Wear durability study on self-lubricating SU-8 composites with perfluoropolyther, multiply-alkylated cyclopentane and base oil as the fillers

Though SU-8 has become a useful material for micro-fabrication of MEMS/NEMS components using the micro-fabrication route, its poor tribological properties limit its wider applications. From our previous study [1], it was observed that adding PFPE lubricant to SU-8 possibly promoted chemical reaction between the molecules and helped in the boundary lubrication enhancing the wear durability of SU-8 by more than four orders of magnitude. For further investigation, another two different lubricants, a base oil and a multiply-alkylated cyclopentane (MAC) oil, were also added to SU-8. Both lubricants are hydrocarbons, chemically inert and have no polar reactive terminal groups unlike PFPE which has OH polar terminal groups. SU-8PFPE composite exhibited higher wear life than all SU-8 composites at all wt% of the lubricant content. Proper dispersion and possible chemical bonding of PFPE molecules with SU-8 are responsible for the superior tribological properties of SU-8PFPE composite when compared with other SU-8 composites.

Saravanan, Prabakaran, Nalam Satyanarayana, Sujeet K Sinha

Tribology International





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