Solid-Phase Supports for the in situ Assembly of Quantum Dot-FRET Hybridization Assays in Channel Microfluidics

Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) have long served as integral components in signal transduction modalities such as Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET). The majority of bioanalytical methods using QDs for FRET-based techniques simply monitor binding-induced conformational changes. In more recent work, QDs have been incorporated into solid-phase support systems, such as microfluidic chips, to serve as physical platforms in the development of functional biosensors and bioprobes. Herein, we describe a simple strategy for the transduction of nucleic acid hybridization that combines a novel design method based on FRET with an electrokinetically controlled microfluidic technology, and that offers further potential for amelioration of sample-handling issues and for simplification of dynamic stringency control.

Tavares, Anthony J., M. Omair Noor, Uvaraj Uddayasankar, Ulrich J. Krull, Charles H. Vannoy

Quantum Dots: Applications in Biology





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