The method of reforming the hydophobic materials into hydrophilic sueface and materials having hydrophilic surface for using the same

The present invention discloses a method for reforming the hydrophobic surface of the substrate hydrophilic. A method for modifying the surface of a hydrophobic substrate according to an embodiment of the present invention to a hydrophilic, the step of grafting a surface of the hydrophobic substrate with a hydrophilic polymer (grafting), silane treatment of the surface of the grafted substrate with a silane compound ( silanization) step, by a step, and curing the base material surface in which an amine compound and the reaction of the surface of the silane treated substrate reaction with the amine compound, a substrate surface-modified with a hydrophilic has two hydrophilic groups, which it It characterized by increasing the holding time of the hydrophilic nature of the surface of the substrate.

Park, Bum Jun, Kyong Hak Kim




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