Microfluidic System Including 3-D Arrayed Channel Networkd

The present invention provides, in certain embodiments, improved microfluidic systems and methods for fabricating improved microfluidic systems, which contain one or more levels of microfluidic channels. The inventive methods can provide a convenient route to topologically complex and improved microfluidic systems. The microfluidic systems provided according to the invention can include three-dimensionally arrayed networks of fluid flow paths therein including channels that cross over or under other channels of the network without physical intersection at the points of cross over. The microfluidic networks of the invention can be fabricated via replica molding processes, also provided by the invention, utilizing mold masters including surfaces having topological features formed by photolithography. The microfluidic networks of the invention are, in some cases, comprised of a single replica molded layer, and, in other cases, are comprised of two, three, or more replica molded layers that have been assembled to form the overall microfluidic network structure. The present invention also describes various novel applications for using the microfluidic network structures provided by the invention.

Anderson, Janelle R., Oksana Cherniavskaya, Daniel T. Chiu, Rebecca J. Jackman, Cooper McDonald, George M. Whitesides


US6645432 B1





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