Cancer modeling platforms and methods of using the same

Described herein are in vitro cell constructs (or organoids) useful as a tumor model, the constructs comprising live tumor cells from a subject. In some embodiments, provided are in vitro cell constructs comprising: (a) a core comprised of live tumor cells; and (b) a shell surrounding ( e.g., encapsulating) the core, the shell comprised of live benign cells ( e.g., tissue cells, benign or differentiated tumor cells, etc.). Also described herein are methods of making and using such constructs. Further provided are devices useful for evaluating tumor cells in vitro , comprising: (a) a microfluidic device having a chamber, and a channel in fluid communication with the chamber; (b) a live tumor cell construct ( e.g., an organoid) in the chamber; (c) a growth media in the chamber and the channel; (d) a pump operatively associated with the chamber and channel and configured for circulating the media from the chamber through the channel and back to the chamber; (e) a microporous membrane ( e.g., a TRANSWELL® microporous membrane) in the channel and positioned so that the media flows therethrough.

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