Organic Solar Cells and Method of Manufacturing the Same

An organic solar cell and a method of manufacturing the same. This invention relates to a method of manufacturing an organic solar cell including forming nano patterns on a photoactive layer using a nanoimprinting process, and applying a cathode electrode material on the photoactive layer having the nano patterns so that the cathod electrode material infiltrates the nano patterns of the photoactive layer, thus increasing electron conductivity and efficiently forming a pathway for the transfer of electrons, and to an organic solar cell manufactured through the method. This method reduces loss of photocurrent occurring as a result of aggregation of an electron acceptor material and improves molecular orientation of an electron donor in the nanoimprinting process to thus increase cell efficiency. Thereby, the organic solar cell having high efficiency is manufactured at low cost through a simple manufacturing process. The method can be applied to the fabrication of organic solar cells which use an environmentally friendly and recyclable energy source.

Jung, H. T., J. H. Lee, D. W. Kim, H. Jang

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

US20090314350 A1





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