Microfluidic Fabrication of Microcapsules Encapsulating Mineral Oil and Evaluation of Self-Healing of Self-Cleaning Performance

This research presents self-cleaning surface formed with hydrophobic microcapsules including mineral oil to address self-healing.The self-cleaning surface is consisted of hydrophobic microcapsules with nano structures on the outer surface of the capsule. In specific, the nano structures on the outer surface of the microcapsules were formed by PANI(polyaniline) treatment.The self-healing can be examined by releasing oil when the capsule is broken by external forces such as impact of rain or mechanical scratch.The self-cleaning and self-cleaning microcapsuleswere fabricated successfully in a microfluidic channel with multi-step inlets and the self-healing of self-cleaning performancewas evaluated. The contact angle was measured and compared before and after the relaeaseof oil.

Jeon, H. J.

5th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials



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