Manufacture method of metal nano circuit patterns based on DNA nano structures

The invention provides a manufacture method of metal nano circuit patterns based on DNA nano structures. The method includes taking DNA paper folding structures fixed to surfaces as templates, introducing artificial defects onto the templates, and performing selective metallization on the templates with the artificial defects so as to create the metal nano circuit patterns based on the DNA nano structures. The manufacture method is simple, rapid and effective, and a series of metal nano patterns with only few nanometers of zero-dimensional, one-dimensional and two-dimensional line width can be acquired through accurate positioning of DNA paper folding. DNA paper folding mainly applied to the manufacture method has high biocompatibility, and other needed chemical and biological materials do not have toxicity on human bodies; a novel thought and a novel technical support are provided for creating a nano circuit by 'bottom-to-up' self-assembly and breaking through the limit of conventional photolithography.

Fan, Chunhai, Huajie Liu, Sisi Jia, Jianbang Wang




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