Design and fabrication of a Planar Diffusion Chamber for bio-chemical applications

Molecular communications are defined as those that use molecules as information carriers between transmitter and receiver. This type of communications is the one used by biological cells either in intra-cell communications or in inter-cell communications. In recent years there has been a growing interest by this type of communications driven by the development of nanotechnologies. Molecular communications is essential to communicate nodes and devices in networks at nanometric scale.
Molecular communications are a new investigation field with applications in biomedicine and in the development of technology at nano-level. For example a new treatment in the cure for cancer, specifically the metastases of it, is based on angiogenesis processes [1], which are based basically on molecular communications. Likewise, the future of the technology goes through the miniaturization of devices beyond the current micrometric scale. The next step is the nanotechnology, and a communication system that controls all devices of these sizes is needed. The current communication technologies such as electromagnetism or optics cannot be used on these scales; however molecular communications are intrinsically designed to this kind of sizes.

Perez Laka, I. and others

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, New Jersey Institute of Technology




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