Surface modification of nanoparticles by phosphorus-containing compunds in the vapor phase

The present invention relates to a process for modifying the surface of nanoparticles, comprising providing nanoparticles, activating the surface of said nanoparticles by treatment with energetic species, and treating said nanoparticles with at least one gaseous phosphorus-containing compound having at least one functional group selected from a phosphoric acid group, a phosphonic acid group, a phosphinic acid group, a phosphinous acid group, salts thereof and derivatives thereof, a phosphine group and derivatives thereof, a phosphine oxide group and derivatives thereof, a phosphite group and a phosphonium group, resulting in chemical grafting of said phosphorus-containing compound on the surface of the nanoparticles. The invention also relates to a method of preparation of a stabilized dispersion of nanoparticles using the above prepared nanoparticles.

De Leuze-Jallouli, A., G. Fournand, S. M. Stanczyk

US 20080044561 A1





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