Microbioreactor for continuous cell culture

The present invention microscale bioreactors (microfermentors) and microscale bioreactor arrays for use in culturing cells. The microfermentors include a vessel for culturing cells and means for providing oxygen to the interior of the vessel at a concentration sufficient to support cell growth, e.g., growth of bacterial cells. Depending on the embodiment, the microfermentor vessel may have various interior volumes of less than approximately 1 ml. The microfermentors may include an aeration membrane and optionally a variety of sensing devices. Methods of using the microfermentors, e.g., to select optimum cell strains or bioprocess parameters are provided. The microbioreactors having a variety of different designs, some of which incorporate active fluid mixing and/or have the capability to operate in batch, fed-batch, or continuous mode. In certain embodiments the microreactors operate as microchemostats. Methods for culturing cells under chemostat conditions in a microbioreactor are also provided.

Zhang, Z., P. Boccazzi, H. Choi, K. F. Jensen, A. J. Sinskey

US 20060199260 A1





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