High-frequency Electroporation For Cancer Therapy

The present invention relates to the field of biomedical engineering and medical treatment of diseases and disorders. Methods, devices, and systems for in vivo treatment of cell proliferative disorders are provided. In embodiments, the methods comprise the delivery of high-frequency bursts of bipolar pulses to achieve the desired modality of cell death. More specifically, embodiments of the invention relate to a device and method for destroying aberrant cells, including tumor tissues, using high-frequency, bipolar electrical pulses having a burst width on the order of microseconds and duration of single polarity on the microsecond to nanosecond scale. In embodiments, the methods rely on conventional electroporation with adjuvant drugs or irreversible electroporation to cause cell death in treated tumors. The invention can be used to treat solid tumors, such as brain tumors.

Arena, C.B., R.V. Davalos, M.B. Sano

US 20120109122A1





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