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Harrick Plasma is excited to launch our News & Research page. Keep abreast of latest updates from our company, get a periodic glimpse into cutting edge research enabled by plasma treatment, and discover the broad range of plasma applications reported by our users.

Featured Distributor: Mycro Technologies

Harrick Plasma is excited to announce the renewal of an exclusive distributor relationship with Mycro Technologies, who will continue to promote and offer our products in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and, now, Vietnam. Founded in 2008, Mycro...

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Featured User: Zymtronix

Harrick Plasma is excited to announce that Zymtronix, a Cornell Biotech start-up also located in Ithaca NY, has completed a successful test evaluation of our plasma cleaner's capabilities. Zymtronix develops new materials and cutting-edge processes...

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Added Applications: February 2019

In February 2019, we launched the new Applications Resource with five broad topics, Nanoscale Cleaning, Alter Surface Chemistry, Device Fabrication, Biology & Biomedical and Surface Patterning, that encompass the majority of plasma cleaning...

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Research Spotlight: Nucleic Acid Biosensor

Microfluidic Devices display immense potential as point of care (PoC) diagnostic instruments for the detection of infectious diseases and the screening of antimicrobial resistance. In particular, rapid detection is important in the context of single...

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Welcome to our New Website

The Harrick Plasma Technical Team is excited to announce the commencement of our News and Research Blog along with the arrival of our New Website. We take pride in working directly with our customers and delivering up-to-date protocols and...

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Harrick Plasma is a leading supplier of plasma equipment to the research community. We have been providing quality tabletop plasma devices specifically designed for laboratory and R&D use for over 30 years.