Elastomeric Mask and Use in Fabrication of Devices, Including Pixelated Electroluminescent Displays

An elastomeric mask is provided that allows deposition of a variety of materials through mask openings. The mask seals effectively against substrate surfaces, allowing simple deposition from fluid phase, gas phase, and the like or removal of material using gaseous or liquid etchants. The mask then can be simply peeled from the surface of the substrate leaving the patterned material behind. Multi-layered mask techniques are described in which openings in an upper mask allow selected openings of a lower mask to remain unshielded, while other openings of the lower mask are shielded. A first deposition step, followed by re-orientation of the upper mask to expose a different set of lower mask openings, allows selective deposition of different materials in different openings of the lower mask. Pixelated organic electroluminescent devices are provided via the described technique.

Jackman, Rebecca J., David C. Duffy, George M. Whitesides, Kathleen M. Vaeth, Klavs F. Jensen

Harvard University






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