Apparatus and Method for On-chip Concentration Using a Microfluidic Device with an Integrated Untrafiltration Membrane Structure

The present invention provides a microfluidic device capable of reacting an enzyme or other agent with a substantially purified polypeptide. In one embodiment of the present invention, the microfluic device comprises a plurality of reaction channels wherein the substantially purified polypeptide is delivered to a reaction channel. Once confined within the reaction channel, the substantially purified polypeptide engages the enzyme or agent and produces a reaction product. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the reaction product is concentrated at a charged membrane prior to being removed from the microfluidic device. Additionally, the present invention provides a method of concentrating a positive analyte at a positively charged membrane and a negative analyte at a negatively charged membrane. Once concentrated, the analytes may be removed from the microfluidic device.

Timperman, A. T.

West Virginia University Research Corporation

US 20040202994 A1





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