Micro- and nanocontact printing with aminosilanes: patterning surfaces of microfluidic devices for multi- plexed bioassays

It is an object of the present invention to achieve rapid surface patterning of biomolecules within microfluidic devices with high reproducibility. In this work, we present a new means of creating micro- and nano-patterns of aminosilanes within microfluidic devices via an aqueous based microcontact printing technique. To minimize the diffusion of molecules into the PDMS stamp, we use water as the inking solvent and enforce short incubation and contact times during the printing process to preserve the pre-defined resolution of patterned features. These patterns then serve as the building block to couple multiple biomolecules in solution onto a single surface for subsequent bioassays.

Fried, Amy Shen, Sebastien Georg Gabriel Ricoult




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