Multiplexed immunosensing and kinetics monitoring in nanofluidic devices with highly enhanced target capture efficiency

Nanofluidic devices promise high reaction efficiency and fast kinetic responses due to the spatial constriction of transported biomolecules with confined molecular diffusion. However, parallel detection of multiple biomolecules, particularly proteins, in highly confined space remains challenging. This study integrates extended nanofluidics with embedded protein microarray to achieve multiplexed real-time biosensing and kinetics monitoring. Implementation of embedded standard-sized antibody microarray is attained by epoxy-silane surface modification and a room-temperature low-aspect-ratio bonding technique. An effective sample transport is achieved by electrokinetic pumping via electroosmotic flow. Through the nanoslit-based spatial confinement, the antigen-antibody binding reaction is enhanced with ~100% efficiency and may be directly observed with fluorescence microscopy without the requirement of intermediate washing steps. The image-based data provide numerous spatially distributed reaction kinetic curves and are collectively modeled using a simple one-dimensional convection-reaction model. This study represents an integrated nanofluidic solution for real-time multiplexed immunosensing and kinetics monitoring, starting from device fabrication, protein immobilization, device bonding, sample transport, to data analysis at Péclet number less than 1.

Lin, Yii-Lih, Yen-Jun Huang, Pattamon Teerapanich, Thierry Leïchlé, Chia-Fu Chou






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