Design and Fabrication of a Microfluidics Gradient Generator System for High-Throughput Molecular Interaction Studies

Design and fabrication of a microfluidics system capable of generating reproducible and controlled micro-biochemical environments that can be used in a diagnostic assay and microreactor is important. Here, a simple technique was developed to create a robust microfluidics system capable of generating precise gradients of biochemical properties within channels. Through this approach, it is possible to create a gradient generator with mammalian cells patterned and seeded under its poly(dimethyl siloxane) (PDMS) channels. Cells that were seeded and patterned under the PDMS channels remained viable and capable of performing intracellular reactions. Using the gradient generator within the PDMS microfluidic device, a gradient of specific and controlled biochemicals can be flowed on seeded cells allowing for high throughput molecular interaction analysis. The microfluidics system provides a way to study and analyze cell response in the presence of a combination of biochemical signals.

Chen, Guan-Jong

Massachusetts Institute of Technology




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