Drugs used in various kinds of cells and screened simultaneously microfluidic chip multifunction

Multifunctional microfluidic chip relates to microfluidic chip for a variety of drugs and Field cells screened simultaneously, the present invention provides for a variety of species of drugs and the cells screened simultaneously multifunctional microfluidic chip, the upper micro-PDMS valve control channel layer, middle layer and lower layer PDMS fluid passage from the support cell attachment and role of glass constituting the base layer; PDMS microvalve micro control valve includes a first channel layer and a second micro valve, the fluid channel layer comprises an array of PDMS formula cell culture zone, the micro-valve controlled passage PDMS PDMS fluid channel layer and layers were thermally bonded to the glass substrate layer and then bonded to form a plasma body. Cell culture area array consists of a plurality of multi-stage culture cells and fluid injection passage branches, the first micro-valve of the microvalve linkage, the second valve is a plurality of micro-cells for controlling the inlet chamber and the S-shaped bend independent channels off microvalve.

Meng, Xiansheng, Ping Suo, Yongrui Bao, Shuai Wang, Tianjiao Li




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