Omni-transparent and superhydrophobic coatings assembled from chain-like nanoparticles

The present invention provides a layered coating adhered to a substrate surface which conforms to a surface topography defined by the anisotropic chain-like silica nanoparticles on the substrate. The layered coating comprises a layer of anisotropic chain-like silica nanoparticles. The anisotropic chain-like silica nanoparticles comprise linked arrays of silica net-negatively charged nanoparticles, each linked array having at least one linear dimension of about 100 nm to about 1200 nm and the anisotropic chain-like silica nanoparticles each have a diameter of about 20 nm to about 80 nm. The substrate surface comprises surface active moieties carrying a net positive charge and the chain-like anisotropic silica nanoparticles are held to the surface by electrostatic charge. Advantageously, the layered coatings are transparent and superhydrophobic. Also provided are articles containing these layered coatings.

Gaoxiang, W. U., Yubo Zhao, G. E. Dengteng, Shu Yang




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