Friction and wear durability studies on the 3D negative fingerprint and honeycomb textured SU-8~surfaces

The effects of two different textures (a 3D negative fingerprint texture and a honeycomb texture) on the tribological performance of SU-8 polymer surface have been investigated with a ball-on-disc tribometer. Friction and wear behaviors of the textured surfaces are conducted against a 4 mm diameter silicon nitride (Si3N4) ball counterface. The coefficient of friction for the negative fingerprint textured surface (μ=~0.08) is much lower than that of the untextured surface (~0.2) and the honeycomb textured surface (~0.41) under a normal load of 100 mN and a rotational speed of 2 rpm. The coefficients of friction of the textured surfaces decrease with increasing normal loads between 100 mN and 300 mN. Above the normal load of 300 mN, the coefficient of friction of the negative fingerprint textured surface increases due to the occurrence of plastic deformation. The honeycomb textured surface has shown the highest coefficient of friction. The wear durability tests are also conducted at a normal load of 100 mN and a rotational speed of 500 rpm on the untextured/textured surfaces on SU-8 in the presence of an overcoat of a nano-lubricant, perfluoropolyether(PFPE). Six samples i.e. the untextured surface (Si/SU-8 and Si/SU-8/PFPE), the 3D negative fingerprint textured surface (Si/SU-8/FP and Si/SU-8/FP/PFPE) and the honeycomb textured surface (Si/SU-8/HC and Si/SU-8/HC/PFPE), each with and without PFPE nano-lubricant, have been investigated for their tribological behaviours. The negative fingerprint pattern on SU-8 with PFPE coating has shown the highest wear life of 60,000 cycles under a normal load of 100 mN. The reasons for excellent tribological performance of 3D fingerprinted SU-8 surface are analyzed using the Hertzian contact area calculation.

Myint, Sandar Myo, Myo Minn, Ren Yaping, N. Satyanarayana, Sujeet K. Sinha, Charanjit S. Bhatia

Tribology International





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