Dispersion-Preventing Pattern for Liquid Crystal Display Device

The present invention is a liquid crystal display device comprising a color filter which comprises: a) a transparent substrate; b) an opaque material disposed as a pattern on a major surface of the substrate, which pattern defines borders within which a coloring agent or agents can be received; c) a silicate layer superposing the opaque material, the silicate layer having reactive sites; d) a sufficient concentration of organosiloxane groups bonded to the reactive sites of the silicate layer to render the opaque material dispersion inhibiting; and e) at least one coloring agent disposed within the borders defined by the opaque material. In another aspect, the present invention is a method of preparing a color filter for a liquid crystal display device that comprises organosiloxane groups bonded to the surface of a black material disposed on a transparent substrate in such a manner as to form borders for wells or channels adapted to receive coloring materials, the bonded organosiloxane groups being prepared by the steps of: a) exposing the black material to a silicon tetrahalide and sufficient water to form a silicate layer on the opaque material; b) contacting the silicate layer with an organosiloxating reagent to form organosiloxane groups bonded to the silicate layer; and c) disposing a coloring agent into at least one well or channel. The present invention provides an effective means of creating dispersion-preventing patterns for color filters in LCDs.

Newsham, Mark D., Benjamin M. Dekoven

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