Methods for continuous sorting of cells based on molecular adhesion

Embodiments of the present disclosure can include a method comprising: providing a plurality of cells to a microchannel, the microchannel coated in at least one cell adhesion entity and comprising a compressive surface and a first outlet, the compressive surface defining a compression gap, flowing the plurality of cells through the microchannel, wherein the flowing comprises: compressing the plurality of cells underneath the compressive surface; and exposing the plurality of cells to the at least one cell adhesion entity, wherein the exposing causes a first portion of the cells having a first adhesion property to temporarily bind to the cell adhesion entity; and collecting the first portion of cells at the first outlet; wherein the compression gap has a height of from 75% to 95% an average diameter of the plurality of cells.

Sulchek, Todd, Alexander Alexeev, Bushra TASADDUQ




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