Product Operation

PDMS Bonding (Microfluidic Device Fabrication)

You Will Need

  • Installed Harrick Plasma Cleaner (All 3 Harrick Plasma Cleaners have been used for PDMS bonding applications)
  • Gas Compatible Pump
    (Minimum pumping speed of 23 L/min)
  • PDMS Microfluidic Devices
  • Glass Slide


  • PROCESS CONDITIONS: 200 mTorr, High, 50 seconds

  • GAS: Air or Oxygen from a cylinder
  • Do not touch surfaces to be bonded. Particulates or contamination disrupt bond formation. 
  • Heat the assembled device at 80-100 degrees Celsius for 60 seconds (Hot Plate or Oven). The high temperature provides activation energy for additional bond formation.


  1. Insert samples into chamber
  2. Turn on main Power to allow vacuum tubes to warm up.
  3.  In the meantime, pump down for 1-2 minutes or to your desired vacuum pressure.
    • Open the metering valve or needle valve to your desired setting or pressure.
    • Allow the pressure to stabilize for 10-30 s.
    • Turn on RF power to desired level.
  1. After 5-10 seconds, you should observe a purple-pink glow (if using air) when you look into the chamber.
  2. Start timing the plasma treatment once you see the plasma glow. Run the process for x seconds.
  3. Turn off the RF power and main power.
  4. Turn off the pump and slowly vent the chamber. *
  5. Open door and remove samples from the chamber.

 * Opening the vent too quickly may cause lighter and more fragile samples (Glass Slides) to move and break inside the chamber

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