In-situ measurement of nanoparticle quantity in microchambers

A measurement setup and a novel method are presented for the in-situ measurement of the quantity of magneticnanoparticles (MNPs),which form a dense layer in a microchamber. The layer is formed by 250 nm or 500 nm epoxy covered iron oxide particles. The measurement is based on the resonance frequency shift of an RLC circuit whereas a flat inductor coil integrated in a PDMS film acts as a sensor. The particle amount inside the chamber affects the inductivity therefore the resonance frequency is changed. The method also enables the on-line monitoring of the actual particle quantity in the chamber. Characterization measurements revealed that the storage capacity of the 1μl chamber is 128 μg and it is independent on the particle size in the 250 nm to 500 nm size range.

Ender, Ferenc, András Vitéz, Gábor Sallai, Diána Weiser, Márton Németh

Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (DTIP), 2015




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