Ultraviolet-assisted microfluidic generation of ferroelectric composite particles

We report on the feasible fabrication of microfluidic devices for ferroelectricpolymers' synthesis in a rapid and stable fashion. Utilizing micro-mixing and flow-focusing in microchannels, poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) and copperphthalocyanine are uniformly dispersed in one hydrogel particle, which are then demonstrated to immediate and complete on-chip steady polymerization by moderate ultraviolet treatment. The advantage of our droplet-based microfluidic devices is generating versatile particles from simple spheres to disks or rods, and the lengths of particles can be precisely tuned from 30 to 400 μm through adjusting the flow rates of both disperse and oil phases. In addition, this mixed technique allows for the continuous production of dielectric microparticles with controlled dielectric properties between 10 and 160. Such a microfluidic device offers a flexible platform for multiferroic applications.

Zhang, Cancan, Xiaolei Yu, Sujian You, Bo Cai, Huiqin Liu, Lingling Zhang, Lang Rao, Wei Liu, Shi-Shang Guo, Xing-Zhong Zhao






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