Microfluidic chips and cartridges and systems utilizing microfluidic chips and cartridges

Microfluidic chips and cartridges and systems that include such chips are disclosed. In some embodiments, the chips include a microfluidic channel disposed in a substrate with the channel comprising at least one expansion region. The channel is configured to generate a vortex within the at least one expansion region in response to fluid through the microfluidic channel to trap cells or particles. The substrate in which the channel is formed may be relatively rigid to resist deformation.

Sollier, Elodie, Michael Lee KOCHERSPERGER, Robert F. Englert, C. H. E. James, Kuo-Wei Huang, Michael Boyce-Jacino, Anastasia NEDDERSEN, Anna PASSERNIG, Bruce Richardson, C. H. O. I. Insang




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