Deposition of Thin Films

A method of applying a patterned thin-film onto a substrate comprising the steps of plasma treating the substrate. Applying a liquid coating material, comprising one or more compounds selected from the group of organopolysiloxane polymers, organopolysiloxane oligomers, siloxane resins and polysilanes, onto the substrate surface, by a soft lithographic printing technique, preferably microcontact printing to form a patterned film thereon. Where required any residual liquid coating material may be removed from the substrate surface. The process does not require the liquid coating material undergo a curing step such as is required in Decal Transfer Microlithography techniques. Any suitable form of plasma treatment may be used to activate the substrate prior to printing.

Drake, Robert, Avril Surgenor, Sian Beverley Rees, John Hanington, Lesley Ann O'Hare, Samantha Reed

Dow Corning Corporation

WO2005033189 A1





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