Integrated platform for characterization of single cells or small cell clusters

An integrated technological platform enabling real-time quantitative multiparameter metabolic profiling, utilizing either or both of extra and intracellular optical sensors, individually or simultaneously. A scalable embedded micropocket array structure, generally fabricated on fused silica substrates, facilitates the integration of multiple, spatially separated extracellular sensors for multiparameter analysis in a container formed with the use of an activation mechanism forming part of a device configured to hold the container during the measurements. The creation of hermetically sealed microchambers is carried out with a pneumatically and/or mechanically and/or electromechanically driven device that is 'floating' within the holding device and that is optionally equipped with a vacuum/suction mechanism to hold a component of the container at its surface.

Meldrum, Deirdre, Laimonas Kelbauskas, Yanqing Tian, Honor GLENN, Clifford Anderson, Kristen Lee, Ganquan Song, Liqiang Zhang, Jacob MESSNER, Jeff Houkal, Fengyu Su, Benjamin Ueberroth, Hong Wang, Kimberly Bussey




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