalline LaPO 4: Eu and CePO 4: Tb particles embedded in hybrid organosilica with soft-lithographic techniques".
"DNA capture-probe based separation of double-stranded polymerase chain reaction amplification products in poly (dimethylsiloxane) microfluidic channels".
"Modification of Electroosmotic Flow for a Polydimethylsiloxane Electrophoresis Microchip via Polyelectrolyte Coating".
"In vitro angiogenesis assay for the study of cell-encapsulation therapy".
"Continuous and surfactant-free preparation of nanocapsulized proteins".
"Osteogenic evaluation of calcium phosphate scaffold with drug-loaded poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) microspheres in beagle dogs".
"Constant Flow-Driven Microfluidic Oscillator for Different Duty Cycles".
"Transparent Electrode Materials for Simultaneous Amperometric Detection of Exocytosis and Fluorescence Microscopy".
"Spatially Modulating Interfacial Properties of Transparent Conductive Oxides: Patterning Work Function with Phosphonic Acid Self-Assembled Monolayers".
"Layer-by-Layer Assembled Multilayers of Polyethylenimine-Stabilized Platinum Nanoparticles and PEDOT:PSS as Anodes for the Methanol Oxidation Reaction".
"Fabrication and optical characterization of p-type single macro-porous silicon for detection of nano-sized functionalized superparamagnetic beads".
"Microlitre scale solution processing for controlled, rapid fabrication of chemically derived graphene thin films".
"A facile protocol for the immobilisation of vesicles, virus particles, bacteria, and yeast cells".
"Fine control of carbon nanotubes-polyelectrolyte sensors sensitivity by electrostatic layer by layer assembly (eLbL) for the detection of volatile organic compounds (VOC)".
"Design of PDMS microlenses bonded to a lab-CD chip for ELISA applications".
"Splitter Microchannel Network for Equal Plasma Flow Division on Compact Disk Microfluidic Chip".
"Adipocyte Induction of Preadipocyte Differentiation in a Gradient Chamber".
"Phospholipids as an alternative to direct covalent coupling: Surface functionalization of nanoporous alumina for protein recognition and purification".
"Strategies for Hydrogen Bonding Based Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Poly(vinyl alcohol) with Weak Polyacids".
"Tunable spatial heterogeneity in structure and composition within aqueous microfluidic droplets".
"A Minimally Invasive Blood-Extraction System: Elastic Self-Recovery Actuator Integrated with an Ultrahigh- Aspect-Ratio Microneedle".
"Surface Modification of Smooth Poly(l-lactic acid) Films for Gelatin Immobilization".
"Exploiting Nanoroughness on Holographically Patterned Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals".
"Microfluidic system for simultaneous optical measurement of platelet aggregation at multiple shear rates in whole blood".
"A simple and cost-effective method for fabrication of integrated electronic-microfluidic devices using a laser-patterned PDMS layer".
"Self-assembly of carboxylated polythiophene nanowires for improved bulk heterojunction morphology in polymer solar cells".
"Microchip-based immunoassays with application of silicon dioxide nanoparticle film".
"Visualization of microscale particle focusing in diluted and whole blood using particle trajectory analysis".
"Cu-based multilayer transparent electrodes: A low-cost alternative to ITO electrodes in organic solar cells".
"Palladium nanoparticles modified carbon nanotube/nickel composite rods (Pd/CNT/Ni) for hydrogen sensing".
"A microfluidic photolithography for controlled encapsulation of single cells inside hydrogel microstructures".
"Advanced Nanohybrid Materials: Surface Modification and Applications".
"Repair of a Critical-sized Calvarial Defect Model Using Adipose-derived Stromal Cells Harvested from Lipoaspirate".
"Laser stenciling: a low-cost high-resolution CO 2 laser micromachining method".
"High-density metallic nanogaps fabricated on solid substrates used for surface enhanced Raman scattering".
"A microdevice platform for visualizing mitochondrial transport in aligned dopaminergic axons".
"Laser-patterned stem-cell bridges in a cardiac muscle model for on-chip electrical conductivity analyses".
"Study of hydrophilicity and stability of chemically modified PDMS surface using piranha and KOH solution".
"Imitation of drug metabolism in human liver and cytotoxicity assay using a microfluidic device coupled to mass spectrometric detection".
"Novel Application of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers as Nanoscopic Closures with Hermetic Sealing".
"Reversible alteration of calcium dynamics in cardiomyocytes during acute hypoxia transient in a microfluidic platform".
"Microfluidic Generation of Acoustically Active Nanodroplets".
"Stable modification of PDMS surface properties by plasma polymerization: Innovative process of allylamine PECVD deposition and microfluidic devices sealing".
"Cell separation based on size and deformability using microfluidic funnel ratchets".
"The Influence of a Biologically Relevant Substratum Topography on Human Aortic and Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells".
"Directed Self-Assembly of Colloidal Crystals by Dielectrophoretic Ordering".
"Indium Tin Oxide devices for amperometric detection of vesicular release by single cells".
"Effect of Droplet Morphology on Growth Dynamics and Heat Transfer during Condensation on Superhydrophobic Nanostructured Surfaces".
"Method for measurement of friction forces on single cells in microfluidic devices".
"Colloidal Stripe Pattern with Controlled Periodicity by Convective Self-Assembly with Liquid-Level Manipulation".
"Biological characterization of woven fabric using two- and three-dimensional cell cultures".
"The single-cell chemostat: an agarose-based, microfluidic device for high-throughput, single-cell studies of bacteria and bacterial communities".
"Microchip Electrophoresis, with Respect to Profiling of Abeta Peptides in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease".
"Mixtures of Cationic Copolymers and Oppositely Charged Surfactants: Effect of Polymer Charge Density and Ionic Strength on the Adsorption Behavior at the Silica-Aqueous Interface".
"Simple Microfluidic Devices for in vivo Imaging of C. elegans, Drosophila and Zebrafish".
"Liquid Deposition Patterning of Conducting Polymer Ink onto Hard and Soft Flexible Substrates via Dip-Pen Nanolithography".
"Using a Nanopore for Single Molecule Detection and Single Cell Transfection".
"Use of a plating additive to enable continuous metallization of nanoscale electrochemically patterned chemical templates".
"Improving the sensitivity of immunoassays with PEG-COOH-like film prepared by plasma-based technique".
"Perfluoroarene units in distyryl-oligothiophene analogues: An efficient electron density confinement preventing n-type transport in organic thin film transistors".
"Controlled Release of Drugs from Gradient Hydrogels for High-Throughput Analysis of Cell-Drug Interactions".
"Silica-on-silicon waveguide integrated polydimethylsiloxane lab-on-a-chip for quantum dot fluorescence bio-detection.".
"Detection of Fluorophore-Tagged Recombinant Bovine somatotropin (rbST) by using a Silica-on-silicon (SOS)-PDMS Lab-on-a-chip".
"Efficient division and sampling of cell colonies using microcup arrays".
"Direct Detection of DNA Conformation in Hybridization Processes".
"Microfluidic mixing for sperm activation and motility analysis of pearl Danio zebrafish".
"Tunable Diacetylene Polymerized Shell Microbubbles as Ultrasound Contrast Agents".
"Selective in situ functionalization of biosensors on LOC devices using laminar co-flow".
"DNA Origami Metallized Site Specifically to Form Electrically Conductive Nanowires".
"Numerical and experimental characterization of a novel modular passive micromixer".
"Comparative Stability Studies of Poly(2-methyl-2-oxazoline) and Poly(ethylene glycol) Brush Coatings".
"Patterned Polymeric Multilayered Assemblies through Hydrogen Bonding and Metal Coordination".
"Rapid and Serial Quantification of Adhesion Forces of Yeast and Mammalian Cells".
"Determination of surface concentrations of individual molecule-layers used in nanoscale biosensors by in situ ATR-FTIR spectroscopy".
"Synthesis and functionalization of poly(ethylene glycol) microparticles as soft colloidal probes for adhesion energy measurements".
"Culturing and Electrophysiology of Cells on NRCC Patch-clamp Chips".
"Microfluidic bolus induced gradient generator for live cell signalling".
"Chemical Recognition in Cell-Imprinted Polymers".
"Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy Analysis of the Covalent Functionalization and DNA Modification of Gallium Phosphide Nanorods".
"Physico-Chemical Characterization of Soymilk Particles as a Function of Their Volume Fraction: Comparison with Theoretical Systems".
"An Aluminum Nitride-based chemical sensor using Q-DLTS".
"A Q-DLTS investigation of aluminum nitride surface termination".
"Titanium oxide nanoparticles precipitated from low-temperature aqueous solutions: III. Thin film properties".
"Mapping the nano-scale interaction between bio-colloidal Giardia lamblia cysts and silica".
"Pentacene growth on 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane modified silicon dioxide".
"Dielectrophoretic differentiation of mouse ovarian surface epithelial cells, macrophages, and fibroblasts using contactless dielectrophoresis".
"Immunocapture of prostate cancer cells by use of anti-PSMA antibodies in microdevices".
"A planar microfluidic mixer based on logarithmic spirals".
"A rotary microsystem for simple, rapid and automatic RNA purification".
"Regulation of Integrin Adhesions by Varying the Density of Substrate-Bound Epidermal Growth Factor".
"An integrated microfluidic signal generator using multiphase droplet grating".
"A passive microfluidic valve fabricated from a hydrogel filled with carbon nanotubes".
"Influence of Solvents and Surface Treatment on Photovoltaic Response of DSSC Based on Natural Curcumin Dye".
"Cooperative Vaccinia Infection Demonstrated at the Single-Cell Level Using FluidFM".
"Measuring the Unusually Slow Ionic Diffusion in Polyaniline via Study of Yolk-Shell Nanostructures".
"A miniaturized bioreactor system for the evaluation of cell interaction with designed substrates in perfusion culture".
"Surface Coating as a Key Parameter in Engineering Neuronal Network Structures In Vitro".
"Facile Immobilization of Biomolecules onto Various Surfaces Using Epoxide-Containing Antibiofouling Polymers".
"A novel microfluidics-based method for probing weak protein-protein interactions.".
"Independently Controlling Protein Dot Size and Spacing in Particle Lithography".
"Effect of hydroxyl density on condensation behaviors of self-assembled monolayers and performance of pentacene-base organic thin-film transistors".
"Chemotaxis of Cell Populations through Confined Spaces at Single-Cell Resolution".
"One-pot surface modification of rubbery polymer films".
"Synthesis, adsorption and adhesive properties of a cationic amphiphilic block copolymer for use as compatibilizer in composites".
"Biophysics of microchannel-enabled neuron-electrode interfaces".
"Microfluidic extraction and stretching of chromosomal DNA from single cell nuclei for DNA fluorescence in situ hybridization".
"Trapping cells on a stretchable microwell array for single-cell analysis".
"Surface modification of micro/nano-fabricated filters".
"Fabrication and Performance of a Photonic-Microfluidic Integrated Device".
"Quantitative full-colour transmitted light microscopy and dyes for concentration mapping and measurement of diffusion coefficients in microfluidic architectures".
"Flexible microfluidic normal force sensor skin for tactile feedback".
"Work Function Control of Interfacial Buffer Layers for Efficient and Air-Stable Inverted Low-Bandgap Organic Photovoltaics".
"A Microfluidic Platform for Osmotic Fragility Test of Red Blood Cells".
"The self-assembly and patterning of thin polymer films on pyroelectric substrates driven by electrohydrodynamic instability".
"Thin air-plasma-treated alkali fluoride layers for improved hole extraction in copper phthalocyanine/C70-based solar cells".
"Mussel inspired protein-mediated surface modification to electrospun fibers and their potential biomedical applications".
"Development of disposable PDMS micro cell culture analog devices with photopolymerizable hydrogel encapsulating living cells".
"Transparent, Superhydrophobic Surfaces from One-Step Spin Coating of Hydrophobic Nanoparticles".
"Direct detection of peptides and proteins on a microfluidic platform with MALDI mass spectrometry".
"Interfacial Organic Synthesis in a Simple Droplet-Based Microfluidic System".
"Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers in Three-Dimensional Inverse Opal Structured Templates".
"Dielectric and electrical properties of an organic device containing benzotriazole and fluorene bearing copolymer".
"Hierarchical surface wrinkles directed by wrinkled templates".
"Digital-Mode Organic Vapor-Jet Printing (D-OVJP): Advanced Jet-on-Demand Control of Organic Thin-Film Deposition".
"Smart surfaces with switchable superoleophilicity and superoleophobicity in aqueous media: toward controllable oil/water separation".
"Carbon Nanotube Nanoweb-Bioelectrode for Highly Selective Dopamine Sensing".
"Long-term retention of hydrophilic behavior of plasma treated polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) surfaces stored under water and Luria-Bertani broth".
"Flexible carbon nanotube papers with improved thermoelectric properties".
"Biotemplated fabrication of size controlled palladium nanoparticle chains".
"Joule Heating Effects on Electrokinetic Focusing and Trapping of Particles in Constriction Microchannels".
"Continuous-flow ferrohydrodynamic sorting of particles and cells in microfluidic devices".
"Capillarity induced instability in responsive hydrogel membranes with periodic hole array".
"Fluidity Modulation of Phospholipid Bilayers by Electrolyte Ions: Insights from Fluorescence Microscopy and Microslit Electrokinetic Experiments".
"Quantifying the water content in the cathode of enzyme fuel cells via neutron imaging".
"Mechanical, thermal and tribological characterization of a UHMWPE film reinforced with carbon nanotubes coated on steel".
"Hierarchical Organometallic Materials: Self-Assembly of Organic-Organometallic Polyferrocenylsilane Block Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complexes in Bulk and in Thin Films".
"Microfluidic Protein Dialysis Device for X-Ray Scattering".
"Gold-Poly(methyl methacrylate) Nanocomposite Films for Plasmonic Biosensing Applications".
"Functional switching of a novel prokaryotic 2-Cys peroxiredoxin (PpPrx) under oxidative stress".
"Micro-pattern formation of extracellular matrix (ECM) layers by atmospheric-pressure plasmas and cell culture on the patterned ECMs".
"Arrangement of PC12 Cells on a Silicon Chip via Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Layer Patterning by Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas".
"A short route of covalent biofunctionaliztion of silicon surfaces".
"Deposition and Photopolymerization of Phase-Separated Perfluorotetradecanoic Acid-10,12-Pentacosadiynoic Acid Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayer Films".
"A new method of UV-patternable hydrophobization of micro-and nanofluidic networks".
"Extraction in microreactors: Intensification by adding an inert gas phase".
"Preparation of planar graded refractive index nanocomposites using microfluidics".
"Carbon Nanotube Monolayer Cues for Osteogenesis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells".
"Slow oscillating population activity in developing cortical networks: models and experimental results".
"Single-cell electrical lysis of erythrocytes detects deficiencies in the cytoskeletal protein network".
"Topographical and chemical characterization of polymer surfaces modified by physical and chemical processes".
"Osteoblast response to titanium surfaces functionalized with extracellular matrix peptide biomimetics".
"Protein-Enabled Layer-by-Layer Syntheses of Aligned, Porous-Wall, High-Aspect-Ratio TiO2 Nanotube Arrays".
"Integration of hollow fiber membranes improves nutrient supply in three-dimensional tissue constructs".
"Insulator-based dielectrophoretic single particle and single cancer cell trapping".
"Microfluidic Perfusion for Regulating Diffusible Signaling in Stem Cells".
"Agarose hydrogel microcompartments for imaging sleep- and wake-like behavior and nervous system development in Caenorhabditis elegans larvae".
"Time dependence and freezing-in of the electrode oxygen plasma-induced work function enhancement in polymer semiconductor heterostructures".
"Single Molecule Fluorescence Image Patterns Linked to Dipole Orientation and Axial Position: Application to Myosin Cross-Bridges in Muscle Fibers".
"Cyclotide-membrane interactions: Defining factors of membrane binding, depletion and disruption".
"Cancer Tissue Engineering: A Novel 3D Polystyrene Scaffold for In Vitro Isolation and Amplification of Lymphoma Cancer Cells from Heterogeneous Cell Mixtures".
"Local Temperature Determination of Optically Excited Nanoparticles and Nanodots".
"A new approach to immobilize poly(vinyl alcohol) on poly(dimethylsiloxane) resulting in low protein adsorption".
"Local Temperature Profile Measurement in Microchannels Using Temperature Sensitive Leuco-Dye Microbeads".
"Fast microfluidic temperature control for high resolution live cell imaging".
"Monodisperse Hexagonal Silver Nanoprisms: Synthesis via Thiolate-Protected Cluster Precursors and Chiral, Ligand-Imprinted Self-Assembly".
"Fabrication of a nanofibrous scaffold with improved bioactivity for culture of human dermal fibroblasts for skin regeneration".
"Small-volume solution current-time behavior study for application in reverse iontophoresis-based non-invasive blood glucose monitoring".
"Microprinting of Liver Micro-organ for Drug Metabolism Study".
"Luminescence-Based Spectroelectrochemical Sensor for [Tc(dmpe)3]2+/+ (dmpe = 1,2-bis(dimethylphosphino)ethane) within a Charge-Selective Polymer Film".
"Chemical Transfection of Cells in Picoliter Aqueous Droplets in Fluorocarbon Oil".
"Optical imaging in tissue with X-ray excited luminescent sensors".
"Toward a solid-phase nucleic acid hybridization assay within microfluidic channels using immobilized quantum dots as donors in fluorescence resonance energy transfer".
"Directed self-assembly of a colloidal kagome lattice".
"Finely Tailored Performance of Inverted Organic Photovoltaics through Layer-by-Layer Interfacial Engineering".
"Trap and corral: a two-step approach for constructing and constraining dynamic cell contact events in differentiating progenitor cell populations".
"Using the Fact that Wetting Is Contact Line Dependent".
"Photonic porous silicon-based hybrid particles by soft-lithography".
"Dielectrophoretic tweezers as a platform for molecular force spectroscopy in a highly parallel format".
"Rapid microparticle patterning by enhanced dielectrophoresis effect on a double-layer electrode substrate".
"Functionalized SnO2 nanobelt field-effect transistor sensors for label-free detection of cardiac troponin".
"Interaction of bi-dispersed particles with contact line in an evaporating colloidal drop".
"Periodic Titania Nanostructures Using Block Copolymer Templates".
"Highly transparent organic light-emitting diodes with a metallic top electrode: the dual role of a Cs2CO3 layer".
"Deformation of colloidal crystals for photonic band gap tuning".
"Heterogeneous structure of a magnetohydrodynamic mixer made by the LTCC process using a photoimageable slurry".
"Adipose-derived stem cells and BMP2: Part 1. BMP2-treated adipose-derived stem cells do not improve repair of segmental femoral defects".
"Design of hydrodynamically confined microfluidics: controlling flow envelope and pressure".
"Three-Dimensional Fluidic Self-Assembly by Axis Translation of Two-Dimensionally Fabricated Microcomponents in Railed Microfluidics".
"Cell trapping, DNA extraction and Molecular Combing in a microfluidic device for high throughput genetic analysis of human DNA".
"Surface Deposition and Phase Behavior of Oppositely Charged Polyion-Surfactant Ion Complexes. Delivery of Silicone Oil Emulsions to Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Surfaces".
"Electrolysis in nanochannels for in situ reagent generation in confined geometries".
"Development and characterisation of integrated microfluidics on waveguide-based photonic platforms fabricated from hybrid materials".
"Determination of Young’s Modulus for Nanofibrillated Cellulose Multilayer Thin Films Using Buckling Mechanics".
"Effect of the Molecular Structure on the Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Semifluorinated Alkanes at the Air/Water Interface".
"Synthesis and characterization of composite membrane by deposition of acrylic acid plasma polymer onto pre-treated polyethersulfone support".
"Multisubstrate-compatible ELISA procedures for rapid and high-sensitivity immunoassays".
"Three-dimensional locations of gold-labeled proteins in a whole mount eukaryotic cell obtained with 3 nm precision using aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy".
"Single-molecule gold-nanoparticle tracking".
"Electrostatic interaction forces in aqueous salt solutions of variable concentration and valency".
"Fluorescence Anisotropy Based Single Liposome Assay to Measure Molecule-Membrane Interactions".
"Detection of microdroplet size and speed using capacitive sensors".
"Membrane-integrated microfluidic device for high-resolution live cell imaging".
"Measurement Protocols for Reporting PEDOT Thin Film Conductivity and Optical Transmission: A Critical Survey".
"Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media: Predicting Its Dependence on Capillary Number and Viscosity Ratio".
"The human cytokine TSLP triggers a cell-autonomous dendritic cell migration in confined environments".
"Use of a Corona Discharge to Selectively Pattern a Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Interface for Integrating Segmented Flow with Microchip Electrophoresis and Electrochemical Detection".
"Charge Reversal of Sulfate Latex Particles by Adsorbed Linear Poly(ethylene imine) Probed by Multiparticle Colloidal Probe Technique".
"Passive recruitment of circulating leukocytes into capillary sprouts from existing capillaries in a microfluidic system".
"A mathematical analysis of nuclear intensity dynamics for Mig1-GFP under consideration of bleaching effects and background noise in Saccharomyces cerevisiae".
"Fabrication of monolithic polymer nanofluidic channels via near-field electrospun nanofibers as sacrificial templates".
"Hepatocyte spheroid arrays inside microwells connected with microchannels".
"Isolation and manipulation of living adherent cells by micromolded magnetic rafts".
"Microelectromechanical system-based diagnostic technology for cervical cancer".
"nanoLAB: An ultraportable, handheld diagnostic laboratory for global health".
"Poly(aniline) Nanowires in Sol-Gel Coated ITO: A pH-Responsive Substrate for Planar Supported Lipid Bilayers".
"Quantification of pH gradients and implications in insulator-based dielectrophoresis of biomolecules".
"Histone modification analysis by chromatin immunoprecipitation from a low number of cells on a microfluidic platform".
"Single-Step Electrospinning to Bioactive Polymer Nanofibers".
"Electrodeposition in Capillaries: Bottom-up Micro- and Nanopatterning of Functional Materials on Conductive Substrates".
"Patterning Functional Materials Using Channel Diffused Plasma-Etched Self-Assembled Monolayer Templates".
"Monopolar vs. bipolar subretinal stimulation-An in vitro study".
"Chromatographic behaviour of single cells in a microchannel with dynamic geometry".
"Effect of PIP2 on Bilayer Structure and Phase Behavior of DOPC: An X-ray Scattering Study".
"The effects of combined micron-/submicron-scale surface roughness and nanoscale features on cell proliferation and differentiation".
"Label-Free Visualization of Ultrastructural Features of Artificial Synapses via Cryo-EM".
"Nanotechnology-Enabled Closed Loop Insulin Delivery Device: In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Glucose-Regulated Insulin Release for Diabetes Control".
"Neuronal micro-culture engineering by microchannel devices of cellular scale dimensions".
"Electron beam immobilization of functionalized poly (vinyl methyl ether) thin films on polymer surfaces-Towards stimuli responsive coatings for biomedical purposes".
"Lateral dielectrophoretic microseparators to measure the size distribution of blood cells".
"1-Million droplet array with wide-field fluorescence imaging for digital PCR".
"Automated Dielectrophoretic Characterization of Mycobacterium smegmatis".
"Silver Porous Nanotube Built Three-Dimensional Films with Structural Tunability Based on the Nanofiber Template-Plasma Etching Strategy".
"A modified microfluidic chip for fabrication of paclitaxel-loaded poly(l-lactic acid) microspheres".
"Formation of hierarchical silica nanochannels through nanoimprint lithography".
"Method for Overcoming Bandwidth Limitations of Standard Fluorescence Microscopy".
"Megapixel digital PCR".
"Formation of Large-Scale Flexible Transparent Conductive Films Using Evaporative Migration Characteristics of Au Nanoparticles".
"A novel method to prepare water dispersible poly(benzimidazobenzophenanthroline) (BBL) by partial substitution of chain ends with poly(ethylene oxide)".
"Dynamics of Nanoscale Precursor Film near a Moving Contact Line of Spreading Drops".
"Excitotoxicity triggered by neurobasal culture medium".
"A Microfluidic Chip with Integrated Colloidal Crystal for Online Optical Analysis".
"A microfluidic system with optical laser tweezers to study mechanotransduction and focal adhesion recruitment".
"Valve-based microfluidic compression platform: single axon injury and regrowth".
"Hydrophobic/superhydrophobic oxidized metal surfaces showing negligible contact angle hysteresis".
"Nanoparticle chain formation on functional surfaces using insulin fibrils as a structure directing agent".
"Multilayer high-aspect-ratio RF coil for NMR applications".
"High sensitivity and selectivity of human antibody attachment at the interstices between substrate-bound gold nanoparticles".
"A microfluidic platform to isolate avian erythrocytes infected with Plasmodium gallinaceum malaria parasites based on surface morphological changes".
"Synthesis and physicochemical properties of cationic microgels based on poly(N-isopropylmethacrylamide)".
"A novel technique to fabricate horizontally aligned CNT nanostructure film for hydrogen gas sensing".
"The group II intron ribonucleoprotein precursor is a large, loosely packed structure".
"Filler exfoliation and dispersion in polypropylene/as-received graphite nanocomposites via cryogenic milling".
"Synchronization of cell cycle of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by using a cell chip platform".
"Deformability-based cell classification and enrichment using inertial microfluidics".
"Clinical diagnostic of pleural effusions using a high-speed viscosity measurement method".
"Miniaturized bead-beating device to automate full DNA sample preparation processes for Gram-positive bacteria".
"Low-cost polymer microfluidic device for on-chip extraction of bacterial DNA".
"Towards Gigahertz Operation: Ultrafast Low Turn-on Organic Diodes and Rectifiers Based on C60 and Tungsten Oxide".
"Laser microstructuration of three-dimensional enzyme reactors in microfluidic channels".
"Biomimetic postcapillary expansions for enhancing rare blood cell separation on a microfluidic chip".
"Fluid-shear-stress-induced translocation of aquaporin-2 and reorganization of actin cytoskeleton in renal tubular epithelial cells".
"Handheld device for the enrichment of rare cells utilising dielectrophoresis in stepping electric fields".
"A handheld preconcentrator for the rapid collection of cancerous cells using dielectrophoresis generated by circular microelectrodes in stepping electric fields".
"An insulator-based dielectrophoretic microdevice for the simultaneous filtration and focusing of biological cells".
"A cellular preconcentrator utilizing dielectrophoresis generated by curvy electrodes in stepping electric fields".
"Single-cell-based measurement of supraphysiological thermal injury in human carcinoma cells utilizing a micropatterned hydrogel chip".
"On-demand preparation of quantum dot-encoded microparticles using a droplet microfluidic system".
"Integrated parallel microfluidic device for simultaneous preparation of multiplex optical-encoded microbeads with distinct quantum dot barcodes".
"A Microfluidic-based Hydrodynamic Trap for Single Particles".
"Exponential Sensitivity and Speciation of Al(III), Sc(III), Y(III), La(III), and Gd(III) at Fused Silica/Water Interfaces".
"Probing cell migration in confined environments by plasma lithography".
"Cellular self-organization by autocatalytic alignment feedback".
"Plasma Lithography Surface Patterning for Creation of Cell Networks".
"High Resolution Reversible Color Images on Photonic Crystal Substrates".
"Highly Transparent Superhydrophobic Surfaces from the Coassembly of Nanoparticles (<100 nm)".
"Binary self-assembled monolayers: Apparent exponential dependence of resistance on average molecular length".
"Blueshift and Narrowing of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance of Silver Nanoparticles Exposed to Plasma".
"How the Surface Nanostructure of Polyethylene Affects Protein Assembly and Orientation".
"On chip electrofusion of single human B cells and mouse myeloma cells for efficient hybridoma generation".
"Endothelial cell behaviour within a microfluidic mimic of the flow channels of a modular tissue engineered construct".
"Thermo-Wetting and Friction Reduction Characterization of Microtextured Superhydrophobic Surfaces".
"Tunable Silk: Using Microfluidics to Fabricate Silk Fibers with Controllable Properties".
"Electric-Field-Assisted Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Weakly Charged Polyelectrolyte Multilayers".
"Cell Microarrays Based on Hydrogel Microstructures for the Application to Cell-Based Biosensor".
"Sample transport and electrokinetic injection in a microchip device for chemical cytometry".
"Rediscovering Silicones: Unreactive” Silicones React with Inorganic Surfaces”".
"A Microfluidic Vesicle Screening Platform: Monitoring the Lipid Membrane Permeability of Tetracyclines".
"Controlling the length and location of in situ formed nanowires by means of microfluidic tools".
"Extracellular Matrix Functionalized Microcavities to Control Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cell Fate".
"Self-Assembly Properties and Dynamics of Synthetic Proteo-Nucleic Building Blocks in Solution and on Surfaces".
"Enhanced outcoupling of electroluminescence from ZnS: ErF3 thin films by a photonic crystal".
"Separating Attoliter-Sized Compartments Using Fluid Pore-Spanning Lipid Bilayers".
"Orthogonal Functionalization of Nanoporous Substrates: Control of 3D Surface Functionality".
"Target-specific mechanics of phagocytosis: protrusive neutrophil response to zymosan differs from the uptake of antibody-tagged pathogens".
"Facile and Biocompatible Fabrication of Chemically Sol-Gel Transitional Hydrogel Free-Standing Microarchitectures".
"Simultaneous Spray Coating of Interacting Species: General Rules Governing the Poly(styrene sulfonate)/Poly(allylamine) System".
"Colloidal diffusion and hydrodynamic screening near boundaries".
"Explorations of ABO-Rh antigen expressions on erythrocyte dielectrophoresis: Changes in cross-over frequency".
"Surface-Grafted, Covalently Cross-Linked Hydrogel Brushes with Tunable Interfacial and Bulk Properties".
"Activated T lymphocytes migrate toward the cathode of DC electric fields in microfluidic devices".
"Electron localization in metal-decorated graphene".
"Droplet Generation in Flow-Focusing Microfluidic Devices for the Creation of Artificial Cells".
"Inkjet-Printed Organic Field-Effect Transistor by Using Composite Semiconductor Material of Carbon Nanoparticles and Poly (3-Hexylthiophene)".
"Fabrication of a gel particle array in a microfluidic device for bioassays of protein and glucose in human urine samples".
"High-refractive-index polymer/inorganic hybrid films containing high TiO2 contents".
"Toroidal Micelles of Polystyrene-block-Poly(acrylic acid)".
"A bifunctional biosensor for subcutaneous glucose monitoring by reverse iontophoresis".
"Rare cell chemiluminescence detection based on aptamer-specific capture in microfluidic channels".
"Microwell Device for Targeting Single Cells to Electrochemical Microelectrodes for High-Throughput Amperometric Detection of Quantal Exocytosis".
"Microfabricated scaffold-guided endothelial morphogenesis in three-dimensional culture".
"Biofunctionalization of silicone polymers using poly(amidoamine) dendrimers and a mannose derivative for prolonged interference against pathogen colonization".
"Mechanism of Titania Deposition into Cylindrical Poly(styrene-block-4 vinyl pyridine) Block Copolymer Templates".
"New ratiometric optical oxygen and pH dual sensors with three emission colors for measuring photosynthetic activity in cyanobacteria".
"Silver nanorods for oxygen reduction: Strong effects of protecting ligand on the electrocatalytic activity".
"Surface oxide net charge of a titanium alloy: Comparison between effects of treatment with heat or radiofrequency plasma glow discharge".
"Tissue integration of growth factor-eluting layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte multilayer coated implants".
"Functional synapse formation between compartmentalized cortical neurons cultured inside microfluidic devices".
"U(VI) Adsorption and Speciation at the Acidic Silica/Water Interface Studied by Resonant and Nonresonant Second Harmonic Generation".
"Reductive Electrografting of Benzene (p-Bisdiazonium Hexafluorophosphate): A Simple and Effective Protocol for Creating Diazonium-Functionalized Thin Films".
"Precision Manufacture of Phase-Change Perfluorocarbon Droplets Using Microfluidics".
"Hydrophobic Silicone Elastomer Chamber for Recording Trajectories of Motile Porcine Sperms without Adsorption".
"Forces between a monolayer at an air/water interface and a particle in solution: influence of the sign of the surface charges and the subphase salt concentration".
"Highly reliable Si3N4-HfO2 stacked heterostructure to fully flexible poly-(3-hexylthiophene) thin-film transistor".
"Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Stamping in Aqueous Phase and Non-Contact Mode".
"Fabrication of Sub-5 nm Nanochannels in Insulating Substrates Using Focused Ion Beam Milling".
"Motion of Liquid Drops on Surfaces Induced by Asymmetric Vibration: Role of Contact Angle Hysteresis".
"Catechol-Modified Polyions in Layer-by-Layer Assembly to Enhance Stability and Sustain Release of Biomolecules: A Bioinspired Approach".
"Influence of Cell Geometry on Division-Plane Positioning".
"Tribological Properties of Ultra-Thin Functionalized Polyethylene Film Chemisorbed on Si with an Intermediate Benzophenone Layer".
"Fabrication of Colloidal Grid Network by Two-Step Convective Self-Assembly".
"Characterization of the Interactions between Alq3 Thin Films and Al Probed by Two-Color Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy".
"Thin-film electrode based droplet detection for microfluidic systems".
"Effect of the Concentration of Supporting Electrolyte on Spectroelectrochemical Detection of [Ru(bpy)3]2+".
"Microelectrochemical Systems on Silicon Chips for the Detection of Pollutants in Seawater".
"The atmospheric corrosion of zinc: The effects of salt concentration, droplet size and droplet shape".
"Immunoglobulin G and bovine serum albumin streaming dielectrophoresis in a microfluidic device".
"Removal of Surface Contamination and Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) from Silver (Ag) Nanorod Substrates by Plasma Cleaning with Argon".
"Layer-by-Layer Assembled Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Electrochromic Devices".
"A microdroplet dilutor for high-throughput screening".
"Microfluidics for the deposition of density gradients of immobilized oligonucleotide probes; developing surfaces that offer spatial control of the stringency of DNA hybridization".
"Durable Antifog Films from Layer-by-Layer Molecularly Blended Hydrophilic Polysaccharides".
"Quantitative high-resolution sensing of DNA hybridization using magnetic tweezers with evanescent illumination".
"Tribological characterization of a biocompatible thin film of UHMWPE on Ti6Al4V and the effects of PFPE as top lubricating layer".
"Attractive interactions between colloids at the oil-water interface".
"Micromechanics of colloidal aggregates at the oil-water interface".
"Optical characterization of anatase TiO2 films patterned by direct ultraviolet-assisted nanoimprint lithography".
"Facile nanopatterning of zirconium dioxide films via direct ultraviolet-assisted nanoimprint lithography".
"Improved oxidation resistance of Ru/Si capping layer for extreme ultraviolet lithography reflector".
"Monitoring the status of T-cell activation in a microfluidic system".
"Vinyl-type polynorbornene with 9,9′-(1,1′-biphenyl)-4,4′-diylbis-9H-carbazole side groups as a host material for highly efficient green phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes".
"Heat-induced chaperone activity of serine/threonine protein phosphatase 5 enhances thermotolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana".
"High-throughput single-cell quantification using simple microwell-based cell docking and programmable time-course live-cell imaging".
"Ceramic nanowrinkles via a facile replication process".
"Development of Reflective Biosensor Using Fabrication of Functionalized Photonic Nanocrystals".
"Heating and acid doping thin film carbon nanotube assemblies for high transparency and low sheet resistance".
"How to embed three-dimensional flexible electrodes in microfluidic devices for cell culture applications".
"The role of plasma proteins in cell adhesion to PEG surface-density-gradient-modified titanium oxide".
"Continuous analysis of dye-loaded, single cells on a microfluidic chip".
"AAO-CNTs electrode on microfluidic flow injection system for rapid iodide sensing".
"Nanowear in a nanocomposite reinforced polymer".
"Highly Photoactive Titanyl Phthalocyanine Polymorphs as Textured Donor Layers in Organic Solar Cells".
"Zipper and Layer-by-Layer Assemblies of Artificial Photosystems Analyzed by Combining Optical and Piezoelectric Surface Techniques".
"Bifurcations: Focal Points of Particle Adhesion in Microvascular Networks".
"Characterizing stability of ‘click’ modified glass surfaces to common microfabrication conditions and aqueous electrolyte solutions".
"Directed co-assembly of heme proteins with amphiphilic block copolymers toward functional biomolecular materials".
"Microplasma patterning of bonded microchannels using high-precision ‘injected’ electrodes".
"Influence of Clay Concentration on the Gas Barrier of Clay-Polymer Nanobrick Wall Thin Film Assemblies".
"Cell to aperture interaction in patch-clamp chips visualized by fluorescence microscopy and focused-ion beam sections".
"Back-Surface Gold Mirrors for Vibrationally Resonant Sum-Frequency (VR-SFG) Spectroscopy Using 3-Mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane as an Adhesion Promoter".
"Realization and efficiency evaluation of a micro-photocatalytic cell prototype for real-time blood oxygenation".
"Biomechanical forces exert anabolic effects on osteoblasts by activation of SMAD 1/5/8 through type 1 BMP receptor".
"Understanding the Improved Stability of Hybrid Polymer Solar Cells Fabricated with Copper Electrodes".
"Compartmented microfluidic device for positioning and chemotactic migration of cells".
"Load-Induced Transitions in the Lubricity of Adsorbed Poly(l-lysine)-g-dextran as a Function of Polysaccharide Chain Density".
"Combined Surface Patterning And Bonding Of Microfluidic Biosensors Using A Single Oxygen Plasma Treatment".
"Reaction-diffusion analysis for one-step plasma etching and bonding of microfluidic devices".
"Mediatorless bioelectrocatalysis of dioxygen reduction at indium-doped tin oxide (ITO) and ITO nanoparticulate film electrodes".
"Fabrication and Electrochemical Characterization of Micro- and Nanoelectrode Arrays for Sensor Applications".
"Quantification of the effect of glycocalyx condition on membrane receptor interactions using an acoustic wave sensor".
"Embryoid body culture of mouse embryonic stem cells using microwell and micropatterned chips".
"A first step towards practical single cell proteomics: a microfluidic antibody capture chip with TIRF detection".
"Solution-Processed Nanocrystalline TiO2 Buffer Layer Used for Improving the Performance of Organic Photovoltaics".
"Identification of a Novel Benzimidazole That Inhibits Bacterial Biofilm Formation in a Broad-Spectrum Manner".
"Culturing Pancreatic Islets in Microfluidic Flow Enhances Morphology of the Associated Endothelial Cells".
"Modeling and development of a low frequency contactless dielectrophoresis (cDEP) platform to sort cancer cells from dilute whole blood samples".
"Contactless dielectrophoretic spectroscopy: Examination of the dielectric properties of cells found in blood".
"Adsorption of HSA, IgG and laminin-1 on model titania surfaces – effects of glow discharge treatment on competitively adsorbed film composition".
"Radial sample preconcentration".
"Benzophenone Absorption and Diffusion in Poly(dimethylsiloxane) and Its Role in Graft Photo-polymerization for Surface Modification".
"Systematic investigation of droplet generation at T-junctions".
"High-throughput rheology in a microfluidic device".
"Use of epoxy-embedded electrodes to integrate electrochemical detection with microchip-based analysis systems".
"Endothelial cell behaviour on gas-plasma-treated PLA surfaces: the roles of surface chemistry and roughness".
"Migration of Co-cultured Endothelial Cells and Osteoblasts in Composite Hydroxyapatite/Polylactic Acid Scaffolds".
"Tunable dual growth factor delivery from polyelectrolyte multilayer films".
"Real-time PCR of single bacterial cells on an array of adhering droplets".
"Coupling of crystalline colloidal arrays with intrinsically conductive polymers: Reflection-type electrochromic devices".
"Fluorogenic DNA sequencing in PDMS microreactors".
"Biocompatible Carbohydrate-Functionalized Stainless Steel Surfaces: A New Method For Passivating Biomedical Implants".
"Bioprinting Cell-laden Matrigel for Radioprotection Study of Liver by Pro-drug Conversion in a Dual-tissue Microfluidic Chip".
"Porous hydroxyapatite scaffold with three-dimensional localized drug delivery system using biodegradable microspheres".
"A continuous DC-insulator dielectrophoretic sorter of microparticles".
"Direct current insulator-based dielectrophoretic characterization of erythrocytes: ABO-Rh human blood typing".
"Carbon Microspheres as Ball Bearings in Aqueous-Based Lubrication".
"Mechanics of surface area regulation in cells examined with confined lipid membranes".
"Contamination-free and damage-free patterning of single-walled carbon nanotube transparent conductive films on flexible substrates".
"Surface Modification of Droplet Polymeric Microfluidic Devices for the Stable and Continuous Generation of Aqueous Droplets".
"The interactions of astrocytes and fibroblasts with defined pore structures in static and perfusion cultures".
"Toward immunoassay chips: Facile immobilization of antibodies on cyclic olefin copolymer substrates through pre-activated polymer adlayers".
"Polymer Jet Printing of SU-8 Micro-Dot Patterns on Si Surface: Optimization of Tribological Properties".
"Competition between Dewetting and Cross-Linking in Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone)/Polystyrene Bilayer Films".
"Water-in-oil emulsion separation within a milli-fluidic device".
"Magnetic core shell nanoparticles trapping in a microdevice generating high magnetic gradient".
"Microchip integrating magnetic nanoparticles for allergy diagnosis".
"Methods to Assess Pericyte-Endothelial Cell Interactions in a Coculture Model".
"C60 Fullerene Nanocolumns-Polythiophene Heterojunctions for Inverted Organic Photovoltaic Cells".
"Surface Characterization of Polythiophene:Fullerene Blends on Different Electrodes Using Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure".
"Optimization of flowrate for expansion of human embryonic stem cells in perfusion microbioreactors".
"Micropatterned Ligand Arrays to Study Spatial Regulation in Fc Receptor Signaling".
"Solid-phase Submonomer Synthesis of Peptoid Polymers and their Self-Assembly into Highly-Ordered Nanosheets".
"Bonding of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Microfluidics to Silicon-Based Sensors".
"Tuning Stamp Surface Energy for Soft Lithography of Polar Molecules to Fabricate Bioactive Small-Molecule Microarrays".
"Microbubble formation and pinch-off scaling exponent in flow-focusing devices".
"Proton beam writing a platform technology for high quality three-dimensional metal mold fabrication for nanofluidic applications".
"Physisorbed surface coatings for poly(dimethylsiloxane) and quartz microfluidic devices".
"Ring-shaped neuronal networks: a platform to study persistent activity".
"Towards nanoscale composite particles of dual complexity".
"Evaluation of transdifferentiation from mesenchymal stem cells to neuron-like cells using microfluidic patterned co-culture system".
"Diverse Chemiresistors Based upon Covalently Modified Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes".
"Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of low-bandgap polymers based on N-arylcarbazole".
"Optical tweezers directed one-bead one-sequence synthesis of oligonucleotides".
"Planar and textured heterojunction organic photovoltaics based on chloroindium phthalocyanine (ClInPc) versus titanyl phthalocyanine (TiOPc) donor layers".
"Benchtop micromolding of polystyrene by soft lithography".
"Bulk Heterojunction Organic Photovoltaics Based on Carboxylated Polythiophenes and PCBM on Glass and Plastic Substrates".
"Ultrasonication on a microfluidic chip to lyse single and multiple Pseudo-nitzschia for marine biotoxin analysis".
"Influence of Surface Roughness on Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide Adsorption from Aqueous Solution".
"Efficient fabrication of highly conductive and transparent carbon nanotube thin films on polymer substrates".
"Enhanced Thermopower of Graphene Films with Oxygen Plasma Treatment".
"Surface-Treated TiO2 Nanoparticles for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Remarkably Enhanced Performance".
"The assembly of cell-encapsulating microscale hydrogels using acoustic waves".
"Selective electroless silver plating of three dimensional SU-8 microstructures on silicon for metamaterials applications".
"Solution-Processed Flexible Polymer Solar Cells with Silver Nanowire Electrodes".
"Traffic of leukocytes in microfluidic channels with rectangular and rounded cross-sections".
"Separating and detecting escherichia coli in a microfluidic channel for urinary tract infection applications".
"Comparative assembly of colloidal quantum dots on surface templates patterned by plasma lithography".
"An approach to compatible multiple nonlinear vibrational spectroscopy measurements using a commercial sum frequency generation system".
"Enhanced Cellular Functions on Polycaprolactone Tissue Scaffolds by O2 Plasma Surface Modification".
"Electropolymerization of highly hydrophobic polythiophene films with high adhesion force".
"Signal enhancement of surface plasmon-coupled emission (SPCE) with the evanescent field of surface plasmons on a bimetallic paraboloid biochip".
"A Facile Approach to Superhydrophilic-Superhydrophobic Patterns in Porous Polymer Films".
"High doses of bone morphogenetic protein 2 induce structurally abnormal bone and inflammation in vivo".
"Lipopolymer gradient diffusion in supported bilayer membranes".
"Single Molecule Detection of Nitric Oxide Enabled by d(AT)15 DNA Adsorbed to Near Infrared Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes".
"Ultra-sensitive microfibre absorption detection in a microfluidic chip".
"Fabrication of Multilayered Microparticles by Integrating Layer-by-Layer Assembly and MicroContact Printing".
"Integrated High-Efficiency Pt/Carbon Nanotube Arrays for PEM Fuel Cells".
"Rapid Assembly of Nanolines with Precisely Controlled Spacing from Binary Blends of Block Copolymers".
"Sealing SU-8 microfluidic channels using PDMS".
"D4H/D4V Silicone: A Replica Material with Several Advantages for Nanoimprint Lithography and Capillary Force Lithography".
"Magnetically Induced Decrease in Droplet Contact Angle on Nanostructured Surfaces".
"Triazacryptand-based fluorescent sensors for extracellular and intracellular K+ sensing".
"Reliable Measurements of Interfacial Slip by Colloid Probe Atomic Force Microscopy. II. Hydrodynamic Force Measurements".
"Analytical model of microfluidic transport of non-magnetic particles in ferrofluids under the influence of a permanent magnet".
"General approach for fabricating nanoparticle arrays via patterned block copolymer nanoreactors".
"Generation of cell-derived three dimensional extracellular matrix substrates from two dimensional endothelial cell cultures".
"Nanocomposite UHMWPE-CNT Polymer Coatings for Boundary Lubrication on Aluminium Substrates".
"Tribology of UHMWPE film on air-plasma treated tool steel and the effect of PFPE overcoat".
"DC Electrokinetic Particle Transport in an L-Shaped Microchannel".
"Interactions between DNA and Poly (amido amine) Dendrimers on Silica Surfaces".
"On the Ability of PAMAM Dendrimers and Dendrimer/DNA Aggregates To Penetrate POPC Model Biomembranes".
"DNA Binding to Zwitterionic Model Membranes".
"A low resistance microfluidic system for the creation of stable concentration gradients in a defined 3D microenvironment".
"Microfluidic Devices Integrating Microcavity Surface-Plasmon-Resonance Sensors: Glucose Oxidase Binding-Activity Detection".
"New antioxidant with dual functions as a peroxidase and chaperone in Pseudomonas aeruginosa".
"Collision of a long DNA molecule with an isolated nanowire".
"Block Copolymer Directed Nanoporous Metal Thin Films".
"Passivation of aluminum with alkyl phosphonic acids for biochip applications".
"Self-Organized Films from Cellulose I Nanofibrils Using the Layer-by-Layer Technique".
"Activation of Spruce Wood Surfaces by Plasma Treatment After Long Terms of Natural Surface Inactivation".
"Pre-treatment of Zn surfaces for droplet corrosion studies".
"Development of STAT3 as an accessible target for fluorescence-based inhibition assays".
"Contribution of GABAergic interneurons to the development of spontaneous activity patterns in cultured neocortical networks".
"Molecular-level removal of proteinaceous contamination from model surfaces and biomedical device materials by air plasma treatment".
"Microfluidic electroporation of tumor and blood cells: observation of nucleus expansion and implications on selective analysis and purging of circulating tumor cells".
"Quantifying the interaction of the C-terminal regions of polycystin-2 and polycystin-1 attached to a lipid bilayer by means of QCM".
"Dipolar assembly of ferromagnetic nanoparticles into magnetically driven artificial cilia".
"Biosensors coated with sulfated polysaccharides for the detection of hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor in cell culture medium".
"Orthogonal, Three-Component, Alkanethiol-Based Surface-Chemical Gradients on Gold".
"Coexpression of glutamate vesicular transporter (VGLUT1) and choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) proteins in fetal rat hippocampal neurons in culture".
"Effects of Particle Size and Substrate Surface Properties on Deposition Dynamics of Inkjet-Printed Colloidal Drops for Printable Photovoltaics Fabrication".
"Minimizing the number of voltage sources for pinched injection on a microfluidic device".
"On the Shape of Surface Nanobubbles".
"Multiphoton excitation fluorescence microscopy in planar membrane systems.".
"Plasma brominated polymer particles as grafting substrate for thiol-terminated telomers".
"Scanning probe block copolymer lithography".
"Snapshot Voltammetry Using a Triangular Bipolar Microelectrode".
"Biofabrication of a three-dimensional liver micro-organ as an in vitro drug metabolism model".
"Glycan Array on Aluminum Oxide-Coated Glass Slides through Phosphonate Chemistry".
"Simple replication methods for producing nanoslits in thermoplastics and the transport dynamics of double-stranded DNA through these slits".
"Multifunctional Electrospun Fabrics via Layer-by-Layer Electrostatic Assembly for Chemical and Biological Protection".
"Hotspot-Induced Transformation of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Fingerprints".
"Probing localized neural mechanotransduction through surface-modified elastomeric matrices and electrophysiology".
"Solvent Effects on Molecular Packing and Tribological Properties of Octadecyltrichlorosilane Films on Silicon".
"Fabrication of high-aspect-ratio polymer nanochannels using a novel Si nanoimprint mold and solvent-assisted sealing".
"Dry etching of colloidal crystal films".
"Combined Electrochemical Surface Plasmon Resonance for Angle Spread Imaging of Multielement Electrode Arrays".
"A Physisorbed Interface Design of Biomolecules for Selective and Sensitive Protein Detection".
"Preclinical Analysis of Irreversible Electroporation on Rat Liver Tissues Using a Microfabricated Electroporator".
"Measurement of single-cell adhesion strength using a microfluidic assay".
"Integrated electrical concentration and lysis of cells in a microfluidic chip".
"Dynamic culture of droplet-confined cell arrays".
"Colloid probe AFM study of thermal collapse and protein interactions of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) coatings".
"Creating Biomimetic Polymeric Surfaces by Photochemical Attachment and Patterning of Dextran".
"Superhydrophobic surfaces by hybrid raspberry-like particles".
"A metering rotary nanopump for microfluidic systems".
"A defined long-term in vitro tissue engineered model of neuromuscular junctions".
"Dissipation and oscillatory solvation forces in confined liquids studied by small-amplitude atomic force spectroscopy".
"Do Epitaxy and Temperature Affect Oscillatory Solvation Forces?".
"Bottom-Up Photonic Crystal Approach with Top-Down Defect and Heterostructure Fine-Tuning".
"Direct Synthesis of Quaternized Polymer Brushes and Their Application for Guiding Neuronal Growth".
"Flow and adhesion of drug carriers in blood vessels depend on their shape: A study using model synthetic microvascular networks".
"Enhancing DNA Detection Sensitivity Through a Two-Step Enrichment Method with Magnetic Beads and Droplet Evaporation".
"General Synthesis of 2D Ordered Hollow Sphere Arrays Based on Nonshadow Deposition Dominated Colloidal Lithography".
"Use of multiple colorimetric indicators for paper-based microfluidic devices".
"Swelling-induced instabilities in microscale, surface-confined poly(N-isopropylacryamide) hydrogels".
"Characterization of adhesion phenomena and contact of surfaces by soft colloidal probe AFM".
"Fabrication of large area homogeneous metallic nanostructures for optical sensing using colloidal lithography".
"A microfluidic device for reversible environmental changes around single cells using optical tweezers for cell selection and positioning".
"In-situ QCM-D analysis reveals four distinct stages during vapour phase polymerisation of PEDOT thin films".
"Surface-initiated ring-opening metathesis polymerization of 5-(perfluorohexyl)norbornene on carbon paper electrodes".
"The Role of Electrostatic Interactions in Protease Surface Diffusion and the Consequence for Interfacial Biocatalysis".
"Mechanical strain stabilizes reconstituted collagen fibrils against enzymatic degradation by mammalian collagenase matrix metalloproteinase 8 (MMP-8)".
"Microchip for ultrafast voltammetry".
"Quantifying cellular adhesion to extracellular matrix components by single-cell force spectroscopy".
"Electrically controlling cell adhesion, growth and migration".
"A microfluidic approach for anticancer drug analysis based on hydrogel encapsulated tumor cells".
"Microfluidic Cell Culture and Metabolism Detection with Electrospray Ionization Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer".
"Flow-through electroporation based on constant voltage for large-volume transfection of cells".
"Coating dielectric substrates by plasma-reduction of metallic ions in solvents".
"Effect of Humidity on Nanoscale Adhesion on Self-Assembled Thiol Monolayers Studied by Dynamic Force Spectroscopy".
"Thin Film Oxide Barrier Layers Protection of Kapton from Space Environment by Liquid Phase Deposition of Titanium Oxide".
"Influence of lysophospholipid hydrolysis by the catalytic domain of neuropathy target esterase on the fluidity of bilayer lipid membranes".
"Surface regeneration of microfluidic microarray printheads through plasma techniques".
"A hybrid microfluidic chip with electrowetting functionality using ultraviolet (UV)-curable polymer".
"Functionalization of cyclo-olefin polymer substrates by plasma oxidation: Stable film containing carboxylic acid groups for capturing biorecognition elements".
"Hydrodynamic drainage force in a highly confined geometry: role of surface roughness on different length scales".
"Visualizing individual microtubules by bright field microscopy".
"Sequential Adsorption of Bovine Mucin and Lactoperoxidase to Various Substrates Studied with Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation".
"Water-Collecting Capability of Radial-Wettability Gradient Surfaces Generated by Controlled Surface Reactions".
"Ordering and Printing Virus Arrays: A Straightforward Way to Functionalize Surfaces".
"Circular compartmentalized microfluidic platform: Study of axon-glia interactions".
"Alignment of gold nanoparticles using insulin fibrils as a sacrificial biotemplate".
"Fabrication of gold microelectrodes on polystyrene sheets by UV-directed electroless plating and its application in electrochemical detection".
"The stability of the CNT/Ni field emission cathode fabricated by the composite plating method".
"Selective Electroless Copper Plating on Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Surfaces by Microcontact Printing".
"Design of organic 3D microresonators with microfluidics coupled to thin-film processes for photonic applications".
"Sheathless inertial cell ordering for extreme throughput flow cytometry".
"The effects of adhesion energy on the fabrication of high-aspect-ratio SU-8 microstructures".
"Adhesion Assays of Endothelial Cells on Nanopatterned Surfaces within a Microfluidic Channel".
"Confinement-optimized three-dimensional T cell amoeboid motility is modulated via myosin IIA-regulated adhesions".
"Multiplexed enzyme-based bioassay within microfluidic devices using shape-coded hydrogel microparticles".
"Phenol biosensor based on hydrogel microarrays entrapping tyrosinase and quantum dots".
"A multi-layer microfluidic device for efficient culture and analysis of renal tubular cells".
"Hydrodynamic separation of cells utilizing insulator-based dielectrophoresis".
"Focusing of biological cells utilizing negative dielectrophoretic force generated by insulating structures".
"A Role for the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System in Activity-Dependent Presynaptic Silencing".
"Localized lubrication of micromachines: A feasibility study on Si in reciprocating sliding with PFPE as the lubricant".
"Interactions of Al(III), La(III), Gd(III), and Lu(III) with the Fused Silica/Water Interface Studied by Second Harmonic Generation".
"Open access microfluidic device for the study of cell migration during chemotaxis".
"On-demand generation of monodisperse femtolitre droplets by shape-induced shear".
"Osteoconductive conjugation of bone morphogenetic protein-2 onto titanium/titanium oxide surfaces coated with non-biofouling poly(poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate)".
"A fast, single-vesicle fusion assay mimics physiological SNARE requirements".
"Nanometer-Sized Domains in Langmuir-Blodgett Films for Patterning SiO2".
"Whole blood, flow-chamber studies in real-time indicate a biphasic role for thymosin beta-4 in platelet adhesion".
"Perfusion and characterization of an endothelial cell-seeded modular tissue engineered construct formed in a microfluidic remodeling chamber".
"Influence of the Substrate on the Mobility of Individual Nanocars".
"Single SNARE-Mediated Vesicle Fusion Observed In Vitro by Polarized TIRFM".
"Pattern Transfer Printing of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Multilayers and Application in Biosensors".
"In situ monitoring of antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial biofilms in a microfluidic device".
"Stabilization of Ion Concentration Polarization Using a Heterogeneous Nanoporous Junction".
"Micropatterns of Hierarchical Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Droplets with Solvent-Assisted Wetting of Brush Monolayers".
"Self-assembled periodic liquid crystal defects array for soft lithographic template".
"Molecular Rearrangement of Metal-Chelating Lipid Monolayers upon Protein Adsorption".
"Innovative self-cleaning and bactericide textiles".
"Long-term response of osteogenic cells on micron and submicron-scale-structured hydrophilic titanium surfaces: sequence of cell proliferation and cell differentiation".
"Photothermal Micro-and Nanopatterning of Organic/Silicon Interfaces".
"Optical Outcoupling Enhancement in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes: Highly Conductive Polymer as a Low-Index Layer on Microstructured ITO Electrodes".
"Wettability transition of plasma-treated polystyrene micro/nano pillars-aligned patterns".
"Surface Area Characterization of Obliquely Deposited Metal Oxide Nanostructured Thin Films".
"Contact angle hysteresis: a different view and a trivial recipe for low hysteresis hydrophobic surfaces".
"Characterization of Interface Properties of Clay Nanoplatelet-Filled Epoxy Resin and Carbon Fiber by Single Fiber Composite Technique".
"Self-Organized Thin Films of Hydrogen-Bonded Phthalocyanines: Characterization of Structure and Electrical Properties on Nanometer Length Scales".
"Competitive capacitive biosensing technique (CCBT): A novel technique for monitoring low molecular mass analytes using glucose assay as a model study".
"Silanization of coverslips for DNA combinga".
"Strength Dependence of Cadherin-Mediated Adhesions".
"Nanotubes Oxidation Temperature Controls the Height of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Forests on Gold Micropatterned Thin Layers".
"Migration of liver and kidney explants inside trapezoidal PDMS microchannels".
"Electrochemical cell lysis device for DNA extraction".
"Multilayer deposition on patterned posts using alternating polyelectrolyte droplets in a microfluidic device".
"Direct differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into selective neurons on nanoscale ridge/groove pattern arrays".
"Active Guidance of 3D Microstructures".
"Capillary Based Patterning of Cellular Communities in Laterally Open Channels".
"Signal Amplification in a Microchannel from Redox Cycling with Varied Electroactive Configurations of an Individually Addressable Microband Electrode Array".
"Fabrication of hollow and mesoporous germania microspheres by templating against plasma-treated polystyrene microspheres".
"Aminosilane Micropatterns on Hydroxyl-Terminated Substrates: Fabrication and Applications".
"Transfection of molecular beacons in microchannels for single-cell gene-expression analysis".
"The Shape and Flexibility of Tropomyosin Coiled Coils: Implications for Actin Filament Assembly and Regulation".
"5-(Perfluorooctylthio)acetamidofluorescein (5-FOAF) as a convenient tag for inspecting the surface coverage of fluorinated coatings".
"Wall-induced lateral migration in particle electrophoresis through a rectangular microchannel".
"A self-pumping lab-on-a-chip for rapid detection of botulinum toxin".
"Heterobifunctional modification of DNA for conjugation to solid surfaces".
"Trapping Single Molecules in Liposomes: Surface Interactions and Freeze-Thaw Effects".
"Dynamic Wetting of Polyisoprene Melts: Influence of the End Group".
"Fabrication of Microwell Arrays Based on Two-Dimensional Ordered Polystyrene Microspheres for High-Throughput Single-Cell Analysis".
"A micro-channel-well system for culture and differentiation of embryonic stem cells on different types of substrate".
"Propagating Surface Plasmon Resonance on Microhole Arrays".
"Integrated single-cell analysis shows Pichia pastoris secretes protein stochastically".
"Sub-attomolar detection of cholera toxin using a label-free capacitive immunosensor".
"Preparation of protein nanoarray on silicon surface by atomic force microscopy nanofabrication".
"Adsorption of lysozyme beta-casein and their layer-by-layer formation on hydrophilic surfaces: effect of ionic strength".
"Polyelectrolyte Multilayers from Cationic and Anionic Starch: Influence of Charge Density and Salt Concentration on the Properties of the Adsorbed Layers".
"Characterization of Tunable FGF-2 Releasing Polyelectrolyte Multilayers".
"Continuous scalable blood filtration device using inertial microfluidics".
"Triggered Instability of Liposomes Bound to Hydrophobically Modified Core-Shell PNIPAM Hydrogel Beads".
"Differences Between Crystals Obtained in PLLA-Rich or PDLA-Rich Stereocomplex Mixtures".
"Sensitive giant magnetoresistive-based immunoassay for multiplex mycotoxin detection".
"Uranyl Adsorption and Speciation at the Fused Silica/Water Interface Studied by Resonantly Enhanced Second Harmonic Generation and the x^(3) Method".
"Poly (ethylene glycol) Adlayers Immobilized to Metal Oxide Substrates Through Catechol Derivatives: Influence of Assembly Conditions on Formation and Stability".
"Tape underlayment rotary-node (TURN) valves for simple on-chip microfluidic flow control".
"Window on a Microworld: Simple Microfluidic Systems for Studying Microbial Transport in Porous Media".
"Substituted Poly(p-phenylene) Thin Films via Surface-Initiated Kumada-Type Catalyst Transfer Polycondensation".
"Development of patch-clamp chips for mammalian cell applications".
"High-fidelity patch-clamp recordings from neurons cultured on a polymer microchip".
"Activation de la superficie de poliolefinas mediante tratamienos de plasma a vacio y plasma atmosferico".
"Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Amplification with Film over Etched Nanospheres".
"Effects of tensile strain and fluid flow on osteoarthritic human chondrocyte metabolism in vitro".
"Why ozonolysis may not increase the hydrophilicity of particles".
"Flexible metal-insulator-metal capacitor using plasma enhanced binary hafnium-zirconium-oxide as gate dielectric layer".
"Improved reliability from a plasma-assisted metal-insulator-metal capacitor comprising a high-k HfO2 film on a flexible polyimide substrate".
"Cell Adhesive Behavior on Thin Polyelectrolyte Multilayers: Cells Attempt to Achieve Homeostasis of Its Adhesion Energy".
"Time Controlled Protein Release from Layer-by-Layer Assembled Multilayer Functionalized Agarose Hydrogels".
"Stochastic Relaxation of the Contact Line of a Water Drop on a Solid Substrate Subjected to White Noise Vibration: Roles of Hysteresis".
"Instantaneous fabrication of arrays of normally closed, adjustable, and reversible nanochannels by tunnel cracking".
"The frictional behavior of UHMWPE films with different surface energies at low normal loads".
"Polymer microlenses for quantifying cell sheet mechanics".
"Flow-directed assembly of nanostructured thin films from suspensions of anisotropic titania particles".
"Stress relaxation and creep on living cells with the atomic force microscope: a means to calculate elastic moduli and viscosities of cell components".
"The effectiveness of the controlled release of gentamicin from polyelectrolyte multilayers in the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus infection in a rabbit bone model".
"Mercury-Mediated Attachment of Metal-Sandwich-Based Altitudinal Molecular Rotors to Gold Surfaces".
"Nanostructured Complexes of Polyelectrolytes and Charged Polypeptides".
"Photoemission Spectroscopy of Tethered CdSe Nanocrystals: Shifts in Ionization Potential and Local Vacuum Level As a Function of Nanocrystal Capping Ligand".
"Optical Properties of Au, Ag, and Bimetallic Au on Ag Nanohole Arrays".
"Chemical control of Vorticella bioactuator using microfluidics".
"Effect of cell spot sizes on micropatterned cultures of rat hepatocytes".
"Gold nanostructures on chemically reinforced PDMS microwell arrays".
"Enhancing the analytical performance of immunoassays that employ metal-enhanced fluorescence".
"High Density Scaffolding of Functional Polymer Brushes: Surface Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Active Esters".
"Novel Carboxyl-Amine Bonding Methods for Poly(dimethylsiloxane)-Based Devices".
"Fluid-interface templating of two-dimensional colloidal crystals".
"Heterogeneity of the electrostatic repulsion between colloids at the oil-water interface".
"Rigiflex Lithography-Based Nanodot Arrays for Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors".
"Continuously perfused, non-cross-contaminating microfluidic chamber array for studying cellular responses to orthogonal combinations of matrix and soluble signals".
"Photo-induced hybrid nanopatterning of titanium dioxide via direct imprint lithography".
"Micro-macro hybrid soft-lithography master (MMHSM) fabrication for lab-on-a-chip applications".
"Synthesis and hole-transporting properties of vinyl-type polynorbornenes with ethyl ester linked triarylamine side groups".
"Rapid Prototyping of Nanofluidic Systems Using Size-Reduced Electrospun Nanofibers for Biomolecular Analysis".
"Fast switching electrochromism from colloidal indium tin oxide in tungstate-based thin film assemblies".
"The Interaction between a Very Small Rising Bubble and a Hydrophilic Titania Surface".
"Sub Micron Poly-Dimethyl Siloxane (PDMS) replication using proton beam fabricated nickel moulds".
"Air-stable supported membranes for single-cell cytometry on PDMS microchips".
"The role of the interplay between polymer architecture and bacterial surface properties on the microbial adhesion to polyoxazoline-based ultrathin films".
"Extraction of metals from aqueous systems employing capillary-channeled polymer (C-CP) fibers modified with poly (acrylic acid)(PAA)".
"Effective Charge of Adsorbed Poly (amido amine) Dendrimers: Transition from Heterogeneous to Homogeneous Charge Distribution".
"Charge regulation effects on electrostatic patch-charge attraction induced by adsorbed dendrimers".
"Super Gas Barrier of Transparent Polymer-Clay Multilayer Ultrathin Films".
"Static Dissipative Biopolymer Composites Prepared by In Situ Polymerization of Polypyrrole on Poly (lactic acid) Surfaces".
"A novel silicon patch-clamp chip permits high-fidelity recording of ion channel activity from functionally defined neurons".
"Soft lithography for micro-and nanoscale patterning".
"A new chemotaxis device for cell migration studies".
"Surface Oxide Net Charge of a Titanium Alloy: Modulation of Fibronectin-Activated Attachment and Spreading of Osteogenic Cells".
"Influence of polymer-metal interface on the photovoltaic properties and long-term stability of nc-TiO2-P3HT hybrid solar cells".
"Controlled enhancement of transmembrane enzyme activity in polymer cushioned supported bilayer membranes".
"Nucleation geometry governs ordered actin networks structures".
"Stable Inverted Polymer/Fullerene Solar Cells Using a Cationic Polythiophene Modified PEDOT:PSS Cathodic Interface".
"Characteristics of indium zinc oxide films deposited using the facing targets sputtering method for OLEDs applications".
"Effects of single amino acid substitutions on peptide interaction with lipid membranes and bacteria-variants of GKE21, an internal sequence from human LL-37.".
"Influence of the spring constant of cantilevers on hydrodynamic force measurements by the colloidal probe technique".
"Stem cell plasticity, osteogenic differentiation and the third dimension".
"Developments of Low-Temperature Solution Processing for Nanostructured Titania Dielectric Films".
"Core-Shell Diamond as a Support for Solid-Phase Extraction and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography".
"Probing the interaction of a membrane receptor with a surface-attached ligand using whole cells on acoustic biosensors".
"Enzyme Mediated Site-Specific Surface Modification".
"Effect of Air-Plasma Pre-treatment of Si Substrate on Adhesion Strength and Tribological Properties of a UHMWPE Film".
"Electromagnetically Controlled Biological Assembly of Aligned Bacterial Cellulose Nanofibers".
"Surface Adsorption and Phase Separation of Oppositely Charged Polyion- Surfactant Ion Complexes: 3. Effects of Polyion Hydrophobicity".
"Adsorption from saliva to silica and hydroxyapatite surfaces and elution of salivary films by SDS and delmopinol".
"Design of a high-throughput device for screening surface modification protocols".
"Surface Assembly of Catechol-Functionalized Poly (l-lysine)-graft-poly (ethylene glycol) Copolymer on Titanium Exploiting Combined Electrostatically Driven Self-Organization and Biomimetic Strong Adhesion".
"Self-Assembly of Organic Monolayers onto Hydrogen-Terminated Silicon: 1-Alkynes Are Better Than 1-Alkenes".
"Organic Monolayers onto Oxide-Free Silicon with Improved Surface Coverage: Alkynes versus Alkenes".
"Microcontact Printing onto Oxide-Free Silicon via Highly Reactive Acid Fluoride-Functionalized Monolayers".
"Electrically Triggered Release of a Small Molecule Drug from a Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Coating".
"Wettability Patterning by UV-Initiated Graft Polymerization of Poly(acrylic acid) in Closed Microfluidic Systems of Complex Geometry".
"In-situ quantification of membrane foulant accumulation by reflectometry".
"Self-aligned Schwann cell monolayers demonstrate an inherent ability to direct neurite outgrowth".
"Characterization of Streptavidin Binding to Biotinylated, Binary Self-Assembled Thiol Monolayers-Influence of Component Ratio and Solvent".
"Biofunctionalization of titanium surfaces for osseintegration process improvement".
"In situ Roughening of Polymeric Microstructures".
"A Microfluidic System for Biological Particle Enrichment Using Contactless Dielectrophoresis".
"Broad absorbing low-bandgap polythiophene derivatives incorporating separate and content-tunable benzothiadiazole and carbazole moieties for polymer solar cells".
"Compartmental culture of embryonic stem cell-derived neurons in microfluidic devices for use in axonal biology".
"Morphology and bonding states of chemical vapor deposition diamond films nucleation surface".
"Site-Specific DNA-Controlled Fusion of Single Lipid Vesicles to Supported Lipid Bilayers".
"Free-Flow Zone Electrophoresis of Peptides and Proteins in PDMS Microchip for Narrow pI Range Sample Prefractionation Coupled with Mass Spectrometry".
"Non-Toxic Dry-Coated Nanosilver for Plasmonic Biosensors".
"Cassie-State Wetting Investigated by Means of a Hole-to-Pillar Density Gradient".
"Photobleaching induced damage of biomolecules: Streptavidin as ‘bio’-photoresist".
"Nanomechanical Probes of Single Corneal Epithelial Cells: Shear Stress and Elastic Modulus".
"Optical Properties of Micro-patterned Silver Nanoparticle Substrates".
"Direct measurement of oxygen consumption rates from attached and unattached cells in a reversibly sealed, diffusionally isolated sample chamber".
"Bacterial Biofilm Formation Versus Mammalian Cell Growth on Titanium-based Mono- and Bi-functional Coatings".
"Surface Deposition and Phase Behavior of Oppositely Charged Polyion- Surfactant Ion Complexes. 2. A Means to Deliver Silicone Oil to Hydrophilic Surfaces".
"Adsorption of serum albumin on silica – The influence of surface cleaning procedures".
"Thermally induced phase separation in supported bilayers of glycosphingolipid and phospholipid mixtures".
"Controlled microscale diffusion gradients in quiescent extracellular fluid".
"Temperature-Induced, Reversible Swelling Transitions in Multilayers of a Cationic Triblock Copolymer and a Polyacid".
"Creation of cavitation activity in a microfluidic device through acoustically driven capillary waves".
"Surface-patterned electrode bioreactor for electrical stimulation".
"Patterning of Quantum Dot Bioconjugates via Particle Lithography".
"Thermally Cross-Linked PNVP Films As Antifouling Coatings for Biomedical Applications".
"Tuning structural forces between silica surfaces by temperature-induced micellization of responsive block copolymers".
"Influence of matrices on oxygen sensing of three sensing films with chemically conjugated platinum porphyrin probes and preliminary application for monitoring of oxygen consumption of Escherichia coli (E. coli)".
"A New Cross-Linkable Oxygen Sensor Covalently Bonded into Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate)-co-Polyacrylamide Thin Film for Dissolved Oxygen Sensing".
"Dually fluorescent sensing of pH and dissolved oxygen using a membrane made from polymerizable sensing monomers".
"A series of naphthalimide derivatives as intra and extracellular pH sensors".
"Innovative High-Surface-Area CuO Pretreated Cotton Effective in Bacterial Inactivation under Visible Light".
"Modification of Polylactide Surfaces with Lactide-Ethylene Oxide Functional Block Copolymers: Accessibility of Functional Groups".
"Local modification of self-assembled monolayers by a photocatalytic probe".
"Layer-by-Layer Transfer of Multiple, Large Area Sheets of Graphene Grown in Multilayer Stacks on a Single SiC Wafer".
"Thermoresponsive nanocomposites from multilayers of nanofibrillated cellulose and specially designed N-isopropylacrylamide based polymers".
"Covalent Attachment of Lipid Vesicles to a Fluid-Supported Bilayer Allows Observation of DNA-Mediated Vesicle Interactions".
"A New Target for Amyloid Beta Toxicity Validated by Standard and High-Throughput Electrophysiology".
"Growth of primary embryo cells in a microculture system".
"Photoinduced electron transfer in thin films of porphyrin–fullerene dyad and perylenetetracarboxidiimide".
"Vectorial photoinduced electron transfer in multicomponent film systems of poly (3-hexylthiophene), porphyrin–fullerene dyad, and perylenetetracarboxidiimide".
"Multicomponent Molecularly Controlled Langmuir-Blodgett Systems for Organic Photovoltaic Applications".
"Room temperature ionic liquids in electrosynthesis and spectroelectrochemical characterization of poly(para-phenylene)".
"A stretching device for imaging real-time molecular dynamics of live cells adhering to elastic membranes on inverted microscopes during the entire process of the stretch".
"Fabrication of Carbon Nanotubes Field Emission Cathode by Composite Plating".
"Field emission properties of carbon nanotube cathodes produced using composite plating".
"Dye-Sensitized TiO2 Nanotube Solar Cells with Markedly Enhanced Performance via Rational Surface Engineering".
"Quantitative analysis of protein translocations by microfluidic total internal reflection fluorescence flow cytometry".
"Kinetics of NF-kappaB nucleocytoplasmic transport probed by single-cell screening without imaging".
"Electrochemical Surface Plasmon Resonance: Basic Formalism and Experimental Validation".
"A systems approach towards the stoichiometry-controlled hetero-assembly of nanoparticles".
"Microdevice to capture colon crypts for in vitro studies".
"In-channel modification of biosensor electrodes integrated on a polycarbonate microfluidic chip for micro flow-injection amperometric determination of glucose".
"Micromolded arrays for separation of adherent cells".
"Nitrogen-Doped Graphene and Its Application in Electrochemical Biosensing".
"Use of Force Spectroscopy to Investigate the Adhesion of Living Adherent Cells".
"The quantification of single cell adhesion on functionalized surfaces for cell sheet engineering".
"A microfluidic system with non-embedded tilting inter-castellated electrode for dielectrophoretic separation".
"The characteristics of multi-walled carbon nanotubes by a two-step separation scheme via dielectrophoresis".
"Template-free electrochemical nanofabrication of polyaniline nanobrush and hybrid polyaniline with carbon nanohorns for supercapacitors".
"Microfluidic Preparative Free-Flow Isoelectric Focusing: System Optimization for Protein Complex Separation".
"Live cell flattening — traditional and novel approaches".
"Microfluidic labeling of biomolecules with radiometals for use in nuclear medicine".
"Fast cholesterol detection using flow injection microfluidic device with functionalized carbon nanotubes based electrochemical sensor".
"An agar gel membrane-PDMS hybrid microfluidic device for long term single cell dynamic study".
"Bactericidal and virucidal ultrathin films assembled layer by layer from polycationic N-alkylated polyethylenimines and polyanions".
"Dual Functional Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Coatings for Implants: Permanent Microbicidal Base with Controlled Release of Therapeutic Agents".
"Portable audio electronics for impedance-based measurements in microfluidics".
"Large scale lithography-free nano channel array on polystyrene".
"Microfluidic formation of single cell array for parallel analysis of Ca2+ release-activated Ca2+ (CRAC) channel activation and inhibition".
"Real-time monitoring of suspension cell–cell communication using an integrated microfluidics".
"Microcup Arrays for the Efficient Isolation and Cloning of Cells".
"An extrusion fluidic driving method for continuous-flow polymerase chain reaction on a microfluidic chip".
"Hg/Molecular Monolayer-Si Junctions: Electrical Interplay between Monolayer Properties and Semiconductor Doping Density".
"Mechanistic investigation into the spontaneous linear assembly of gold nanospheres".
"AFM characterization of nanopositioner in-plane stiffnesses".
"Dual-Column Miniseparator to Separate Alpha-Fetoprotein From Fibrinogen and Immunoglobulin".
"Separation of beta-human chorionic gonadotropin from fibrinogen using a MEMS size exclusion chromatography column".
"Origin of the Nonadhesive Properties of Fibrinogen Matrices Probed by Force Spectroscopy".
"Accelerated differentiation of osteoblast cells on polycaprolactone scaffolds driven by a combined effect of protein coating and plasma modification".
"Demonstration of a surface plasmon-coupled emission (SPCE)-based immunoassay in the absence of a spacer layer".
"Surface plasmon-coupled emission (SPCE)-based immunoassay using a novel paraboloid array biochip".
"Surface-modified nanofibrous biomaterial bridge for the enhancement and control of neurite outgrowth".
"Chemical Vapor Deposition of Three Aminosilanes on Silicon Dioxide: Surface Characterization, Stability, Effects of Silane Concentration, and Cyanine Dye Adsorption".
"Tuning the mechanical properties of silica microcapsules".
"A simple method for fabricating multi-layer PDMS structures for 3D microfluidic chips".
"Fast Assembly of Ordered Block Copolymer Nanostructures through Microwave Annealing".
"Three-Dimensional Atom Probe Tomography of Oxide, Anion, and Alkanethiolate Coatings on Gold".
"AFM Force Mapping for Characterizing Patterns of Electrostatic Charges on SiO2 Electrets".
"Continuous separation of non-magnetic particles inside ferrofluids".
"Capillary flow in microchannels".
"Chemical stimulation of adherent cells by localized application of acetylcholine from a microfluidic system".
"Pulling force generated by interacting SNAREs facilitates membrane hemifusion".
"A Y-channel design for improving zeta potential and surface conductivity measurements using the current monitoring method".
"Nanoscale Cellulose Films with Different Crystallinities and Mesostructures — Their Surface Properties and Interaction with Water".
"Design of Highly Oleophobic Cellulose Surfaces from Structured Silicon Templates".
"Patterned Au/Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Substrate Fabricated by Chemical Plating Coupled with Electrochemical Etching for Cell Patterning".
"Defining the role of syndecan-4 in mechanotransduction using surface-modification approaches".
"Development of a combined surface plasmon resonance/surface acoustic wave device for the characterization of biomolecules".
"Quantification of nano-scale intermembrane contact areas by using fluorescence resonance energy transfer".
"Spatiotemporal stimulation of single cells using flow photolysis.".
"Nanofabricated Collagen-Inspired Synthetic Elastomers for Primary Rat Hepatocyte Culture".
"Mechanical strain enhances survivability of collagen micronetworks in the presence of collagenase: implications for load-bearing matrix growth and stability".
"Microarray spotting of nanoparticles".
"Single Polyelectrolyte Layers Adsorbed at High Salt Conditions: Polyelectrolyte Brush Domains Coexisting with Flatly Adsorbed Chains".
"Three-dimensional, gas phase fuel cell with a laccase biocathode".
"Solvent-Dependent Friction Force Response of Poly(ethylenimine)-graft-poly(ethylene glycol) Brushes Investigated by Atomic Force Microscopy".
"Around-the-objective total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy".
"Measuring the surface-enhanced Raman scattering enhancement factors of hot spots formed between an individual Ag nanowire and a single Ag nanocube".
"Isolating and Probing the Hot Spot Formed between Two Silver Nanocubes".
"A combined in vitro and in vivo study on the interactions between somatostatin and lipid-based liquid crystalline drug carriers and bilayers".
"Early adhesive behavior of bone-marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells on collagen electrospun fibers".
"Materials of Controlled Shape and Stiffness with Photocurable Microfluidic Endoskeleton".
"Spontaneous, oscillatory liquid transport in surface tension-confined microfluidics".
"Patch clamping on plane glass — fabrication of hourglass aperture and high-yield ion channel recording".
"Optical microflow cytometer for particle counting, sizing and fluorescence detection".
"Computation of transient flow rates in passive pumping micro-fluidic systems".
"Lab-on-Chip Flow Injection Analysis System without an External Pump and Valves and Integrated with an In Line Electrochemical Detector".
"pH-Responsive Reversibly Swellable Nanotube Arrays".
"Highly flexible organic light-emitting diodes based on ZnS/Ag/WO3 multilayer transparent electrodes".
"Bacteria concentration using a membrane type insulator-based dielectrophoresis in a plastic chip".
"A regenerative biosensing surface in microfluidics using electrochemical desorption of short-chain self-assembled monolayer".
"A microfluidic biosensor based on competitive protein adsorption for thyroglobulin detection".
"Reusable biosensors via in situ electrochemical surface regeneration in microfluidic applications".
"Coalescence and splitting of confined droplets at microfluidic junctions".
"Rapid generation of spatially and temporally controllable long-range concentration gradients in a microfluidic device".
"Optofluidic encapsulation and manipulation of silicon microchips using image processing based optofluidic maskless lithography and railed microfluidics".
"Cell migration into scaffolds under co-culture conditions in a microfluidic platform".
"Electrokinetic focusing and filtration of cells in a serpentine microchannel".
"Fabrication of large-area patterned photonic crystals by ink-jet printing".
"Developing a novel serum-free cell culture model of skeletal muscle differentiation by systematically studying the role of different growth factors in myotube formation".
"Patterning of diverse mammalian cell types in serum free medium with photoablation".
"Dissociation Behavior of Weak Polyelectrolyte Brushes on a Planar Surface".
"Gold Films with Imprinted Cavities".
"Interfacial forces between silica surfaces measured by atomic force microscopy".
"Electrochemical Detection for Paper-Based Microfluidics".
"Direct Measurement of Normal and Shear Forces between Surface-Grown Polyelectrolyte Layers".
"Quantitative Measurement of Zinc Secretion from Pancreatic Islets with High Temporal Resolution Using Droplet-Based Microfluidics".
"Ultrasound triggered cell death in vitro with doxorubicin loaded poly lactic-acid contrast agents".
"Polyelectrolyte adsorption on thin cellulose films studied with reflectometry and quartz crystal microgravimetry with dissipation".
"Tailoring the chemistry of polyelectrolytes to control their adsorption on cellulosic surfaces".
"Interaction force between an air bubble and a hydrophilic spherical particle in water, measured by the colloid probe technique".
"Stable Supported Lipid Bilayers on Zirconium Phosphonate Surfaces".
"Influence of PEG-ran-PPG Surfactant on Vapour Phase Polymerised PEDOT Thin Films".
"Hydrophilic biopolymer grafted on poly (dimethylsiloxane) surface for microchip electrophoresis".
"Liquid mixing in gas-liquid two-phase flow by meandering microchannels".
"Forced flow paper chromatography: A simple tool for separations in short time".
"Application of external micro-spectrophotometric detection to improve sensitivity on microchips".
"Cholesterol modulates the exposure and orientation of pulmonary surfactant protein SP-C in model surfactant membranes".
"Influence of applied currents on the viability of cells close to microelectrodes".
"Modulating DNA adsorption on silica beads using an electrical switch".
"Dielectrophoresis assisted concentration of micro-particles and their rapid quantitation based on optical means".
"Fluorescence imaging of Dictyostelium discoideum with a hard X-ray nanoprobe".
"Transition in the Evaporation Kinetics of Water Microdrops on Hydrophilic Surfaces".
"Nanostructured biocomposite substrates by electrospinning and electrospraying for the mineralization of osteoblasts".
"Diblock copolymers with an amorphous, high glass transition temperature, organometallic block: synthesis, characterisation and self-assembly of polystyrene-b-poly(ferrocenylisopropylmethylsilane) in the bulk state".
"Lateral displacement as a function of particle size using a piecewise curved planar interdigitated electrode array".
"Aqueous Lubrication of SiC and Si 3 N 4 Ceramics Aided by a Brush-like Copolymer Additive, Poly (l-lysine)-graft-poly (ethylene glycol)".
"Room-Temperature, Aqueous-Phase Fabrication of Poly (methacrylic acid) Brushes by UV-LED-Induced, Controlled Radical Polymerization with High Selectivity for Surface-Bound Species".
"Influence of Salt on the Aqueous Lubrication Properties of End-Grafted, Ethylene Glycol-Based Self-Assembled Monolayers".
"Deformability limits of Plasmodium falciparum-infected red blood cells".
"Electric field gradient focusing in microchannels with embedded bipolar electrode".
"Microfluidic sorting system based on optical force switching".
"Nanostructured wrinkled surfaces for templating bionanoparticles — controlling and quantifying the degree of order".
"Deformability study of breast cancer cells using microfluidics".
"All-solution-processed inverted polymer solar cells on granular surface-nickelized polyimide".
"Plasma induced patterning of polydimethylsiloxane surfaces".
"Engineering microscale cellular niches for three-dimensional multicellular co-cultures".
"A gold nanoparticle labeling strategy for the sensitive kinetic assay of the carbamate-acetylcholinesterase interaction by surface plasmon resonance".
"Anionic Ring-Opening Polymerization of a Germanium-Bridged [1] Ferrocenophane: Synthesis and Morphology of Well-Defined Polyferrocenylgermane Homopolymers and Block Copolymers".
"Determinants of Leukocyte Margination in Rectangular Microchannels".
"Trapping of cells by insulator-based dielectrophoresis using open-top microstructures".
"Selective trapping of live and dead mammalian cells using insulator-based dielectrophoresis within open-top microstructures".
"Enhanced Electrochromic Switching in Multilayer Thin Films of Polyaniline-Tethered Silsesquioxane Nanocage".
"A Simple Method to Produce Trivalent Colloidal Particles".
"Multiplexed Bead-Based Mesofluidic System for Detection of Food-Borne Pathogenic Bacteria".
"Adhesive interaction between polyelectrolyte multilayers of polyallylamine hydrochloride and polyacrylic acid studied using atomic force microscopy and surface force apparatus".
"Adsorption behavior and adhesive properties of biopolyelectrolyte multilayers formed from cationic and anionic starch".
"Stable, Ligand-Doped, Poly(bis-SorbPC) Lipid Bilayer Arrays for Protein Binding and Detection".
"Template-Guided Self-Assembly of Colloidal Quantum Dots Using Plasma Lithography".
"Characterization of Electroconductive Blends of Poly(HEMA-co-PEGMA-co-HMMA-co-SPMA) and Poly(Py-co-PyBA)".
"Fabrication of a poly (dimethylsiloxane) membrane with well-defined through-holes for three-dimensional microfluidic networks".
"Non-volatile Ferroelectric Poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) Memory Based on a Single-Crystalline Tri-isopropylsilylethynyl Pentacene Field-Effect Transistor".
"Flow injection based microfluidic device with carbon nanotube electrode for rapid salbutamol detection".
"Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous carbon thin films from phloroglucinol/surfactant self-assembly".
"Patterning Lead Zirconate Titanate Nanostructures at Sub-200-nm Resolution by Soft Confocal Imprint Lithography and Nanotransfer Molding".
"All-star polymer multilayers as pH-responsive nanofilms".
"Solvent-Resistant PDMS Microfluidic Devices with Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Polymer Coatings".
"Mechanosensitivity of fibroblast cell shape and movement to anisotropic substratum topography gradients".
"Fabrication of microfluidic devices incorporating bead-based reaction and microarray-based detection system for enzymatic assay".
"Lateral-flow particle filtration and separation with multilayer microfluidic channels".
"Diacetylene Phospholipid-Mediated Synthesis of Germania Nanotubules and Nanoparticles".
"Transferred Microelectrodes Fabricated with V2O5 Nanowires Embedded Polyelectrolyte Multilayers".
"Fabrication of a Superhydrophobic Surface from a Smectic Liquid-Crystal Defect Array".
"The control of cell adhesion and detachment on thin films of thermoresponsive poly[(N-isopropylacrylamide)-r-((3-(methacryloylamino)propyl)-dimethyl(3-sulfopropyl)ammonium hydroxide)]".
"Rapid microfluidic separation of magnetic beads through dielectrophoresis and magnetophoresis".
"Crosslinking of cell-derived 3D scaffolds up-regulates the stretching and unfolding of new extracellular matrix assembled by reseeded cells".
"A new USP Class VI-compliant substrate for manufacturing disposable microfluidic devices".
"Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in adhesive microcavities".
"A multipurpose capacitive biosensor for assay and quality control of human immunoglobulin G".
"A capacitive immunosensor for detection of cholera toxin".
"Baseline Mechanical Characterization of J774 Macrophages".
"Surface acoustic wave immunosensor for real-time detection of hepatitis B surface antibodies in whole blood samples".
"Transcriptionally active TFIIH of the early-diverged eukaryote Trypanosoma brucei harbors two novel core subunits but not a cyclin-activating kinase complex".
"Improved Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Immunoassay with Gold Bipyramid Substrates".
"Extensional flow-based assessment of red blood cell deformability using hyperbolic converging microchannel".
"Spin-Assembled Layer-by-Layer Films of Weakly Charged Polyelectrolyte Multilayer".
"Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube/SiO 2 and Carbon Nanotube/SiO 2/Ag Nanoparticles Hybrids by Using Plasma Treatment".
"Miniaturized metal semiconductor metal photocurrent system for biomolecular sensing via chemiluminescence".
"In-situ measurement of cellular microenvironments in a microfluidic device".
"FTIR-ATR Study of Water Uptake and Diffusion Through Ion-Selective Membranes Based on Plasticized Poly(vinyl chloride)".
"Growth Velocity and Direct Length-Sorted Growth of Short Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by a Metal-Catalyst-Free Chemical Vapor Deposition Process".
"Palladium(II)-catalyzed addition polymerizations of nadimides with linear alkyl and alicyclic pendant groups".
"Microfabricated Amperometric Cells for Multicomponent Analysis".
"Trace detection of peroxides using a microcantilever detector".
"Electrical properties of single and multiple poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanowires for sensing nitric oxide gas".
"Growth of outgrowth endothelial cells on aligned PLLA nanofibrous scaffolds".
"Liposome-Hydrogel Bead Complexes Prepared via Biotin Avidin Conjugation".
"Fast Disinfecting Antimicrobial Surfaces".
"Characterization of a gastrointestinal tract microscale cell culture analog used to predict drug toxicity".
"Free Energy Relationships in the Electric Double Layer and Alkali Earth Speciation at the Fused Silica/Water Interface".
"A multiplexed optofluidic biomolecular sensor for low mass detection".
"Electrostatic Layer-by-Layer Assembly of CdSe Nanorod/Polymer Nanocomposite Thin Films".
"Secondary Ozonide Formation from the Ozone Oxidation of Unsaturated Self-Assembled Monolayers on Zinc Selenide Attenuated Total Reflectance Crystals".
"Multilayer mediated forward and patterned siRNA transfection using linear-PEI at extended N/P ratios".
"Hard Top Soft Bottom Microfluidic Devices for Cell Culture and Chemical Analysis".
"A Facile Approach to Defect-Free Vinylene-Linked Benzothiadiazole-Thiophene Low-Bandgap Conjugated Polymers for Organic Electronics".
"Low-Band-Gap Platinum Acetylide Polymers as Active Materials for Organic Solar Cells".
"Innovative UVC Light (185 nm) and Radio-Frequency-Plasma Pretreatment of Nylon Surfaces at Atmospheric Pressure and Their Implications in Photocatalytic Processes".
"Local Membrane Mechanics of Pore-Spanning Bilayers".
"RNA and DNA interactions with zwitterionic and charged lipid membranes–A DSC and QCM-D study".
"Mechanical Forces of Fission Yeast Growth".
"Electric Field-Directed Convective Assembly of Ellipsoidal Colloidal Particles to Create Optically and Mechanically Anisotropic Thin Films".
"Nanoscale Patterning of Organic Monolayers by Catalytic Stamp Lithography: Scope and Limitations".
"Surface modification of polymers using a multi-step plasma treatment".
"Experimental and Theoretical Characterization of Adsorbed Water on Self-Assembled Monolayers: Understanding the Interaction of Water with Atmospherically Relevant Surfaces".
"Capacitive Coulter counting: detection of metal wear particles in lubricant using a microfluidic device".
"Morphological and functional studies of rat hepatocytes on a hydrophobic or hydrophilic polydimethylsiloxane surface".
"The synthesis of high coercivity cobalt-in-carbon nanotube hybrid structures and their optical limiting properties".
"Screening individual hybridomas by microengraving to discover monoclonal antibodies".
"Fabrication of a hybrid PDMS/SU-8/quartz microfluidic chip for enhancing UV absorption whole-channel imaging detection sensitivity and application for isoelectric focusing of proteins".
"Versatile horizontal force probe for mechanical tests on pipette-held cells, particles, and membrane capsules".
"In Situ ATR-FTIR Investigation on the Preparation and Enantiospecificity of Chiral Polyelectrolyte Multilayers".
"Characterization of Partially Sulfonated Polystyrene-block-poly (ethylene-ran-butylene)-block-polystyrene Thin Films for Spectroelectrochemical Sensing".
"Phase Controllable Transfer Printing of Patterned Polyelectrolyte Multilayers".
"Micropatterning of poly(dimethylsiloxane) using a photoresist lift-off technique for selective electrical insulation of microelectrode arrays".
"Patterning mouse and human embryonic stem cells using micro-contact printing".
"Bipolar Electrode Focusing: The Effect of Current and Electric Field on Concentration Enrichment".
"Effective Charge of Adsorbed Poly (amidoamine) Dendrimers from Direct Force Measurements".
"Tribological Properties of Poly (l-lysine)-graft-poly (ethylene glycol) Films: Influence of Polymer Architecture and Adsorbed Conformation".
"A microfluidic mixing system for single-molecule measurements".
"Imaging the Evolution of Nanoscale Photocurrent Collection and Transport Networks during Annealing of Polythiophene/Fullerene Solar Cells".
"Organic Photovoltaic Cells Based On Solvent-Annealed, Textured Titanyl Phthalocyanine/C60 Heterojunctions".
"Phase Separation of Palmitic Acid and Perfluorooctadecanoic Acid in Mixed Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayer Films".
"Immunomagnetic separation and rapid detection of bacteria using bioluminescence and microfluidics".
"Development of a microfluidics-based gel protein recovery system".
"Optoelectrothermic Control of Highly Integrated Polymer-Based MEMS Applied in an Artificial Skin".
"The adsorption and lubrication behavior of synovial fluid proteins and glycoproteins on the bearing-surface materials of hip replacements".
"Interaction of Lipid Membrane with Nanostructured Surfaces".
"Optimization of the surfaces used to capture antibodies from single hybridomas reduces the time required for microengraving".
"Observing Proteins as Single Molecules Encapsulated in Surface-Tethered Polymeric Nanocontainers".
"Silica supported phospholipid layers doped with GM1: A comparison between different methods".
"Substrate influence on cell shape and cell mechanics: HepG2 cells spread on positively charged surfaces".
"Covalent Attachment of Bent-Core Mesogens to Silicon Surfaces".
"Lipopeptides derived from HIV and SIV mimicking the prehairpin intermediate of gp41 on solid supported lipid bilayers".
"Electrical stimulation of human embryonic stem cells: Cardiac differentiation and the generation of reactive oxygen species".
"Shear Stress Effect on Transfection of Neurons Cultured in Microfluidic Devices".
"Controlling the release of peptide antimicrobial agents from surfaces".
"Hollow Metal Nanorods with Tunable Dimensions, Porosity, and Photonic Properties".
"Evaluation of Cross-Linking Methods for Electrospun Gelatin on Cell Growth and Viability".
"Quantifying GFP Diffusion in Escherichia coli by Using Continuous Photobleaching with Evanescent Illumination".
"Effects of Recombinant Protein Expression on Green Fluorescent Protein Diffusion in Escherichia coli".
"Hydrophobic Effects in the Critical Destabilization and Release Dynamics of Degradable Multilayer Films".
"Microfluidics for cryopreservation".
"Portable microfluidic system for determination of urinary creatinine".
"The uniform capillary model for packed beds and particle wettability".
"Oligotryptophan-tagged antimicrobial peptides and the role of the cationic sequence".
"Evaluation of Strategies for Improving Proteolytic Resistance of Antimicrobial Peptides by Using Variants of EFK17, an Internal Segment of LL-37".
"Layer-by-Layer-Assembled Multilayer Films for Transcutaneous Drug and Vaccine Delivery".
"Transport-mediated angiogenesis in 3D epithelial coculture".
"Facile Method for Selective Immobilization of Biomolecules on Plastic Surfaces".
"Prevention of air bubble formation in a microfluidic perfusion cell culture system using a microscale bubble trap".
"Morphosynthesis of Gold Nanoplates in Polypeptide Multilayer Films".
"A novel system for evaluation of drug mixtures for potential efficacy in treating multidrug resistant cancers".
"Lipophilic 1,4-naphthoquinone derivatives: synthesis and redox properties in solution and entrapped in the aqueous cubic liquid-crystalline phase of monoolein".
"Regenerable Tethered Bilayer Lipid Membrane Arrays for Multiplexed Label-Free Analysis of Lipid-Protein Interactions on Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Microchips Using SPR Imaging".
"Fabrication of Protein Dot Arrays via Particle Lithography".
"Jamming prokaryotic cell-to-cell communications in a model biofilm".
"A Method for the Real-Time Observation of Endodermal Cell Behavior on Micropatterned Surfaces".
"Particulate Templates and Ordered Liquid Bridge Networks in Evaporative Lithography".
"Interaction between Lamellar (Vesicles) and Nonlamellar Lipid Liquid-Crystalline Nanoparticles as Studied by Time-Resolved Small-Angle X-ray Diffraction".
"Adsorption of Intact Cubic Liquid Crystalline Nanoparticles on Hydrophilic Surfaces: Lateral Organization, Interfacial Stability, Layer Structure, and Interaction Mechanism".
"Spatial Tuning of the Metal Work Function by Means of Alkanethiol and Fluorinated Alkanethiol Gradients".
"Erosion of POSS-polyimide films under hypervelocity impact and atomic oxygen: The role of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures".
"A multipurpose microfluidic device designed to mimic microenvironment gradients and develop targeted cancer therapeutics".
"Analysis of herbicides on a single C30 bead via a microfluidic device combined with electrospray ionization quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer".
"Seedless Synthesis and Thermal Decomposition of Single Crystalline Zinc Hydroxystannate Cubes".
"Highly controlled core/shell structures: tunable conductive polymer shells on gold nanoparticles and nanochains".
"Quantification of chemical-polymer surface interactions in microfluidic cell culture devices".
"Crack-Free 3D Hybrid Microstructures from Photosensitive Organosilicates as Versatile Photonic Templates".
"Controllable Fabrication and Tunable Magnetism of Nickel Nanostructured Ordered Porous Arrays".
"Microfluidic pool structure for cell docking and rapid mixing".
"Effect of Surface Free Energy on PDMS Transfer in Microcontact Printing and Its Application to ToF-SIMS to Probe Surface Energies".
"General and Simple Route to Micro/Nanostructured Hollow-Sphere Arrays Based on Electrophoresis of Colloids Induced by Laser Ablation in Liquid".
"A polyethylene glycol (PEG) microfluidic chip with nanostructures for bacteria rapid patterning and detection".
"Monitoring hippocampus electrical activity in vitro on an elastically deformable microelectrode array".
"Electron injection via pentacene thin films for efficient inverted organic light-emitting diodes".
"Label free capacitive immunosensor for detecting calpastatin — A meat tenderness biomarker".
"Detection of an Epstein-Barr Genome Analog at Physiological Concentrations via the Biometallization of Interdigitated Array Electrodes".
"Electroporation of Cells in Microfluidic Droplets".
"Subsurface Oxidation for Micropatterning Silicon (SOMS)".
"Creating a Library of Complex Metallic Nanostructures via Harnessing Pattern Transformation of a Single PDMS Membrane".
"The fabrication of polymer microfluidic devices using a solid-to-solid interfacial polyaddition".
"Selective Detection of Hypertoxic Organophosphates Pesticides via PDMS Composite based Acetylcholinesterase-Inhibition Biosensor".
"Region-selective electroless gold plating on polycarbonate sheets by UV-patterning in combination with silver activating".
"A Method for Fabrication of Graphene Oxide Nanoribbons from Graphene Oxide Wrinkles".
"Charging and structure of zwitterionic supported bilayer lipid membranes studied by streaming current measurements, fluorescence microscopy, and attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy".
"Dynamic binding orientations direct activity of HIV reverse transcriptase.".
"Soft lithography: masters on demand".
"Atomic force microscope spectroscopy reveals a hemifusion intermediate during soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor-attachment protein receptors-mediated membrane fusion".
"Microfluidic based single cell microinjection".
"Calcium-Assisted Glass-to-Glass Bonding for Fabrication of Glass Microfluidic Devices".
"Lateral Pressure Dependence of the Phospholipid Transmembrane Diffusion Rate in Planar-Supported Lipid Bilayers".
"Wetting kinetics of oil mixtures on fluorinated model cellulose surfaces".
"Buildup of polyelectrolyte multilayers of polyethyleneimine and microfibrillated cellulose studied by in situ dual-polarization interferometry and quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation".
"Quantification of polypropylene surface chemical groups using principal components regression and ToF-SIMS and XPS data".
"Patterned dispersion of nanoparticles in hydrogels using microfluidics".
"Electroactive Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold via Bipodal Dithiazepane Anchoring Groups".
"Enhancement of In Vitro Capillary Tube Formation by Substrate Nanotopography".
"Conformation of poly (styrene sulfonate) layers physisorbed from high salt solution studied by force measurements on two different length scales".
"Electrochemical properties of carbon nanoparticles entrapped in a silica matrix".
"Influence of polymer structure on electroosmotic flow and separation efficiency in successive multiple ionic layer coatings for microchip electrophoresis".
"Concurrent detection of secreted products from human lymphocytes by microengraving: Cytokines and antigen-reactive antibodies".
"Titanyl Phthalocyanine/C60 Heterojunctions: Band-Edge Offsets and Photovoltaic Device Performance".
"Patterned immobilization of antibodies in mechanically induced cracks".
"Membrane interaction and structure of the transmembrane domain of influenza hemagglutinin and its fusion peptide complex".
"Remotely powered distributed microfluidic pumps and mixers based on miniature diodes".
"Controlled on-chip stimulation of quantal catecholamine release from chromaffin cells using photolysis of caged Ca2+ on transparent indium-tin-oxide microchip electrodes".
"Fabrication of Hairy Polymeric Films Inspired by Geckos: Wetting and High Adhesion Properties".
"Protein-nanocrystal conjugates support a single filament polymerization model in R1 plasmid segregation".
"Polyelectrolyte multilayers for tunable release of antibiotics".
"Non-Lithographic Wrinkle Nanochannels for Protein Preconcentration".
"Enzymatic ligation creates discrete multinanoparticle building blocks for self-assembly".
"Removal of nonspecifically bound proteins on microarrays using surface acoustic waves".
"Probing the function of ionotropic and G protein-coupled receptors in surface-confined membranes".
"Temporal neurotransmitter conditioning restores the functional activity of adult spinal cord neurons in long-term culture".
"Isoelectric focusing in an ordered micropillar array".
"Transient effects on microchannel electrokinetic filtering with an ion-permselective membrane".
"Measurement of Nitrogen Mustard Degradation Products by Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Microchip Electrophoresis with Contactless Conductivity Detection".
"Poly (dimethylsiloxane) microchip electrophoresis with contactless conductivity detection for measurement of chemical warfare agent degradation products".
"Morphological and surface compositional changes in poly(lactide-co-glycolide) tissue engineering scaffolds upon radio frequency glow discharge plasma treatment".
"Conformation of preadsorbed polyelectrolyte layers on silica studied by secondary adsorption of colloidal silica".
"Adsorption kinetics of cationic polyelectrolytes studied with stagnation point adsorption reflectometry and quartz crystal microgravimetry".
"The mechanism of conductivity enhancement in poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrenesulfonic) acid using linear-diol additives: Its effect on electrochromic performance".
"Faradaic charge corrected colouration efficiency measurements for electrochromic devices".
"High conductivity PEDOT using humidity facilitated vacuum vapour phase polymerisation".
"Influence of Humidity on Adhesion: An Atomic Force Microscope Study".
"Kinetics of Adsorption and Proteolytic Cleavage of a Multilayer Ovalbumin Film by Subtilisin Carlsberg".
"Improved fabrication of zero-mode waveguides for single-molecule detection".
"Melting and interdigitation of microstructured solid supported membranes quantified by imaging ellipsometry".
"Hydrothermal treatment of nanoparticle thin films for enhanced mechanical durability".
"Model-controlled hydrodynamic focusing to generate multiple overlapping gradients of surface-immobilized proteins in microfluidic devices".
"The effect of matrix density on the regulation of 3-D capillary morphogenesis".
"Multifunctional Surfaces with Discrete Functionalized Regions for Biological Applications".
"Solution-Deposited Amorphous Titanium Dioxide on Silicone Rubber: A Conformal, Crack-Free Antibacterial Coating".
"Electron tomography of vitreous sections from cultured mammalian cells".
"Polyelectrolyte coatings with a potential for electronic control and cell sheet engineering".
"Integration of ultrasonic transducers in fast prototyping microfluidic devices".
"Experimental Studies on the Adsorption of Two Surfactants on Solid-Aqueous Interfaces: Adsorption Isotherms and Kinetics".
"Mimicking mussel adhesion to improve interfacial properties in composites".
"Modification of amorphous poly (ethylene terephthalate) surface by UV light and plasma for fabrication of an electrophoresis chip with an integrated gold microelectrode".
"The influence of anchoring-group structure on the lubricating properties of brush-forming graft copolymers in an aqueous medium".
"Versatile bioelectronic interfaces on flexible non-conductive substrates".
"Microfluidic protein patterning on silicon nitride using solvent-extracted poly(dimethylsiloxane) channels".
"Observing Metal-Catalyzed Chemical Reactions in Situ Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy on Pd-Au Nanoshells".
"Intact pattern transfer of conductive exfoliated graphite nanoplatelet composite films to polyelectrolyte multilayer platforms".
"The influence of membrane ion-permselectivity on electrokinetic concentration enrichment in membrane-based preconcentration units".
"Nanopatterning materials using area selective atomic layer deposition in conjunction with thermochemical surface modification via heated AFM cantilever probe lithography".
"Rapid microfabrication of solvent-resistant biocompatible microfluidic devices".
"Microfluidic-based synthesis of non-spherical magnetic hydrogel microparticles".
"Actin Binding of Ezrin Is Activated by Specific Recognition of PIP2-Functionalized Lipid Bilayers".
"The antimicrobial reagent role on the degradation of model cellulose film".
"Analysis of cyclic-stretching responses using cell-adhesion-patterned cells".
"Evaporation-induced assembly of biomimetic polypeptides".
"Primary neuron/astrocyte co-culture on polyelectrolyte multilayer films: A template for studying astrocyte-mediated oxidative stress in neurons".
"Micropatterning of proteins on the surface of three-dimensional poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel microstructures".
"Micropatterning of thin P3HT films via plasma enhanced polymer transfer printing".
"Silica-deposited phospholipid nanotubules as a plausible drug targeting system".
"A Microfluidic Platform for Preconcentrating and Detecting Cu (II) with a Fluorescent Chemosensor and Cu (II)-Chelating Alginate Beads".
"Significantly improved stability of n-octadecyltrichlorosilane self-assembled monolayer by plasma pretreatment on mica".
"P-OXA-X: A new Oligo photosensitizer for organic solar cells".
"Plasma Reduction of Silver Compounds for Fabrication of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrates".
"Interaction and Structure of Surfaces Coated by Poly (vinyl amines) of Different Line Charge Densities".
"Enhancement of neurite outgrowth using nano-structured scaffolds coupled with laminin".
"Selective aluminum passivation for targeted immobilization of single DNA polymerase molecules in zero-mode waveguide nanostructures".
"Sample Dispersion for Segmented Flow in Microchannels with Rectangular Cross Section".
"Photocatalytic layer-by-layer coatings for degradation of acutely toxic agents".
"Effects of grafting poly(ethylene oxide) on the amplification efficiency of a poly(dimethylsiloxane)-based flow-through PCR device".
"Simultaneous Multiselective Spectroelectrochemical Sensing of the Interaction between Protein and Its Ligand Using the Redox Dye Nile Blue as a Label".
"Nanodiamond-Embedded Microfilm Devices for Localized Chemotherapeutic Elution".
"Fabrication of polydimethylsiloxane shadow masks for chemical solution deposition of CdS thin-film transistors".
"Fabrication of Hollow Polymeric Microstructures for Shear-Protecting Cell-Containers".
"Polymethylhydrosiloxane (PMHS) as a functional material for microfluidic chips".
"Anomalous Particle Rotation and Resulting Microstructure of Colloids in AC Electric Fields".
"Influence of channel position on sample confinement in two-dimensional planar microfluidic devices".
"Multi-molecular gradients of permissive and inhibitory cues direct neurite outgrowth".
"Facile fabrication of hollow silica and titania microspheres using plasma-treated polystyrene spheres as sacrificial templates".
"Fabrication of Colloidal Crystals with Defined and Complex Structures via Layer-by-Layer Transfer".
"Determination of chloride, chlorate and perchlorate by PDMS microchip electrophoresis with indirect amperometric detection".
"Surface energy effects on osteoblast spatial growth and mineralization".
"Using Electrocapillarity to Measure the Zeta Potential of a Planar Hydrophobic Surface in Contact with Water and Nonionic Surfactant Solutions".
"Evaporation of sessile water/ethanol drops in a controlled environment".
"Osmium Redox Hydrogel Mediated Biosensor for Measurement of Low Concentration Glucose Extracted by Reverse Iontophoresis".
"Interactions of Ca, Zn, and Cd Ions at Buried Solid/Water Interfaces Studied by Second Harmonic Generation".
"Microcirculation within grooved substrates regulates cell positioning and cell docking inside microfluidic channels".
"Three-dimensional microfluidic devices fabricated in layered paper and tape".
"Synthesis and Characterization of Iron Oxide Derivatized Mutant Cowpea Mosaic Virus Hybrid Nanoparticles".
"A label-free immunoassay based upon localized surface plasmon resonance of gold nanorods".
"Effect of the deposition type on the structure of terthiophene-vinylbenzoate Langmuir–Blodgett films".
"Fabrication of elastomeric wires by selective electroless metallization of poly(dimethylsiloxane)".
"Design of 11-residue peptides with unusual biophysical properties: Induced secondary structure in the absence of water".
"High-resolution soft lithography of thin film resists enabling nanoscopic pattern transfer".
"Epidermal growth factor promotes breast cancer cell chemotaxis in CXCL12 gradients".
"Ordered arrays of faceted gold nanoparticles obtained by dewetting and nanosphere lithography".
"Two-dimensional nanopatterning by PDMS relief structures of polymeric colloidal crystals".
"Growth and electrophysiological properties of rat embryonic cardiomyocytes on hydroxyl-and carboxyl-modified surfaces".
"Structural Evolution of Self-Assembled Alkanephosphate Monolayers on TiO2".
"Large-Scale Regioselective Formation of Well-Defined Stable Wrinkles of Multilayered Films via Embossing".
"Self-supporting nanopore membranes with controlled pore size and shape".
"Interactions between Chitosan and SDS at a Low-Charged Silica Substrate Compared to Interactions in the BulkThe Effect of Ionic Strength".
"Release of a model protein from biodegradable self assembled films for surface delivery applications".
"Crystallization of Ultrathin Films of Polylactides: From Chain Chirality to Lamella Curvature and Twisting".
"The crystallization of ultrathin films of polylactides – Morphologies and transitions".
"Depletion Attraction between a Polystyrene Particle and a Hydrophilic Surface in a Pluronic Aqueous Solution".
"Effect of Relative Humidity on the Young’s Modulus of Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films and Related Nonionic Polymers".
"Optimization of plasmonic enhancement of fluorescence on plastic substrates".
"Integrin α2β1 plays a critical role in osteoblast response to micron-scale surface structure and surface energy of titanium substrates".
"Spectroelectrochemical study of the redox reactions of polyazulene on aluminum substrates".
"Phosphonic Acid Modification of Indium- Tin Oxide Electrodes: Combined XPS/UPS/Contact Angle Studies".
"The terminal rise velocity of 10-100 mu m diameter bubbles in water".
"A Biomimetic Alternative to Poly(ethylene glycol) as an Antifouling Coating: Resistance to Nonspecific Protein Adsorption of Poly(l-lysine)-graft-dextran".
"The Changing Face of PEDOT: PSS Films: Substrate, Bias, and Processing Effects on Vertical Charge Transport".
"Nanoscale memory characterization of virus-templated semiconducting quantum dots".
"Surface modified electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds for nerve tissue engineering".
"Microfluidic polymer multilayer adsorption on liquid crystal droplets for microcapsule synthesis".
"Ultrahydrophobic Textiles Using Nanoparticles: Lotus Approach".
"Forces between Hydrophilic Surfaces Adsorbed with Apolipoprotein AII Alpha Helices".
"Supported lipid bilayers on spacious and pH-responsive polymer cushions with varied hydrophilicity".
"Inkjet-Printed Thiol Self-Assembled Monolayer Structures on Gold: Quality Control and Microarray Electrode Fabrication".
"Thienylsilane-Modified Indium Tin Oxide as an Anodic Interface in Polymer/Fullerene Solar Cells".
"An Electrochemical Study into the Interaction between Complement-Derived Peptides and DOPC Mono- and Bilayers".
"Effect of Sample Heterogeneity on the Interpretation of Quartz Crystal Microbalance Data: Impurity Effects".
"Tissue engineering intrafusal fibers: Dose- and time-dependent differentiation of nuclear bag fibers in a defined in vitro system using neuregulin 1-beta-1".
"Friction of Fatty Acids in Nanometer-Sized Contacts of Different Adhesive Strength†".
"Controlling the assembly of silver nanocubes through selective functionalization of their faces".
"Amino-modified diamond as a durable stationary phase for solid-phase extraction".
"The surfactant peptide KL4 in lipid monolayers – Phase behavior, topography, and chemical distribution".
"Adsorption behavior of statherin and a statherin peptide onto hydroxyapatite and silica surfaces by in situ ellipsometry".
"Three-dimensional hydrodynamic focusing in a microfluidic Coulter counter".
"Liquid-phase deposition and the properties of thin zirconium dioxide films on different substrates".
"Micropatterned Fluid Lipid Bilayer Arrays Created Using a Continuous Flow Microspotter".
"Deformation controlled assembly of binary microgel thin films".
"Capillary Adhesion in the Limit of Saturation: Thermodynamics, Self-Consistent Field Modeling and Experiment".
"Electrospinning hollow and core/sheath nanofibers using hydrodynamic fluid focusing".
"Protein, cell and bacterial fouling resistance of polypeptoid-modified surfaces: effect of side-chain chemistry".
"Surface modification of glycidyl-containing poly(methyl methacrylate) microchips using surface-initiated atom-transfer radical polymerization".
"Long-term affinity modification on poly (dimethylsiloxane) substrate and its application for ELISA analysis".
"Two-dimensional microarray of HepG2 spheroids using collagen/polyethylene glycol micropatterned chip".
"Carbon microelectromechanical systems as a substratum for cell growth".
"Force Trace Hysteresis and Temperature Dependence of Bridging Nanobubble Induced Forces between Hydrophobic Surfaces".
"Interactions between a Polystyrene Particle and Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Surfaces in Aqueous Solutions".
"Adsorption of cubic liquid crystalline nanoparticles on model membranes".
"Protein-resistant surfaces through mild dopamine surface functionalization".
"Covalent modified hydrophilic polymer brushes onto poly (dimethylsiloxane) microchannel surface for electrophoresis separation of amino acids".
"Adsorption and self-assembly of octyl hydroxamic acid at a fluorite surface as revealed by sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy".
"A high-performance polycarbonate electrophoresis microchip with integrated three-electrode system for end-channel amperometric detection".
"A microchip-based flow injection-amperometry system with mercaptopropionic acid modified electroless gold microelectrode for the selective determination of dopamine".
"Selective determination of dopamine on a boron-doped diamond electrode modified with gold nanoparticle/polyelectrolyte-coated polystyrene colloids".
"Patterning of surfaces with nanosized cellulosic fibrils using microcontact printing and a lift-off technique".
"Melittin-Lipid Bilayer Interactions and the Role of Cholesterol".
"Closed-loop control of cellular functions using combinatory drugs guided by a stochastic search algorithm".
"Electroactive controlled release thin films".
"Biomimetic calcium phosphate coating on electrospun poly (epsilon-caprolactone) scaffolds for bone tissue engineering".
"Stimuli-responsive hybrid coatings of polyelectrolyte multilayers and nano-patterned polymer brushes".
"Effects of Contact Geometry on Pull-Off Force Measurements with a Colloidal Probe".
"Nanoscale water capillary bridges under deeply negative pressure".
"Electrochemistry-Based Real-Time PCR on a Microchip".
"Complex Pattern Formation by Adhesion-Controlled Anisotropic Wrinkling".
"Controlling Surface Mobility in Interdiffusing Polyelectrolyte Multilayers".
"Solvent-assisted patterning of polyelectrolyte multilayers and selective deposition of virus assemblies".
"Effects of electrostatic screening on the conformation of single DNA molecules confined in a nanochannel".
"In-situ synthesis of poly(dimethylsiloxane)-gold nanoparticles composite films and its application in microfluidic systems".
"One-Step Nanoscale Assembly of Complex Structures via Harnessing of an Elastic Instability".
"Two-dimensional photonic crystals with anisotropic unit cells imprinted from poly (dimethylsiloxane) membranes under elastic deformation".
"Improved PEDOT Conductivity via Suppression of Crystallite Formation in Fe(III) Tosylate During Vapor Phase Polymerization".
"Atomic force microscope studies of the fusion of floating lipid bilayers".
"A facile preparative method for aggregation-free gold nanoparticles using poly(styrene-block-cysteine)".
"Block copolymer templated chemistry for the formation of metallic nanoparticle arrays on semiconductor surfaces".
"Infrared spectroscopy study on the conformational changes leading to pore formation of the toxin sticholysin II".
"Flow perfusion improves seeding of tissue engineering scaffolds with different architectures".
"Modulating bone cells response onto starch-based biomaterials by surface plasma treatment and protein adsorption".
"Microfluidic modeling of cell-cell interactions in malaria pathogenesis".
"Interaction forces between a glass surface and silica-modified PMMA-Based abrasives for CMP measured by colloidal probe AFM".
"Measurement of friction coefficients with the atomic force microscope".
"Self assembly and optical properties of dendrimer nanocomposite multilayers".
"Cargo pick-up from engineered loading stations by kinesin driven molecular shuttles".
"From macro- to micro-single chamber solid oxide fuel cells".
"GFP-Tagged regulatory light chain monitors single myosin lever-arm orientation in a muscle fiber".
"Hydrophobic modification of polymer surfaces via grafting to” approach”".
"Polymer anchoring layer for atomic force microscopy studies of nanoparticle-substrate interactions".
"AFM measurements of interactions between CMP slurry particles and substrate".
"Salivary mucin MUC5B could be an important component of in vitro pellicles of human saliva: An in situ ellipsometry and atomic force microscopy study".
"Remotely powered self-propelling particles and micropumps based on miniature diodes".
"Cell and protein compatibility of parylene-C surfaces".
"Water-repellent coating: formation of polymeric self-assembled monolayers on nanostructured surfaces".
"Fabrication of ceramic microscale structures".
"Embryonic motoneuron-skeletal muscle co-culture in a defined system".
"Differentiation of skeletal muscle and integration of myotubes with silicon microstructures using serum-free medium and a synthetic silane substrate".
"Assessing adhesion forces of type I and type IV pili of Xylella fastidiosa bacteria by use of a microfluidic flow chamber".
"Electrochemical detection of phenolic compounds using cylindrical carbon-ink electrodes and microchip capillary electrophoresis".
"The effects of alkyl sulfates on the analysis of phenolic compounds by microchip capillary electrophoresis with pulsed amperometric detection".
"Tribology of o/w emulsions under mouth-like conditions: Determinants of friction".
"Recognition and capture of breast cancer cells using an antibody-based platform in a microelectromechanical systems device".
"Effects of pH and additives on aqueous wetting films stabilized by a triblock copolymer".
"Interactions between single latex particles and silica surfaces studied with AFM".
"The role of polymer compatibility in the adhesion between surfaces saturated with modified dextrans".
"Colouration efficiency measurements in electrochromic polymers: The importance of charge density".
"Micro-bioreactor array for controlling cellular microenvironments".
"Comparative study and improvement of current cell micro-patterning techniques".
"Fabrication improvements for thermoset polyester (TPE) microfluidic devices".
"Immobilized protein films for assessing surface proteolysis kinetics".
"An in situ ATR-FTIR study of the adsorption kinetics of xanthate on germanium".
"Aging Schwann cells in vitro".
"The effect of actin disrupting agents on contact guidance of human embryonic stem cells".
"Surface presentation of bioactive Ligands in a nonadhesive background using DOPA-Tethered biotinylated poly(ethylene glycol)".
"A fulleropyrrolidine end-capped platinum-acetylide triad: the mechanism of photoinduced charge transfer in organometallic photovoltaic cells".
"Minimizing silicone transfer during micro-contact printing".
"Fabrication of a Microfluidic Device for the Compartmentalization of Neuron Soma and Axons".
"Mutation of Tyr-218 to Phe in Thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus secondary alcohol dehydrogenase: Effects on bioelectronic interface performance".
"Wrinkle-free nanomechanical film: Control and prevention of polymer film buckling".
"Snapping surfaces".
"Experiment and simulation of mixed flows in a trapezoidal microchannel".
"Integrated microelectronic device for label-free nucleic acid amplification and detection".
"Spatially patterned gene delivery for localized neuron survival and neurite extension".
"Electroosmotic flow in microchannels with prismatic elements".
"Fabrication of a dual substrate display to test roles of cell adhesion proteins in vesicle targeting to plasma membrane domains".
"Time-resolved charge transport sensing by chemoreceptive neuron MOS transistors (CvMOS) with microfluidic channels".
"Protoporphyrin-modified gold surfaces for the selective monitoring of catecholamines".
"Tuning orbital energetics in arylene diimide semiconductors. Materials design for ambient stability of n-type charge transport".
"Parallel photopolymerisation with complex light patterns generated by diffractive optical elements".
"Microfluidic patterning for fabrication of contractile cardiac organoids".
"Microfluidic synthesis of titania shells on colloidal silica".
"Patterned co-culture of primary hepatocytes and fibroblasts using polyelectrolyte multilayer templates".
"Cell adhesion on polyelectrolyte multilayer coated polydimethylsiloxane surfaces with varying topographies".
"Isoregic thienylene-phenylene polymers: The effects of structural variation and application to photovoltaic devices".
"Performance and durability of octadecyltrichlorosilane coated borosilicate glass".
"Hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant for microfluidic fuel cells".
"Integrated electrochemical velocimetry for microfluidic devices".
"Electrochemical detection of cardiac troponin I using a microchip with the surface-functionalized poly(dimethylsiloxane) channel".
"Direct transfer of preformed patterned bio-nanocomposite films on polyelectrolyte multilayer templates".
"Easily fabricated magnetic traps for single-cell applications".
"Detection of apolipoprotein B100 early conformational changes during oxidation".
"Plasma processing for inducing bioactivity in stainless steel orthopaedic screws".
"Systematic study of osteoblast and fibroblast response to roughness by means of surface-morphology gradients".
"Systematic study of osteoblast response to nanotopography by means of nanoparticle-density gradients".
"Label-free, microfluidic separation and enrichment of human breast cancer cells by adhesion difference".
"Chemical modification of parylene C coatings for SAW biosensors".
"Selective immobilization of biomolecules onto an activated polymeric adlayer".
"A reversible wet/dry adhesive inspired by mussels and geckos".
"Biospecific anchoring and spatially confined germination of bacterial spores in non-biofouling microwells".
"Macroscopic tribological testing of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers (SAMs): Pin-on-disk tribometry with elastomeric sliding contacts".
"The effect of silica (SiO2) nanoparticles and ammonia/ethylene plasma treatment on the interfacial and mechanical properties of carbon-fiber-reinforced epoxy composites".
"The effect of self-assembled layers on the release behavior of rifampicin-loaded silicone".
"Microfluidic conductimetric bioreactor".
"A novel disposable amperometric biosensor based on trienzyme electrode for the determination of total creatine kinase".
"Monolithic column plastic microfluidic device for peptide analysis using electrospray from a channel opening on the edge of the device".
"Droplet-based synthetic method using microflow focusing and droplet fusion".
"Vision-based cellular force measurement using an elastic microfabricated device".
"A plastic microchip for nucleic acid purification".
"The threshold at which substrate nanogroove dimensions may influence fibroblast alignment and adhesion".
"A lithography-free method for directed colloidal crystal assembly based on wrinkling".
"Thin film processing using S-layer proteins: Biotemplated assembly of colloidal gold etch masks for fabrication of silicon nanopillar arrays".
"The integrin binding site 2 (IBS2) in the talin rod domain is essential for linking integrin beta subunits to the cytoskeleton".
"Electrophoretic separation of environmentally important phenolic compounds using montomorillonite-coated fused-silica capillaries".
"Anatomical 3D fiber-deposited scaffolds for tissue engineering: Designing a neotrachea".
"Vesicle pool heterogeneity at hippocampal glutamate and GABA Synapses".
"A Raman and AFM investigation on metal surfaces SERS-activated by silver colloidal nanoparticles".
"A biological sensor platform using a pneumatic-valve controlled microfluidic device containing Tetrahymena pyriformis".
"Micro-well arrays for 3D shape control and high resolution analysis of single cells".
"Enhanced mixing in laminar flows using ultrahydrophobic surfaces".
"Nanoscale eluting coatings based on alginate/ chitosan hydrogels".
"Single molecule fluorescence detection of BODIPY-FL molecules for monitoring protein synthesis".
"Competitive adsorption of nonionic surfactant and nonionic polymer on silica".
"EDTA-induced membrane fluidization and destabilization: Biophysical studies on artificial lipid membranes".
"Diffuse layer properties of thiol-modified gold electrodes probed by direct force measurements".
"External force-assisted cell positioning inside microfluidic devices".
"Effects of topology, length, and charge on the activity of a kininogen-derived peptide on lipid membranes and bacteria".
"Composition effect on peptide interaction with lipids and bacteria: Variants of C3a peptide CNY21".
"Generation of stable concentration gradients in 2D and 3D environments using a microfluidic ladder chamber".
"Rigidity-driven growth and migration of epithelial cells on microstructured anisotropic substrates".
"Bacterial protein patterning by micro-contact printing of PLL-g-PEG".
"Solubility versus electrostatics: What determines lipid/protein interaction in lung surfactant".
"Micropatterning of protein-functionalized magnetic beads on glass using electrostatic self-assembly".
"Force-induced unfolding of fibronectin in the extracellular matrix of living cells".
"Micropatterns of Matrigel for three-dimensional epithelial cultures".
"Effect of lipid headgroup composition on the interaction between melittin and lipid bilayers".
"Organization of two-component monomolecular layers formed with dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine and the carotenoid pigment, canthaxanthin".
"Lactoperoxidase and histatin 5 – their adsorption behaviour on silica and hydrophobized silica surfaces, and implications on their role in the initial salivary film formation".
"Electrochemical detection of HbA(1c), a maker for diabetes, using a flow immunoassay system".
"Experimental and theoretical study of mitotic spindle orientation".
"Investigation of the adsorption of PEG1500-12-acyloxystearate surfactants onto phospholipid bilayers: An ellipsometry and Cryo-TEM study".
"Residual stress effect on degradation of polyimide under simulated hypervelocity space debris and atomic oxygen".
"Thermoset polyester as an alternative material for microchip electrophoresis/electrochemistry".
"Stability of and inflammatory response to silicon coated with a fluoroalkyl self-assembled monolayer in the central nervous system".
"Short-and long-term neural biocompatibility of heparin coated sapphire implants".
"Electrochemical functionalization of single walled carbon nanotubes with polyaniline in ionic liquids".
"Tumour metastasis-associated gene profiling using one-dimensional microfluidic beads array".
"High frequency thickness shear mode devices for organic vapor sensing".
"Patterning micron-sized features in a cross-linked poly(acrylic acid) film by a wet etching process".
"Generation of static and dynamic patterned co-cultures using microfabricated parylene-C stencils".
"Self-assembled epoxy-modified polymer coating on a poly(dimethylsiloxane) microchip for EOF inhibition and biopolymers separation".
"Effects of surface wettability and contact time on protein adhesion to biomaterial surfaces".
"Matrix-dependent adhesion of vascular and valvular endothelial cells in microfluidic channels".
"Direct adsorption and detection of proteins, including ferritin, onto microlens array patterned bioarrays".
"Polycation coating poly(dimethylsiloxane) capillary electrophoresis microchip for rapid separation of ascorbic acid and uric acid".
"Controllable shrinking and shaping of silicon nitride nanopores under electron irradiation".
"Effect of pattern topology on the self-cleaning properties of textured surfaces".
"Requirement for both micron- and submicron scale structure for synergistic responses of osteoblasts to substrate surface energy and topography".
"Pressure drops for droplet flows in microfluidic channels".
"Patterning of platinum microelectrodes in polymeric microfluidic chips".
"Ligand binding by estrogen receptor beta attached to nanospheres measured by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy".
"Potential modulated attenuated total reflectance spectroscopy of Prussian blue films on ITO".
"Interfacial rheology of blood proteins adsorbed to the aqueous-buffer/air interface".
"Electrochemical desorption of proteins from gold electrode surface".
"DC-dielectrophoretic separation of microparticles using an oil droplet obstacle".
"Two distinct binding modes of a protein cofactor with its target RNA".
"Evaluation of microsieve membrane design".
"Lipid specificity of surfactant protein B studied by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry".
"Fabrication and characterization of poly(methylmethacrylate) microfluidic devices bonded using surface modifications and solvents".
"In situ fluorescent protein imaging with metal film-enhanced total internal reflection microscopy".
"Using capillary forces to determine the geometry of nanocontacts".
"Cytotoxicity of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses".
"Effects of N- and C-terminal addition of oligolysines or native loop residues on the biophysical properties of transmembrane domain peptides from a G-protein coupled receptor".
"Nanoscale investigation on adhesion of E-coli surface modified silicone using atomic force microscopy".
"Enhancement of poly (ethylene glycol) mucoadsorption by biomimetic end group functionalization".
"Linear optics in the second-order characterization of thin films".
"Settlement behavior of swimming algal spores on gradient surfaces".
"An in situ ATR-FTIR study of polyacrylamide adsorption at the talc surface".
"Chemical modification of Si nanowires for bioconjugation".
"Ceramic microreactors for on-site hydrogen production".
"A microfluidic multi-injector for gradient generation".
"Monolayers of a model anesthetic-binding membrane protein: Formation, characterization, and halothane-binding affinity".
"Time-resolved electrostatic force microscopy of polymer solar cells".
"Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical study on bilayer films composed of C-60 and poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) PEDOT".
"Spectroelectrochemical characterization of thin fullerene films in room temperature ionic liquids".
"Fabrication and functionalization of nanochannels by electron-beam-induced silicon oxide deposition".
"Detection of Bacillus subtilis spores using peptide-functionalized cantilever arrays".
"Pulsed amperometric detection with poly(dimethylsiloxane)-fabricated capillary electrophoresis microchips for the determination of EPA priority pollutants".
"Analysis of alkyl gallates and nordihydroguaiaretic acid using plastic capillary electrophoresis – microchips".
"PDMS-based microfluidics for proteomic analysis".
"Immunosensing of Staphylococcus enterotoxin B (SEB) in milk with PDMS microfluidic systems using reinforced supported bilayer membranes (r-SBMs)".
"Raman and surface enhanced Raman microscopy of microstructured polyethylenimine/DNA multilayers".
"Microfluidic-based diagnostics for cervical cancer cells".
"On-chip pressure injection for integration of infrared-mediated DNA amplification with electrophoretic separation".
"A fully integrated microfluidic genetic analysis system with sample-in-answer-out capability".
"Thinning of wetting films formed from aqueous solutions of non-ionic surfactant".
"Effect of the antibiotic azithromycin on thermotropic behavior of DOPC or DPPC bilayers".
"Cell fouling resistance of polymer brushes grafted from Ti substrates by surface-initiated polymerization: Effect of ethylene glycol side chain length".
"On the adhesion between fine particles and nanocontacts: An atomic force microscope study".
"Characterization of passive microfluidic mixers fabricated using soft lithography".
"Single molecule spectroscopy studies of diffusion in mesoporous silica thin films".
"Micropatterned cell co-cultures using layer-by-layer deposition of extracellular matrix components".
"Novel hepatocyte culture system developed using microfabrication and collagen/polyethylene glycol microcontact printing".
"Traction forces exerted through N-cadherin contacts".
"Neurite bridging across micropatterned grooves".
"Evaluation of the information content in infrared spectra for protein secondary structure determination".
"Mathematical modeling of material-induced blood plasma coagulation".
"Self-assembly/aggregation behavior and adsorption of enamel matrix derivate protein to silica surfaces".
"Versatile bioelectronic interfaces based on heterotrifunctional linking molecules".
"Micro pulsed radio-frequency electroporation chips".
"Biodegradable polymer nanofiber mesh to maintain functions of endothelial cells".
"A versatile approach to selective and inexpensive copper patterns using polyelectrolyte multilayer coatings".
"Tunable microfluidic optical devices with an integrated microlens array".
"Electrokinetic flow control in microfluidic chips using a field-effect transistor".
"A microchip electrophoresis device with on-line microdialysis sampling and on-chip sample derivatization by naphthalene 2,3-dicarboxaldehyde/2-mercaptoethanoI for amino acid and peptide analysis".
"Interaction forces between chemically modified hydrophobic surfaces evaluated by AFM – The role of nanoscopic bubbles in the interactions".
"In situ electrochemical enzyme immunoassay on a microchip with surface-functionalized poly(dimethylsiloxane) channel".
"Adsorption of chlorhexidine and black tea onto in vitro salivary pellicles, as studied by ellipsometry".
"Effects of dc-dielectrophoretic force on particle trajectories in microchannels".
"Atypical mobilities of single native DNA molecules in microchip electrophoresis revealed by differential interference contrast microscopy".
"The formation and stability of self-assembled monolayers of octadecylphosphonic acid on titania".
"Micromolding of photocrosslinkable hyaluronic acid for cell encapsulation and entrapment".
"Transbilayer effects of raft-like lipid domains in asymmetric planar bilayers measured by single molecule tracking".
"Microfluidic arrays for logarithmically perfused embryonic stem cell culture".
"Fabrication of non-biofouling polyethylene glycol micro- and nanochannels by ultraviolet-assisted irreversible sealing".
"Soft lithographic patterning of supported lipid bilayers onto a surface and inside microfluidic channels".
"Fabrication of cell-containing hydrogel microstructures inside microfluidic devices that can be used as cell-based biosensors".
"Arrays of lipid bilayers and liposomes on patterned polyelectrolyte templates".
"Fabrication of a gold microelectrode for amperometric detection on a polycarbonate ellectrophoresis chip by photodirected electroless plating".
"Chemotaxis assays of mouse sperm on microfluidic devices".
"An infrared spectroscopy study of the hydrogen bonding and water restructuring as a trisiloxane superspreading surfactant adsorbs onto an aqueous-hydrophobic surface".
"Dispersing multi-component and unstable powders in aqueous media using comb-type anionic polymers".
"Controlling the electrochemically active area of carbon fiber microelectrodes by the electrodeposition and selective removal of an insulating photoresist".
"Single-molecule mechanics of mussel adhesion".
"Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry chemical imaging analysis of micropatterns of streptavidin and cells without labeling".
"Structure of magainin and alamethicin in model membranes studied by x-ray reflectivity".
"Dose-dependent cell-based assays in V-shaped microfluidic channels".
"Using thermally printed transparency as photomasks to generate microfluidic structures in PDMS material".
"Design and characterization of poly(dimethylsiloxane)-based valves for interfacing continuous-flow sampling to microchip electrophoresis".
"Neuro tissue engineering of glial nerve guides and the impact of different cell types".
"T cell chemotaxis in a simple microfluidic device".
"The effect of combined hypergravity and microgrooved surface topography on the behaviour of fibroblasts".
"A microengraving method for rapid selection of single cells producing antigen-specific antibodies".
"Characterization of the local temperature in space and time around a developing Drosophila embryo in a microfluidic device".
"Surface modified nonwoven polysulphone (PSU) fiber mesh by electrospinning: A novel affinity membrane".
"Immobilization of Cibacron blue F3GA on electrospun polysulphone ultra-fine fiber surfaces towards developing an affinity membrane for albumin adsorption".
"Surface modification of functional self-assembled monolayers on 316L stainless steel via lipase catalysis".
"Chirality information transfer in polylactides: From main-chain chirality to lamella curvature".
"Towards ferrofluidics for mu-TAS and lab on-a-chip applications".
"Substrate changes associated with the chemistry of self-assembled monolayers on silicon".
"Plasma coagulation response to surfaces with nanoscale chemical heterogeneity".
"Use of microchip-based hydrodynamic focusing to measure the deformation-induced release of ATP from erythrocytes".
"Poly (L-lysine)-grafted-poly (ethylene glycol)-based surface-chemical gradients. Preparation, characterization, and first applications".
"Submicrometer structure of surface-chemical gradients prepared by a two-step immersion method".
"pH dependence and protein selectivity of poly(ethyleneimine)/ poly(acrylic acid) multilayers studied by in situ ATR-FTIR spectroscopy".
"Structure of two-component lipid membranes on solid support: An x-ray reflectivity study".
"New ‘monolithic’ templates and improved protocols for soft lithography and microchip fabrication".
"Decomposing bridging adhesion between polyelectrolyte layers into single molecule contributions".
"In situ deposition and patterning of single-walled carbon nanotubes by Laminar flow and controlled flocculation in microfluidic channels".
"Microfluidic culture platform for neuroscience research".
"Pumpless, selective docking of yeast cells inside a microfluidic channel induced by receding meniscus".
"Immobilization of Ti((OPr)-Pr-i)(4) onto silicon oxide surfaces and surface-initiated polymerization of epsilon-caprolactone".
"Evaluation of polymer and self-assembled monolayer-coated silicone surfaces to reduce neural cell growth".
"Wear reduction of orthopaedic bearing surfaces using polyelectrolyte multilayer nanocoatings".
"Monitoring the diffusion of single heterotrimeric G proteins in supported cell-membrane sheets reveals their partitioning into microdomains".
"Surface-enhanced Raman scattering investigation of the adsorption of 2-mercaptobenzoxazole on smooth copper surfaces doped with silver colloidal nanoparticles".
"Interaction forces and molecular adhesion between pre-adsorbed poly(ethylene imine) layers".
"Physically self-assembled monolayers (PSAMs) of lecithin lipids at hydrophilic silicon oxide interfaces".
"Monitoring erythrocytes in a microchip channel that narrows uniformly: Towards an improved microfiuidic-based mimic of the microcirculation".
"Methods to electrophoretically stretch DNA: microcontractions, gels, and hybrid gel-microcontraction devices".
"Probing the validity of the Derjaguin approximation for heterogeneous colloidal particles".
"Effect of peptide length on the interaction between consensus peptides and DOPC/DOPA bilayers".
"Crystal structure of an archaeal actin homolog".
"Patterned protein films on poly(lipid) bilayers by microcontact printing".
"A parallel-gradient microfluidic chamber for quantitative analysis of breast cancer cell chemotaxis".
"Structure of antimicrobial peptides and lipid membranes probed by interface-sensitive X-ray scattering".
"A conductivity-based interface tracking method for microfluidic application".
"Development and characterization of a porous micro-patterned scaffold for vascular tissue engineering applications".
"Biomimetic modification of titanium dental implant model surfaces using the RGDSP-peptide sequence: A cell morphology study".
"Nonconstant piezo velocity in highly dynamic atomic force spectroscopy".
"Surface plasmon resonance imaging of biomolecular interactions on a grating-based sensor array".
"Continuous-flow pl-based sorting of proteins and peptides in a microfluidic chip using diffusion potential".
"Algal antifouling and fouling-release properties of metal surfaces coated with a polymer inspired by marine mussels".
"Characterization of metal-supported poly(methyl methacrylate) microstructures by FTIR imaging spectroscopy".
"Droplet size effects on film drainage between droplet and substrate".
"Relative humidity control for atomic force microscopes".
"Layer-by-layer assembly of mucin and chitosan – Influence of surface properties, concentration and type of mucin".
"Adsorption and electrically stimulated desorption of the triblock copolymer poly(propylene sulfide-bl-ethylene glycol) (PPS-PEG) from indium tin oxide (ITO) surfaces".
"Dynamic, electronically switchable surfaces for membrane protein microarrays".
"Effect of surface proteins on Staphylococcus epidermidis adhesion and colonization on silicone".
"New route to three-dimensional photonic bandgap materials: Silicon double inversion of polymer templates".
"Cell distribution of stress fibres in response to the geometry of the adhesive environment".
"Lac repressor hinge flexibility and DNA looping: single molecule kinetics by tethered particle motion".
"Experimental characterization of the temperature dependence of zeta potential and its effect on electroosmotic flow velocity in microchannels".
"Sulfonated-polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microdevices with enhanced electroosmotic pumping and stability".
"A point-of-care test system for biochemical blood analysis based on ADUC824".
"Phagocytosis of poly(L-lysine)-graft-poly(ethylene glycol) coated microspheres by antigen presenting cells: Impact of grafting ratio and poly(ethylene glycol) chain length on cellular recognition".
"Surface modified high rectification organic diode based on sulfonated poly(aniline)".
"Controlling interlayer diffusion to achieve sustained, multiagent delivery from layer-by-layer thin films".
"Grafting epoxy-modified hydrophilic polymers onto poly(dimethylsiloxane) microfluidic chip to resist nonspecific protein adsorption".
"Surface plasmon optical detection of beta-lactamase binding to different interfacial matrices combined with fiber optic absorbance spectroscopy for enzymatic activity assays".
"Particle motions in low-Reynolds number pressure-driven flows through converging-diverging microchannels".
"Influence of gravity on a laminar flow in a microbioanalysis system".
"Micromolding of shape-controlled, harvestable cell-laden hydrogels".
"Interaction of hydroxylated PACVD silica coatings on titanium with simulated body fluid".
"Toward the detection of single virus particle in serum".
"Microchemostat – microbial continuous culture in a polymer-based, instrumented microbioreactor".
"Microscopic investigation of erythrocyte deformation dynamics".
"Aptamer based microsphere biosensor for thrombin detection".
"Electrokinetic microslit experiments to analyse the charge formation at solid/liquid interfaces".
"Adhesion mode atomic force microscopy study of dual component protein films".
"Control of carboxylic acid and ester groups on chromium (VI) binding to functionalized silica/water interfaces studied by second harmonic generation".
"Self-cleaning of wool-polyamide and polyester textiles by TiO2-rutile modification under daylight irradiation at ambient temperature".
"Self-cleaning of modified cotton textiles by TiO2 at low temperatures under daylight irradiation".
"Modulation of gene expression in neonatal rat cardiomyocytes by surface modification of polylactide-co-glycolide substrates".
"Periodontal ligament and gingival fibroblast adhesion to dentin-like textured surfaces".
"Effect of biomaterial surface morphologies on bone marrow cell performance".
"Real-time PCR detection of Listeria monocytogenes using an integrated microfluidics platform".
"DNA compaction onto hydrophobic surfaces by different cationic surfactants".
"The influence of elastic modulus and thickness on the release of the soft-fouling green alga Ulva linza (syn. Enteromorpha linza ) from poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) model networks".
"Noncovalent functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes with water-soluble porphyrins".
"Connected open structures from close-packed colloidal crystals by hyperthermal neutral beam etching".
"The effect of biomimetic apatite structure on osteoblast viability, proliferation, and gene expression".
"Human neural stem cell growth and differentiation in a gradient-generating microfluidic device".
"Soft and hard adhesion".
"Interaction forces between colloidal silica in aqueous inorganic and natural organic electrolyte solutions".
"Measuring lipid asymmetry in planar supported bilayers by fluorescence interference contrast microscopy".
"Detection of single DNA molecules by multicolor quantum-dot end-labeling".
"Protein resistance of titanium oxide surfaces modified by biologically inspired mPEG-DOPA".
"Vibration-actuated drop motion on surfaces for batch microfluidic processes".
"Adult rat spinal cord culture on an organosilane surface in a novel serum-free medium".
"Effect of transforming growth factor beta(2) on marrow-infused foam poly(propylene fumarate) tissue-engineered constructs for the repair of critical-size cranial defects in rabbits".
"Controlled synthesis of nonspherical microparticles using microfluidics".
"Subpicomolar sensing of delta-opioid receptor ligands by molecular-imprinted polymers using plasmon-waveguide resonance spectroscopy".
"Electrokinetic concentration enrichment within a microfluidic device using a hydrogel microplug".
"Using an oxide nanoarchitecture to make or break a proton wire".
"Conducting polymer growth in porous sol-gel thin films: Formation of nanoelectrode arrays and mediated electron transfer to sequestered macromolecules".
"Force mapping in epithelial cell migration".
"A novel crossed microfluidic device for the precise positioning of proteins and vesicles".
"An inverted microcontact printing method on topographically structured polystyrene chips for arrayed micro-3-D culturing of single cells".
"Cell stimulus and lysis in a microfluidic device with segmented gas-liquid flow".
"Indium tin oxide electrodes modified with tris(2,2′-bipyridine-4,4′-dicarboxylic acid) iron(II) and the catalytic oxidation of tris(4,4′-di-tert-butyl-2,2′-bipyridine) cobalt(II)".
"Derivation of a closed form analytical expression for fluorescence recovery after photo bleaching in the case of continuous bleaching during read out".
"The influence on paper strength properties when building multilayers of weak polyelectrolytes onto wood fibres".
"Integrated single-walled carbon nanotube/microfluidic devices for the study of the sensing mechanism of nanotube sensors".
"Guided bone regeneration membrane made of polycaprolactone/calcium carbonate composite nano-fibers".
"Comparison of pulsed electrochemical detection modes coupled with microchip capillary electrophoresis".
"Determination of levoglucosan from smoke samples using microchip capillary electrophoresis with pulsed amperometric detection".
"Edge-spreading lithography: Use of patterned photoresist structures to direct the spreading of alkanethiols on gold".
"Measuring the work of adhesion between a soft confined film and a flexible plate".
"Micromixing of miscible liquids in segmented gas-liquid flow".
"Fabrication of collagen-coated biodegradable polymer nanofiber mesh and its potential for endothelial cells growth".
"Microfluidic biosensor based on an array of hydrogel-entrapped enzymes".
"Protein-mediated boundary lubrication in arthroplasty".
"Analysis of natural flavonoids by microchip-micellar electrokinetic chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection".
"Micropatterning of block copolymer micelle thin films using solvent capillary contact printing".
"A general method for patterning gradients of biomolecules on surfaces using microfluidic networks".
"Two-component membrane lithography via lipid backfilling".
"Morphology of adsorbed polymers and solid surface wettability".
"Development of a microplate reader compatible microfluidic device for enzyme assay".
"Preparation of silica-on-titania patterns with a wettability contrast".
"Probing the effect of superplasticizer adsorption on the surface forces using the colloidal probe AFM technique".
"Imaging of reconstituted purple membranes by atomic force microscopy".
"Magnetic force-based multiplexed immunoassay using superparamagnetic nanoparticles in microfluidic channel".
"Measurements of the thickness compressibility of an n-octadecyltriethoxysilane monolayer self-assembled on mica".
"Immobilization of multi-enzyme microreactors inside microfluidic devices".
"Morphology and oxygen sensor response of luminescent Ir-labeled poly(dimethylsiloxane)/polystyrene polymer blend films".
"Encapsulated living cells on microstructured surfaces".
"Light-induced surface wettability of a tethered DNA base".
"Amplified electrocatalysis at DNA-modified nanowires".
"Air plasma treatment of submicron thick PDMS polymer films: effect of oxidation time and storage conditions".
"Aqueous lubrication of polymers: Influence of surface modification".
"An aqueous-based surface modification of poly(dimethylsiloxane) with poly(ethylene glycol) to prevent biofouling".
"Porcine gastric mucin (PGM) at the water/poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) interface: Influence of pH and ionic strength on its conformation, adsorption, and aqueous lubrication properties".
"Neutrophil migration in opposing chemoattractant gradients using microfluidic chemotaxis devices".
"Development of a nanoparticle-labeled microfluidic immunoassay for detection of pathogenic microorganisms".
"Self-directed self-assembly of nanoparticle/copolymer mixtures".
"Surface-reactive acrylic copolymer for fabrication of microfluidic devices".
"Combinatorial mapping of the phase behavior of ABC triblock terpolymers in thin films: Experiments".
"Grafting of gelatin on electrospun poly(caprolactone) nanofibers to improve endothelial cell spreading and proliferation and to control cell orientation".
"Stable permanently hydrophilic protein-resistant thin-film coatings on poly(dimethylsiloxane) substrates by electrostatic self-assembly and chemical cross-linking".
"In-situ hot stage atomic force microscopy study of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) crystal growth in ultrathin films".
"Enhanced adsorption of alkyl glucosides on the silica/water interface by addition of amine oxides".
"Self-assembly of hexadecanethiol molecules on gold from the vapour phase as directed by a two-dimensional array of silica beads".
"Film formation of crystallizable polymers on microheterogeneous surfaces".
"Micrometer-sized supported lipid bilayer arrays for bacterial toxin binding studies through total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy".
"Lubrication properties of a brushlike copolymer as a function of the amount of solvent absorbed within the brush".
"Preferential solvation and its effect on the lubrication properties of a surface-bound, brushlike copolymer".
"Electrorheological-fluid-based microvalves".
"Filled microcavity arrays produced by polyelectrolyte multilayer membrane transfer".
"Substrate-mediated delivery from self-assembled monolayers: Effect of surface ionization, hydrophilicity, and patterning".
"Chemically nanopatterned surfaces using polyelectrolytes and ultraviolet-cured hard molds".
"Micropatterning of semicrystalline poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) solutions".
"Relationship between interfacial forces measured by colloid-probe atomic force microscopy and protein resistance of poly(ethylene glycol)-grafted poly(L-lysine) adlayers on niobia surfaces".
"Effects of ionic strength and surface charge on protein adsorption at PEGylated surfaces".
"Neuronal synapse interaction reconstituted between live cells and supported lipid bilayers".
"Spreading of individual toner particles studied using in situ optical microscopy".
"Microfluidic immunoassay for bacterial toxins with supported phospholipid bilayer membranes on poly(dimethylsiloxane)".
"Stable and fluid ethylphosphocholine membranes in a poly(dimethylsiloxane) microsensor for toxin detection in flooded waters".
"Interaction analysis of chimeric metal-binding green fluorescent protein and artificial solid-supported lipid membrane by quartz crystal microbalance and atomic force microscopy".
"Direct force measurements between cellulose surfaces and colloidal silica particles".
"Removal of self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiolates on gold by plasma cleaning".
"Fibronectin displacement at polymer surfaces".
"Patterned cell culture inside microfluidic devices".
"Direct electrodeposition of nanoscale solid polymer electrolytes via electropolymerization of sulfonated phenols".
"Determination of anisotropic optical constants and surface coverage of molecular films using polarized visible ATR spectroscopy. Application to adsorbed cytochrome C films".
"Cationic amphiphilic polyelectrolytes and oppositely charged surfactants at the silica-aqueous interface".
"Adsorption and aggregation of cationic amphiphilic polyelectrolytes on silica".
"Protein spreading kinetics at liquid-solid interfaces via an adsorption probe method".
"Biomimetic autoseparation of leukocytes from whole blood in a microfluidic device".
"Synthesis of flexible magnetic nanowires of permanently linked core-shell magnetic beads tethered to a glass surface patterned by microcontact printing".
"Fabrication of DNA microarrays onto poly(methyl methacrylate) with ultraviolet patterning and microfluidics for the detection of low-abundant point mutations".
"In vitro hemocompatibility of self-assembled monolayers displaying various functional groups".
"A novel technique for the in situ calibration and measurement of friction with the atomic force microscope".
"Covalently attached monolayers on crystalline hydrogen-terminated silicon: Extremely mild attachment by visible light".
"Locally addressable electrochemical patterning technique (LAEPT) applied to poly (L-lysine)-graft-poly(ethylene glycol) adlayers on titanium and silicon oxide surfaces".
"Film formation, surface character, and relative density for electrochromic PEI/(PSS : PEDOT) multilayered thin films".
"Multilevel microfluidics via single-exposure photolithography".
"Adsorption of nonionic surfactants on cellulose surfaces: Adsorbed amounts and kinetics".
"Mechanical studies of single ribosome/mRNA complexes".
"Simplified current decoupler for microchip capillary electrophoresis with electrochemical and pulsed amperometric detection".
"Enhanced coupling to slow photon modes in three-dimensional graded colloidal photonic crystals.".
"Photoinduced electron transfer in Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers of porphyrin-fullerene dyads".
"Mechanism of lipid-body formation in prokaryotes: how bacteria fatten up".
"Effects of flow and diffusion on chemotaxis studies in a microfabricated gradient generator".
"Chemical force titrations of amine- and sulfonic acid-modified poly(dimethylsiloxane)".
"Murine brain capillary endothelial cells exhibit improved barrier properties under the influence of hydrocortisone".
"Directed self-assembly of spherical particles on patterned electrodes by an applied electric field".
"Effect of adhesion, film thickness, and substrate hardness on the scratch behavior of poly(carbonate) films".
"Surface characterization of 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane films on silicon-based substrates".
"Tunable drug release from hydrolytically degradable layer-by-layer thin films".
"Multi-functional particle detection with embedded optical fibers in a poly(dimethylsiloxane) chip".
"Focused electrophoretic motion and selected electrokinetic dispensing of particles and cells in cross-microchannels".
"Accelerated particle electrophoretic motion and separation in converging-diverging microchannels".
"Mechanical deformation of neutrophils into narrow channels induces pseudopod projection and changes in biomechanical properties".
"Using transitional implants as fixation screws to stabilize a surgical template for accurate implant placement: A clinical report".
"Cytotoxicity test based on electrochemical impedance measurement of HepG2 cultured in microfabricated cell chip".
"Moldless electroplating for cylindrical microchannel fabrication".
"Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces from binary colloidal assembly".
"Pretreatment of amphiphilic comb polymer surfaces dramatically affects protein adsorption".
"Neurite outgrowth on well-characterized surfaces: preparation and characterization of chemically and spatially controlled fibronectin and RGD substrates with good bioactivity".
"Intraoral lubrication of PRP-1, statherin and mucin as studied by AFM".
"Bionanofabrication of ordered nanoparticle arrays: Effect of particle properties and adsorption conditions".
"Heterogeneous surface charge enhanced micromixing for electrokinetic flows".
"Double-chip protein arrays: force-based multiplex sandwich immunoassays with increased specificity".
"Interactions between silica surfaces coated by polyelectrolyte multilayers in aqueous environment: comparison between precursor and multilayer regime".
"Influence of DNA adsorption and DNA/cationic surfactant coadsorption on the interaction forces between hydrophobic surfaces".
"Fabrication of gradient hydrogels using a microfluidics/photopolymerization process".
"Single nucleotide polymorphism analysis by chip-based hybridization and direct current electrical detection of gold-labeled DNA".
"Patterning adjacent supported lipid bilayers of desired composition to investigate receptor-ligand binding under shear flow".
"Capillarity-driven assembly of two-dimensional cellular carbon nanotube foams".
"Structure and membrane interaction of the internal fusion peptide of avian sarcoma leukosis virus".
"The effect of pH on the structural evolution of accelerated biomimetic apatite".
"Adipose-derived adult stromal cells heal critical-size mouse calvarial defects".
"Role of cholesterol in the formation and nature of lipid rafts in planar and spherical model membranes".
"Electrochemical synthesis and in situ spectroelectrochemical characterization of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) in room temperature ionic liouids".
"Long-term culture of embryonic rat cardiomyocytes on an organosilane surface in a serum-free medium".
"Interaction of gas-phase ozone at 296 K with unsaturated self-assembled monolayers: A new look at an old system".
"Electrokinetically controlled DNA hybridization microfluidic chip enabling rapid target analysis".
"A miniaturized high-voltage integrated power supply for portable microfluidic applications".
"Contact angle measurements using the Wilhelmy balance for asymmetrically treated samples".
"A combined photolithographic and molecular-assembly approach to produce functional micropatterns for applications in the biosciences".
"Model films of cellulose II – Improved preparation method and characterization of the cellulose film".
"Rapid Prototyping of Thermoset Polyester Microfluidic Devices".
"The infrared spectrum of human glioma cells is related to their in vitro and in vivo behavior".
"Enhanced determination of glucose by microchip electrophoresis with pulsed amperometric detection".
"Direct detection of renal function markers using microchip CE with pulsed electrochemical detection".
"Microfluidic systems for the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction".
"Depth profiling of ultrathin P(S-b-MMA) diblock copolymer films by selective solvent crazing".
"Transport and reaction in microscale segmented gas-liquid flow".
"Aligned monolayer assembly of zeolite crystals on platinum, gold, and indium-tin oxide surfaces with molecular linkages".
"Staphylococcus aureus adhesion to titanium oxide surfaces coated with non-functionalized and peptide-functionalized poly(L-lysine)-grafted- poly(ethylene glycol) copolymers".
"Patterning colloidal suspensions by selective wetting of microcontact-printed surfaces".
"The platelet integrin alpha(Ilb) beta(3) imaged by atomic force microscopy on model surfaces".
"On-line coupling of microdialysis sampling with microchip-based capillary electrophoresis".
"Evaluation of the ordering of membranes in multilayer stacks built on an ATR-FTIR germanium crystal with atomic force microscopy: The case of the H+, K+-ATPase-containing gastric tubulovesicle membranes".
"Layer-by-layer surface modification and patterned electrostatic deposition of quantum dots".
"Extracellular recordings from patterned neuronal networks using planar microelectrode arrays".
"Modification of poly(lactic acid) films: Enhanced wettability from surface-confined photografting and increased degradation rate due to an artifact of the photografting process".
"Fabricating complex three-dimensional nanostructures with high-resolution conformable phase masks".
"Drying of oil-in-water emulsions on hydrophobic and hydrophilic substrates".
"A soft lithographic approach to fabricate patterned microfluidic channels".
"Layer-by-layer deposition of hyaluronic acid and poly-L-lysine for patterned cell co-cultures".
"Molded polyethylene glycol microstructures for capturing cells within microfluidic channels".
"Selective depositions on polyelectrolyte multilayers: Self-assembled monolayers of m-dPEG acid as molecular template".
"Modification of indium–tin oxide (ITO) glass with aziridine provides a surface of high amine density".
"Nanostructured crosslinkable micropatterns by amphiphilic dendrimer stamping".
"Collective and single-molecule interactions of alpha(5)beta(1) integrins".
"Scaled interfacial activity of proteins at the liquid-vapor interface".
"High-power blue/UV light-emitting diodes as excitation sources for sensitive detection".
"In-channel dual-electrode amperometric detection in electrophoretic chips with a palladium film decoupler".
"Patterned and controlled polyelectrolyte fractal growth and aggregations".
"Pattern generation of biological ligands on a biodegradable poly(glycolic acid) film".
"Directed retinal nerve cell growth for use in a retinal prosthesis interface".
"Patterned supported lipid bilayers and monolayers on poly(dimethylsiloxane)".
"Biomimetic membranes of lipid-peptide model systems prepared on solid support".
"Systematic variation in osteoblast adhesion and phenotype with substratum surface characteristics".
"Effective neutrophil chemotaxis is strongly influenced by mean IL-8 concentration".
"Generation of dynamic temporal and spatial concentration gradients using microfluidic devices".
"Development of a novel microfluidic immunoassay for the detection of Helicobacter pylori infection".
"Immobilization of DNA onto poly(dimethylsiloxane) surfaces and application to a microelectrochemical enzyme-amplified DNA hybridization assay".
"Simple and sensitive electrode design for microchip electrophoresis/electrochemistry".
"Time-resolved IR studies of monolayer self-assembly on a gold substrate using planar array infrared (PA-IR) spectroscopy".
"A novel generic platform for chemical patterning of surfaces".
"Directed patterned adsorption of magnetic beads on polyelectrolyte multilayers on glass".
"Adsorption of alkyl polyglucosides on the solid/water interface: Equilibrium effects of alkyl chain length and head group polymerization".
"Reversible switching of protein uptake and release at polyelectrolyte multilayers detected by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy".
"Coupling of individual polyelectrolyte capsules onto patterned substrates".
"Microstructuring of polyelectrolyte coated surfaces for directing capsule adhesion".
"Mechanical characterization of polyelectrolyte multilayers using quasi-static nanoindentation".
"Tribological characteristics of polyelectrolyte multilayers".
"Preparation and adsorption of refined polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles".
"In situ FTIR ATR spectroscopic study of the interaction of immobilized human tumor necrosis factor-alpha with a monoclonal antibody in aqueous environment".
"Charge insertion into hybrid nanoarchitectures: mesoporous manganese oxide coated with ultrathin poly(phenylene oxide)".
"Microfluidic glucose stimulation reveals limited coordination of intracellular Ca2+ activity oscillations in pancreatic islets".
"Direct casting of polymer membranes into microfluidic devices".
"Wettability and surface energetics of rough fluoropolymer surfaces".
"Patterning of polymers: precise channel stamping by optimizing wetting properties".
"Evidence for heterodimers of 2,4,5-trichlorophenol on planer lipid layers. A FTIR-ATR investigation".
"Micro-cell counter using photoconductance of boron diffused resistor (BDR)".
"Nonequilibrium behavior in supported lipid membranes containing cholesterol".
"Investigation of the staggered herringbone mixer with a simple analytical model".
"The nature of water on surfaces of laboratory systems and implications for heterogeneous chemistry in the troposphere".
"Chaotic mixing in cross-channel micromixers".
"RGD-containing peptide GCRGYGRGDSPG reduces enhancement of osteoblast differentiation by poly(L-lysine)-graft-poly(ethylene glycol)-coated titanium surfaces".
"Upside-down transfer of porcine keratinocytes from a porous, synthetic dressing to experimental full-thickness wounds".
"Hydrogen-deuterium exchange in membrane proteins monitored by IR spectroscopy: A new tool to resolve protein structure and dynamics".
"Carboxylic acid- and ester-functionalized siloxane scaffolds on glass studied by broadband sum frequency generation".
"The density and refractive index of adsorbing protein layers".
"Differential effects of EGF gradient profiles on MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell chemotaxis".
"Reduced protein adsorption at solid interfaces by sugar excipients".
"Depletion interaction measured by colloidal probe atomic force microscopy".
"Visualization of plasma membrane compartmentalization with patterned lipid bilayers.".
"Reduction of friction at oxide interfaces upon polymer adsorption from aqueous solutions".
"Immobilization of the enzyme beta-lactamase on biotin-derivatized poly(L-lysine)-g-poly(ethylene glycol)-coated sensor chips: A study on oriented attachment and surface activity by enzyme kinetics and in situ optical sensing".
"Interface dipoles arising from self-assembled monolayers on gold: UV-photoemission studies of alkanethiols and partially fluorinated alkanethiols".
"Correlation length of hydrophobic polyelectrolyte solutions".
"Head-to-tail organization of terthiophene-vinylbenzoate in Langmuir-Blodgett films".
"Efficacy of glow discharge gas plasma treatment as a surface modification process for three-dimensional poly (D,L-lactide) scaffolds".
"Microcontact printing of novel co-polymers in combination with proteins for cell-biological applications".
"Fast ion conduction in layer-by-layer polymer films".
"The adhesion of isocyanate-based polymers to steel".
"Joule heating and heat transfer in poly(dimethylsiloxane) microfluidic systems".
"Ligand-specific targeting of microspheres to phagocytes by surface modification with poly(L-lysine)-grafted poly(ethylene glycol) conjugate".
"Atomic force microscopy measurements of adsorbed polyelectrolyte layers. 1. Dynamics of forces and friction".
"Structural basis of membrane-induced cardiotoxin A3 oligomerization".
"Colloidal crystals with tunable colors and their use as photonic papers".
"Measuring protein interactions by microchip self-interaction chromatography".
"Versatile 3-channel high-voltage power supply for microchip capillary electrophoresis".
"Parallel microchannel-based measurements of individual erythrocyte areas and volumes".
"Polymer surface modification using microwave-oven-generated plasma".
"Antigen binding specificity of antibodies patterned by microcontact printing".
"A microfluidic bioreactor based on hydrogel-entrapped E. coli: Cell viability, lysis, and intracellular enzyme reactions".
"Patterned protein microarrays for bacterial detection".
"Adsorption from black tea and red wine onto in vitro salivary pellicles studied by ellipsometry".
"n-octadecyltriethoxysilane monolayer coated surfaces in humid atmospheres: Influence of capillary condensation on surface deformation and adhesion".
"Molding of hydrogel multiphenotype cell microstructures to create microarrays".
"Control of mammalian cell and bacteria adhesion on substrates micropatterned with poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels".
"Layer-by-layer self-assembly of a polyelectrolyte bearing metal ion coordination and electrostatic functionality".
"Orientation-controlled assembly and solvothermal ion-exchange of layered double hydroxide nanocrystals".
"Boundary lubrication of oxide surfaces by Poly(L-lysine)-g-poly(ethylene glycol) (PLL-g-PEG) in aqueous media".
"Zero-mode waveguides for single-molecule analysis at high concentrations".
"PDMS-based microfluidic device with multi-height structures fabricated by single-step photolithography using printed circuit board as masters".
"Vacuum deposition of silver island films on chemically modified surfaces".
"A sensitive, versatile microfluidic assay for bacterial chemotaxis".
"The attachment and growth behavior of osteoblast-like cells on microtextured surfaces".
"Siloxane-anchored thin films on silicon dioxide-modified stainless steel".
"A simple, reproducible approach to the preparation of surface-chemical gradients".
"The influence of molecular architecture on the macroscopic lubrication properties of the brush-like co-polyelectrolyte poly(L-lysine)-g-poly(ethylene glycol) (PLL-g-PEG) adsorbed on oxide surfaces".
"Avidin-biotin micropatterning methods for biosensor applications".
"Mast cell activation on patterned lipid bilayers of subcellular dimensions".
"On-column electrochemical detection for microchip capillary electrophoresis".
"Poly(L-lysine)-graft-poly(ethylene glycol) assembled monolayers on niobium oxide surfaces: A quantitative study of the influence of polymer interfacial architecture on resistance to protein adsorption by ToF-SIMS and in situ OWLS".
"Infrared study of the molecular orientation in ultrathin films of behenic acid methyl ester: Comparison between single Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers and spin-coated multilayers".
"The artificial synapse chip: A flexible retinal interface based on directed retinal cell growth and neurotransmitter stimulation".
"Electropolymerization of DBSA-doped polypyrrole films on PTFE via an electroless copper interlayer".
"Micro-Patterning of Fluoropolymer Surfaces for Electronic and Biomaterials Applications".
"Dependence of structural forces in polyelectrolyte solutions on charge density: A combined AFM/SAXS study".
"Deposition of polylelectrolyte complex nano-particles at silica surfaces characterized by ATR-FTIR and SEM".
"Characterization of titanium oxide films prepared by the template-stripping method".
"Effect of polyelectrolyte multilayers on the response of a quartz crystal microbalance".
"Adsorption of cationic, anionic and hydrophobically modified polyacrylamides on silica surfaces".
"Electrostatically targeted intermembrane lipid exchange with micropatterned supported membranes".
"Relaxation of a rubbed polystyrene surface".
"Chemically patterned, metal-oxide-based surfaces produced by photolithographic techniques for studying protein- and cell-interactions. II: Protein adsorption and early cell interactions".
"Prototype of an in vitro model of the microcirculation".
"Millisecond kinetics on a microfluidic chip using nanoliters of reagents".
"Tomography studies of human foreskin fibroblasts on polymer yarns".
"Long-term stimulation of mouse hippocampal slice culture on microelectrode array".
"Albumin and fibrinogen adsorption onto phosphatidylcholine monolayers investigated by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy".
"Modification of surface forces by metal ion adsorption".
"Multiplexed DNA Quantification by Spectroscopic Shift of Two Microsphere Cavities".
"Wetting Behavior in Colloid-Polymer Mixtures at Different Substrates".
"Customization of poly(dimethylsiloxane) stamps by micromachining using a femtosecond-pulsed laser".
"Mesoscale self-assembly: Capillary interactions when positive and negative menisci have similar amplitudes".
"Integration of nanocapillary arrays into microfluidic devices for use as analyte concentrators".
"FTIR and fluorescence studies of interactions of synaptic fusion proteins in polymer-supported bilayers".
"Gradients of substrate-bound laminin orient axonal specification of neurons".
"The Chain Length Dependence of Helix Formation of the Second Transmembrane Domain of a G Protein-coupled Receptor of Saccharomyces cerevisiae".
"Broadband spectroelectrochemical attenuated total reflectance instrument for molecular adlayer studies".
"Normal and lateral forces between lipid covered solids in solution: correlation with layer packing and structure".
"In situ UV-photopolymerization of gas-phase monomers for microanalytical system applications".
"Covalent attachment of novel poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(DL-lactic acid) copolymeric micelles to TiO2 surfaces".
"Biotin-derivatized poly(L-lysine)-g-poly(ethylene glycol): A novel polymeric interface for bioaffinity sensing".
"Multiprotein immunoassay arrays fabricated by microcontact printing".
"Polymer-on-polymer stamping: universal approaches to chemically patterned surfaces".
"Electro-osmosis-driven micro-channel flows: A comparative study of microscopic particle image velocimetry measurements and numerical simulations".
"Reactive polymer coatings: A platform for patterning proteins and mammalian cells onto a broad range of materials".
"Microcontact printing on human tissue for retinal cell transplantation".
"Performance of submillimeter square hollow waveguides".
"Poly(vinyl pyridine) as a universal surface modifier for immobilization of nanoparticles".
"Design and characterization of immobilized enzymes in microfluidic systems".
"A microfluidic device with a linear temperature gradient for parallel and combinatorial measurements".
"Prototyping of microfluidic devices in poly(dimethylsiloxane) using solid-object printing".
"Preparation of solid-supported lipid bilayers by spin-coating".
"Selective molecular assembly patterning: A new approach to micro- and nanochemical patterning of surfaces for biological applications".
"A novel approach to produce biologically relevant chemical patterns at the nanometer scale: Selective molecular assembly patterning combined with colloidal lithography".
"Poly(dimethylsiloxane) microchip for precolumn reaction and micellar electrokinetic chromatography of biogenic amines".
"Fluorosurfactant self-assembly at solid/liquid interfaces".
"Fabrication of microchambers defined by photopolymerized hydrogels and weirs within microfluidic systems: Application to DNA hybridization".
"On-chip absorption measurements using an integrated waveguide".
"Surface diffusion of poly(ethylene glycol)".
"Wetting Behavior of silicone oils on solid substrates immersed in aqueous electrolyte solutions".
"Simulation of indentation fracture in crystalline materials using mesoscale self-assembly".
"Bone formation in transforming growth factor beta-1-coated porous poly(propylene fumarate) scaffolds".
"Bone formation in Transforming Growth Factor beta-I-loaded titanium fiber mesh implants".
"Micropatterning tractional forces in living cells".
"Metallodielectric photonic structures based on polyelectrolyte multilayers".
"Tethered thiazole orange intercalating dye for development of fibre-optic nucleic acid biosensors".
"Using hierarchical self-assembly to form three-dimensional lattices of spheres".
"Particle assembly on patterned plus/minus” polyelectrolyte surfaces via polymer-on-polymer stamping”".
"High refractive index substrates for fluorescence microscopy of biological interfaces with high z contrast.".
"Fabrication and characterization of microscale sandwich beams".
"Ellipsometry and TIRF studies of enzymatic degradation of interfacial proteinaceous layers".
"Proteolytic degradation of oral biofilms in vitro and in vivo: potential of proteases originating from Euphausia superba for plaque control".
"Investigation of the Poly(L-lactide)/Poly(D-lactide) Stereocomplex at the Air-Water Interface by Polarization Modulation Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy".
"Self-assembly of microscale objects at a liquid/liquid interface through lateral capillary forces".
"The stiffness of bone marrow cell-knit composites is increased during mechanical load".
"An integrated fluorescence detection system in poly(dimethylsiloxane) for microfluidic applications".
"Sensitivity of single membrane-spanning alpha-helical peptides to hydrophobic mismatch with a lipid bilayer: Effects on backbone structure, orientation, and extent of membrane incorporation".
"Layer-by-layer assembly of PEDOT/polyaniline electrochromic devices".
"DNA-surfactant complexes at solid surfaces".
"Alkyl phosphate monolayers, self-assembled from aqueous solution onto metal oxide surfaces".
"The adhesion properties of a plasma modified thermoplastic olefin elastomer".
"Patterning and composition arrays of supported lipid bilayers by microcontact printing".
"Poly(L-lysine)-g-poly(ethylene glycol) layers on metal oxide surfaces: surface-analytical characterization and resistance to serum and fibrinogen adsorption".
"Cell adhesion to protein-micropatterned-supported lipid bilayer membranes".
"The production of stable hydrophobic surfaces by the adsorption of hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon carboxylic acids onto alumina substrates".
"Miniaturized multichannel electrospray ionization emitters on poly(dimethylsiloxane) microfluidic devices".
"Membrane molecule reorientation in an electric field recorded by attenuated total reflection Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy".
"Fabrication of a configurable, single-use microfluidic device".
"Comparison of friction measurements using the atomic force microscope and the surface forces apparatus: the issue of scale".
"In situ characterisation of thin-film formation in molecular low-temperature plasmas".
"Topography of collapsed triglyceride monolayers on glass".
"Selective interaction between proteins and the outermost surface of polyelectrolyte multilayers: Influence of the polyanion type, pH and salt".
"Desorption of low-charge-density polyelectrolyte adlayers in aqueous sodium n-dodecyl sulfate solution".
"Single layer light-emitting devices with high efficiency and long lifetime based on tris(2,2 ‘ bipyridyl) ruthenium(II) hexafluorophosphate".
"XPS and surface resistivity measurements of plasma-treated LDPE and ageing effects".
"Nanoliter capillary electrochromatography columns based on collocated monolithic support structures molded in poly(dimethyl siloxane)".
"Application of electron spectroscopy and surface modification techniques in the development of anti-microbial coatings for medical devices".
"Structure and topology of a peptide segment of the 6th transmembrane domain of the Saccharomyces cerevisae α-factor receptor in phospholipid bilayers".
"Difference between the E1 and E2 conformation of gastric H+/K+-ATPase in a multilamellar lipid film system.".
"Ectopic bone formation in titanium mesh loaded with bone morphogenetic protein and coated with calcium phosphate".
"Influence of polymer surface chemistry on frictional properties under protein-lubrication conditions: implications for hip-implant design".
"Fabrication of phospholipid bilayer-coated microchannels for on-chip immunoassays".
"Formation of silicon structures by plasma-activated wafer bonding".
"Fabrication of topologically complex three-dimensional microfluidic systems in PDMS by rapid prototyping".
"Underpotentially deposited copper promotes self-assembly of alkanephosphonate monolayers on gold substrates".
"Mesoscale self-assembly: Capillary bonds and negative menisci".
"Metal oxide surfaces separated by aqueous solutions of linear polyphosphates: DLVO and non-DLVO interaction forces".
"A quantitative study of interaction forces and friction in aqueous colloidal systems".
"Oscillatory and ion-correlation forces observed in direct force measurements between silica surfaces in concentrated CaCl2 solutions".
"Influence of surface hydrophobicity on the layer properties of adsorbed nonionic surfactants".
"ATPase cycle controls the conformation of an archaeal chaperonin as visualized by cryo-electron microscopy".
"Concentration dependence of a thiazole orange derivative that is used to determine nucleic acid hybridization by an optical biosensor".
"Volume imaging of an ultrathin SBS triblock copolymer film".
"Patterning hybrid surfaces of proteins and supported lipid bilayers".
"A time-resolved study of the mechanism of the energy transfer from a ligand to the lanthanide(III) ion in solutions and solid films".
"Dynamic coating using polyelectrolyte multilayers for chemical control of electroosmotic flow in capillary electrophoresis microchips".
"Personal monitoring instrument for the selective measurement of multiple organic vapors".
"Specific adhesion of vesicles monitored by scanning force microscopy and quartz crystal microbalance".
"Membrane-induced folding of cecropin A".
"Interaction of melittin with solid supported membranes".
"Patterning of polymer-supported metal films by microcutting".
"Formation of model lipid bilayers at the silica-water interface by co-adsorption with non-ionic dodecyl maltoside surfactant".
"Bone formation in calcium-phosphate-coated titanium mesh".
"Tethered polymer-supported planar lipid bilayers for reconstitution of integral membrane proteins: Silane-polyethyleneglycol-lipid as a cushion and covalent linker".
"Mesoscale self-assembly of hexagonal plates using lateral capillary forces: Synthesis using the capillary bond””".
"Macroscopic, Hierarchical, Two-Dimensional Self-Assembly".
"Rapid prototyping of microfluidic switches in poly(dimethyl siloxane) and their actuation by electro-osmotic flow".
"Surface-grafted, environmentally sensitive polymers for biofilm release".
"Examination of poly(butadiene epoxide)-coatings on inorganic surfaces".
"Polyelectrolyte complex layers: a promising concept for antifouling coatings verified by in-situ ATR-FTIR spectroscopy".
"Structure of VAT, a CDC48/p97 ATPase homologue from the archaeon Thermoplasma acidophilum as studied by electron tomography".
"The implant material, Ti6Al7Nb: surface microstructure, composition and properties".
"Controlled nanometer-scale surface roughening and its effect on the ordering and stability of liquid-crystalline polymer films".
"Biological surface engineering: a simple system for cell pattern formation".
"Study by infrared spectroscopy of the conformation of dipalmitoylphosphatidylglycerol monolayers at the air-water interface and transferred on solid substrates".
"Rapid prototyping of microfluidic systems in poly(dimethylsiloxane)".
"Modification of the carbon fiber/matrix interface using gas plasma treatment with acetylene and oxygen".
"Lower critical solubility temperature materials as biofouling release agents".
"Patterned protein layers on solid substrates by thin stamp microcontact printing".
"Plasma protein adsorption on titanium: comparative in situ studies using optical waveguide lightmode spectroscopy and ellipsometry".
"Friction in adhesion".
"Covalent Attachment of Cell-Adhesive, (Arg-Gly-Asp)-Containing Peptides to Titanium Surfaces".
"Self-assembly of aluminium-pillared clay on a gold support".
"Interactions between self-assembled monolayers and an organophosphonate – Detailed study using surface acoustic wave-based mass analysis, polarization modulation FTIR spectroscopy and ellipsometry".
"Surface activation of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and formation of calcium phosphate coatings by precipitation".
"The influence of pH on friction between oxide surfacesin electrolytes, studied with lateral force microscopy:application as a nanochemical imaging technique".
"Covalent immobilization of single-stranded DNA onto optical fibers using various linkers".
"Effects of radiofrequency glow discharge on impression material surface wettability".
"Automated electron microscope tomography of frozen-hydrated chromatin: The irregular three-dimensional zigzag architecture persists in compact, isolated fibers".
"Effect of interfacial slippage on viscoelastic adhesion".
"Binding of the Soluble, Truncated Form of an Fc Receptor (Mouse Fc gamma RII) to Membrane-Bound IgG as Measured by Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy".
"Locations of calmodulin and FK506-binding protein on the three-dimensional architecture of the skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor".
"Double-mode impedance analysis of epithelial cell monolayers cultured on shear wave resonators".
"Electron-transfer properties of pyrolytic graphite optically transparent electrodes".
"Cholera toxin binding affinity and specificity for gangliosides determined by surface plasmon resonance".
"Modification of mechanical properties of Kevlar fibre by polymer infiltration".
"Wettability of native silver surfaces".
"Competition between fibrinogen and a non-ionic surfactant in adsorption to a wettability gradient surface".
"Ethylene/ammonia plasma polymer deposition for controlled adhesion of graphite fibers to PEEK. Part I. Characterization of plasma formed polymers".
"Glass and metal surfaces derivatized with self-assembled monolayers: Cell type-specific modulation of fibronectin adhesion functions".
"Transport And Ion-Exchange In Langmuir-Blodgett-Films – Water Transport And Film Microstructure By Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier-Transform Infrared-Spectroscopy".
"Contact angle studies of the surface properties of covalently bonded poly-L-lysine to surfaces treated by glow-discharge".
"FTIR ATR Analysis For Microstructure And Water-Uptake In Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Spin Cast And Langmuir-Blodgett Thin-Films".
"Preparation Of A Robust Hydrophobic Monolayer On Mica".
"Peptide, Protein, And Cellular Interactions With Self-Assembled Monolayer Model Surfaces".
"Orientation Of Functional And Nonfunctional Pts Permease Signal Sequences In Lipid Bilayers – A Polarized Attenuated Total-Reflection Infrared Study".
"Plasma treatment of polypropylene surfaces: Characterization by contact-angle measurements".
"Changes in surface topology of amorphous silicon oxide and mica after ion-milling".
"Selective-Ultratrace Detection Of Metal-Ions With Sers".
"Direct Measurement Of Interfacial Interactions Between Semispherical Lenses And Flat Sheets Of Poly(Dimethylsiloxane) And Their Chemical Derivatives".
"Functionalized Thin Films: Synthesis, Characterization, and Potential Use".
"Surface-Enhanced Raman-Spectroscopy With Abrasively Modified Fiber Optic Probes".
"Dental implant materials. I. Some effects of preparative procedures on surface topography".
"Hydrogen Liquid Vapor Radio-frequency Glow-discharge Plasma Oxidation Hydrolysis of Expanded Poly(tetrafluoroethylene)(eptfe) and Poly(vinylidene Fluoride)(pvdf) Surfaces".
"A Multitechnique Surface Analytical Study of A Segmented Block Copolymer Poly(ether-urethane) Modified Through An H2O Radio-frequency Glow-discharge".
"Formation Of Monolayer Films By The Spontaneous Assembly Of Organic Thiols From Solution Onto Gold".
"Multitechnique surface spectroscopic studies of plasma-modified polymers II: H2O/Ar plasma-modified polymethylmethacrylate/polymethacrylic acid copolymers".
"Parallel Flow Arteriovenous Shunt For The Exvivo Evaluation Of Heparinized Materials".
"Elimination Of Intermetallic Compound Interferences In Twin-Electrode Thin-Layer Anodic-Stripping Voltammetry".
"The epitaxy of Poly-L-alanine on L-quartz and a glass-ceramic".
"Carbohydrate Microarray based on Aluminum coated glass slides".
"Air Flow Resistance Of Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Closures".


"Methods for experimental evolution of natural and synthetic microbes". .
"System and method for optical transient liquid molding of microparticles and uses for the same". .
"Methods of fabricating hyper compliant polymer particles and methods of use and compositions". .
"Optical-quality surface that imparts spatial control of macrophage fusion". .
"Optical quantification of interfacial charge states". .
"G protein-coupled receptors incorporated into rehydrated polymer vesicles retain functionality". .
"Large-area flexible perovskite solar cell and manufacturing method thereof". .
"Enhanced structural supercapacitors". .
"Sensor and manufacturing method of the same". .
"In situ cell delivery using reconstituted photopolymerized chondroitin sulfate glycosaminoglycan hydrogel matrices". .
"Techniques for performing diffusion-based filtration using nanoporous membranes and related systems and methods". .
"Single cell genomic sequencing using hydrogel based droplets". .
"Yeast Ypt1p protein transforming the functions by heat shock". .
"Capacitive bending sensors". .
"Cluster sensor". .
"Hydrogel micro-patterning for embedding purposes". .
"Preparation of universal spin-coatable amine-reactive surface coatings for biomolecule array fabrication". .
"Integrated platform for characterization of single cells or small cell clusters". .
"Drugs used in various kinds of cells and screened simultaneously microfluidic chip multifunction". .
"Electroanalytical imaging methods and devices involving a substrate with an array of electrodes". .
"Fluidic device for the detection, capture, or removal of a disease material". .
"Lubricious structures, methods of making them, and methods of use". .
"Soft, wearable microfluidic systems capable of capture, storage, and sensing of biofluids". .
"Particle isolation/enrichment using continuous closed-loop micro-fluidics". .
"Neutralizing venomous biomacromolecules". .
"Systems and methods for instant total internal reflection fluorescence/structured illumination microscopy". .
"Methods for continuous sorting of cells based on molecular adhesion". .
"Engineered 3D lung airway tree". .
"Method for efficiently producing β myosin heavy chain in cardiac muscle cells differentiated from induced pluripotent stem cells derived from homo sapiens". .
"Durable superhydrophobic surfaces". .
"Systems and methods for determining molecular motion". .
"Thermoresponsive cell culture supports". .
"Manufacture method of metal nano circuit patterns based on DNA nano structures". .
"Micro- and nanocontact printing with aminosilanes: patterning surfaces of microfluidic devices for multi- plexed bioassays". .
"Plasma Assisted Method of Accurate Alignment and Pre-Bonding for Microstructure Including Glass or Quartz Chip". .
"Spider silk coating of solid surfaces". .
"Microfluidic Device for Three Dimensional and Compartmentalized Coculture of Neuronal and Muscle Cells, with Functional Force Readout". .
"Protein complexes comprising GST domains and uses thereof". .
"A biosensor system for use in point-of-care applications and a method for fabricating same". .
"The method of reforming the hydophobic materials into hydrophilic sueface and materials having hydrophilic surface for using the same". .
"Method to monitor and quantify interphase nuclear envelope rupture events". .
"Cancer modeling platforms and methods of using the same". .
"Microfluidic chips and cartridges and systems utilizing microfluidic chips and cartridges". .
"Sheath-liquid-free particle three-dimensional focusing microfluid chip and focusing method thereof". .
"Medical lubricating member, medical instrument in which same is used, and method for manufacturing medical lubricating member". .
"Apparatus and method for microfluidic magnetic self-assembly at liquid-liquid interfaces". .
"Flexible hollow needles and cantilevers and method for making thereof". .
"A method of forming a thin film through-hole membrane". .
"Omni-transparent and superhydrophobic coatings assembled from chain-like nanoparticles". .
"Method and device for isolating cells from heterogeneous solution using microfluidic trapping vortices". .
"Virus composite biosensor". .
"Systems for providing electro-mechanical sensors". .
"Nano-alumina low temperature plasma treatment". .
"Hydrogel-elastomer hybrids". .
"Plasma treatment of golf club components and bonding thereof". .
"Microreactor and method for preparing a radiolabeled complex or a biomolecule conjugate". .
"Artificial Sieving Structures". .
"Micropatterning of Conductive Graphite Particles Using Microcontact Printing". .
"High-frequency Electroporation For Cancer Therapy". .
"Devices and Methods for Detection of Biomolecular Interactions". .
"Inertial Particle Focusing Flow Cytometer". .
"Method Of Screening Drugs For Reversal Of Amyloid Beta Neurotoxicity". .
"Method And System For Nucleic Acid Detection Using Electroconductive Or Electrochemically Active Labels". .
"Method Of Improving Power Conversion Efficiencies In Dye-sensitized Solar Cells By Facile Surface Treatment". .
"Metering Rotary Nanopump, Method Of Fabricating Same, And Applications Of Same". .
"Selective Nanoparticle Assembly Systems and Methods". .
"Direct Determination of Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Antibiotics by Microchip Electrophoresis with Pulsed Amperometric Detection". .
"Non-fluidic micro-detection device and uses thereof". .
"Methods For Detecting And Imaging Magnetic Metalloproteins". .
"Carbosilane polymers and methods for use in analytical and purification Applications". .
"Microfluidic Device". .
"Feature forming process using acid-containing composition". .
"Plasma-treated vascular occlusion devices and methods". .
"Data Storage Media Containing Magnesium Metal Layer". .
"Method For Fabricating A Biosensor Chip And The Biosensor Chip Made Thereby". .
"Method For Detecting Active And Latent Virally Infected Cells". .
"Macroporous carbon nanofoam composites and methods of makin the same". .
"Method and apparatus to conduct kinetic analysis of platelet function in whole blood samples". .
"Devices and methods for observing the cell division". .
"Rapid and Continuous Analyte Processing in Droplet Microfluidic Devices". .
"Feature forming process using plasma treatment". .
"Compartmentalized Nerve Culture System". .
"Fibrous Membrane for Biomedical Application Based on Poly(ester-amide)s". .
"Structures Including Antimicrobial Peptides". .
"Organic Solar Cells and Method of Manufacturing the Same". .
"Photocurable Materials with Microfluidic Endoskeleton". .
"Metal Wear Detection Apparatus and Method Employing Microfluidic Electronic Device". .
"Microfluidic System and Method to Test for Target Molecules in a Biological Sample". .
"Surface modification of nanoparticles by phosphorus-containing compunds in the vapor phase". .
"Method and System for Real Time Quantification and Monitoring of Nucleic Acid Amplfication Using Electroconductive or Electrochemically Active Labels". .
"Michael-adduct fluorochemical silanes". .
"Selective metal patterns using polyelectrolyte multiplayer coatings". .
"Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coating and Method for Preparing the Same". .
"Naphthalene-based semiconductor materials and methods of preparing and use thereof". .
"Method for Patterning a Surface". .
"Arrays of optical confinements and uses thereof". .
"Laser Modification and Functionalization of Substrates". .
"Non-woven fabric for biomedical application based on poly (ester-amide)s". .
"Tribological applications of polyelectrolyte multilayers". .
"Carbon nanotube compositions and devices and methods of making thereof". .
"Deposition of Thin Films". .
"Process for coating an optical article with an anti-fouling surface coating by vacuum evaporation". .
"Fluid Separation". .
"Ablation Based Laser Machining of Biomolecule Patterns on Substrates". .
"Microfluidic systems for biological and molecular analysis and methods thereof". .
"Disposable reactor module and detection system". .
"Phototool Coating". .
"Linear Chemoselective Carbosilane Polymers and Methods for Use in Analytical and Purification Applications". .
"Method and Apparatus for Low-Temperature Plasma Sintering". .
"Reactive surfaces, substrates and methods of producing same". .
"Catechol Functionalized Polymers and Method for Preparing Them". .
"Cell selective implant surface with controlled release of bioactive agents". .
"Apparatus and method for analysis of molecules". .
"Method and Apparatus for Patterning a Conductive Layer, and a Device Produced Thereby". .
"Diagnostic test media and methods for the manufacture thereof". .
"Methods of Making Decomposable Thin Films of Polyelectrolytes and Uses Thereof". .
"Conductive Silicone and Methods for Preparing Same". .
"Nanofiber construct and method of preparing thereof". .
"Functionalized small molecules for use in chemical sensors". .
"Hyperbranched chemoselective silicon-based polymers for chemical sensor applications". .
"Patterned surfaces and polymeric microstructures within robust microfluidic channels". .
"Peptidomimetic polymers for antifouling surfaces". .
"Particle separating devices, systems, and methods". .
"Microfluidic device and method of manufacturing the same". .
"Diffusively permeable monolithic biomaterial with embedded microfluidic channels". .
"Fabrication of optical confinements". .
"Apparatus and method for performing nucleic acid analysis". .
"Microparticles and nanoparticles containing a lipopolymer". .
"Microbioreactor for continuous cell culture". .
"Gas-plasma treatment of implants". .
"Linseed Extract for Xerostomia Treatment". .
"Polymeric cannulae proteins, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them". .
"Use of osteopontin in dental formulations". .
"Method for Creating Adhesion During Fabrication of Electronic Devices". .
"Multifunctional polymeric surface coatings in analytic and sensor devices". .
"Antisoiling Coatings for Antireflective Surfaces and Methods of Preparation". .
"Device and Method for Pressure-Driven Plug Transport and Reaction". .
"Microchemical method and apparatus for synthesis and coating of colloidal nanoparticles". .
"Bioactive Coating of Biomedical Implants". .
"Artificial biocompatible material as a support for cells in a retinal implant". .
"Removal and Replacement of Antisoiling Coatings". .
"Polymeric Compositions and Related Methods of Use". .
"Method of Coating a Substrate with a Fluoropolymer". .
"Methods and Devices for Fabricating Three-Dimensional Nanoscale Structures". .
"Controlled Surface Chemical-Gradients". .
"Method for Microstructuring Polymer Supported Materials". .
"Vascular biomaterial devices and methods". .
"Micro-fluidic device for measuring osmotic second virial coefficients". .
"Tailor-Made Functionalized Silicon And/Or Germanium Surfaces". .
"Photoresponsive surfaces". .
"Patterning of surfaces utilizing microfluidic stamps including three-dimensionally arrayed channel networks". .
"Coatings appropriate for medical devices". .
"Modular cytomimetic biomaterials, transport studies, preparation and utilization thereof". .
"Method and apparatus for temperature gradient microfluidics". .
"Microfluidic Affinity System Using PDMS and a Surface Modification Process". .
"Embolism protection devices". .
"Bioanalytical Recognition Surface with Optimised Recognition Element Density". .
"Method of modifying a surface molecules, adhesives, articles, and methods". .
"Biocompatible scaffold as a dermal or cartilage substitute". .
"Controlled Surface-Chemical Gradients". .
"Apparatus and Method for On-chip Concentration Using a Microfluidic Device with an Integrated Untrafiltration Membrane Structure". .
"A Microfluidic Device for Monitoring Biomolecular Interactions". .
"Micro-fluidic device for monitoring biomolecular interactions". .
"Microfluidic systems including three-dimensionally arrayed channel networks". .
"No-flow flux adhesive compositions". .
"Solid polymer electrolytes from ethylene oxide-containing, layer-by-layer assembled films". .
"Gel and Powder Making". .
"Method for Precipitating Mono and Multiple Layers of Organophosphoric and Organophosphonic Acids and the Salts Thereof in Addition to Use Thereof". .
"Chemoselective dendrimeric compounds for use in chemical sensors". .
"Elastomeric Mask and Use in Fabrication of Devices, Including Pixelated Electroluminescent Displays". .
"Gradient Resolved Information Platform". .
"Patterned Biological Molecules on Inner Surface of Enclosed Tubes". .
"Drug candidate screening systems based on micropatterned hydrogels and microfluidic systems". .
"High efficiency solid state light-emitting device and method of generating light". .
"Method of making a protein polymer and uses of the polymer". .
"Method for Microstructuring Polymer-Supported Materials". .
"Diffraction-based cell detection using a micro-contact-printed antibody grating". .
"Photopatternable Sorbent and Functionalized Films". .
"Device and method or three-dimensional spatial localization and functional interconnection of different types of cells". .
"Lipid bilayer array method and devices". .
"Thin Film Bio-Sensor and Method of Operating Same". .
"Lipid Bilayer Arrays and Methods of Making and Using Same". .
"Strongly hydrogen-bond acidic polymer and methods of making and using". .
"Microcontact Printing of Catalytic Colloids". .
"Water Vapor Plasma Treatment of Glass Surfaces". .
"Self-assembled superlattices and waveguides prepared for use therewith". .
"Patterned Conducting Polymer Surfaces and Process for Preparing the Same and Devices". .
"Control of Interface Properties Between Fiber/Cementitous Material Using Plasma Treatment". .
"Coating for Prosthetic Devices". .
"Dispersion-Preventing Pattern for Liquid Crystal Display Device". .
"Dental implant system". .
"Polyethylene Composites". .
"Process for Controlling Cell Growth on Surfaces". .
"Method of treating a synthetic naturally occurring surface with a collagen laminate to support microvascular endothelial cell growth, and the surface itself". .
"Carbosilane polymers and methods for use in analytical and purification applications*". .
"Deposition of thin films*". .
"Direct Determination Of Carbohydrates, Amino Acids And Antibiotics By Microchip Electrophoresis With Pulsed Amperometric Detection*". .
"Linear chemoselective carbosilane polymers and methods for use in analytical and purification applications*". .
"Micropatterning of conductive graphite particles using microcontact printing*". .
"Phototool coating*". .
"Plasma-treated vascular occlusion devices and methods*". .
"Use of osteopontin in dental formulations*". .

PhD Dissertation

"Design, development and application of an automated framework for cell growth and laboratory evolution" PhD diss..
"Functionalized carbon nanotubes as the platforms in the dopamine and ascorbic acid biosensors" PhD diss..
"Microfluidics for bacterial chemotaxis" PhD diss..
"Heat transfer rates for filmwise, dropwise, and superhydrophobic condensation on silicon substrates" PhD diss..
"Bacteria in shear flow" PhD diss..
"The Role of FGF21 in Pancreatic Islet Metabolism" PhD diss..
"Utilization of DNA/dendron Conjugates for DNA Monolayers on Gold: A Comparative Study" PhD diss..
"Investigating The Adhesive Strength And Morphology Of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers By Atomic Force Microscopy" PhD diss..
"Influence of Crosslink Density on Swelling and Conformation of Surface-Constrained Poly (N-Isopropylacrylamide) Hydrogels" PhD diss..
"Living cell adhesion measured by force spectroscopy" PhD diss..
"Interactions of Mucins with Biopolymers and Drug Delivery Particles" PhD diss..
"Surface Morphology Gradients" PhD diss..
"Chemotaxis in Microfluid Channels" PhD diss..
"Organic Electronic Devices Using Crosslinked Polyelectrolyte Multilayers as an Ultra-thin Dielectric Material" PhD diss..
"Molecular Level Interactions Between Blood Components and Model Biomaterials Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy" PhD diss..
"Aqueous Lubrication by Means of Surface-Bound Brush-Like Copolymers" PhD diss..
"Strukturuntersuchungen von superspiralisierter DNA mit Hilfe des Rasterkraftmikroskops (Structure investigations of superspiralisierter DNA with the help of the raster force microscope)" PhD diss..
"Mussel Adhesive-Inspired Surface Modification for the Preparation of Nonfouling Biomaterials" PhD diss..
"The Growth of Patterned Ceramic Thin Films From Polymer Precursor Solutions" PhD diss..
"Wetting Phenomena and Interactions in Phase-Separated Colloid Polymer Mixtures" PhD diss..
"Adsorption of Charged Macromolecules on a Gold Electrode" PhD diss..
"Interaction Forces of Poly (styrenesulfonate)-Covered Surfaces Measured by Direct Force Spectroscopy" PhD diss..
"Rekonstitution der gekoppelten Fumarat-Atmung von Wolinella succinogenes (Reconstitution of the coupled Fumarat respiration of Wolinella of succinogenes)" PhD diss..
"Oberflächenuntersuchungen Zur Verbesserung Der Haftung Zwischen Einem Silikon-Polyurethan-Copolymer-Gewebe Und Nickel-Titan-Stents (Surface Testings for the Improvement of the Adhesion between a Silicone PU Copolymer Fabric and a Nickel Titanium Stents)" PhD diss..
"Polyelectrolyte Multilayers as Nanostructured Templates for Inorganic Synthesis" PhD diss..
"Micro-Fluidic Flow Control Using Electroosmosis" PhD diss..
"Deposition of CNH Materials: Plasma and Film Characterization" PhD diss..
"Adsorption of Biomolecules on Titanium Oxide Layers in Biological Model Solutions" PhD diss..

Masters Thesis

"Alterations in basal lamina stiffness and focal adhesion turnover affect epithelial dynamics during corneal wound healing" MS Thesis.
"Development of an electrokinetic surface plasmon resonance sensor" MS Thesis.
"Characterizing the Effects of Nesprin 2G and Alpha4Beta1 Integrin on the Intracellular Dynamics of Cells in a Migration Model" MS Thesis.
"Validazione di uno scambiatore di gas a membrana realizzato con tecnologia microfluidica" MS Thesis.
"Anti-microbial Self-assembling ‘click’ Monolayers Utilizing Silver Nanoparticles For Indwelling Medical Devices" MS Thesis.
"Separating and Detecting Escherichia Coli in a Microfluidic Channel for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Applications" MS Thesis.
"Physical cell separation using microfluidic funnel ratchets" MS Thesis.
"A microsphere based microfluidic check valve" MS Thesis.
"Design and fabrication of a Planar Diffusion Chamber for bio-chemical applications" MS Thesis.
"Fabrication of Nanostructures for Electrokinetic Flow" MS Thesis.
"Tratamiento de plasma de baja presion sobre poliolefinas" MS Thesis.
"Optimizing Micro-vortex Chamber for Living Single Cell Rotation" MS Thesis.
"Inkjet printing of transducers" MS Thesis.
"Chromatographic cell separation based on size and rigidity using dynamic microstructures" MS Thesis.
"Surface Effects on Homogeneous Organic Reactions in Microreactors" MS Thesis.
"Integrazione di biosensori microstrutturati in piattaforme microfluidiche per l’analisi in linea di metaboliti" MS Thesis.
"Effects of interstitial flow on tumor cell migration" MS Thesis.
"Soft lithography of functional oxide materials" MS Thesis.
"Von Einzelmolekulen zu nanostrukturierten Materialien: Darstellung von Nanopartikelarrays fur die Kristallisation von Biosilica und Biotitania unter Verwendung von immobilisiertem" MS Thesis.
"Investigation of electrospun fibrous scaffolds, locally delivered anti-inflammatory drugs, and neural stem cells for promoting nerve regeneration" MS Thesis.
"Investigation Into Water-Soluble Perylene Diimides For Thin Film Formation" MS Thesis.
"Protein Adsorption to Surfaces of Varying Hydrophilicity" MS Thesis.
"Eludicating Biophysical Cues Conducive to Targeted Multipotent Cell Differentiation" MS Thesis.
"A microfluidic platform for three-dimensional neuron culture" MS Thesis.
"Fabrication of a microchip device for liquid phase ion mobility spectrometry" MS Thesis.
"Design and fabrication of a microfluidics gradient generator system for high-throughput molecular interaction studies" MS Thesis.
"Plasma Treatment on Silicon Wafers: Different Process Parameters" MS Thesis.

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