Device and Method for 3-D Spatial Localization and Functional Interconnection of Different Types of Cells

A device, method and process for three-dimensional spatial localization and functional interconnection of the same or different types of cells. The two or three-dimensional device comprising multiple layers containing wells for cell deposition where both the wells and layers are interconnected through microfluidic channels. A process for fabricating the three-dimensional device and a method for depositing different types of cells within the device in a functional interdependent spatial orientation thereby mimicking physiological functions. The device is useful for diagnostic assays, determination of dysfunction of certain cells in the system, quantification of production of cellular proteins, metabolites, hormones or other cellular products, for organ or tissue replacement, for co-culturing different cells, for testing pharmaceutical agents and as a bioreactor for production of biologicals.

Hammerick, Kyle, Friedrich B. Prinz, Robert Lane Smith, Ralph S. Greco, Rainer Fasching


US20020173033 A1





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