Strongly Hydrogen-Bond Acidic Polymer and Methods of Making and Using

The present invention is a sorbent polymer with the (AB)n sequence where the fluorinated interactive A segment is fluoroalkyl-substituted bisphenol and the oligosiloxane B segment is an oligodimethylsiloxane. More specifically, the fluoroalkyl-substituted bisphenol contains two allyl groups and the oligodimethylsiloxane has terminal Si--H groups. The sorbent polymer may be used as thin films on a variety of chemical sensors, or as a component of a thin film on a chemical sensor. Crosslinked sorbent polymers are processable into stable thin films on sensor devices. Sorbent polymers are also useful in sensor arrays, in surface acoustic wave sensors, and in cladding of optical fibers. Sensor arrays provide better selectivity than single sensors and permit identification and quantification of more than one species in a mixture. The sorbent polymer is synthesized by hydrosilylation polymerization which is achieved by catalyzed heating.

Grate, Jay W., Steven N. Kaganove

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