Product Installation

Expanded Plasma Cleaner

(PDC-001) (PDC-002)

You Will Need

  • Expanded Plasma Cleaner
    (or High Power Expanded Plasma Cleaner)
  • Gas Compatible Pump
    (Minimum pumping speed of 23 L/min)
  • Custom 3-way Valve
  • 3Ft Vacuum Rated Hose
  • 2x Hose Clamps
  • Swing Clamp
  • Centering Ring
  • Exhaust Hose and Clamps


  • Do NOT use Vacuum Grease on any of the vacuum connections as it is source of contamination.
  • The Material of the Vacuum Hose and Connections must be compatible with the gas(es) used.
  • Keep Vacuum hose length as short as possible to minimize the time required to evacuate the chamber.
  • When connecting NPT tapered threads (3-way Valve), wrap the thread with PTFE (Teflon) tape for a good seal. Wrap counter to the screw direction.
  • Tighten ALL connections with a wrench

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