Development of an electrokinetic surface plasmon resonance sensor

Work towards the development of a novel electrokinetic surface plasmon resonance (EK-SPR) biosensor is presented. Electrophoretic exclusion is coupled with SPR sensing capabilities to allow for a desired analyte to be separated and preconcentrated prior to detection, eliminating the need for preprocessing of thesample. Protein solutions containing bovine serum albumin are in the process of being studied; however, due to technical difficulties with various instruments in the lab, there is no separation data of proteins to present as of yet. Sucrose solutions were exposed to different electric fields, 600 V cm-1 and 1900 V cm-1 to observe the effect on the preconcentration. Experimentally, a 0.01833M sucrose solution was preconcentrated to 0.02710M using the EK-SPR biosensing platform.

Lindenmuth, Kimberly

University of Delaware



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