Large-area flexible perovskite solar cell and manufacturing method thereof

The invention relates to the field of photoelectric energy, and discloses a large-area flexible perovskite solar cell and a manufacturing method thereof. The structure of the cell comprises a flexibletransparent electrode, a nano honeycomb bracket, a perovskite layer and a metal electrode layer sequentially from bottom to top. The invention also discloses a manufacturing method for the large-areaflexible perovskite solar cell. In comparison with the prior art, through introducing the nano honeycomb bracket, the spectral utilization rate of the cell device can be improved; the nano honeycombbracket can be used as an optical resonator, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency and the repeatability of the large-area device are improved; and the nano honeycomb bracket can also be used asa mechanical buffer layer, the stress produced during the bending process can be effectively released, the perovskite crystal layer is protected, and the mechanical stability of the cell device can be effectively improved.

Hu, Xiaotian, Fengqi Li, Yanlin Song




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